Today, I Did NOT Follow What (some might say) “all those OPPT Folks Would Say I Should Do”… and Observations

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Let me make one point here, when I say, “what… the OPPT Folks Would Say to Do”. As most know, “OPPT” stands for “One People’s Public Trust”. Okay, first… I am One (with “the One”, “the Creator”, with “all Humanity”, and so on and on). Second, I am a “People” (I have a human 3D body (probably a blend of Pleiadean, Sirian, Andromedan, Mohawk, Irish, who knows what else-ish)). Third, I am “Public”. I am “out there”, so to speak, in the “Public”. Fourth, I do “Trust”… in my Higher Self, Higher Guidance.

So, in that “all of the above things” sense, I can say to all, “I am OPPT.”

Now, I tell this story. Last night I was going through some “what should I do about this situation” stuff. Here’s the “situation” deal. This month was my last payment on my auto loan (from my credit union, for my 2005 Honda CRV… which I love). Read that… my LAST payment. And, today was also the last day to renew the registration on said auto.

So I’m going through all this “OPPT stuff”, last night, kind of in my head, thinking, “Well, I’m posting all this “OPPT stuff” on the blog, so does that mean I automatically (better word, “mechanically”) go to my credit union and start saying, “I’m not paying this last payment because you didn’t loan me anything and so just give me the title because it’s mine and you’re the corporation and I’m free and sovereign so forget all of you and give me my car!!!”? And to the State of Hawaii, would I say, “Can you prove to me that you represent the interests of the people of Hawaii because I know you don’t and if you don’t believe me watch “What the FUQ” and Google “One People’s Public Trust” and you’ll see how messed up the system is and NO I will NOT pay your registration fee… this car is MINE!!!”?

[And I can tell you that those words are nothing like what the OPPT Folks would recommend saying. That is absolutely NOT the OPPT approach.]

But… today I got up, and asked for Guidance. I wanted to know what I was to do. I was going to Java on the Rock, and I knew that, when I got there, I would know exactly what to do… or not do.

Shortly after I got there, I saw T&G. As I talked with them, and spoke of the joy I was feeling about finally “paying off” the loan on my CRV, I knew what was mine to do. This was Guidance… capital “G”.

I knew it was “mine” to do this… Go to the credit union, make the final payment, get the title, take it to the Motor Vehicle Registration location, transfer the title to my name, and register the car.


Motor vehicle registration line (nice view)

So first I did the credit union part. Paid the last payment, got the title, then went off to the motor vehicle place here in Kona.

When I got there, I got in the line to register. I went in and did that. Then I found I needed to get in line again, because I forgot to mention to them about that “title” thing. So I went through the line, and into the office, a second time.

Funny thing was, on that second time through, I knew I was there for one reason… to bring Light into this entire State of Hawaii Motor Vehicle Registration system. The second time through, I saw (brought in) this huge ball of Light almost “exploding” in that office. I do not know what it did, exactly, but I do know that the State of Hawaii Motor Vehicle Registration division will never be the same again. There is quite a bit of transformation occurring there, right now. And I was glad to have paid my “Light bomb exploding fee” of $151.00 to do it.

And I saw that $151.00 going out as High Light energy, into every single corner of the State of Hawaii system, even beyond the Motor Vehicle Registration division.

That was my Guidance… That’s why I was there. I was not there to “buck” the system. I was there to bring the Light to it. And to “explode the Light” inside of it. I had to be inside “the system” to do it. I had to.

That does not mean I do not align with what the OPPT is bringing to humanity. Not at all. I did file that Courtesy Notice, remember?

But what I did today was something quite different from that. For me.

I do not mechanically follow and fall in line with what people are saying, or doing, whether it’s Light work, or the OPPT work, or whatever. I do not say or think or feel, “I’ve got to do that, because all of them are doing it.” No.

I DO what is MINE to DO. I follow MY OWN Inner Guidance. MY OWN Higher Guidance.

And today… that’s what I did.


Now, here are some observations from today.

Saw 1:11 (AM)
Saw 111.0 (mileage)
Saw 111.1 (mileage)
Saw 1:11 (PM)
Saw license plate with NWF = New World (Order) Finished
Same license plate had 516 = 5+6 = 11 = 111

And here was my celebration lunch… at Huggos on the Rocks (same location as Java on the Rock) (and that’s an ahi salad there; thanks to someone’s donation!).


