Kp Message… Today’s (well, now it’s “Yesterday’s”) Energies… “Paradigms to Release and Blow (Up, that is)”

syrup_thick_oozing_spoon_only[1-22-13] The energies of this entire day, from beginning until about 5 PM, has felt “thick”. Sticky, stuck, compacted, crowded, hard to move around, would be other apt expressions.

It just seemed everything was sticky, starting from my getting up (later than normal for a Java Rocks day), to driving in to town (felt in a daze), to Java itself (the parking spaces I normally park in were being used for construction), to driving around town (all this traffic was jumping in front of me, and going slow as h— all around me!).

There was almost no inner resistance to this “stickiness”, but it took some conscious participation on my part to NOT become a part of the “stickiness”. I had to consciously practice being “the observer” of what was going on, all around me. And not “the participant”.

[Kp note 1-22-13 11:08 PM: Okay, I’ve officially pooed out. Body is calling for bed. Now.]

[1-23-13] So only after about 5 PM [on 1-22] did this “stickiness” seem to dissipate. Or break. Or go away.

So what about all this? All I am going to convey is what I “got” was that this was a “all humanity” thing. There was a big “plug” of something “plugging up” the works. And I eventually got that it was the “holding on to paradigms and concepts that do not apply anymore” thing.

The message from Heather which came on 1-22-13 at 1313 (love the 13’s there) hit right into this. And for myself, the primary message was/is this…

“Consciously choose TO LEAVE any and all expectations, self-interest, special interest, ego, and fear in a corner in a different room (physically do this if you choose…get a bag and writed those things on separate sheets of little paper, put them in a bag, seal it tight, put in corner in another room and walk out…you can always go back for them later if you choose to (heart)”

And MY OWN message from this is…

“Release your hold on each and every paradigm that has come before… Blow ‘Em Up if you have to…”

Now, just to be pointedly clear, this does NOT say that certain paradigms won’t come to pass (maybe they will, maybe they won’t), but the essence of all this is, fixing the mind to any of them, saying to inner self, “This has to happen, in this way, by this time, in this way”, limits growth, expansion, ascension… all that stuff.

So here’s a few of those paradigms that may (or may not) fit this category, that come to my mind, at least.

  • Everyone ascends and disappears on 12-21-12 (okay, we got past that one).
  • St. Germaine is in charge of releasing funds for the Prosperity Programs.
  • NESARA has to happen, and exactly the way “they” said 10-20 years ago it would).
  • The One People’s Public Trust has done everything for me so there’s nothing for me to do anymore.
  • Pretty soon “the Galactics” will show up and shower everyone with gold coins and silver dust and Treasury notes. [they were going to use gold and silver bars, but their supercomputers calculated that might be a bit painful… to most humans, at least]
  • The Galactics will all show up in the sky, all at the same time, and scare “the Hell” out of people and thrill “the Heaven” into all people on Earth.
  • Vrillon will show up in person at my door (try a search on Google or YouTube for that one).
  • I’ll go up in a ship, but it has to look metallic and have flashy lights and large headed beings in silver skin-tight suits.
  • For me to believe in galactic ships, I have to see it with my own two 3D eyes.
  • All ships have to be 3D.
  • I must enter an Agarthan Light Chambers in Inner Earth to prepare for Ascension, and to get my Light Body in absolutely “proper” shape to ascend.
  • I am a 3D-4D-5D being.
  • All currencies around the world are going to revalue at the same time and so I’ll make a profit if I invest in the right one.
  • The Iraqi dinar is going to revalue… for sure… (especially because okie and terry k have said so, again, for the 1,367th time since last May).
  • Barack Obama is the savior of this planet… so I’ll just sit back and watch MSNBC and see how he does it.
  • The Golden Age is going to be here by ____________ (fill in a date).
  • Java on the Rock is the only place one can enjoy coffee (that’s a Kp personal one there).

Well, that’s a list from my perspective. The great thing is, at this moment in planetary evolution, even if you don’t release these and other paradigms, they’ll eventually probably just blow up in your face (12-21-12, anyone?). Then you’ll see them for sure. And get another chance to release them.

For me, I have been reminded several times recently that all of this “Prosperity Stuff” is within ME. It IS me. I mean, it’s all energy anyway. Gold is energy. Silver is energy. I am energy.

