Ginger’s Take on “All that OPPT/TOPPT” Stuff from the 1-29-12 Lisa Harrison Show with Heather (et al.)


Ginger kittens… since I don’t have a photo of Ginger (click to see what Ginger looks like in Spirit)

Pardon that long title. Anyway, Ginger sent this to me via email, and gave her okay for posting on this blog. So here it is.

I told her I felt some people would resonate with her message. This relates to what she “got” from listening to the 1-29-13 Collective Imagination show with Lisa Harrison and company, including Heather.

Ginger lives here in Kona, I occasionally see her at Java on the Rock, and she started a Kona-Occupy-Disclosure group several months ago. She is a delightful spirit of Light. I think you will enjoy this message.


Message from Ginger, 1-31-13…

Me Ke Aloha Heather, Randall, Caleb, Lisa, D, Kauila, American Kabuki, Brian, Loie, Claudia & “mald4444”,

Since Heather forwarded my email letter to her regarding Lisa’s last show to all of you, I am taking it as an invitation to send out to all of you, what I just sent out to my Kona Occupy Disclosure group tonight. Why?

This morning a friend called me wanting some help in understanding all that was discussed and decided upon during the show. After I did my best, she then strongly encouraged me to write it up and send it out to our group. It has taken me all day towards attempting to articulate how I understand it all. And so if any of you see any useful value in posting this on those that have sites, please feel free to do so. And please feel free to edit anything that is incorrect! My intentions are stated clearly in the opening paragraphs below. So up to you, and not invested in whether you wish to use it or not. Many many blessing to each of you for all for ALL you have contributed towards making this huge shift a reality.

I love you all Absolutely in appreciation Fun! and Joy, Ginger


Aloha All,

For those of you who did listen to Lisa Harrison’s January 29th (30th in Oz) round table discussion
there was loads of non-duality multidimensional information put onto the table . . . and out in-public for the first time ever, by The Public Trust (Heather, et al) that was BIG! For some, this information was a multidimensional no-brainer. On the other hand, maybe some are still processing it all, therefore, in and out of fatigue and or energetic upgrade symptoms*.*

Since the information imparted was a major turning point for me, therefore, maybe others, the following is my best attempt to organize how I perceived 3 major points being made. And hopefully, to open up a larger dialogue for us all. As each of us are entering this huge multidimensional doorway being offered here, our brains are wired differently and we are each entering this doorway with some of the same reference points and different reference points around our current concepts of “reality” and therefore, how to change it.

But first a context . . . as “Light Workers” (meaning for me, those of us who are seekers of the truth within, as well as those seeking to know the real truth of Human history and Gaia, and or desiring spiritual inner growth) . . . within our own personal and inner spiritual work, we have come across more and more ancient useful information coming to light over the decades. However, it seems to me that at some point, we reach a place where no matter how much we attempt use “the secret” combined with the missing ingredients, or work with the nature spirits again, or other modalities, in general there still seem to be more or less limited results (ie, not many reports of instant healings or manifesting monies or my dreams in 1-2 weeks yet).

Off and on, I have felt extremely frustrated over hitting walls /that I KNOW are not there!/ Then I have to go into the Eastern teachings of “Acceptance” once again . . . but not liking it much . . . then forgiving myself in Ho’oponopono, combined with some cosmic-sent quirky bits of bad-joke humor . . . has all kept me from departing Kona without my surfboard or swim fins for China, sooo many times over the past year. And I know of many who can relate to this feels near-insane scenario.

So within this context for me, the 3 major Prime Points of this discussion was what I have been waiting for . . . that will allow me to more easily move out of duality and into the next level of multidimensional consciousness for my poor old half-fried 3D duality wired brain. This is why I am feeling sooo excited now! . . .

Given first, HOW Heather et al Trustees have given Humanity the key to Be Free again on paper (OPPT doc, UCC filings, CVACs) . . . and now combined with HOW we can begin to consciously re-create our new 5D reality/hologram . . . was all spelled out in Lisa’s 29th/30th round table discussion.

The following is my best attempt to lay out what I got as the 3 Prime Points being made by Heather, that now, is the time for us to fully embrace . . .

