I Believe We Are in for a “Heaven” of a Ride!!!

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After putting the “De-Zonkification” up here, I basically felt I was probably through for the day. I’d had little “get up out of bed” energy, and the general theme seemed to be, get up, eat, feed kitties, get back into bed, lie there awhile, get up, drink water, get back into bed, lie there awhile, and so on.

Then I see the last SaLuSa, and the addendum to the last SaLuSa, and, well, more seemed to start coming out (or, through, or, whatever you call it, there it was). So here is that coming out part.

So the SaLuSa message says, ”The Energies Around You Are Speeding to New Heights… You That Are Sensitive to Them Will Feel a Great Upliftment”. I would add, “You That Are Sensitive to Them Will Feel a Great Upliftment, and Probably, a Grand Zonkification.”

In other words, since most of us reading this blog are going through physical, emotional, mental, spiritual upgrades during this Ascension process (“Ascension Symptoms, anyone?”), we may feel “Zonked”. Feeling like we’ve been hit with, say, a “Hammer”, or a “Full Body Slap in the Face”, or “a Mack Truck.” We have accepted these Higher Energies as our “vibration”, or our “harmony”, or our “resonance”, and we are then required to “UPGRADE” all aspects of our Beings to “vibrate” or “harmonize” or “resonate” with these Higher Energies.

This can be a (seemingly) BIG change. To me, this is what brings about the “Zonkification”, like the old vibrations are being slapped away. Then, after this, the alignment with Higher Energies starts taking place, fully, within and throughout all aspects of our Beings. This is what I call, “De-Zonkification”. Older vibrations that are no longer serving us are moved out. The Higher Newer ones are moved in.

So today was my “De-Zonkification”. After viewing the photos taken after the 8:08 ceremony, I can understand more fully.

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Those aligning with the old paradigms will find this process a lot more “Zonkifying” than those who are willing to release those old paradigms, and move beyond them. I would say, the former are more likely to undergo “Ass-End-sion”, rather than “Ascension” (I have included the precise definitions of those terms below)(in fact, here is a previous post about them). That’s kind of like falling on your okole (“rear end”, in Hawaiian) and not seeing any way to get up. There IS a way, but those folks have not yet seen it.

May be that’s where we come in.

The Coming Gateways: 9-9, 10-10, 11-11, 12-12…

I was getting very clearly, just now, that the coming double gateways (portals) will be even more “ramp-upping” than this one. They have to be. And we’ll likely see a lot of exposure, and “de-crapification” going on wherever we go, whether it be personal, group, city, county, state, country, planetary. That may not be comfortable, sometimes (and may not even happen in your own world), but if we know such things are likely, we may be more willing to flow with it all, and accept it.

We are here to rise up. And that means “UP”. We. UP. Not necessarily, “Them”. “Up.” Because “They” may not. But when “We” rise “UP”, we can then be above it all. Many of you know what that means. You’ve done it before. And will do it again.

This is (and in my mind, is intended to be, “A Heaven of a Ride”. And I can flow with that!

I guess that’s about all for now. Tomorrow is a Java experience, possibly even with some who read this blog. From far away places. Foreign lands, like Canada, or Switzerland, or Los Angeles.

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Ascension vs. Ass-End-Sion
Ascension = Rising up to Higher Self
Ass-End-sion = Staying at the same old same old (smaller self) level (pronounced same as “ascension”)

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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33 Responses to I Believe We Are in for a “Heaven” of a Ride!!!

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  2. Bev Lang says:

    Hi KP really feeling Zonked today, bad head and tired, just hope this ride isn’t too bumpy?!!
    Keep up the good work, so enjoy your blog read every day. U take care

    • Newearthassn says:

      Body slapped:) Yes, plainly, just slapped silly… spinning around. Weird dreams. Down right disturbing in some cases. Lots of dirt and debris coming up to be released. Not that I wish this on anyone but since many are going through it, then it is comforting to know that as a planet we are getting lighter and vibrating faster. We keep on keepin’ on, then. In Love and Light ~newearthassn

  3. Marthe Verwijst says:

    Thank you Kauilapele :-) I enjoy your blog’s very much. They resonate deeply with my Truth and Love

    Much <3 Light and Laughter from the Netherlands.