So for me, my own experience at this moment is my own favorite demonstration of “prosperity”. I’m living here, in Hawaii, with hardly any income at all, and yet, I have it all. There’s avocado, papaya, banana trees next to my house, occasional assistance from certain people and certain programs (government ones), and every so often, a gift comes through. Often from one of you, for which I’m very grateful.

And, most importantly, I have Java on the Rock!

Maybe you have a few of your own “old paradigms to release” you’d like to share. Feel free…

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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37 Responses to Kp Message… Today’s (well, now it’s “Yesterday’s”) Energies… “Paradigms to Release and Blow (Up, that is)”

  1. awapuhi says:

    LOL – could not be more complete KP! . . . not leaving much left for me to offer, except maybe releasing my “knowing” how things will unfold through my hyper scifi female romantic heroine imagination. Tough one to let go of, but it’s gotta go, thanks, Ginger

  2. oonamc says:

    he he! we are being ‘squeezed’ for sure to look inside ourselves. Its pretty funny sometimes :D On a personal level, I felt a huge blockage being released over the last week. Love it all!

  3. Connie says:

    The Pele Report mantra for today expressed perfectly what’s been going on in my world :)

    If I don’t get all worked up into a tizzy,
    Overwhelmed, burned out, or lost in self-pity,
    I can use my deep feelings that need to be felt,
    To more consciously play the hand I’ve been dealt!

    I have been squeezed all week on every level and haven’t been as gracious as I would have liked. I’m letting that go and following the flow.

    You are so right about the “prosperity” thing.

  4. ContraMary says:

    KP you always express what I am feeling in my very life … it happened so many times that I felt sort out of my own order or self and one or two days later I read from you the same and giving this queer state a proper name i.e. this timne : “stickiness”
    From my experience I felt impeded, hampered, in a way depressed which should not have been the case with me and my thought thereupon were the following: “Ascension has to be won by making clear solutions of awareness … in a repeated sort of way” … so when I sensed this in me I did not give any space nor way to it but decided very consciously that it was not my decision and did not let me dragged away by this sentiment but tried very much aware to focus on further ascension steps which did not belong to this queer state of mind at all …….

    Thank you KP – reading your updates and about your experiences on Java Rock and else is such a great relief and proof to me that there are many out there too going through similar life-sensations now as we all derive from the ONE! Thank you agaIn and blessings on behalf of me and all alike-thinking people to you !

  5. Santa Fe Roger says:

    Yes! Like wading through 3 feet deep molasses. Yuck. Or as the Jethro Tull group sang: “Thick as a Brick.” A lot of sluggish energy today (yesterday). Have been dealing with a lingering cold & cough, which feels like a lot of old “stuff” (literally & figuratively) breaking up. Much releasing going on.

    Trying to live in the NOW & have no fear of survival in the financial arena, which has been in meltdown mode in my life over the past 5 months. Very weird. Optimistic, though.


    Santa Fe Roger

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  7. Purpleskyz says:

    Well… that sure said it all. Looking at the list of your paradigms reflects mine minus Java and the wonderful tropical fruit trees at your avail…
    Yesterday I was in activist mode… I want to start a revolution but no one seems to care. They say they don’t work. I disagree. They say they can’t take off of work because they have to pay their credit cards. I say that is the very point. sigh…
    So I will continue on and not expect any changes except the ones I am able to manifest for myself. At least that is something that I can take part in and be happy about.
    So as the world continues to crumble around us and the folks have engaged their ignore button I will keep trying to stay in my happy place and not be as p.o.’ed as I was last night when there is not a single thing that I can do to push forth the change until it is time for the change to find us. I just hope it finds the majority soon… before there is nothing left.

    Also I wanted to thank you and AK,and the RTS crew for all that you have done to try and get out the info on the OPPT. At least you are all out there and trying to hammer away at the mess that is the legal bs we are imprisoned into.

    So Hang Loose Brother!
    A Giant Mahalo to you for ALL you do!
    Much LOVE to ALL here!