  • 1. Stop and release the ages-old paradigm programmings of our projecting our own Real Human Value outside of ourselves onto the material/physical world/hologram. For example the old paradigm was looking to others (gurus) for the answers. The new one is looking within us (gurus) for the answers. The old looked outside itself for exchanges of value, like money or gold. The new is most fully utilizing looking to ourselves for our inter exchanges of real Prime Source value. To step this down further, /”God” is in everything/, therefore, /each of us are the “Gods & Goddesses we have been waiting for”/, New/Old Age thingy. Therefore, our Real Human Value resides within us and our acceptance of this Absolute, IS the full Value. Our new Humanity anthem might go something like this . . . /”I pledge allegiance to the Absolute One People’s Republic Trust and for all it stands for, in the Absolute, indivisible with justice, liberty and sovereignty for One and All” . . . a/nd well anyways, how else are we going to be on the same page of inter galactic peace with the Galactic Federation, until we Absolutely “get” this?
  • 2. Start working with the Energies of the material/physical world/hologram grids, as that’s where “it’s ALL and Absolutely really at!” And this is the biggest secret withheld from Humanity, because it’s the Energies of the material/physical world/hologram who actually create it. Nothing could exist as a physical being or “thing” without a specific coherency Energy field around it. And this specific Energy is both an Energy field and what other’s call their Spirit or Soul (in a general not exactly correct manner of speaking), as it is our direct connection to Creator Source thought, manifesting itself each milli second into BEing . . . that is Us, manifesting ourselves into BEing.
  • 3. Consciously begin dissolving the old 3D holographic duality paradigm by understanding that each time we declare something “divine” or “sacred”, we are ALSO instantly supporting the position that other things are not divine or sacred. The solution here is to replace both with a single word that that cuts to the Prime Point . . . just simply use “Absolute”. Everything and everyone is Absolute . . . all equal and One . . . and /”that’s what we pulled down in registered into the Prime”/ (Creator) (that is each of us), on paper that has now been put into action (OPPT doc, UCC fillings, CVACs).

*The following is some additional familiar or supportive concepts that hopefully bridge comprehension more easily . . .*

For all 3 Prime Points, native peoples originally knew these in their own way, especially the Shamans and Kahunas. This is why they have been known throughout Gaia time as The Earth Keepers. They knew that Energy IS where “it’s All At”, and how to focus Prime Co-Creative Energies to maintain balance and harmony of Gaia’s holographic electromagnetic Energy grids, therefore her physical integrity, free of distortions. This resulted in many of our concepts of “paradise”.

They knew how to instantly heal themselves and instantly manifest for the same reasons. Whether they understood consciously their “true value and power” as humans in the way we now need to understand it, in order to fully reclaim it, is up for debate and another discussion. But it’s clear they never doubted standing in their full Absolute power and using their full Absolute Energy to do whatever was needed, to be done.

Therefore, they never wanted for anything. And just as Gaia is inherently an endless abundant Being of Loving Sofia manifesting Energies (restored once again), we Humans are now BEcoming again through remembering all we forgot . . . Primarily, who we Really Are and how to use who we really are, as Prime Absolute Creator Beings, in the Doing/Co-Creating.

Within the discussion about skipping the first step of using new currencies backed by precious metals, and just moving into abundant digital numbers in all our bank accounts plan, Heather made several points. The danger with moving into the former first is, we will still be existing within a belief-system where the real value in this reality is still outside of ourselves (ie, gold sitting in vaults) . . . AND the Energy of all that gold is still enslaved! Therefore, we would only be perpetuating the old enslavement system of external-value beliefs.

The next important point Heather made is, that by going to a digital system of exchange first, will result in immediately waking up and healing mainstream folk’s, no longer allowing further delays of The Absolute Data and of who they Really are to be revealed and discovered. Nor would anyone be able to or want to hoard anything of “value” outside of themselves . . . /enough of this one already!/

Then Heather suggested this to-the-Prime-Point liberation exercise as follows . . .

Raise our vibration to match ALL the currently enslaved gold Energy and then set it free!

And this is something we can start doing everyday with Absolutely every physical form in our current reality. It can be anything from in-nature to man-made, as it’s Energies have been enslaved for so long. It’s also an easy to-do entry point, into reclaiming our Absolute Power and True Value (no . . . not the True Value Store tools, as we are our own tools :) (and maybe this is what some the strange highly unusual dolphin and whale behavior, second week in January off Kona, was attempting to tell us?) Heather also suggested we can also ask the Gaia Energy Grids to come play now!

Lastly, regarding the digital plan activated . . . this must also be orchestrated simultaneously with a constant streaming of “The Absolute Data”. To clairify, this means the un-Illuminatified version of the truth, most of us already know about . . . you know, the real truthiness of the Archon-Reptoid-Annunuki-Illuminati-Vatican-Royals-4thReich instruments of Human enslavement hologram thingy . . . that thingy no one wants to name – lol – but Harry Potter showed me the way, must be named now! It’s called disclosure on all levels.

