“The One People’s Public Trust” Discussion of 1-1-13… VIDEO and MP3s

toppt_logo_border_50_1[UPDATE 1118 HST: For a detailed description of this discussion/conversation, please go to this link at American Kabuki’s blog.]

[UPDATE 2, 1541 HST: Please note that the internet (Skype) connection for Heather was occasionally a bit sketchy, as she is overseas. The call had to be interrupted a few times to re-establish an effective connection. Thank you for practicing patience with these occasional challenges with the recordings.]

This relates to the information released last week from “The One People’s Public Trust” (TOPPT), which was posted here, here, here, here, and here.

This is being released simultaneously by American Kabuki, Removing The Shackles, and this blog.

This may be one of the more significant messages you hear in your lifetime. I strongly suggest putting this on and spending some time with it.

In this earlier post, I left comments open for questions about these documents, and TOPPT. In this discussion, several of those questions are answered. There are many important points made in this discussion, which should help to awaken many as to what is really going on on this planet. Particularly, the point is, we are waking up. We are taking back what is ours, in Truth.

On the call were Brian Kelly (as moderator), Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf (from TOPPT), and D of Removing The Shackles. American Kabuki was in the background, although is not heard in this presentation. [UPDATE: Incorrect… AK was indeed heard in a couple of the sections… I believe 3 and 5. In any event, he does make an appearance or two.]

I was honored with the privilege of editing all of the audio into its current form, and AK has taken that audio and produced the video below.

Questions for The One People’s Public Trust (TOPPT) may be submitted to topptquestions@gmail.com.

MP3s were volume leveled and boosted. The mp3s below are already configured for upload to iPod, iPhone, MP3 player.


MP3s (each part, 30 min., 7 MB)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Complete show (2 hr. 32 min., 35 MB)


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