  8. Greetings from Sun Valley, Idaho where Ice is everywhere, the North Wind blows, and we shall have Snow. It is the lair of Ahnold, the Kennedy gang, Soros, and asshole John Kerry. They come to Ski. They come to slide down the great banana split sundae they call Mt. Baldy and pay through the nose. They are unhappy. Their kidz are nit-wits.
    John Prine said it best. “Blow up your T.V.-(check) Throw away your Paper -(check) Move to the Country -(check) Eat a lot of Peaches -(check) -in your case bananas/papayas-(check) (check).
    But on Nashville Skyline Bob Dylan sings “Country Pie”–rasberry blueberry pumpkin or plum – what do I care?
    You see my Island Being- We all expect “something else” so we push away the Apple Pie and say “But Garcon! I ordered Peach!”
    I buy Silver. You know what I do with my 101 Ounces? I hide it all from prying eyes. I put it in the Vault. Do you know what I do with my Love? Since I have nobody to Love? I hide my Love away. I put it in the Vault. Do you see? If we had stacks of Gold we would put it in a Vault. Well, it is already in a Vault. Somebody else’s Vault. But it is ours. Why do we not live as though we are RICH knowing that someone is taking care of it and besides that paying our Vault Fee as well?
    Please read my blog. Push on the little thingy there and read. If I find someone reading what I have crafted I will write some more. I am an old hippy and I have followed “Our” path all since the 60’s. I have learned a lot about Manifesting and that is what we all must do. It is our job to Manifest this new world. But we are also in charge of Kali’s work. Yes, we must also Destroy. Not the 3-D destroy. We must let the PhoenixBird crash to the ground. We must pour naptha and fan the flames until the ashes are all that is there in our Minds before it can re-birth. Dash the Paridigm. Damn the Torpedoes. Full Speed Ahead. (Heather and D are about Koo-Koo 5-D are they not?) Our poor 3-D readers may not follow well after her guidance yesterday. We must continue to keep that Crystalline Vision in our mind’s eye. It is there. It beckons like Bali-Hai.

  9. Al says:

    Why be in such a hurry. The Asccension process has been estimated to take circa several hundred years to complete. Settle down! We’ve made it this far, chances are quite good that we will go all the way; that is, unless we, during the interim, begin to not liking the experience. Then, back to another reincarnating process on another 3d planet????
    Al @

  10. Dito…………….Dito Whil I wate for …………….. ———– ! The hounds keep comming …….. not Yet maybe tomarrow . How ever when the knock comes IT’S GOING TO BE BAD GET READY :-)

  11. sonoLght says:

    Hope this isn’t inappropos, but while everyone waits till all the good stuff kicks in, this may be worth looking into:

    in service to all :)

  12. Ted Bergeron says:

    I have nearly the same list; I think you covered it all. But the reason I’m (was) expecting these things is that I was told they were going to happen. So I was “hoping” they would because they sound better that what I had.

    I appreciate what you said and I’ve released them all.

  13. kizz says:

    I get that we need to leave the old 3D mindset behind, however what most people are thinking is well, I still need to work in my 3D environment to pay my 3D bills, so how can I let go if I am to put food on the table and keep a roof over my family.
    The funds for whatever they are worth is the key to letting go of the 3D as far as most people may be concerned about. The energy within me will not pay the bills unless I use that energy within 3D to work.

  14. ingerax says:

    Dear friends, do not despair, if you are on your own – be steadfast and do small things very tight to your centre/ heart and it will spiral out and grow. Don’t forget that power! I love you All very much, and KauilaPele, you make me laugh every day, thank you dearly!

  15. Ryan says:

    I agree with Kizz. Being so heavenly bound that we’re no earthly good will not pay the bills. I say practical spirituality is what I need and what a lot of others need as well. Being a spiritual being living a physical existence, it’s hard to ignore 3D realities and focus only on the spiritual. It would be easier if papayas and avocados grew outside but the Chicago weather won’t allow it. Be better if money grew outside as well. The best is yet to come is what I believe and it usually happens! For example, I just finished my new book: “The Secrets from Your Subconscious Mind,” that is doing well. If anyone wants to read it, you can find it on my web site.