About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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25 Responses to Today, I Did NOT Follow What (some might say) “all those OPPT Folks Would Say I Should Do”… and Observations

  1. Jen says:

    As always Kauilapele sheer inspirational……You placed trust in being given guidance and you were….that is the vital part….you never doubted …..Evidence to everyone…never doubt your inner guidance…it surpasses ego and is the be all and know all……The answers are already there in Yourself if you have the faith to trust…XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Thank you Kauilapele for this inspiriational post. I think you did the right thing. Choose your battles!

    I believe the OPPT is exactly the opposit of trying to get everything for free over the back of another person’s labor. The OPPT is about taking control of the corporations that have been used to rule and enslave us. But it’s a process, which takes some time to manifest. And that manifestation clearly depends on a lot of people waking up. Ron Van Dyke said it very nicely in his latest vid:

    The OPPT is powerful because it addresses head on the falsehoods of the fraudulent matrix system to which we have become all too familiar. Let me say something about lies: they can only be enforced when fear is greater than courage. As humans become more and more courageous in facing the reality of our experience and situation, we begin to move into the power of truth.

    So, it’s a group effort, in which every human being has choices to make and actions to perform *at the RIGHT moment*.

    For me, it is clear that the moment will come when I will file a courtesy notice to my bank in order to fight by mortgage. But today is not that day. THIS moment of NOW is not that moment for ME, because in order for this to be successful at a personal level a critical mass of consciousness has to be present. And we can build that by focusing our efforts, for example by sending in a Courtesy Notices in Support of Patrick Cody Morgan:

    And that is what I intend to do this weekend…

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  4. Anita Camera says:

    What can I say to this, Kauilapele, but… priceless… :)

  5. Purpleskyz says:

    WHEW HEW!!! That is wonderful KP!
    We are here to bring LIGHT first and foremost I think also.
    I just saw that we have a week to copy the OPPT info as the site is closing. I was just starting to wrap my mind around it so I guess I better hurry. :)
    I have been wondering about this: If the gov has been foreclosed on and is illegally operating, and since I cut my own paycheck at work, I am thinking how about if I just cut my check whole (no taxes), take a 1099 at years end and file a Courtesy Notice with the 1099? So I am asking others how that would work and yesterday I was told: Paying Federal Income Tax is a voluntary thing. But… from the first time that you pay, from the first time that you file, you are now held to that always. Only death can change this. So WOW!!! Talk of slavery!!!
    Also I was considering filing Courtesy Notice to credit card companies that I owe and are in collection. But until I get a court summons I will let it slide as to send a C.N is to acknowledge the debt to the collection co. which I prefer not to do at this stage.
    There is a woman on my site that is using it successfully in court so this is flying on some levels. :)
    I wish you the best on your C.N and look forward to hearing your result!
    Mahalo for ALL you do!
    Much LOVE to ALL here

  6. 1 + 5 + 1 = 7 transistion…next octave…completions. (or just numbers on a planetoid). Yes I could Feel the Ball of Light all the way over here in Idaho! There of course are a few Gummint Types that are going to have to wrap their tunnel vision around a Courtesy Notice but it is almost cruel to wake them up. (knn-uck-nhuk-nhuk) The Phoenix Bird will come crashing and flaming to the ground in its own way. I may pour esssential oils to help it burn and roast marshmellows at its sacred heat. But it is Ours to Create Anew. It is Ours to Align. “to give birth you must crack a few eggs.” (i crack myself up)

  7. Shannon says:

    Thank you for sharing such an inspirational story. What a great reminder to all of us to always be conscious of BEing ourselves–our own BEings on our own journeys–and not to jump on any path if our higher guidance doesn’t know it to be our path. It is going to be such a huge adjustment for most of us as we continue to learn to hold our own power. You are such an inspiring pioneer KP, and your transparency always touches my heart. Much love and light beautiful man!

  8. Inger G says:

    KAUILA! You light up my heart every day and make my corners pointing UP, UP, UP!

  9. Gemini says:

    Walkin in Spirit and movin in style…….Way to go!!!!

  10. Tilda van Well says:

    I never repons normally because my englisch is not good enough to express myself. But I have to say this: YESYESYES, great what you are doing (and not doing) X Tilda

  11. PRoblee says:

    You have a magnificent outlook Mr. K!

  12. Waverider1 says:

    Hey, KP, major kudos to you! I TOTALLY relate to this post in several ways. Not to bore you, though, I’ll just let you (and all the readers of course) know that back in my 20’s, I also wanted to ‘undo’ or ‘take down’ The System (lots of resentment, anger, rebelliousness) — but decided that the most effective way to DO ‘that’ was from the inside out! Like a mole, a spy, a saboteur. There was a movie Arnold S. did many years ago. He was a small town sherriff, but left his family and freinds and town to go deep undercover in an organized crime group in a big city to help out a close friend. He rose to the ‘top enforcer’ position — then ripped the whole thing apart, took it down from the top! Direct confrontation of The System — or any system or person or situation — is the ‘old way’ of DOing and BEing, no? Usually leads to more combat/conflict/power struggle than peaceful resolutions. Source always knows the most efficient and effective routes to take. Just a matter of paying attention, seems to me.

