UPDATED… Well, Here’s a Post About, “I Do NOT Know What…” Yet…

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[UPDATE 1-25-13 1614 HST: Wow! Thank you all for contributing your views on this post. I’d have to say, this post was in part a “Pataleta Cosmica” (Cosmic Tantrum), on my part (as my wonderful Peruvian Galactic contacts would say). Sometimes I feel these things come up all of a sudden, and for a very good reason. Perhaps in this case it was because many of you are feeling a similar “Pataleta Cosmica” in your own energy fields.

This was not meant as a “put down” of anyone who channels Galactic sources, or of any Ascended Spirits/Souls/Beings (I know you’re out there!). I do sense, however, that many of us are learning to recognize, and integrate, our Galactic (Cosmic) Selves into our own individual consciousnesses (“consciousnesses”: say that word fast a few times…).

Still 9 hours left for more comments… So, carry on…]

I’ve just been looking at things tonight, and I knew I said I’d write something more about my “issues” with the last Nidle post, but nothing seems to be flowing. Yet.

I guess it was about a couple of things about “disclosure”. And Agartha. Disclosure leads to a connection with Agartha. Here it is…

“One of the more vital responsibilities of this new governance is disclosure. This single act opens up the lines of communication to Agartha, your Ascended Masters, and of course us. With this announcement your world opens up!”

Alrighty, then, here’s the deal with that.

  1. Disclosure. For many of us, disclosure has already happened. I don’t feel I need any more “evidence” of the fact that “Higher Ups”, “Higher Dimensionals”, or whatever, are here to assist us, if we so choose, and if we ask for it.
    – However, another piece of this is that I have learned that I am a Galactic, or Higher Dimensional. Although my work is here, at the ground level, 3D, whatever you call it, it also encompasses many other dimensions. That does not mean that I have to “zone out” into another dimension, or live like I’m not here on this planet. I am here. I accept that. But I also accept that I am there, too, in the Higher Dimensions.
  2. Line of communication to Agartha. You know, if I really want to communicate with Agartha, I can. I can ask for the lines to be made open. I can even meet one of them. Either “up here”, or “down there”, in Agartha. At this particular moment in time, I do not feel any need to do that. For myself, there is no need for any “mass disclosure” to occur for me to be able to do that.
  3. …your Ascended Masters. That’s another good one. Undoubtedly there are beings whose overall vibration is somewhat “above” or “refined” or “different in a ‘Higher’ kind of way” (whatever that means) than mine. But I am through with any concept that puts MY beingness at a “lower” level (DEscended) than anyone else’s beingness, especially these so called “Ascended Masters” beingnesses.
    – Maybe I’m just a bit po’d at hearing this all the time. “Ascended Masters”. “Ascended Masters”. “Ascended Masters”. “Ascended Masters”. (“How many of your Ascended Masters can fit on the head of a pin?” Only one. Why? Read the next two paragraphs.)
    – Somehow I don’t feel like the “Master” of “Me” is anything but “ME”. Dammit!! (and I say that last word in a highly “Ascended and Master-ful” kind of way) I am not going to go around expecting some “Ascended” anything to come here and save anything about me. Save me from what? Me??? (now, read the next paragraph)
    – I say to me (because I’m sure as h— not going to say it to you), “I AM MY OWN ASCENDED MASTER… DAMMIT!” (again, I say that last word in a highly “Ascended and Master-ful” kind of way). Yes, I know there are undoubtedly other “Ascended” ones, but they are not MY Ascended master(s), because I am IT!!!

So that is all, for now.

About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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70 Responses to UPDATED… Well, Here’s a Post About, “I Do NOT Know What…” Yet…

  1. Michelle Terkelsen says:

    You were able to put into words what I was feeling, when I read that post . Thanks Mx

  2. Steve Kups says:

    Excellent observations, as usual. Keep up the good work, man.

  3. Paulo says:

    My thoughts:
    1 – I don’t think I need some kind of “disclosure” either. I already had my “revelation” moments and they are still happening faster and faster. But I think that “disclosure”, in this case, has much more to do with an “acknowledge of failure”, a “defeat certificate” from the dark ones, than a “revelation” itself.
    2 – If I already had a contact with aghartians or galatics, I can’t remember. The fact, for me, is that eventually it will happen. I just patiently wait.
    3 – In my view, the word “ascended” means that they, sometime, were in this level of conscience we are today (any of us). And they somehow managed to step up. The word “master”, only means that they know something I don’t. They know how to step up. And “knowing” means “remembering”. They remembered how to step up, and I don’t (yet). Just that. For me there’s nothing to do with “they are more than me”, “they are better than me” or something like that.