    yepper, I am just thankful. Thankful for what I am living..and thankful some things/people that are no longer apart of that. Turning on the water, flipping the light switch, the garden , the kitties, the snow, the clean air of the Rockies, being alone, being able to be thankful, not expecting, only accepting of what is and realize I can create something different, thankful to be an ORIGINAL INDIVIDUAL. I am rich in peace of mind, rich in prayerful attitude of grace, I am not money “rich”, I am a lover of beans and rice and thankful to be able to take care of me. Each day is exciting to see what energies lay in wait and I know that I will be able to observe and enjoy it.I have grand children whom I get to share the interesting energies of these times with. I know they are wiser than their 64 yr old Grammy . They teach me and I am an eager student. I have no expectations of this life. I have seen too much change in my years and that I know is the one constant..Change…No attachment to the life I thought I would be living at this time . I have learned to create something more. My spiritual emotional love “bank account of prosperity” is overflowing..that is the dream fulfilled ..for me anyway.

  17. DaveLight says:

    Dear KP and your beloved followers of the truth, I love your openness and honesty and occasional 3D rendering of reality! While we ARE expanding into 5D, we are still firmly touching 3D, and bound to its science….. for now. We all have different sized loads of shit to dump, or transform into golden beauty, and we all see our paradigms from different perspectives. But the common connection between us all is light and love, even though some days seem dark and empty….. and sticky! At least one ascended master once said, “fear not”, but rather “love others as yourself”. That’s a lot of love. If I keep holding the light and sharing the love, the world will change. Maybe that’s just my paradigm, but that’s what I still have. KP, keep your pure truth coming! We need to hear it, even if it seems like it can’t get through the stickiness of this 3D existence. We ARE hearing you and sending back light and love. For me, I will keep doing what I am doing, not in fear, or for expectation, but simply because its right for me and its all I can do right now, sharing truth, light, love and occasionally other stuff so humanity can someday break free. Yesterdays war clouds WILL give way to peace in the land, all the land. Hold that truth. Blessings to all! Be free!

  18. AMA says:

    Smile… Love your kind of humor!

  19. telempathy says:

    I just love saying just the right thing at the right time with others and enjoy consistent relief from never seeming clumsy or self conscious about any experiences. I think that I am not only water skiing across the septic tank of life, I know that I am going to forgive anything or anyone that seems to begin to repeat images in my tired old resenting mind. It was a real mouthful before I surfaced and got upon these magic skis, but now whenever I breath in or breath out, not one speed bump under the surface is any more mine than when I innocently came into this punishing harsh teacher of a 3D world.

  20. Quantamama says:

    The “thickness” of it all has been an issue in my reality; big, heavy waves of it that pin me down. Everything hits the fan in clumps, multiple times a day. Within 5 minutes or so, things happen like: multiple phone calls, timer going off, text msg alert, and car alarm…AS I’m mixing dough with my hands. My lesson seems to be about surrender; letting it all wash over me and being an observer until I can act again.
    I’m learning to breathe deep and blow it all away. Or laughter works too. The thickness passes. ;)

  21. Thanks for this excellent message, KP. I enjoyed reading all the comments as well. Personally, I hit a trough a few weeks ago when I came down with the flu and spent several days in a dark, miserable hole, reliving many of the disappointments and fears that have manifested in my life. I am out of that hole now, and oh how good it feels to feel good again. I am also getting that we can’t just sit around reading messages on the internet and watching for the UPS truck to arrive with out prosperity package. We are creating this incredible new world, and we are doing it first with our thoughts, followed by action. And both the thoughts and action must be about love, not about fear of what is going to happen if some cash doesn’t arrive soon.

    That is the Catch 22. I would be a content, peaceful warrior if a few thousand landed in my lap. But that package isn’t going to arrive until i stop thinking about it and just do what I am here to do, trusting that all will be well. And all is well, just as it has always been. I think I’ve made it over that hurdle. As each day goes by, I’m focusing more and more on just loving the planet and everyone on it, even the ones who in my mind have caused me grief. I know everything on my plate is exactly what I ordered. I’m ready to place a new order, and loving thoughts is the way to do that.

    Thanks again, KP, for keeping the faith and helping the rest of us to keep it real. I am so blessed to live in a little piece of Paradise, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, with as fine a kitty crew as anyone could ask for. I am also loved by a wonderful woman who knows my faults, but loves me anyway. What more does one really need?

