A Couple of Comments about TOPPT and All Those Documents and the Whole Process…

toppt_logo_border5I’m posting these here with the intent that it may clarify some things for people about this TOPPT business. And give a few the opportunity to see that many are indeed aligned with all of this. Also, that this is really an “inner” thing, as well as an “outer”.

The first one here is from someone I’ll call “j”, and is a response to a few who might not think all of this TOPPT stuff is exactly real.

“[to] All Loving Co-Creators,

“All Heather and TOPPT have done is used the highly complex legal system against those who created it to protect themselves. They hid the secret of bringing the whole house of cards down inside the cracks where they were convinced no one would ever look. Quite possibly, they never knew that the formula existed. But it does, and now it’s time for the whole house of cards to come crashing down. All the documentation has been properly and LEGALLY EXECUTED and FILED. The disconnect from the community who doubts this possiblity, lies in the lack of understanding that these protocols DO NOT need the backing of the old systems (aka the BAR, the Hague, the World Court, the United States Government Corporation, etc.) to confirm or deny their validity. They DO NOT nor have EVER held such authority. We “THE PEOPLE” have always been in control. We have just been led to believe otherwise. Well guess what? The gig is up. The work has been DONE, and soon the lies will no longer be able to hide the TRUTH of what IS. We “THE PEOPLE” NOW have the power to take back that which has always been rightfully OURS.

“We The People Are Free… j”

And this one from “feykat”, which includes text of an email she wrote to a friend.

“Hi Kauilapele,

“…For some reason I felt compelled to share with you an email between me and a friend, about the new world and People’s Trust.

“A lot of folks have their attention on the 500 billion and such, wondering
when they will feel physically, tangibly free on a practical level. But I
receive so much medicine to my heart every time I read something from you, and Heather, and the People’s Trust… energy medicine… quantumy stuff. :)

“I was trying to verbalize a bit of this to a fellow lightworker who has
recently discovered your blog and has been reading the People’s Trust docs.

“I have no idea whether it is of use to you in any way, or just a
reiteration of things already communicated elsewhere, but this email sort
of just poured out of me this morning from somewhere, as I was trying to
explain to my friend a non-physical layer of Heather’s work, what I get
from her messages and fillings.

“Feel free to do whatever you want with it, including throw it out. lol.
Not attached, just following an impulse to share with you as I think you
are possibly on the same page.

“Thank you for all your beautiful and authentic guidance to us over the
months as we are creating this new reality. Your work and your pure, honest heart are such a beacon, a touchstone in our individual lives and work. Blessings!!


(the email about People’s Trust new reality is pasted below —
this was a response to what the latest “disclosure” document said about
“That is so yesterday”… I loved that!! … and to describe what I keep
“getting” about BE and IS… these words from Heather reflect to me the
messages I’ve been feeling during these shifting energies, and answer for
me what our next step is with regards to the work of the People’s Trust)

[from “feykat” to…] K…,

“Yes!! Read this!! This is expressing what I was trying to say the other
day about not putting any attention on the old crap like chips and lies and
chemtrails and whatever else. “That is so yesterday.” Lol! By ignoring it
entirely, we instead put our energy on what IS in this present moment,
which, whether we realize it or not, those things *aren’t* part of our

“I think this can be hard to grasp for many, because the news articles
still circulate (even in the name of waking each other up), and people are
not seeing top-down changes at our levels yet. But we usher in those
changes by refusing to participate at all in the energy of what was.

“This was hugely impressed upon me during the timeframe of the 12-21st Dec.

“—That we are officially in a new world, no matter that it looks just the
same right now, and the name of the game is to wake up in a way different
than we have been trying to wake each other up. Instead of waking up to the
“reality” of these bad things that need to be done away with, we are now to
wake up to the fact that they are *no longer part of our world*. It is
tricky because the illusion says those things are still here. The worlds
seem to overlap because we are still creating the old one with our

“By changing our attention and energy investment, we will fully shift into
the new. This, now, to me, is the greater service. To hold the space of
what is now real. We no longer need to try to wake people up to this and
that “fact.” The energies will do it. Our task now is to paint a picture of
the new, to focus our attention on the new reality, without propagating the
old. The old cannot fade away as easily if we keep putting it out there,
saying “look at what is real!”

“So anyway… I say “we” but obviously can only speak for myself. This that
I have described is my new assigned mission… Lol… And there has been a
clear shift to tell me that my work now is not to stay behind and show the
masses their need to wake up to this or that (only to live in their hearts,
is the new message for people), but to encourage other lightworkers that
this change has taken place and that it is now within our strong creative
power to lead the way through the illusion of this old world by focusing
our attention on what IS, not what was. We are still shepherds but of a
different sort now. We are beacons of the new, and are the ones who will
make it physically visible by our collective attention.

“Just sharing these thoughts in case at they resonate. An incredible
feeling of lightness entered when it came to me that we are no longer
shining a light to illuminate the old junk, but now shining to show where
we actually are, and that the old isn’t even here. It is a paradox for our
3D brains because it looks like agencies and authorities still exist— but
the trick, the dance, the privilege, is to learn like a new baby how to
walk in this new place of seeing that those old things are *not* real.

“I don’t have an answer to that yet, of how to show the brain, when it
still is sure that it sees these things existing, but I know I will have
whatever I need to progress as I keep putting one foot in front of the
other, and to keep trusting in the paradox of this truth. For now, my marching orders are simply to know it is true and to put my attention and emotion only on the new, as the precursor to learning to physically seeing and experiencing only the new.

“One more piece: they say the brain does not discern the difference between
a so-called real experience and a virtual reality or imagined experience.
And we walk and work in many realities, dreams, timelines, only to
seemingly “be awake” in this most restrictive and artificial one we call
our physical reality. It’s mostly perspective that makes the difference. I
feel this is relevant somehow, to the generating of energy focused purely
on the new physical reality we have shifted into but do not yet see.

“Just as a hypnotized person, when touched with a feather but verbally told
it is a red hot poker, will physically manifest a burn mark where they are
touched, our brains continue to manifest the old world of “rfids, GPS, ssn,
religion, etc” (to quote People’s Trust) just because it is still mentioned
and circulating as “this is your reality.” When in fact now we ourselves
have the newbie task of waking *ourselves* up to the fact that it is a
feather, not a poker!

“Much Love,

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