    Love and peace for you.

  4. pnew5 says:

    Spot on with this one.

  5. Mauialchemy says:

    YAY! Exactly!

  6. Martim says:

    I completly agree, K… The moment hierarchy sets in is the moment separation starts, and once again the same system manifests… stop looking up and down, it got us here…. start seeing eye to eye… sure there are brothers/sisters in lofty positions, but they got there because they GOT it… We’re all One….

  7. AMA says:

    Wonderfully analyzed! Bravo!!

  8. Santa Fe Roger says:

    Wow KP! “Masterfully” stated! I believe you made your point quite clearly.

    There is an old saying that goes something like this: When the student is ready, the master (some say teacher) appears, Could it be that as we go within, our Higher Self is our true Ascended Master/Teacher? We just need to learn how to listen & discern what we are trying to say to our 3-D selves and go from there.

    After meeting & learning from a variety of gurus and physically embodied “highly evolved” teachers from about 1971 through about 1982 and a few in the 1990’s, I came to realize that a lot of us just plain folks put them on a pedestal that in some cases they did not belong on upon closer examination. Hey, I chalked it up to a “learning experience.” I then dropped all -isms & have mostly been on a journey of self discovery ever since with an eclectic accumulation of what I view as Truth.

    Oddly, I just thought of some old Fire Sign Theater- like lines that seem to fit this occasion: Earth to Ascended Masters, come in please…….. especially Me, Myself & Eye, as in 3rd Eye, the doorway to our Soul …….. & speaking of Souls, I have nice cushy or was that keshe, world peace contract for you to sign, or was that con-sign? :^)

    { And now we pause for a commercial message: Hey Folks! Tired of that bogged down, thick energy feeling? Try new & improved SLudge-Away! It’s mantra-ific! Guaranteed to raise your vibrations, lighten your load & take you right to Ascension Junction, just a stones throw from that new heavenly development: Crown Chakra Heights! Aura if you’d prefer, Tisra Till Dale! So line up, sign up & re-enlist today in the Post Shift God Quad or Goddess Squadette to burn off that danged remaining hangover karma from the Kali Yuga! And speaking of the Iron age, good riddance to rusty old paradigms.}

    Pardon me fellow light workers, but I sensed that many of us do, indeed, need to lighten up a bit & I include all of my selves.

    Have a wonderful day & I will now attempt to sleep; and for the record, I am sober …….. unless that banana I ate a bit a go was a tad fermented! LOL

    All the Best!


    Santa Fe Roger

    • Disclosure is not for you/us who have been at this for so long. It is to be a PUBLIC announcement for those who have not been at it at all.
      Don’t denigrate Ascended Masters–who knows, you may indeed be one yourself, returned to 3d to do just what you’re doing now. (Without the paranoia)

      • Santa Fe Roger says:

        Thanks for your thoughts Hal. As I believe you know, I meant no offense to any Ascended Masters, whether they are our Higher Selves or another Soul further along their path than us. I also feel that they/us have a good sense of humor.

        I did metaphysical stand up comedy for an international spiritual group from about 1974 to 1981 & would routinely do spontaneous humor with spiritual lessons in them at large gatherings of 3 to 5,000 devotees. Sometimes I had prepared bits, too. It was fun & addressed some serious issues with a light-hearted approach, which got the points across in a softer & gentler manner than a sort of Zen whack up side the head.

        I also read the series by Baird Spaulding “Teachings of the Masters of the Far East,” “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda, “Milarepa, the Tibetan Saint” and several other enlightening books of the same theme back in the early 1970’s & since . It added to my great respect for anyone who has incarnated on this planet & become a way shower or a boddhisattva & have lived lives of pain & joy & all the other things we experience while here. And I often feel that the humblest & simplest amongst us can be great teachers in disguise to provide a lesson or two along the way.

        At any rate, just a few more thoughts to add to the mix here,

        Thanks again for chiming in.


        Santa Fe Roger

    • AMA says:

      ….shaking with laughter!

    • Kestrela says:

      Ahahaha! Just remember to inflate your shoes before walking on water…

  9. captkeys says:

    Dump that Sheldon guy! Two words, 1 name! George Kavassilas! jmo

  10. Marilyn says:

    I am so glad you said that! I was recently having a conversation about not giving our power away to anybody, so called Ascended Masters would not want that anyway!

