Now… A Note About this World Wide Portal…

Clouds craft at Kauai Lighthouse 9-10-12… Click to enlarge

I recall from Geoffrey West’s latest CVN show that he mentioned a world portal opening. In his CVN show links page, he pointed to this article, “The Galactic Free Press Update A Planet Wide Portal has Opened YEEHAW!“. Worth reading, I’m sure.

What I noted on the GaiaPortal site, was this:

“Gaia Planetary Stargate has now been activated.”

And many around the world have been seeing craft, particularly cloudcraft, they day of, or after, 9-9-12. See Namcy Detweiler’s article here. Her cloud craft look similar in a way to what I took on 9-10 at Kilauea Lighthouse.

Clouds faces at Kauai Lighthouse 9-10-12… Click to enlarge

And look at the faces in the clouds that showed up a few minutes later!!

So it looks like this may very well be the case! The World Wide Portal’s opened up, baby… and the Galactics are pouring in, and showing their faces to us all!!!

[Photo note: my photos I have gamma corrected to improve the cloud contrast; that’s why they are darker]

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