A Jumbling… And the 666…

[see UPDATE below] Okay, this is not a “what is going on in the daily life and trials and tribulations of the KP” blog. And I’m not about blogging like it’s some teen diary or Facebook page (although I admire those “teens” (whether 16 or 61 or 161) “brave” and awakened enough to write a diary or journal as part of their spiritual journey).

But there’s stuff that comes through each of us that will often “relate” to other one’s stuff. Especially for helping us to get out of their own lower “stuff”.

And today my “stuff” was a sense of being all jumbled around. Like having all my “stuff” tossed into pot and somebody shaking that pot back and forth and up and down.

Part of it’s come from having visitors at our house for a few days and feeling I was being “encouraged” to claim my personal space (and I did!). Part has to do with this interview coming up on The Light Agenda. And having to write a bio and actually go back in time a bit and look at stuff I really haven’t done for a long while. I’ve never written a “bio” before.

Part of it has to do with lots of music related things, like putting together a new web page and getting mp3s together and making sure everything works like I want it to and then correcting each and every little bit that doesn’t work the way I wanted.

And so on and on…

And then, late last night, I’m looking at another site and somewhere in there popped up, “666”. And I knew there was a message there. So this morning I checked out my “Angel Numbers 101” book, and it said what’s in the photo above.

“Your thoughts are too focused on material illusions. Raise your thoughts spiritually to get your life back on track.”

Of course. Simple.

So now I go off to “do” a bit of spiritual thought-lifting and see where all this goes.

Aloha, KP
~ comments open 1 day ~

[UPDATE 1634 HST: Suzan sends this, from the first printing of Angel Numbers 101:

…666 in the 1st publication:
“It’s time to focus on Spirit to balance & heal your life. Tell Heaven about any fears you have concerning material supply. Be open to receiving help & love from both the humans & the angels.”]

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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24 Responses to A Jumbling… And the 666…

  1. Marthe Verwijst says:

    Thank you for sharing KP. I loooove my “Angel Numbers 101” …Very similar story here :-)

    Much <3

  2. Spiritdancing says:

    This is the same message I keep getting when I start getting into the 3D world for any length of time, also my 3D activities hold less attraction for me and I can’t do them as efficiently and leave out important parts/items. I really am much happier and peaceful to leave the 3D world behind…thanks for sharing this….I can really relate


    • Reiki Doc says:

      Me too! I am doing the same thing, I have ‘lack of focus’ and no patience with the day-to-day stuff any more. It seems so pointless.

  3. Josh Hayden says:

    Hi KP,
    I am an old reader of your blogg, but I try to not become a member of many…I just prefer to read and let everyone have their own thoughts and opinions. However, I do love your music, and I also love your blog. I have been reading it since you began….I am an elder Indiago and have been on this trail with Mark Huber, and many others.
    I am a spiritual traveler and seeker and my inner master and teacher keeps telling me to “rise above” all this confusion and negativity, to see the good in everyone, and radiate universal love to them, each and every one. One day I asked, “What will I do? How will I respond if I am confronted with one of the high ranking cabalists….How will I be able to truthfully, from within my heart, reach out to them In love, knowing that they have planned for mass extinction of the peoples of the world; that they have showered us with all manner of horrible things, and think nothing of it, and so on and so on.”
    My inner Masters reply was simply this: “My precious one, you will not respond one way or the other. You will see from an elevated view. I have taught you and as you have learned, you have pulled yourself above the need to respond. Stay centered in love, for love is the total of the Source. By doing so you can see the complete picture of the plan.”
    Be in peace,

  4. joy says:

    Hello, Yes all last week i was recovering from work related ” low stuff” this week i decided to let that work go and be at peace . Love Joy

  5. Linda says:

    Hi KP
    Many of the messages coming to us are that we are being called to be more than we have been. That is uncomfortable, but the snake does not shed its skin without a little wiggling. While I have loved reading your blogs, it is also heart warming to see how you are being called out of hiding. Keep those blogs and music coming to us, and spread your wings to soar where the big picture is clear.

    Blessings on your way

  6. Mark Christopher Paletti says:

    Hi, had to message you on this one!!
    I am on the list for Gaia Portal just as I was clicking on the post from Gaia Portal now I mean “just” as I was going to click it, my email refreshes………………………and here it is the post from You!
    Now that is timing at it’s best. Thanks for all that you do and Love your Blog, Love all the vibes
    from Java Rock.

  7. henry says:

    Ive been seeing a lot of “555” lately….what does that mean?