  11. Kestrela says:

    I guess this is part and parcel of the new paradigm of freedom and self responsibility. As slaves, we were so trained to look outside ourSelves for guidance and answers. It’s a hard addiction to break. And yet…and yet…SOMEthing has shifted, because for me, at least, that inner voice is becoming stronger and more assured. Not so easily brushed aside. And the trained part of me is listening a little better each day, and coming to trust the inner knowing a little more easily. These days, it’s mostly saying, “Wait…breathe…wait and see. Trust.” I’m listening. And sitting in loving gratitude for BEings like KP. Namaste.

  12. Judy Powell says:

    Spot On!  I love you!!


  13. canweawaken says:

    …maybe when he says “your” ascended masters he means each of us in our newly ascended vibe??

  14. dLux says:

    Oh! Wonderful KP!
    More people need to read and be aware of this.
    Many people are so traumatized and worn down that they will grasp at anything that sounds like salvation. Then by having it hammered into our consciousness by repeating the same message over and over again, we become conditioned into believing it is the truth. We become brain washed into thinking that we are less than, and that someone with “technology” and superior knowledge (authority) will come and save us and fix all our problems for us. (According to Drunvalo, any external technology, including UPO’s, are Luciferian in nature. The highest technology is our internal Spiritual technology, like those light orbs that come and create a crop circle in seconds and then disappear.)
    I have come to believe that many of these channelled messages are the Matrix’s mind control (propaganda), conditioning us into a disempowering mindset. This will facilitate that we will accept and be easily led (just like animals to slaughter?) .
    It’s the “Boiling Frog” analogy … we are slowly lulled into complacency and next thing we know, it is too late! The trap is set and we are as good as…. ….. Lets create another vision!

    (Its late. I am tired and seeing cross-eyed. I hope I make sense)

    Peace, Love, Blessings and Grace

    Truth is stranger than fiction!
    Question everything!

  15. gino says:

    i to have a problem with this ascended master thing also i do not call anybody master thats a word the cabal would use. which frankly i think sheldon is a part of. i heard this man say that when our visitors come they want to put us in a morphing machine to fix our DNA. what kind of nonsence is that i do not like this man hes got evil all over him stay away from this guy.

  16. Bravo! Bravo! I say “Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are!” They always say they must wait for our “Government.” I only answer to the “Government of One!” I say they should all anxiously anticipate the “Kauilapele Report” (channeled by Shelda Noodle/female otherworld half) every tues/thurs over their Non-Government Internet on their Sony Computers! Oh, and don’t forget to tell them: SOON!


    PERFECTO~MUNDO…..finally, at last, about time..someone..(glad it was you Kauila ..who folks respect and listen to) SAID IT !!!!! THE ABSOLUTE FRIGGN’ TRUTH..YIPPPEEEE…it has been my way of being here ..I am the final authority in my life..I know there is help if needed and if I ask..,but they are my equals..they just can help with the “heavy lifting” sometimes. I have been depleted with the whole vocabulary that also gets your “coconuts” rollin’..can you hear the global sigh of relief..now..let’s blame our wonderful powerful light filled lives on the “bosa Nova..the dance of Love”..and boogie down..

  18. Pat says:

    When I was in my 20’s, about 35 years ago, I remember wishing I could just be an ‘ordinary’ person. My consciousness level at that time made me feel very different from everyone else. The answer I got back was: There’s no such thing as an ‘ordinary person’. I’ve had waves and waves of learning re the depth of that response. KP, I have one word for you today. It is ‘NAMASTE’. May the full meaning of this word rest and grow within your heart today!

  19. Ryan says:

    KP, yeah, I am pissed off, too. . . tired of hearing all this stuff about soon, any day now, just around the corner, etc. I feel like a fool. If they are going to disclose, revamp the financial system, arrest the bastards, RV the currencies, allow free energy devices, and everything else we’ve been promised, then DO IT and stop talking about it.

  20. carol says:

    the longer I live far away from folks who can diagnose what is wrong with me or right with me…the more I hear and follow my own counsel….
    yet,was a time when I sought numerologista, astrologers, ackashic records, channelers, and all kinds of healers for various things ….98 percent of the time , it was unnecessary
    Now I realize I was giving my power away by openning my inner being to those energies
    The more I stay away from THEM, the stronger I become in ME .

