A Request to Hold the Light for the Middle East, Israel, and Iran…

“Hold the Light” (click to enlarge)

This is not a political post, of any kind. I will not post details here. I simply point to this message posted by jhaines6. You may read this if you wish. And follow Higher Guidance.

The essence of the recent trip which we all took to Kauai, was to open new, and/or expand existing, Portals of Light in Hawaii, yes, and around the world. This was accomplished.

One of the photos taken at Kalalau (above left), demonstrates (to me, at least) that this Light has started to enter our planet, BIG time… from “without”, as well as from “within”. And, almost in an instant, it has permeated, to a much higher degree than before the mission, the consciousness of each and every human being upon this planet.

So when I read this this post by jhaines6, I knew that the so-called “dark ones” (sorry, cabal people… no capital first letters for you today) were having this tantrum fit, which is likely the first stage of their last stage on this planet.

So as you feel so guided, if you do, thank you for holding this beautiful region of our world in the Light and Love and Peace which we all have participated in bringing into the Planet.

I will be so bold as to say that, as we do this, in whatever way Guidance leads, the events described in the article will not materialize.

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About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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16 Responses to A Request to Hold the Light for the Middle East, Israel, and Iran…

  1. I’m already saying prayers of thanks that love and light permeates that region and the rest of the world consistently. Namaste’

  2. Santa Fe Roger says:

    Hello KP!

    I am holding Love & Light for the region mentioned above, as well, along with all over Mother Earth.

    I just drove a large 3-D art piece that my former wife & I completed 10 days ago, from Santa Fe, New Mexico to her home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan for the world’s largest art competition… there are over 1.500 artists involved from 56 countries & 48 states of the U.S. I hung all 9 pieces yesterday in the De Vos Center at the end of a 50 foot sky walk.

    On my journey here, I mostly followed the old “Route 66” & interacted with folks from all walks of life, different cultures, religions and ethnicities and I had a great time & all were friendly and helpful. Several agreed with me that 99 % of the folks they interact with have good hearts & are helpful! That was nice to hear. It certainly feels like things are shifting in a positive direction at the true grassroots level; so I am quite hopeful that this event outlined in the article referenced above will be averted.

    We need more PEACE and less WAR & I have been touting that since my teens & I am 61 1/2 years old now.

    Keep up the great work & I will try to check in as I can over the next month on this Artful Adventure!

    All the Best!


    Santa Fe Roger

  3. Santa Fe Roger says:

    P.S. The 3-D wood relief that I hung yesterday… was inspired by my former wife’s childhood trips to Holland, Michigan for their annual Tulip Festival and it is absolutely filled with vibrant color & light and a new Children’s Hospital is curious about it for it’s potential healing qualities! By the way, I chanted mantras while helping do the carpentry work and our daughter did all of the PR and web stuff for it, so it was truly a family project thas has been & is very exciting!

    P.P.S. In just now reading some of your recent posts I saw the synchronicity on your odometer of your car. I had one, too, while near Joliet, Illinois as I entered onto I-80 on the way here. Something prompted me to look at the odometer & it read: “58058!” Not sure what it means, other than we are on the right track at the moment & I felt like sharing it with you all.

    Peace, Shalom, Namaste, Asalaam Alaikum and Doksha,

    Santa Fe Roger

  4. ElRon XChile says:

    Let’s do this!

    I just this link which other may find interesting….

  5. pandorapie says:

    BIG thanks and hugs for all positive openings – your happiness is felt thru the ether of the net. We all definitely must send love and light to “CHOOSE PEACE”. People don’t want war… just those who profit.

    I feel true peace and prosperity for all is just around the corner if we can keep our heads and light about us. Keshe Foundation is happening and should not be discounted.

    People of this planet choose peace and love… time to continue the cleanup so the real JOY can begin. Namaste.

    – John Legend… Wake up everybody. LOVE IT.