  22. Diane says:

    Mahalo Kauila! Yesterday, I was “told” not to leave the house for that very sticky reason. And my criteria for allowing any paradigm to enter my consciousness is if it was founded in 3d, it is obsolete. We are New Humans creating a New Earth. I am so grateful in filled with aloha.

  23. Good morning, KP. Light and love to all. I have awakened to another beautiful, perfect day here in Calgary, Alberta. All of us live in paradise. Earth is paradise, if we only stop a moment to see it, recognize it, appreciate it and share it with everyone. Eyes wide open is so much nicer than eyes wide shut! I have found such a profound sense of peace as prosperity and abundance have come my way. No, I am not flowing with cash, but I don’t need to in order to feel the richness of my life. I have two beautiful children, one who is now a successful adult in her own right, the other who is healthy, strong and a growing concern as she eats me out of house and home. I have a place to live, a new car, a career I love (where I get to serve people every day), back in school to upgrade credentials in my chosen career. Every day I look outside I am reminded of the perfection of Nature and I feel connected in a way I have never felt before. I am so grateful to be alive at this particular time, to watch the manifestation of our reality unfold before our eyes.
    I am reminded of a previous post some weeks (or months?) past that indicated after 12-21-12 that for some, things would become profoundly better as paradigms shifted, were “blasted away”, or things would become profoundly worse. I made a decision right then as to what I would like my future to look like, knowing I would have life become better! And it has! Thank you, KP, for your posts, the channelings, putting yourself “out there”.

  24. Lisa says:

    I just want to say Thank You, Kauila Pele, for all of what you ARE and DO! Because there are very few of your posts that allow comments, I just wanted to take this OPPorTunity to tell you that I have been a subscriber to your posts for several years and I appreciate that which you DO for the ONE. I share MANY and MUCH of your observations and sentiments. And – since I am in Texas – your posts contain information that I have generally already seen since I am 8 hours ahead of you. What is most beautiful is that much/most of your comments and feeling match the frequency of my vibe on what I had thought/felt when I came across the information earlier.

    I was blessed to visit Hawaii – Waikiki the week prior to the Fall Equinox – thought of you while I was there and performed what I considered “healing” events while I was in the glorious ocean. I took several photos of clouds, sunset and horizon that trigger me to think of you:) I would love to share them if you if you so desire. I also left Hawaii on the evening of the Fall Equinox and was In The Sky – at night – DO-ing my meditations as I looked at the gloriously lit sky. Thank you, dear warrior of peace/light, for your consistent assistance in self-empowerment.

    With gratitude and love in light,


  25. mark says:

    Love the sarcasm :-)

  26. Leenie says:

    You are awesome KP. Down to earth, happy centered and full of incredible light for me to feast on.
    I will forever be grateful that you have crossed my path here.
    In Love and Light,
    Leenie Breckenridge
    Denver, Colorado

  27. mrtwist says:

    “Barack Obama is the savior of this planet… so I’ll just sit back and watch MSNBC and see how he does it.” ……………….. You’re going to hear it about this one :-)

    • kauilapele says:

      I guess I should have increased the sarcasm level on that one…

      • mrtwist says:

        It’s right on the money. If he had been a Repube, he would’ve been rejected, outright. That’s the sad part, we can’t seem to see past our love of political party and the blinders the system has put on us.

  28. Michelle says:

    Hello and thank you to KP and all who have commented. I so appreciate reading what others are experiencing. It helps me to know that some of us are having challenges, some are just hunky dory and some are somewhere in between. I have felt all of the above since 12.21.12 but I came down with the flu 3 weeks ago and I’m still recovering and processing and releasing. I have gotten help from some alternative practitioners receiving assistance from a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, an osteopath herbalist and even a Jungian psychiatrist (whom I haven’t seen in years). Like Allen above, I went into a deep, dark, miserable hole as well. I have gradually improved with the therapies but yesterday 1.23.13 was the day that I began to climb out of the bottom of the barrel. Yesterday my acupucturist said she needed to do this set of needles on me that was called “Releasing the Sticky Lid.” She described this set as a way to release sticky energy using the metaphor of how a pot lid gets stuck if your oatmeal boils over. It was about releasing the energy from my upper body and reprograming the mind. Bingo!!! As I was laying on the table with the needles in me these messages came to me: “I am the Mind of God, I am the Heart of God, I am the Breath of God, My decisions are the Decisions of God.” I find this very interesting considering your description of the energies, KP and your commentary.