  21. Interesting. I’ll need to think about this for a while.

  22. Marthe Verwijst says:

    YESSS…this is whats it aaaaall about…Becoming MASTER(S) YOURSELVE…Welcome Home <3 KP

  23. Mike says:

    Well said. The thing that seems to bother me more and more is that four letter word. “Soon”.

  24. Matt says:

    Right in sync my friend.

  25. Yara Alvarenga says:

    It’s exactly how I feel. Thank you for putting it in words. Love and Light always.

  26. Lewis says:

    Good one, KP.

    I said to my Higher Self, “Why don’t you speak?”
    My Higher Self said to me, “Why don’t you listen?”

  27. Dave says:

    I agree, we are our own ‘Masters’, ascended or not. Good job & never apologize for your true beliefs-they are yours & they right on!!

  28. Sharon says:

    Yay!!! Two thumbs up KP! We are the Ones we have been waiting for!!

  29. Daniel Gross says:

    Those who call themselves Ascended Masters are higher (service to self and in conditional love) human souls. Those who speak as though they are on equal terms and are in fact equal with all others are higher souls who are in service to others and unconditional love. No awakened and ascended being or soul needs to call himself or herself Master- nor will they teach you to call them Master unless they are in service to self- and conditional love ( the false light). Call no man Father and call no man Master – as every man or woman is you.

  30. dancer936 says:

    KP, your post today tells me all about YOU and how you are feeling/seeing at the present moment. And I appreciate that and I appreciate YOU. For myself, Sheldan’s post was all about US, the entire planet, and the need for EVERYONE to be uplifted in a collective manner. So, for me, his message is equally accurate for the bigger picture here. I also know the term “Ascended Master” refers to someone who has consciously ascended in body as well as soul, not just someone who has reached higher states of consciousness. Of course, this may be too narrow an interpretation, but then each of us interprets in our own way, right? Getting down to the nuts and bolts of it, however, individually, what you are saying is what each of us needs to do in order to bring the higher COLLECTIVE REALITY into being. Individuals here and there experiencing the awareness, communications, etc., is nice but not expanded enough for the WHOLE. I eagerly look forward to things being revealed and available on a large scale, not just pockets/individuals here and there. Peace, love and joy to you, dear KP. Keep your posts coming.

  31. I could not agree more, royalty mentality is what is killing THIS planet we don’t need it to go cosmic! Its New Age psyops.

  32. Dianne Kennedy says:


  33. I agree, KP. I have felt that way for a loooooong time! I AM MY OWN ASCENDED MASTER! I AM Spirit having a human experience. This is all part of our evolution, to recognize who we really are. To accept the reality of what we are. To reconnect with our universal families. To get past the division of the Earth into territories, land masses, races, religions and get past the “mine is better than yours” mentality we have been immersed in for eons. This is the era and the message leading up to the “Golden Age”. The “Golden Rule” reads “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Pretty simple. Treat people the way you want to be treated. ALL people, not just your neighbour or someone who thinks the same way you do. Include those who have different ideas, who have had different experiences, who have different values. They are people of this Earth, too. Why should their experiences be less relevant than yours, just because they have been different? The true measure of Ascension is coming to terms with having and showing love for those and that which you have declared you hate. For true ascension and true universal love has no room for hate of anything or anyone.

    • marilynalbert says:

      I used to have reservations about Agartha, but no longer feels as you do, KP. What I have learned is that there are many complexities in our spiritual growth and understanding, and mostly that there can be a BOTH/AND. It is most important that you experience the “God of You”, but you may learn that this god of you is not alone, and that there are many folks who work for the Creator of us all. We should all play in the Realm of Possibilities once in a while.!

      When I found things I could not agree with, for example in Sheldan’s sharings, I put them on my “invisible clothes line”, neither accepting nor rejecting. Then in future I might bring them into my reality or I might KNOW that they are not Truth for me.

      So I would suggest you give it time, rather than totally rejecting things that are shared with a wider audience. Is there a chance you may have an opportunity to learn more?

      Love your blog…please keep up the good work! ! !

      Sending much love and light (not judgment)

  34. pad4939 says:

    You are the greatest K.P. This was uplifting.

  35. Patricia Curtis says:

    I share your discomfort level with these messages, KP. In a prior channeling something was said about us going to Argatha to enter some kind of ascension chamber (“You are approaching the moment for completing your metamorphosis into fully conscious Beings of Light by means of your individually tailored Light chambers, waiting for you in Agartha.”) I don’t need no stinking technology to get where I’m going.


  36. Victoria Betesh says:

    My sentiments exactly! Thanks for your post!