  6. Reiki Doc says:

    My Dearest KP: I am not reading the article. I get your drift, and it validates the Netanyanyu dude saying he was mad at the US for not agreeing to nuke if X and Y happen. Wah Wah dark hats boo hoo. Did you see the dude that ratted out Swiss banks and got millions from the IRS? I think we are in a good place. I have been feeling the Light all day. It’s freaking awesome! Know that I have the Middle East added to my Divine Peace Healing List. I send it every day there. I also send DPH daily to people, and that includes all of you who read KP or follow my blog. Xoxox from the Universe! We can do this! Did ya catch the 2011 post from St Germaine today on GFP? You can see him in the hat on the back of the two dollar bill! Let’s blast the violet ray at the dark hat weenies, shall we?

  7. AMA says:

    Love the ‘Hold the Light’ picture of your 9-9 mission!
    The last days I felt the enormous energy influx as strong pressure on top of my head – now my body has to adjust. Blessings,

    • imtracyac says:

      Me, too, M. Yesterday the top of my head was burning and itching so bad I thought I may have to see someone about it, and today, just fine.

  8. imtracyac says:

    Peace and light to all nooks and crannies of Gaia Sophia, may the visions of harmony come to pass with all divine timing.

    Took my own healing trip to Ark just before the 9/9 for a visit with Dr Dan Mathews. Amazing. All the way there and back, over 500 miles, I continually saw car tags with double and triple numbers. And fuel prices, local signs, etc as well. I was taking pictures every time I came upon an occurrence but it got to be ridiculous how many. I even passed the junctions of hwys 11-11 and 12-12.

    There were crazy quilts of chem trails in the days before Issac hit us, but the last few days gave been clear and beautiful. May love and Love and LOVE reign and rain

    All are one, mitakuye oyasin

  9. Elaine says:

    It’s really a nice Photo, I feel your energy too…
    Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Julia says:

    Thank you for your constant positive messages. Yes, the Light is coming in & we all need to send Love and Light to the places on our planet home that need help.

    It’s so true that the people of the world just want peace. Sometimes I think, who am I, what can I do, I’m just one person. Then I am reminded that each One is important & each One can send love into the world. Please join me & send the Love & Light. Be important! Be Love! Share the Light!

  11. purpleskyz says:

    Love it KP!
    Light initiated. Intent focused.
    Thanks for all of the pics and I just wanted to tell you that on one the videos when you laughed… I could not help but smile and got a warm glow at the sound of your wonderful laughter.
    Mahalo for ALL that you do!
    Blessing to ALL here.
    Much LOVE

  12. Nuriel says:

    Shalom KP
    Thanks for your posts and videos and all the light work you have done your 9.9 …
    well first of all let me a sure you that Israel will not attack Iran !
    I’m living in Jerusalem and even there is still a lot of (light) work to do and its still a long road to peace, the energy’s here have completely changed since the beginning of the year. So therefore the lower vibration that you need for a war are not here anymore, so much about the doom and gloom… ;)

    even it is widely ignored in the mainstream media in the world but no secret here, the majority of the generals in the Israeli army is strictly against attacking Iran and even openly opposing Bibi and minister of defense Ehud Barak.
    Meir Dagan (former head of the mossad till Bibi fired him) even went so far, to call in an interview on national television a strike against Iran “pure idiocy” and that “no normal thinking person would entertain such thoughts.”
    So kind of everybody here is leaking all kind of insides and attack plans in order to threw a wrench in Netanjahus system :


    Well one more thing about what happened on 9.9…
    My normal plan was to send you some light and wish you all the best with whatever you have planed for the day. Well I’m working as a gardener and because of a sudden change of plans had to do a roof garden in the old city of Jerusalem.
    Well with the time i good some kind of hunch form my guides that I should do something and that i was in this place at this date for reason… So after some time i took a break and just went with what ever comes through me . So i took a cup of water, and thought maybe a nice stone, well I ended up with 4 different colored stones and a leave and was guided to one special place on the roof. to make it short that is what came out of it… i have no idea why in this way and what this represents but that is what i got and there i did my meditation ….
    Here are some pics :

    well i guess that was my little contribution to your great work on this day…

    All the best and much love, light and peace to us all !!!

  13. Angel Solar says:

    Holding the light and especially over Egypt..I’m with you
    Andromeda Solar Command

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