  4. Dawnb says:

    Hi KP- I am too very zonkified with a pounding headache and upset stomach.A lot of clearing going on- I am certainly not ill.Wonderful photo from the 08/08.Love from Cumbria-UK

  5. purpleskyz says:

    LOL!! Ass-end-sion!!! Now this is a prime example why we love you so KP!
    After seeing your videos yesterday, last night Hawaii was incorporated into my dream scape. I dreamt of a young man named Kimo that I was friends with while I was staying on Oahu. I have never dreamt of him before. We were work mates. Odd this dream.
    Woke up yesterday with a sever headache but so elated. Happiness is everywhere around me. Resolutions to problems that have been brewing all summer resolved. LOVE these happenings.
    Much LOVE to you and ALL your faithful viewers!
    Have a great day ALL!

  6. Jen says:

    Ha! This explains my feeling shattered the last few days then “dreaming” about rising UP,UP,UP in a massive lift very quickly while someone was singing to me Adeles song “nothing but the best for you” What do you think Kauilapele ? (Dawnb …am ALSO from CUMBRIA! Did I give you kauilapeles link? Ha! have passed it to so many people !! )

  7. buckster5677 says:

    Great Post! KP,i too feel like my body is drained?,sore?,but cool,i can now see better w/ my eyes,where before i needed reading glasses.I also feel the need to move?,i sure do not have the funds to go somewhere far.but still this urge?,to go?what picture are you all talking about on 08/08/2012? would like to see!,have heard about 08/08.anyway have wonderfull weekend KP!!

  8. John says:

    We all have reached the time when it will happen and there is no ass required it just is as it is and was in the timequake all to collide at once into bliss baby !

  9. LOL!!! Ascension vs Ass-End-sion… what a word picture! But perhaps not too far off from fact! Its really the difference between a natural birth and a breech birth, it all depends which direction our head is!

    • Julia says:

      LOL!! Love it! All depends which direction our head (or heart) is! So very true!

  10. Marthe Verwijst says:

    This is an old blogposting from me… http://marlan-info.org/2012/08/10/het-kruis-en-de-drie-werelden/

    After reading the update from Cobra it maybe relevant to you or others. It’s a little ritual I got from my Higher Self/I am Presence and it’s about connecting Heaven and Earth and Left and Right :-)
    Sadly it’s in dutch and I have not the time to translate it…But maybe if you try google translation…???




  11. Ojai Julia says:

    Bless your heart, KP, dezonkification indeed. You’ve helped me so much I can’t put it into words – won’t even try. Thank you, thank you!

  12. J S says:

    Aloha KP,
    Just checking out your blog on my phone first thing, at my corner of “Java on the rocks…”
    It’s AWESOME to see you there !!!
    More later… Have a Blessed Pleasant day!!!
    Much Mahalo Much

  13. Beverley says:

    Thanks, Kauilapele! Ha! and here at 84 years I thought it was all just old age! Seems like I’ve been hanging on for such a long time but knowing it’s coming at dizzying speed sure helps.

  14. Alyssa says:

    I just woke up (way late) from a bunch of dreams. The most significant being getting ready to leave on a big planned group trip to Europe. I was throwing stuff in my suitcase and making sure my hotels were reserved before I left for the airport in a couple of hours. So, is today the day of departure? Here we go…

  15. My Dearest KP, I WELCOME the new energies! I eat gateways and portals for breakfast. Along with a little eggs, rice and some Portuguese sausage ; ) with each day I grow stronger. With each day I feel more like a fish out of water that is inching closer and closer to the tank so I can jump back in. Bring it! Bring it on! This is going to be one heck of a show. And I paid a steep price to get my ticket, same as the rest of you. Namaste. http://Www.reikidoc.blogspot.com

  16. I just LOVE your attitude! And your service to Gaia & your faithful followers :) Celebrating your energy-work & vids & photos.

  17. Bea says:

    Thank your for this timely post. As it often does, your post resonates with me so much more than those written by others in the spiritual community. This info places a whole new perspective on the unusual extreme fatigue I have been experiencing lately. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Julia says:

    KP- Thanks for your great posts. I appreciate the service that you do for all of us & Gaia.
    I have been feeling zonked & now I know why.
    I love the Ascension vs Ass-End-sion! I just sat here laughing! You bring such joy to me!
    I send it back to you with love!
    (And the kitties thank you for feeding them, even during de-zonkification. As they say, a cat is like an alarm without a snooze button!)