    So what I “get” from my experience yesterday is that as I release the stticky old paradigm, my Heart, Mind, Breath and Decisions become more in alignment with the Heart, Mind, Breath and Decisions of God which is Limitless and Loving. Woohoo!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to share.
    Much Love to you Kauilapele and to All.

  29. Morgaine says:

    K, you’re echoing my own thoughts/process to a “T”. Over the last several years I have done my best to maintain calm non-attachment to the “how”, and simply focused all of my joyful attention on the “now”. I will be on the big island in September with my family and would love some Java time with you, my friend. Sending Love…

    • Martine says:

      My work browser if funny so not sure how this message is going to appear. You always seem to hit the nail on the head KP – as much as I want to see the world change at the moment I am just working on myself! I trust that the issues I have will come up and be dealt with when they are ready and then bang! I get the tools sent to me to do the work – this is whats important to me now – not whats is going to happen in the world – I have been have pretty rough time but I feel blessed that it is happening so that I can move this stuff once and for all – actually i feel amazingly blessed! Love peace and joy to you and all your readers!

  30. windygregory says:

    Dearest Kauilapele,

    What is your email address? I am sending this in hopes it reaches you. I am reaffirming in words, my gratefulness for you and the great outpouring of love and comfort which your list gave to me.

    Your willingness to share your spirit energy and perspectives resounds straight to my heart. Thank you for being you and sharing!

    Much love, Windy Gregory

  31. imtracyac says:

    Aloha, dear KP

    Sticky day = cosmic upgrade, download, attunement. You got yourself (another) dimensional adjustment. No rationalizing or thoughts needed on days like that. More swimming with honu, catching rays and watching clouds are in order. ;-) Perhaps an additional java as well.

    Bug Hawai’ian hug to you~~

  32. Mary S says:

    Here’s a couple:
    — I can’t wait until my 5D manifesting skills are working well enough to be able to quit my day job.
    — My car has nearly 300,000 miles on the odometer, but I just need it to hold out until I can get my hands on my new free-energy vehicle.

  33. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    “For me, I have been reminded several times recently that all of this “Prosperity Stuff” is within ME. It IS me. I mean, it’s all energy anyway. Gold is energy. Silver is energy. I am energy.

    So for me, my own experience at this moment is my own favorite demonstration of “prosperity”. I’m living here, in Hawaii, with hardly any income at all, and yet, I have it all. There’s avocado, papaya, banana trees next to my house, occasional assistance from certain people and certain programs (government ones), and every so often, a gift comes through. Often from one of you, for which I’m very grateful. ” (excerpt from post)
    I have been reading Kp’s blog since he first created it, enjoying his perspective and the lovely vision of Hawaii that he shares. These two paragraphs really sing to me-this prosperity stuff has always been inside of us, and within our reach externally with never ANY need for “prosperity packages” or any other tricks of the money based power-over society. We create prosperity not only with our inner state of gratitude and love, but with our outer actions of gratitude and love.Much like the story about heaven and hell both being long dining tables surrounded by people with 10 foot long spoons-in hell they try to feed themselves, in heaven they feed one another. Charles Eisenstein wrote a whole book on how this is done called The Sacred Economy-it is free to read online, he walks his talk;-) We can create permaculture in our cities, on our land, around our houses-even in pots on the balcony of our apartment(to a degree;-) We can share with one another, support one another, create community that nurtures, feeds and heals us all. Starhawk shows us in the 5th Sacred Thing how we can take that co-creation of abundance and beauty beyond a niche under the weight of the Earth destroying colonizer culture. There are ways to keep it growing, the same way wildflowers cover a barren poisoned field, so too can we cover this Earth and heal her, and ourselves.
    I am letting go of the paradigm of colonized reality, of believing it has the power over it has forcibly taken and kept. I am letting go of the whole thing and the fear that it will continue, the fear that it will keep harming the living things, chewing up ecosystems, spreading war and pollution and hate. I am letting go of my own part in it, and my struggle against it. I choose to live as a wildflower that joins the mycelium in healing the soil, turning my joyful face to the sun and the rain and transforming the poisons around me into beauty.

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