  37. Lee says:

    Seems important to remember that when I understand that ‘all is one,’ ‘I am you,’ and ‘there is only one self/source,’ to apply this understanding on all levels. To the extent that I am identified with a particular form, (the essence of duality) whatever I ‘channel’ is going to be colored by the conditioning of that form. I try to remember that whenever I hear channeled messages, including my own. My fail-safe for internal messages is this one: when I get an answer to a query, or receive instructions, I always ask: “Who is speaking.” If the answer is: YOU, then I listen (because all inner voices are me). If I get any other answer, I know the source is my conditioning, which is constitutionally incapable of telling me the truth (since conditioning is the opposite of unity). So, my conditioning simply cannot tell me that it is my Self.

  38. wildsparc says:

    1. Disclosure still needs to happen beyond the personal level and the definition that disclosure is something personal is rather silly to me. Disclosure is about announcing and admitting publicly that we have been lied to. Of course we all know that but it has not been officially acknowledged. And I still want to live to that day.

    2. Agartha: Communicating with Agartha is already possible you state: These Agartha beings are supposed to be physical beings living in the Earth. I wonder how you are already talking to these being. Did you go through the tunnels and had a chat with these beings. As far as I know the beings have not come out of their hiding places.

    3. Ascended Masters, I understand not accepting authority from anyone especially after what has happened to us on this planet. But I do not see in the writings of Sheldan that he claims the ascended masters have authority over us except in your interpretation. What if he simply means that these ascended masters have a sort of shepherd function but not in a harmful controlling way as is interpreted here.

    Last but not least: Sheldan is usually writing the same story every week. How come suddenly everybody suddenly thinks the interpretation of KP is masterful. I think it is the same as usual.

    • AMA says:

      After a longer time of contemplating
      suddenly (an insight emerges)…

    • Daniel Gross says:

      The term Master is very misleading friend. We presently live in a world that has set rules for society- set order- regulations and laws of the land. All is law and punishment in our world. Now the term Master implies that someone has gained Mastery over someone or some thing. If everything that is achieved is achieved through remembering and not Mastering anything- what is the purpose of the term Master? There is only one purpose and that is to imply that they are ruler over something or someone. No awakened being is ruler over anything or anyone as all things are connected as one through the collective consciousness. Therefore no one is any more skilled or wise than another- but they only think they are. Therefore those who believe them are presently their students being lead down the wrong road. You will all see that Niles teachings are for the Cabal when all is said and done – and he is just not aware of this yet.. Sorry but that’s how I see it and I too have been around for quite a while now. I know Sheldan Nidle ( very nice gentleman) and I have read many of his works and been in his Webinars- and he is being given false information. Ascension is natural and needs no help from the mechanical Matrix whatsoever. Also awakened and ascended beings do not seek the things they want in life through violence or punishment of any kind. i would recheck my understanding of Mr.Nidles works before I was to make a final conclusion friends. You know you have the free will right to choose or create whatever truths you wish in life- so do not ever settle.

  39. Aeyrie Silver Eagle says:

    Thank you, KP. My feelings exactly ~ as one ascended master to another. ;o)

  40. Donny Carlson says:

    Well put ascended master, very well put. so it is

  41. Greg says:

    That’s why we are old souls my friend ,we love mum and we love dad (prime souce). Been reading your blog and American kabuki from day dot, go the one people’s trust, :-)

  42. Pat Donworth says:

    I could not agree more.

  43. Beverly Halling says:

    I am with you! Most of us just don’t know how “important” we are!

  44. aggie says:

    Have been having a problem with the title of ascended masters for a very long time now,thought I was alone.

    • canweawaken says:

      If you think about it in terms of frequency then anytime any of us makes an overall move to a higher frequency, and that’s what we are made up of, then we are ascending and ascended. There is absolutely no difference between the AMs and ourselves if we consider that everything in the One is simultaneously all things at all times to everyone,etc. etc. The “your” label seems to make it obvious…we each have a higher self (or an “Ascended Masterful Self”) that is unique and individual to each one, ergo “your” Ascended Master(s). We are the ones we have been waiting for, aren’t we? Keep on keepin’ on Aggie.

  45. Daniel Gross says:

    Check out one of my channels as this may give you some answers friends. Truth does not exist as it is created by you! http://extraterrestrials.ning.com/profiles/blog/list?user=23l2fnyh7pbxz

  46. kedresmom says:

    The thing I find interesting is that there are also a lot of statements, one sentences at odd places, that say that we really are the ones to save them. We will at the end of this passage upward be more powerful, solve a lot of their problems, are the ones they have been waiting for .