    Again, kudos for your courageous choice to follow your Higher Inner Guidance in BOTH situations, which i feel shall lead to the greatest enLIGHTening for all concerned in the end. In La ‘Kesh, brah! And Mahalo.

  13. surferess says:

    The other day I also had to go to the DMV, here in Southern California. I decided to do major energy work on the building whilst I was there. I grounded the building and cleared out all the old , not-present-time energy as I waited. When I was called, my DMV lady looked like she had had a hard day, week, life. She seemed tired, overwhelmed, hopeless and just plain unable to get free of old dark energy systems. I just smiled at her and decided she needed some energy help. I called my angels in, and did the same sort of “love-bomb” like you did, KP. I didn’t tell the woman what I was doing, but I blessed her and made a formal request for her energy field to be cleared and happiness and joy to return to her. By the time I left she was smiling again and hopefully my love-energy exchange/infusion helped make her life better.
    It is so satisfying to help other people just b/c you can.

    • Cali kush says:

      Good job sufferers!! A lot of people in l.a. County look so distressed & are in much need of love & light. Your story inspired me to continue doing what you did. I’ve noticed that a hello & sincere smile immediately changes someone’s aura. Some people are not so receptive but it never hurts to at least try =}

  14. joy says:

    Brilliant perfect for you and a great example of being and doing your truth. Thanks. Joy.

  15. Mjanestar says:

    Just want to make a point that I think you did do what the OPPT folks suggested, which is to follow your own heart. They are consistent in saying to do what resonates with you, which is exactly what you did!

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  17. nikki says:

    great post. The past 24 hours I too have had awesome synchronicities with numbers, license plates, songs etc. Undeniable and uplifting. regarding Oppt, money, abundance etc. There is no right or wrong, it is all just guidance. We need to each do what resonates with us individually. If those that have abundance act accordingly it will allow those in need to receive. use your higher self as guidance ALWAYS. We are our own best judge. love to you.

  18. hiroko says:

    KP your being is so beautiful… it brings tears into my eyes. Love and gratitude.

  19. freewolf7 says:

    Thank you for the post.
    The salad looks scrumptious.

  20. Patricia says:

    Thank you KP for BEing you. I, too, have spent years following my inner directions and the last 40 years have legally “flown under the radar” because medical institutions have attempted to suppress and stop my innovations. But moving when necessary and remaining unconfrontive has helped thousands of people with my program. One of my books, written in 2007 for children but enjoyed by many grown children, explains delightfully what is meant by BEing who you are. It is called “The Magical Mystery Tour of the Senses – What Does it Mean to be Human.” The book includes a cd of my words musically phrased by a friend. I would like to send you one as a gift if you are willing to give me an address where it could be sent. With love and respect.

  21. Conifer says:

    Congratulations on getting the title on your Honda and doing all that was in tune with your own guidance. I’ve been listening to your beautiful CDs since they arrived this week. I had thought of checking out your music many times since I’ve started following your energies from Hawaii, but your request for support was the best incentive to finally act on it. So grateful that you asked for support from those of us whom you give so much to every day, and now I am bathed in the beautiful tones of your music. Such a gift — makes me feel homesick for Hawaii.

  22. Mell says:

    Thank you KP, another great information for us, for our freedom. Soon I am going to pay the registration and my driving license, and I keep thinking should I pay the registration licenses? but this is very risky when you are driving on the streets, or should I give them the Courtesy Notice”?
    Also, KP I have a question in regard of mortgage payments, my loan is with CitiMortgage, and I’m going to send them the Courtesy Notice very soon, and no one would give me their name who ever processes the loans, so how would I write on top of this first page of document (Respondent)? also, there are 2 dates, and why is it that the second date on page 2 is several days after? I just want to say that I have stop paying the mortgage, can’t afford anymore, so I am hoping that soon we will be in 4D (4 dimention) and we don’t have to pay anylonger, can’t wait for our transition.
    Thank you KP Love and Peace

  23. Mell says:

    Hi KP,
    I forgot totally about the mortgage bank, should I write the CEO person’s name, in the respondent box of the Courtesy Notice doc. ? I did find the CEO’s name over the internet, should I do it?
    again thank you, you are an inspiration!

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