A good place to start with all the endless eons of whales of information was suggested, that a 5 minute video describing how our birth certificates have been used to enslave us, and why we are now free from this paper form of control. And that there could be lots of these 5 minute educational sound-bite tools made and put out onto the internet, as well as DVDs. Therefore, the unobstructed flow of all this The Absolute Data /(with an “Absolute Data” Absolute integrity patent stamp on each – lol)/ will keep the mainstreamers busy comprehending the real Absolute Outrageous Human/Gaia Story . . . with plenty of time to digest, because every Human will have been freed from the old monetary-needs-system and able to freely purchase toilet paper digitally, all while happily digesting away!

*The following are some short snippets that tickled me lots . . .*

  • The “UCC” Universal Tools were brought here (to Gaia) as a “harvesting tool” (translation – harvesting as in bringing humanity and all the energies back to Prime Absolute, or maybe distilling this old dense paradigm down back to it’s Source, or maybe our releasing of old 3D beliefs so that our consciousness is free to both perceive and fully experience all that we are, within the Absolute)
  • “Law Ordinance” is Creation and “Law Universal” is Action
  • As transparency descends within us, either through personal disclosure or telepathy, transparency equals FUN! and fun is an unmeasurable frequency very close to Love
  • The key to a successful Absolute Data flow is creating short videos or via art forms, that will trigger one into remembering . . . and remember more, as the fibronachi nautilus shell calls us back Home within.
  • But it’s not our job to wake family and friends up. One can drop a question like, “what’s your take on all this talk about our country being a corporation?”, or “what’s your take on Iceland having voted to let their all their banks free-fall into bankruptcy?” If they take the bait, then offer them only little bits of relevant info at time. But if they respond without any interest, just let it go. It’s not our job and it will all work out perfectly for them sooner or later.

PS – For those who have not listened to this round table discussion, a huge sounding of the heavenly trumpets decision has been made . . .

*1. Yesterday, the CVACs started being funded (assume digitally) and should be completed within 2 weeks.*
*2. “The when” St Germain’s digital banking comes online globally, is not known at this time.*

My guess is it might take a bit longer than we would like, so do not quit your job. Or better get a job if you only have a month or two to live on left (like me). Or better still, if you can trust in yourself enough to work with the energies of the gold (after liberating them) and co-manifest with their prosperous properties abundance into your life. But can this co-creation instantly paying the rent or the mortgage? Maybe that depends upon how much power and value you believe you have. Personally, I am going to do both!

As Heather says, /”Time for some seriously Funnnnn Do-ing!/” everyone!

See you all in multidimensional Absolute Gratitude, Love and Peace with Grace and Alo-HAA,
Ginger… (

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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  3. Dave says:

    What a very clever person you are Ginger. Go girl GO.

    It s a bit harder for us older folk so I will watch this spot.


  4. Mhhy – Agree Ginger is a lovely person… but we sorta lost touch….

    But all of the oppt stuff is another diversion surely – yawn….

  5. Reblogged this on Streets of Love – unconventional and commented:
    COMMENT BY Angel Lucci:
    Excellent article… We are the change we were waiting for! And the wait is over…

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  8. freewolf7 says:

    Thank you.

  9. Mark Christopher Paletti says:

    Each passing movement of NOW brings All closer to our true understanding of the Absolute Truth.
    It is so very exciting and Just plain FUN to be involved with ALL in this manifestation of creating a brand NEW WORLD so ALL can live in Harmony. As I see it the Golden Rule = The Golden Age.
    Each and every SOUL on the Earth/Universe has a part in creating this new world no matter how
    small of a part. Agape Love to ALL. Keep learning to be FREE. Keep learning To BE YOU!
    Mark Christopher Paletti
    Says HI to ALL with a special hello to Brian ( for whatever reason there is a special connection there for me)

  10. Jeffery says:

    Also, things are changing multidimensionality. When I realized my back pain the other day was actually a download coming in, I tuned in to facilitate its integration and then heard the words a “new template for abundance awareness”. Things are happening folks!


    ‘But it’s not our job to wake family and friends up.” what a relief to hear this phrase along with so much of Gingers wonderful way with words. Every time I “hear” folks say..”IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP” TIME TO WAKE PEOPLE UP” WAKE UP WAKE if we need to interfere with someone’s “sleep state”. People generally wake up when they have had enough “sleep”so they are prepared for what awaits in the New Dawn. Thank you for sharing Ginger’s thoughts and thank you Ginger.

  12. peacewolf50 says:

    Absolute Thanks

  13. Martha says:

    Hi Kauilapele,
    Thank you for sharing what you are guided to share!
    Somewhere along the way the meaning/definition of CVACs excaped me. Google didn’t help. Could you tell me what CVACs stamds for and/or where mention is made of what it’s meaning is?
    Thanks, again, for all you do.

