Now… Back at Java… Clarity of Air…

Here I sit, now, back at Java on the Rock. Computer is on the lap (something about having to tell YouTube I had uploaded videos from my iPhone… could not do it at my house), and I’m enjoying the greatly “expanded” (whatever that means) vortex/portal/gateway (it feels like all of those… maybe even “/stargate” should be added).

T&G were 9-9-ing over here.
I was 9-9-ing on Kauai, which was T&G’s home mission ground for several years.
Yumi/Gen were 9-9-ing for/from Japan.
Stephen/Anthony (together) were 9-9-ing from Sydney (Australia).
Kaye was 9-9-ing from Perth (Australia).
Suzan was 9-9-ing from Los Angeles.
Suzy (Star) was 9-9-ing from Oregon.
Barbara was 9-9-ing from Chicago.
WaveRider was 9-9-ing from Costa Rica.
Oona was 9-9-ing from Ireland.
Emily was 9-9-ing from Ireland.
Trevor was 9-9-ing from Ireland.

There we go. Those were the ones who connected the planet via the Hawaiian Sacred salt. (it really was Sac-RED, as it was red colored, via the Hawaiian soil from Hilo side). And there were hundreds, thousands, of you who also connected to the 9-9 around the world.

We thank you very very much.

So all that has happened (and I’ll collect those 9-9 letters you’ve written
and post them with comments open, soon, so you may all share experiences, if you wish), was perhaps the grandest expansion of Energy that this planet has seen in thousands of years. Portals were activated, begun, and some renewed, expanded, and some combined together to make a “larger” one (whatever “larger” means). The whole 9-9 even was a “portal”, a doorway, to a Higher Consciousness for Hue-manity than we have ever seen on this planet.

Can I “prove” it? No. Do I know it? Yes. We are flying, like the red-white-blue parasailers below, into a clearer brighter cleaner air. For us all.

Aloha, Kp (and here’s the parasail)
[comments open 24 hours]

About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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25 Responses to Now… Back at Java… Clarity of Air…

  1. Diane says:

    Tremendous love filled hug from So. California, Kauila! I wrote to you prior to the 9-9 to let you know that we had a team of gridworkers ‘on assignment’ here in the high desert…and what a wonderful job we were given. As usually happens, the plan was changed at the LAST second when we arrived at the turn off to access our Light Core/Portal. It was blocked, seriously! After confirmation from the Forest Service that it was open. OK! The revised assignment had us making a gridwork pattern that took the shape of an inward and upward spiral as it looked from the arial view on GoogleEarth! We drove in 2 vehicles with all the sacred crystals, stones, and waters ‘doing the work’ from our vehicles as we followed Spirit’s call. It’s a long and amazing story to tell, but the culmination was located on a very high point, on a beautiful outcrop of giant rocks as we watched a distant thunder/lightning show. We did our ‘usual’ ceremony with one addition….I was guided to bring and disperse a small bag of pink salt from Salt Lake, Utah!!!!! OMG, when I watched your video the next day about the Sacred Hawaiian salt, I got the goosebumps….we were most definitely connected! May we all stay aware of this connection and remain open to hear the call of our next mission…….
    With Love,
    Diane Lightbearer

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you…. I’m guessing this energy is why I am so foggy this weak and my eyes are so blurry and walking around in circles…. :)

    • Sarah: I am going through the same thing after weeks of tremendous energy … suddenly on 9/11 all energy is gone the majority of the time. So very glad to see I am not the only one.

  3. Irene Granat says:

    Great stuff

  4. Jackie says:

    9-9 ing from Connecticut, wish I was in Hawaii :)

  5. Reiki Doc says:

    My dearest KP: mahalo to you, all the people you listed, and all the ones that were not listed. I can feel the results of your work over here in California. Muchas gracias everybody! P.S. I wonder if the names of the portals are going to be like our 405, 5, 605, 55, 73, 91, etc.–something that is a part of peoples lives that they use every day? I can’t wait!

  6. Barb says:

    Thank you, Dear KP and All. I do feel like a lid got lifted freeing up the planet more…. Hey, been wanting to tell you that I feel a bit uneasy about healing chambers too because Tolec has said to be warry of them so as not to make a mistake having come this far for so long. He may change his mind, but that’s what he said awhile ago. Wanted to pas this on to you and everyone just in case. It may turn out that there are a variety of chambers – some okay and some not. We’ll have to stay open and follow inner guidance and see. If you learn anymore about this, I’m sure you’ll let us know. :).

    • Barb says:

      PS More accurately what Tolec said was do NOT get into any ET chambers. I think he said “healing” chambers, but I’m not positive. Saw this on his website awhile back but can’t find it now. I think it was on his FAQ page.

    • Reiki Doc says:

      Hi Barb. I went in one. In August. It was Agarthan. I am okay. Here is my blog about it:
      I also experienced some physical changes after the Light box. I blogged about that, too. I think it is under the August tab. This was done in spirit, not the physical, with my conscious awareness, possibly my Light Body. I don’t know. It looked like a cocoon, pale off-white, vertical, with a cap on it. But the dimensions were so close to my body size, at first it felt like a coffin, and I was afraid to go in. I am fine. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It was a good thing. So if you get offered an Agarthan one deep in Inner Earth, by your GUIDES, go for it! I highly recommend it. Namaste.

      • Barb says:

        Hi Reiki Doc, Thanks so much. I’ll leave a reply on your blogspot website. :)

        • Barb says:

          Hi Reiki Doc, Tried and was unable to leave reply on blogspot,com so I’ll just say here that your Agarthan chamber healing experience description (gave me a safe, fifth dimensional feeling) is reassuring to me. Thanks Again. Namaste.

  7. pandorapie says:

    WOW. Just WOW.
    Thanks and love to all who participated physically and in spirit! Amazing times.