  19. Marthe Verwijst says:

    Just got this message in my inbox. It’s happening :-)


    • Marthe Verwijst says:

      And stay grounded, Heart Centered and neutral…Above all ENJOY THE RIDE :-) :-) :-)

  20. hrhdawnra says:

    KP…thank you for sharing your experiences re 8-8. I was amazed upon awaking on 8-9
    to find that I was just happy for no apparent reason. Have not felt that in years. I feel lighter
    and cannot stop smiling. It has been 24 hours now. Wow, if this is a precursor of things to
    come, I’m really excited !
    Much love to all,

  21. kt1111 says:

    Hi KP – another great post – love the pics from yesterday. Last week I took some pics of the full Blue Moon, and they looked normal through the viewfinder, but when I look at the saved pics on my camera, the moon is shooting colors and rays of light like your sun pic after the ceremony. If I knew how to put one up here I would, but believe me it’s fantastic looking. I feel like we’re finally being able to start ‘seeing’ how things really are finally, whoopee! That interview with AA Michael has me so upbeat I can hardly sit still, bring it on!!! Have a great time dezonkifying and thanks for helping Gaia and us all! Have a great weekend everyone – and Marthe – I got that Gaia Portal email too, that put me over the top! In light! :-)

  22. Shilea says:

    Mahalo KP. Your blog is wonderful and inspiring. Our footprints have interwoven on the day of rainshine in the aura of Pu’uhonua o Hanaunau, Underwater the rain was magical. Silver, rose,
    golden. liquid streaks of light playing on the waters of creation. Long ago I was told that Pele’s isle was the body of ascension and it would begin here, in her kingdom by the sea and cascade across the planet. Aloha.

  23. Deano says:

    Aloha KP,
    As always mahalo for the great posts and photos – awsome energies flowing in. Indeed this week since 8.8 has been a ride, dreams of being in house surrounded by water with friends. One day full of more calm uplifting energy, next day “zonked out”. Like others here ready for a journey to wherever it may take us all – upwards. I was in Waikiki this time last year, so it’s Aloha week at home lol, great Ohau memories :) ~ Kia Ora from NZ to you all brothers and sisters, see you all sometime
    Deano :~)

  24. Michelle says:

    Dearest Kauilapele,
    We truly are One and you show us that we are by chronicling your experiences, feelings and thoughts. For that I am very grateful. Here is what I have experienced…..

    Last week on the full moon I had a very strong headache. It was also the day I was informed that I was granted an interview for a job that I have applied for (and would like very much). The interview was scheduled for 8/8/2012!! That evening the headache worsened and I spent the evening and night throwing my guts up!!!! So on Wednesday 8/8 I have my interview and I feel the energy so strongly I am buzzing. Many friends and family were sending me Love and Light AND the portal opening was going on at the same time. So I’m sitting there nervous and I’m buzzing with energy. I feel the interview went okay and I feel that my own personal portal opening is taking place. Also both my right and left heels have recently been bothering me. I thought it was from walking on the hard sand on the beach here on the Atlantic side. But maybe not….. Today feeling incredibly zonkified, or is it dezonkified…..whichever it is, I am that. So off to early moi moi.

    Many Mahalos for all that you do and for who you are. Wishing you deepest Aloha.

    • kauilapele says:

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with heel-y issues!

      I feel your portal opening aligns with a similar opening with the company you interviewed with.

      For what it is worth…

  25. Thank you, KP. I loved seeing your photos and video of the 08-08 portal. Indeed, much is happening, I agree. I felt really zonkified the days *before* the 08-08, but a couple of days later, I feel a new resurgence of “Let’s get things done!!” Like a pregnant lady starts a “nesting phase” just before she has her baby. Making sure everything is ready. :)

    Love and light to you & thank you for being you and for sharing your joy. :)

  26. pandorapie says:

    Mahalo! Thanks for your positive energy! I was dragging all week, feeling a bit afraid at the rushing energy and changes with all the fear dis-info around. Got back into meditation that I had neglected and discovered this site: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/higher-self-meditation.php. After my 2nd day of working thru these 5 guided meditations – energy was pumped! Nervous energy totally gone after meditation and reading “ALL negatively directed vectors have been reversed – FULL planetary awaking follows” (http://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/). NO stopping it now. Let the sun shine in! Much Love from Canada!

    • kauilapele says:

      Mahalo pandorapie (one of our cats here is named “Pandora”). I also check the same gaiaportal website from time to time. This one certainly resonates! Thanks for pointing to these sites.

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