KP Message… “Those Darn Individual ‘Churnings’!”


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In the 12-12-12 post, I brought up this sentence.

“Waves are very active here today. I feel a lot is being churned up (in a positive moving forward way).”

That was yesterday, of course. I was in them, at Pu’uhonua o Honaunau. Guidance was strong to go in. Even though no one else was in there. I love how Guidance says, “So WHAT, if no one else is in there…. if I ask you to go in, that’s all you need to know. You will be guided and protected (but YOU have to move your arms and kick your legs (and wear your Tech fins, dammit!)).

There were indeed some standard type “waves”, maybe up to 10-12 foot faces, but these were not breaking waves… more like rolling waves. You go up… You come down.

But the challenge over there is, at the channel where I jumped in, that you have wash coming off the rocks… to your left, to your right, sometimes to your back, sometimes to your front. It’s a churning thing. Like a washer, kind of.

Yesterday (after I got out (and no one had called the Coast Guard on me!)) the message I got was that this “churning” I experienced in the ocean contained a message. And here it is:

“Many people will now feel as if they are in a ‘churning’ state. Old (and new) unresolved energy patterns are being ‘churned up’ from their own personal depths. They are appearing, then disappearing, then reappearing, then disappearing, then appearing again. Why? So they may be faced. And resolved. Faced, WITHOUT FEAR. And resolved.

“These waves may have large faces [KP note: the ‘face’ of a wave is distance from bottom to crest] but if faced without fear and/or panic, you will easily pass through the ‘churning’, and come out of it refreshed, rejuvenated, and free.

“By your individual ‘facings’ of these unresolved energy patterns, you are collectively ‘refreshing, rejuvenating, and freeing’ the entire planet.”

So, there it is. Wonder if this “rings true” for anyone out there?

Aloha, Kp

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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20 Responses to KP Message… “Those Darn Individual ‘Churnings’!”

  1. So true. As I described to a friend “the plane is flying shaky, but at least I know how to right it.” Thank you for your blog!

  2. I described the “churnings” as a plane flying shakey, but at least I know what to do to right it.

    Thank you for your blog!

  3. Marcia R. says:


  4. shaun says:

    Makes perfect sense about cleansing the planet we belong to it not apart from it. When we cleanse ourselves (as we are all one) we in our own way affect the whole. Allowing the divine energy within to overflow and effect those around us creating a cascade effect. Which over time will become a crescendo or snow ball that has so much momentum it will change and rearrange all that is and was. Be well brother.

  5. Dottye says:

    God have mercy, that would indeed scare the you know what out of me, as I do not swim, and no over my head water ever,,,,,ok ok, maybe I am chicken, but I must have went down in Atlantis, so no thank you lol,,, but yes, things are churning up, and up again, not sure why, as I have faced (at least I thought) and let go, forgave, and sent love, doing my best to let the old go and make room for the gift
    You are something else KP, and I love you for what you say and do. I tend to agree with you on so much, and especially so many messages, going with my inner.
    Looking forward to the 12-12-12

  6. helenm says:

    Yes, that’s exactly what’s going on with me. Nice to get the message from the Universe that it’s okay, it’s what is happening, you’ll be fine! Thanks, KP.

  7. I’ve been having the churnings throughout the year, intensifying last month, now rarely get them. It really helps to understand this process otherwise I would have gone bonkers. I use this experience to help those around me. Many thanks for all you do, Kp.

  8. Mariana says:

    that resonates with me a lot now – exactly that: “Old (and new) unresolved energy patterns are being ‘churned up’ from their own personal depths.”
    thank you for the message :-)

  9. Deano says:

    Making sense for sure,
    Being on The Gold Coast in warmer water, I have been in the ocean about 8 times this week, more than the last 8 months. Enjoying her cleansing energies, and feel blessed to just be in the Now, waiting for & cruising around for the next set.. Aloha for you all do KP

    Deano :)

    • Eileen says:

      Kia Ora Dear Deano
      Glad to hear that you made your move and you are enjoying the Aussie waters.
      Thank you for that comment which you left for me some time ago.( the Kiwi in Scotia ;-) )
      Arohanui Whanau

  10. Janie Waters says:

    Indeed, churning is the perfect word. I’ve up and down and bounced around for about two weeks now. One moment high and ecstatically happy, the next so far down you’d have to scrape the bottom of the bowl to find me. And sometimes those emotions about the same issue! What a ride this is turning into. Probably the highest priced ride at the cosmic carnival :D

  11. dc says:

    Right on! In a nutshell … cheers mate!