    Full portal opening in Éire and expansion of existing Éire Stargate has been completed via the 9-9 Gaia Worldwide Window.

    Full portal opening in Gizeh and expansion of existing Gizeh Stargate has been completed via the 9-9 Gaia Worldwide Window.

    Connection of Éire Stargate and Gizeh Stargate has been completed via the 9-9 Gaia Worldwide Window.

    Mirror Stargates in Hawaii, Peru, New Zealand, Mexico, Texas (US), have connected with these via 5D-7D conduits.

    Gaia Planetary Stargate has now been activated.

  8. awapuhi says:

    KP – What has been most significant and exciting-chicken skin for me about this, is to see you completely open up to all around the planet to join in and assist. (especially as the work you are doing, traditionally was for only those chosen to do so, all veiled in great secrecy)

    So mahalo nui loa to your all-inclusive global spirit, and what you & everyone else accomplished!

    There is a very powerful ancient Hawai’i chant used when having to move an enormous heavy Koa tree fallen from the uplands down to the village, in order to carve into a giant Pacific voyaging canoe from. This chant carries a lot of mana, providing a rhythmic spiritual uplifting for one and all to accomplish this task. It is initiated by one person as a call, and is answered by all with every ounce of conviction.

    So on 9/9 I saw and heard, Kauila as the “ONE” who put out the call, and each of us as “ALL” answering his call. Here is a version of how it goes, but it is NEVER to be used unless one has a very deep spiritual conviction towards a specific collective endeavor by each in the all . . .

    “I KU MAU MAU”


    ALL: I KU WA!


    ALL: I KU WA!


    ALL: I KU WA!
    I KU WA KO!
    I KU WA A MAU!
    E HUKI E!

    The closest translation . . .







    May we continue together towards assisting this great Papa Honua / Gaia shift. And may each of us find the conviction within to stand up, and send out the call for the next collective task . . . is how I see we can assist shift human consciousness as one.

    Aloha ka kou pume hana,

  9. These came through right after the 9-11 9:11 ceremony today. The solar photo below was pretty spectacular. So something very real happened.

  10. Michelle says:

    Dear Kauilapele,
    Infinite Mahalo’s for allowing yourself to be such a powerful conduit of positive change. Also much gratitude to all those who participated at this momentous time. We so need each other to make the changes that we want to see in our world. It cannot be done alone.

    I felt many energetic shiftings during the window from 9-6 to 9-12. I personally received many insights and revelations. KP, you had said that you felt there was something to do with water and the water theme ran through those days powerfully for me starting with a cleansing shower in the rain!! I spent much time on the beach here on the Atlantic side. On 9-9 my guides Instructed me empathically to go to a particular spot on the beach, a known vortex area at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. It was very windy, a bit chilly, not pleasant but I stayed. I was told just to sit so I did for about an hour. Then I felt I wanted just to get my feet wet so went to the water. As I sank my feet into the wet sand guidance said, “Be the conduit.” So as I do everyday to connect, I opened my crown chakra and allowed the energy to go through me and my feet into Our Mother. I just stood there for the longest time. Dolphins swam close, surfed a wave and jumped in front of me, pelicans flew north in a line past me, turned around going south, coming past me agaiin, then turned around again heading back north. I cried tears of joy, release, gratitude and incredible love.

    My greatest personal insight/revelation is that I am to return to Hawaii, the land that is so deep in my Heart, after being away for 10 years. Don’t know how or when but all in perfect timing.

    Deepest Aloha to you, KP and to All

  11. Soul Agenda says:

    Thank you KP and the rest of the team for doing this :) Gaia Portal reported about these 9-9 Stargates, too.
    We are good to go…
    Blessings, Grace

  12. Shannon Davis says:

    Dearest KP,
    My close friends and I have followed your blog for some time now, and you have become such a treasure in our lives. It is an honor to be journeying together, and I hope to be able to share a cup of java one day and some fun ” remember when” memories. But for now we press forward…
    You may have seen it already, but don’t miss this short video that I caught reposted on Lucas 2012

    It’s fabulous. I watched it twice and could only add “Yes!”

    Love and light,

  13. AMA says:

    Extremely good news!

  14. Deano says:

    Kia Ora KP,
    Muchas gracias brother for the 9/9 mission and also to our brothers & sisters you called on around Gaia to assist in the portal opening. My mission was visiting my son for his 13th birthday on 8th, his Mum & I had a photo with him, he looks so stoked!, the light and love’s beaming in his eyes! We forgave the past, moved forward, and now friends. When we all do this around the world together it will be amazing, and we’re getting there yay! Enjoy the energies Everyone
    Deano – NZ :~)

  15. rh says:

    Kp… You’re either up before all the roosters at Kokee or there has definitely been a clearing.

    On Sept. 13th, awapuhi left a Beautiful comment that brought through All the Energies I have experienced while living on Kauai for a bit.

    I found it interesting that The Finest trail with the most Breathtaking of views (just a wee bit past the railing) is the Awaawapuhi trail. Found on the left side of the road just after leaving the Kokee Pavilion on the way to the Kalalau Lookout…

    Anahola where the rock formation looks like a Great Gorilla head (your monkey energies?) and Hanalei Bay, what finer waters to immerse oneself in for a Total Cleansing and Complete Revitalization!

    Thanks for bringing Me along, I can think of no finer place for Ceremony than the Garden Isle!!!

    Blessings, roberto

  16. Discovered your blog recently and have resonated strongly with some comments you have posted. I wanted to say, I happened upon the healing chambers more than a year ago when my star family showed me how to use them. Since then, I have used them for things like sprained ankles and to completely clear my TMJ. I think there is powerful healing technology coming to us thru these and other ways. Many blessings, TK

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