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    Thanks KP

  15. J Brown says:

    Imagine all digital $$ with NO credit unions to FICO score our value and tell us that we are NOT credit worthy therefore have NO access to digital wealth- because that control/fear (identity) is the OLD paradigm.
    And imagine that finally the ‘new technology’ comes forward so that electricity/Light (energy- which is information-light holds intelligence) can never be turned off purposely by the controllers to cut off our digital wealth!
    Like what happened in India when they threatened to sue the Neilsen ratings.
    So in taking responsibility for ourselves;
    not interfering with anyone elses’ free will choice to wake up –
    rather proactively DOing it finally for
    mySelf without guilt of selfishness – it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to DO this-
    change unfolds with…………
    Our THOUGHTS/attitudes on absolute such as ” I have always been rich, or I have always enjoyed value, wealth, wellness… or my needs have always been met…. my cup runneth over with fabulous abundant wealth, health, happiness…” and envision that golden state of BEing then critical mass happens! It has to effect the whole, like in AVATAR we are all interconnected to the Divine Tree of Life..
    Now that is true resistance movement. Ghandi would be proud.

  16. lunachick47 says:

    While I truly enjoy reading this, I am a bit perplexed at the recording..
    I went to check out the recording and it’s distorted. I can hear two voices speaking simultaneously.
    There is a deeper voice that gave me the chills..
    Don’t have an explanation for it,lol
    Just trust in what I “feel”
    I thank you for sharing your experiences.
    I can feel the love and appreciate it..


  18. lightignite says:

    Reblogged this on lightignite.

  19. Michelle says:

    So I feel the essence of all of this is what the Masters have been trying to teach us all along….when you own your Absolute Divinity and the Divinity of Absolutely Everything then you realize you live in anAbundant Sacred Universe where there is no want. Mahalo, Kauliapele.

  20. Katrina says:

    Thank you Ginger and Kauliapele! Timely as I have launched something called Love It Forward in order for us to embody and anchor the frequency of what Heather is calling Prime Creator energy exchanges and connecting via this post has really given me a Cosmic Thumbs Up. The format for Love It Forward is still birthing itself as I intend to seed healing artists and other service providers to make it their own by practicing it at least monthly rather than the old paradigm of “this for that” fearful exchange. I am working on a blog etc, however in the meantime if anyone would like to learn more or share your inspirations please contact me at

    Question: Does anyone know what “Work Book” Heather is speaking of and how to obtain a copy?

    Lastly, Ginger and Kauailapele – The Big Island is currently calling me there from California to assist friends in anchoring a community seed there. I would love to connect with you when I’m there and/or while I’m here.

    UBUNTU: I am because We are

  21. Riana says:

    First of all, thank you, again, KP, for being the ‘messenger’ of all this wonderful information. We need a ‘technical wizard’ and you are, most obviously, IT!
    And, as one who actually did listen to Lisa’s program this week, I’d say you’ve done a ‘spot on’ job in this summary, Ginger – thanks SO much! It’s allowing me to introduce folks who are rather ‘indifferent’ to listening to a 2hr. show, read your great words, filled with such lightness and fun. For those still caught in the 3D mind-set, I feel this permits them to read this as more playful than that to which they’re used. Thank you, dear woman, also!

    • awapuhi says:

      Mahalo nui for your expressing how my interpretation will be useful for you Riana. Warmest Absolute Blessings in Aloha to you, Ginger

  22. Mjanestar says:

    I felt excited and happy listening to the broadcast. I love the explanation that we skip the step of gold or silver back currency, as isn’t that surely enslaving the gold and silver just as we have been enslaved? In the described paradigm, NO ONE is more or less important or better or more worthy than ANYONE ELSE! That has to be true of the new paradigm. I didn’t quit my job, but I lost both part time jobs in one week. I find myself crying, but it is not from sadness, it is from my heart. I feel that hearing the broadcast shifted (lifted) me and I am still processing those energies. I loved the overall positivity and playfulness of the group on the broadcast! One of the most hopeful things is that this shift comes from a different paradigm than where the problem existed, which is where true solutions come from. Thank you Ginger, Heather and Kauilapele!

  23. Susan says:

    What an elegant dissertation on what was said on the radio show. I resonate with your take on it and think we are all beginning to “sing” from the same song sheet. The collective, unified field is absolutely beginning to confirm its beautiful Oneness. This is getting better & better. What a fantastic “trip”! I will look forward to any future posting of yours coming across my screen! Thanks KP for KNOWING…this was to be passed along.

  24. awapuhi says:

    Mahalo nui Susan for your feedback, as being in my own (critical) forest, I was not feeling overly confident. But I needed to start speaking up anyways. And your claiming it an “elegant dissertation” will go a long ways towards my writing more. Many many Absolute Blessings in Aloha to you, Ginger

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