  12. Sarah says:

    You have cleverly put into words what I have been experiencing, on and off, for some time.
    The churning has continued to bring up many unresolved issues.
    Time to wash them…then hang them out to dry…then put the whole load in the dust bin.
    At one point I felt as if I was going to be thrown out with the wash water…
    So grateful Mercury has gone direct…
    No more re-visiting old haunts…
    Time to re-lease them forever…
    So be it!
    Blessings of Light & Love to All )0(

  13. canweawaken says:

    It is always about the waves isn’t it…and how we particalize them? I believe many of us are starting to understand how to surf that ocean. Much appreciation for your offerings…you are the One.

  14. babajij says:

    Hi!…iHad a DreamScene (last sleep) with Me,Money & the LackEnergy/Attitude…as I read this Post,that Dream bubbled Up…So I just said Aloud, “Thank You Money Spirit for Churning up the Feelings that iHave about Ya ($)”…It’s one of several Great Frontiers that have Served me with Challenge & Deepness…All is Well…TY KP

  15. Yvonne Perry says:

    Glad you are safe from the rocky shore…your surfing story reminds me of the very beginning of Richard Bach’s Illusions Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah…leaving the safety of the known, getting a few hits from rocks and findin’ your flow and ultimate freedom…takes courage…thank you for sharing your the adventure. Namaste’ Brother! :)

  16. esouthnow says:

    Hey KP, heartfelt thanks for helping me with my homework….trusting that ploughing through my inner churning process is of support to you, too…..forwarding to you (telepathically) an a w e s o m e cloud image of the City of Light above the Saddle last Sunday……yah? ….the Center is well anchored, all is so awesomely well….

  17. Eileen says:

    Um …. yes ;-)
    Thanks KP.

  18. vision5d2012 says:

    Aloha KP — “Churning” absolutely resonates with me. Old patterns, old acquaintances – just anything old and not useful any longer — is being churned up for me to see, bless and let it go. Brief “Life Reviews” coming up in groupings sometimes, according to trends or karmic patterns that have threaded my life. Occasionally, I get “stuck to the flypaper” but mostly, able to witness, thank the patterns, the people and let it all go. Then I ask for those new clear “spaces” to be filled up with as much Light as I can hold and still stay in my body. It’s and amazing process. Very shortly the churning and reviewing will be over and we’ll all be “in the Clear!” Ha-Ha!
    Blessings on your work of the 12-12-12

  19. Santa Fe Roger says:

    Absolutely!!!! “Churnomania” here in my life of late! To continue the “wave” action metaphor, it reminds me of when I lived in Encinitas, California in 1977 on Moonlight Beach. One day the waves would be mellow, then 10 to 15 footers would churn things up during a big storm from the west and undertows, etc. Then it would be rolling smallish waves and so on. That describes my life lately.

    The past unusually warm month with the highs in the 50’s in Santa Fe & mostly sunny, I have been able to work under my carport or out under the sun on more 3-D art that we are taking to an art show December 20th to the 22nd!!! How auspicious is that? ;^) With sawdust flying from cutting & sanding and priming & painting and such, it has helped me stay grounded. Working directly on the soil of Mother Earth has helped, too. I get multiple vocal daily visits from a mare & her young colt in the corral across the lane from me. I greet them & then gather some grass and weeds to give them a snack. I get daily visits from the ranch dog named Josey Wales, too. She always greets me with a smile & a wagging tail & provides unconditional love, which helps, as well, as my outer life is going through all kinds of sometimes bizarre machinations & emotional rollercoaster highs & lows & turmoil.

    One day FEAR raises its ugly head & all of a sudden a bird flies into the rafters of my carport where I am working & starts singing melodious songs to soothe me. I have bonded with a pair of Thrashers (a usually solitary type of bird that likes to hang out in hedges & bushes & move leaves around looking for snacks) that sing to me & even run on the ground a few feet from me, too.

    At any rate, I am hanging in there & staying centered & doing my daily morning meditations, while some of my more “logical” friends wonder how I can plow through some of the “stuff” ( aka: “de-crapification” as KP sometimes references) that I have been dealing with lately.

    Happy upcoming 12-12-12 & Winter Solstice/reboot of the Mayan Calendar!


    Santa Fe Roger

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