Not Only Did the World NOT End on 12-21-12, Neither did the Mayan Calendar…

mayan_calendar_stoneI’m not sure why I feel moved to put this here, now, but it just felt right to do so. Now I did post something about the 12-21-12 here, and according to that title (“…the Only Post I’m Making”), I’ve already “violated” that title. So please pardon me.

But in that post, I spoke about some of the “hype” surrounding the 12-21-12 date, and, as it turns out, that was rather validated by a rather important Mayan calendar person. Here are two earlier posts (about a year old) from Carl Calleman, a rather renowned expert in the Mayan Calendar field.

A couple qoutes from those…

“…this most likely is my last communication before the Mayan calendar comes to an end on October 28, 2011

“The Mayan calendar has come to an end. This means that the universe has attained its highest possible quantum state as of October 28, 2011… A good thing about the end to the Mayan calendar is that the world did not also come to an end on October 28, 2011. We now have reasons once and for all to throw out the notion that an end to the world was somehow scripted by the Mayan calendar…”

And here another post by Calleman. And from that one…

“Especially for the December 21, 2012 date some people are however saying that “there will be a shift in consciousness” or “there will be an ascension”, statements that are made without any foundation whatsoever except for the dreams of those pronouncing them…”

And here is an earlier Calleman article.

The October 28, 2011 end date can however be rationally understood. It has also been verified by several predictions, most recently my own that an economic collapse would set in and when it would do so… this prediction attests to the fact that with the right end date, October 28, 2011 the mystery of the Mayan calendar has been exactly solved… In contrast no one who claimed that the end date of the Mayan calendar is December 21, 2012 made any similar prediction and can mostly not credit themselves with having made one single accurate prediction based on the Mayan calendar. Already this should be a red flag for anyone looking for a way to understand the evolution of civilization based on the Mayan calendar.”


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And this Ian O’Neill article has this statement.

“…according to someone who actually knows a thing or two about the Maya culture, the Mayans never made any such prophesy: ‘We have to be clear about this. There is no prophecy for 2012,’ said Erik Velasquez, an etchings specialist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). ‘It’s a marketing fallacy.'”

However, I do know that the 12-21-12 has great significance, and that there are all these cosmic alignments going on. So no more to say about that. But check out the video in the next post. I found it very mind-opening. And it DOES explain why 12-21-12 is (was) important milestone for us.

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