Tolec Update (1 of 2) 10-27-12…”UFO War in the Pacific? (once more?)”…The Answer is Still, “NO”!!!

I noticed this update (at RMN, I believe) and it is in line with what I personally have been “getting” about all of this “UFO War” business. It’s over. So let’s get over it.

Constantly seeing these things, and also other “fear-engendering” type posts (you know the drill, “Earthquakes are going to crash the Pacific”, “Obama’s the devil”, “So is Romney, but at least he knows how to restructure and shut down a failing business so HE makes a lot of money”, “There’s that asteroid… better make sure your survival escape pod is ready”. And so on and on and on.

Anyway, I attune to what Tolec has written here. See if you do, as well.

[For reference, here are two earlier posts related to this: Post 1, Post 2.]


“UFO War, UFO Bisected… Antarctic and Pacific Oceans [Joint Nations engaged in] …Exploding News… UFO War Now Covers Entire Pacific… Breaking News” – story.
Tolec, October 27, 2012

[Question:] Tolec, what is the real deal with this joint U.S./China Naval forces working together just outside of the San Francisco Bay area, a U.S naval warship being attacked; and a Reptilian {UFO} war going on?

ANSWER: Again, no. Is there an actual UFO War being conducted by the U.S Navy, in joint cooperation with other nations, in the Pacific & Antarctic Oceans, against “the Reptoids” aka “the Reptilians”? No.

Are there either an additional 36 or 50 Reptilian, aka Reptoid, undersea bases still in operation or existence? No.

Is the continued false reporting of an alleged UFO War being strategically & tactically used as a perpetual “dis-information” campaign in support of, and preparation for, the lead-up to a “Project Blue Beam”, or like kind, staged UFO ‘false flag’ event? Yes.

Is someone else being continuously lied to – to feed a ‘hungry’, distracted global public – for the purpose of ‘selling’ the validity of this story for a planned UFO ‘false flag’ kind of event? ‘Yes. And;

almost as bad as the above, said person who is being lied to & who is swallowing these lies in total, in his recent October 26th report – he cited & specifically used my own analogy – in my original September 21, 2012 refute report – when I, back then, first compared this continued alleged UFO War story to a movie that was released this past summer, “Battleship”. Here is just a short piece of what I said:

“…Also, think of the movie Battleship released just this summer in first run theaters around the country – U.S Naval forces operating out in the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of California are attacked… by a huge…Reptilian/human hybrid operated… fantastic underwater alien ship… does any of this sound familiar.”

Please read again below, in total, my original September 21, 2012 article. You can read for yourself exactly what I said in that second paragraph – which somehow, amazingly matches his own October 26, 2012 assertion. Why did he do this? I don’t know. So much for independent thought and critical thinking.

Except for some Cabal & Illuminati factions going at each other in an on-going power struggle for control at the top of their organizations – this whole story is fabrication… is made up, and is serious dis-information.

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