    Its freakin me out lol…

  8. Kauilapele.
    Lift your thoughts to start your life spiritually. It’s what mankind is doing day to day …. however, the Brazilian government has already warned in 2013 will implement the chip in vehicles. The excuses for this are many … We know that the omission of governances command ALWAYS in developing countries. The elevation of the spiritual force that has each of the peoples around the world will not allow these enlightened as well as submissive governances also deploy the chip on the citizen. The spiritual force of the enlightened citizen explode 666 where they are. The Unconstitutional Chip in the car – React against it!

    Eleve seus pensamentos espiritualmente para começar sua vida. È o que a humanidade vem fazendo dia-a-dia…. porém, o governo brasileiro já avisou no ano 2013 implantarão o chip nos veículos. As “desculpas” para isso são muitas… Sabemos da omissão das governanças que comandam os países SEMPRE em desenvolvimento. A elevação da força espiritual que tem cada um dos povos espalhados pelo mundo não permitirá que estes iluminados assim como as governanças entreguistas implantem o chip também no cidadão. A força espiritual do cidadão explodirá os iluminados 666 aonde eles estiverem.

  9. i am says:

    I like the way u always find your focus has swayed have been following your blog and have noticed you re foucus alot ….. lol and it makes me re focus often as well something i never used to do it seems … thankyou heaps
    arohanui e hoa basil pera

  10. Christine Hauser says:

    Thank You KP for sharing this one as well. I had something happen yesterday that turned out to be the same message, delivered to me in a different way. I made the adjustments and when I went to sleep my whole torso was vibrating with a crystal clear enegy. Your messages help to let us know we are so connected Wonderful!!!.

  11. zarp3333 says:

    Just be yourself in the interview. You are love able. You are great at what you do. I, for one, shall be grateful to hear your thoughts instead of just reading them.

  12. Reiki Doc says:

    My dearest KP, no one on The Light Agenda has ever had, has, or will ever have as wonderful a voice as you. And your music, and blog, prove to everyone you have just as beautiful a heart to go with it. If you can defend a dissertation in your subject, and I KNOW how tough that can be, I have full confidence in your ability to bring Light to The Light Agenda at the right time, in the right place, in the right way that only You were born to do. Namaste.

  13. Mike Hopkins says:

    Greetings from Sweden.

    Best wishes for your work in this lifetime,

  14. Deano says:

    Aloha KP,
    All the best brother for your Light Agenda gig this week. I must check out/buy one of your cds. I have spoken with a couple great guitarists jamming on the streets lately, both really nice people sharing the Light around. Also has anyone seen the triangle constellation that’s appeared?, looks amazing.
    Love and Light to you All
    ~Deano~ :~)

  15. Thomas says:

    Unbelievable, simply unbelievable.. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been seeing 6, 66, 666 all over the place. There were so many instances of this number that I’ve started to wonder what message they cover. I remember checking the meaning (a week ago or so) but I simply forgot it (so it was not good checking..).

    Last night I told myself that today I need to really understand what that number means.. and bang (yeah, that was the effect my head ;) I saw your post…! From now on I’m perfectly sure what this message means to me and I’m also sure that it is important. So BIG THANKS to you Kauilapele :)

    I just want to add that it is also amazing we all start to see, feel and notice the same things together! :)

    Peace, love & light to you all! :)

  16. thais says:

    do not know if I understand well the message causo the Google translator. For a long time I struggled with the 3D world. Nothing attracts me here. I just want to live in the world of galactic higher dimensions, 4 and 5D. Over time, I realized that this fight very drained my energy. The new and wonderful world of galactic dimensions higher never came and the old 3D world became increasingly heavy load and I get sicker and sicker. So, I stopped lutar.Aceitei the 3D world is where I have to improve to get higher dimensions. Hence, deepened my roots on Earth and let the wings of my being. Every morning going to work I ask spirit guides, galactic and whoever else wants to stand beside me to guide me and guide me to align myself with the time line of ascension, to strengthen my strength and to protect me from me . Live so my day to day, using 3D to train myself to achieve higher consciousness. I do not like most of this life 3D more I realized that it is through it that I need to be trained.

  17. Mark Christopher Paletti says:

    Last week when lots of others saw the triangle in the West I also saw it and thought it was different
    Then here from others that it is a ship.
    Now this week looking to the northeast I see another triangle in the sky. This one is not as bright
    but sure looks like it is a little different. But now in the Northeast.
    Curious if anyone else see’s the same or not.
    Peace.love .light.to all.

  18. oldwoman says:

    Isn’t it amazing how the universe manages to give us a slight nudge in the seat of the pants whenever we need it?

  19. Julia says:

    Once again you echo what is going on with a large group of like-minded folks. I also have been disenchanted with my 3D job & responsibilities. It’s hard to care about making 3D money to pay 3D expenses, when there is so much more going on. Patience is key. Thanks for the lift!

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