  47. Iain says:

    I have always had a problem with the “master” thing as well, I am glad to hear you vocalize it. It is far to crass a statement, and have never taken these statements to heart as a result. The thing with channeling is that there are lots of mischievous spirits preying on our gullibility.

  48. Julia says:

    KP – Well said, as always you echo many of our thoughts.
    With that said, I also believe that it is almost impossible to translate complex ideas into human language.

  49. Wanda manuel says:

    I got caught up in the Sheldon Nidle Mass Landings back in the mid to late nineties. Just about ruined my life. I believed it then. He has always said the same things, “It is about to happen”. I take what he says with a grain of salt.

  50. John says:

    In a way I get where you’re coming from, KP. But I question…

    -Could “your” simply be in reference to the fact that we are the ones who have shared this planet with the ascended ones?
    -Could “Ascended Masters” simply be those who have mastered the human form and so have ascended?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Sheldon may be on to something, but I do think something is kinda hokey too. Maybe “your” is indeed (if unknown to him) a Cabal control mechanism.

    A few months back I had a very strong period of thinking the AM’s were nonsense after believing in them for some time. Yet, it’s known that ascension is real and it’s known that Life is about Service. So why wouldn’t these individuals help us out? Why not call on them for help if they’re willing to give it? To not do so is almost like telling your willing neighbor you don’t want him to cut your grass while you’ve got a broken leg. It’s just help, not a request for salvation.

    “Ascended Master” is but a label, an identifier for the mind. Whether we make them saviors or not is a personal call.

  51. theinfiniteonecreator says:

    Thanks KP. Have felt this way for a while about many of the GFOL channelings and generally don’t read them anymore. In my opinion the channelers are not discerning their sources and have been intercepted by negative entities. Positive entities hold free will as PARAMOUNT. Negative entities would of course want to appear as saviors. For that reason, my opinion is the GFOL is largely negative information coming through positive channels, from sources we might call the Annunaki, who seem to inhabit a world paired with our Sun’s dark star twin, part of the negative Orion Confederation mentioned in The Law of One series. That’s just my opinion and speculation!

    Thanks again for speaking up on it KP.

  52. Ron says:

    At last another that is tired of all of this ascended master stuff. Your post is a breath of fresh air!!!

  53. Wow! That is profound dear ONE! As ONE who has worked with ascended masters angelic beings spirit guides dreams plants devas fairies and telosian and agarthan beings, your words bring forth the truth of ONE as I AM as one on earth and heavens as one who is master of ONEself and it is a profound truth and inherent right to claim this! Aho!

  54. shaun says:

    Yay!!!!! About bloody time we are the masters of life here. We wouldn’t be here without that ability otherwise we wouldn’t be able to survive let alone thrive here. You are In one of the hardest schools that exist brother. I just shake my head when I hear about ascended masters we are gods here literally why do we need someone to tell us we are doing it wrong its our journey a true master would just accept that and say nothing but point out the joys of life.

  55. Julie costello says:

    Hi K

    Thanks for your tidbit on that post!!! Nothing against Sheldon as he is on his own path, however, I do not read them as often as I did in the past….maybe I have grown now and don’t need to read them to be inspired. I really liked what you had to say it realyy resonatedd with me.

    Thanks for all your work that you do!!!


  56. mike0v says:

    Channeled messages are remnants of the Annunaki control system. People who receive these messages may believe their sources to be pure, but they are badly mistaken.

    This is why not a single promise has been kept by any “ascended master.”

    These channeled messages originate from within the Human Mind System, a part of the Annunaki enslavement grid.

    Notice how each message tries to soothe the reader, while at the same time, steals the reader’s energy.

    Publishing these mind control narratives is, in my opinion, very unwise.

    There is only one voice each of us should listen to; our own inner guidance. All others are BS.

    Remember what McKenna said, “There is no one that knows more than you.”

  57. Kalukaleke says:

    Kp, you are unequivocally correct!!! Many, many moons ago I realized and pondered the following.
    There is only God and you…and YOU ARE IT! How many can discern that! It’s in the Knowing.
    Aloha bro, Kalukaleke

  58. limey2 says:

    Amen to that. Hurrah YOU are awakened. That is our path, to each its’ own, A Totality of One

  59. Naomi Wissler says:

    Thank you! Well said! My Self agrees.

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