Recent COBRA Interviews on, 7-20-12 and 7-30-12… MP3s

Cobra just came out with a new post (which I intend to put up here as soon as I finish with this). So I felt these would fit in well here.

I listened to most of the first and second interviews of Cobra, by Debra Ariel Peach (spelling?) and recorded the Cobra portions. There are many topics covered in the second interview, which included “The Event”, the James Holmes incident and mind control, and how the Illuminati like to use coded words, like Aurora, in their dark ops. He also discusses how symbols used for dark purposes may be converted to Light purpose, using the example of Federal Reserve notes (this particular part is at about 1:18 of the 7-30-12 interview).

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7-20-12 Cobra Interview

Video Link at

MP3 (volume leveled and boosted)
Complete interview (30 min, 5 MB)


7-30-12 Cobra Interview

PS: I included the short invocation she did at the beginning. I liked that!!

Video Link at

MP3s (each part, 30 min., 5 MB) (volume boosted)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Complete interview (1 hr. 29 min, 15 MB)

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