Mahalo for a New High… and a Dove of Peace…

As you can see above, yesterday’s view total was 43,724. That is a new high for this blog. Previous high was a few months ago, at about 37,000.

I feel the energy of the planet has ramped up quite a bit during the last two weeks. Both in intensity, and in vibration. Namely, Higher Vibration. The excitement for transformation is high.

The mid-week Drake show last week seemed a part of that, and with all other reports lately from Cobra, AA Michael, et al., seeming in some kind of alignment, there feels like a unification on this planet that has never been experienced before.

Thank you all for coming here, some, once in a while, some every day, some maybe every minute. And thank you for each of your contributions, whatever that might be. Some with words, some with photos, and many who send Light to everything posted here (including me). I feel that the Universe has “contrived” to bring a few of us together around this Kauilapele’s Blog thing here.

Many many thanks also to all of you who have assisted with donations or other support. Mahalo nui Loa (Thank you very much), many times over.

And I might remind you that the blog is comprised of TWO names. “Kauila”, which is my Hawaiian name, meaning “electricity” or “lightning”, and Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Creation and Transformation. Yet she is now even more than she was before, at least to me. She has transformed over the past few years from more of a “burning up of the dross” being, into a Being that encompasses the Planet with a blanket of Enlightening Love. Along with us, she is ascending too. (and that’s my perspective, not everyone else’).

So below is a photo of one who has graced my table this morning, and chirped and cooed a few times as she/he ate some walnuts. A Hawaiian Dove. I feel she/he is a Hawaiian Dove of Peace… for all.

Aloha to all who visit here!

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About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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30 Responses to Mahalo for a New High… and a Dove of Peace…

  1. purpleskyz says:

    Congrats again KP
    As we flock to your site we are also feeling the Peace that you send.
    Have a wonderful 4th!

  2. Rama says:

    I am sure I am like many others, clicking back to your site SO many times every day, it is like the best one place for EVERYTHING that is worth checking out.
    Another funny thing, even though I used to live in Hawaii and should be able to pronounce your name right, I just call you and your blog KOALA PELE.
    Keep up the extremely good work and thank you so much for your tirelessness.

  3. AMA says:

    Sweeet… (the dove)

  4. I look forward to your posts and how you bring light to situations just by the way you cover them. So thank you. Be well and stay blessed.

  5. Yanne Love says:

    You are doing a great job for humanity my brother :)
    Your blog is Very valuable.

    Sending lots of love from Finland

    • kauilapele says:

      Somehow I’ve always felt as if Finland were one of my close family. And you help me feel that today.

      My very first job, my boss was a man from Finland, who was so very proud of “his knife”. He often spoke of “his knife”, with love and joy.

      • Yanne Love says:

        Interesting connection.
        Yes, the Finnish knife “puukko” is a traditional thing and a precious tool for many situations, I have one too :)

      • Reyo says:

        You also feel like family to me, sometimes I almost feel a connection…

        Reyo, Helsinki Finland

        • kauilapele says:

          We are indeed connected. I’ll trade some warm Pacific ocean for a nice cold sheet of Finland ice to skate on!!

  6. wd40dry says:

    Whether you realize it or not ~ with these kinds of continuing high stats, you’ve become a power in your own right. And with it ~ you have the power to guide others to different sites or away from them. Imagine these thousands of people following your every move ~ Wow. It’s a great thing to witness but bears a great responsibility, too, in what you are bringing to us and sometimes “vetting” or seem to be by featuring it on your blog but of couse, always with higher discernment notices. Obviously we find you worthy of this trust. I am a fan who posts your blogs over my own networks all the time. We love you and the way you analyse what is happening. You are usually first to get news and this is so appreciated! Your pictures of Java-on-the-Rocks and that gorgeous ocean where you live with the critters continues to warm my heart. Like this little blue Dove’s picture today and your precious little Mongoose. So loving!

    Since I live where six months are Artic in Northern Idaho, many Winter days were warmed by those pictures when we couldn’t dig our way out of our own driveway. As a last note, I have been concerned about Linda Dillons’ latest “container” channel for AA Michael. Her “containers” seem to conflict and/or confuse Sheldan Nidle’s “Light Chambers” for healing, DNA restoration, and Full Consciousness” that will be available to enter and finalize our new “light bodies” soon when the Agarthan’s and others in the GFOL come forth to offer them. A device to quietly imprison and keep the dark from doing harm ~ is not the same thing but some may not trust the Light Chambers as a result or mix this concept up with this other “containment” capsule because of confusion over this issue arising. And I think it’s unfortunate that it has arisen at this time. It seems to be very dangerous ground in which to be playing. We see many that seem to be jockeying for new positions in our lightworker community and even David Wilcock saying he might write a screen play for a movie on his friend’s assassination attempt. HIghest discernment available to be used right now, please! Ascension is the goal for Earth and for us. We are to be uplifted into the higher realms with our beloved Earth. The rest will come out in the wash. I say this as a Mother of seven children. With so much love ~ we journey on together….Here is a gift to share with you in return: Gorgeous Gaia:

    • kauilapele says:

      Mahalo for your reply. Well, I am responsible for what the Creator shares with me, through my Joy, to do. And I trust in The One above, duct tape, and WD40 to solve all of life’s challenges!

      Aloha, and Mahalo for the Video. PS Kona coffee is often roasted in roasters made in Idaho. Thus, we have a connection.

  7. oonamc says:

    peace brother, what a beautiful bird :) thanks again for making such a calm place for us to gather, it has been so reassuring over the last few months

  8. J S says:

    Dear KP
    Your Spirit Shines through your Blog, crystal clear. You are a Beautiful Being, with the Purity & Innocence of a Lovely child. Although I am aware & follow many other sites over many years, I visit yours every day !
    Your Heart “Magnet” seems to draw similar Spirits to your site. Bless you for it. Be well in body, mind & Spirit.
    Mahalo nui Loa & Much Love to you

  9. caroline says:

    Thanks for your site and gathering the info for us. And I love your dove. Also loved your little Stich and cried with you when he left you. He’s probably still with you though.

  10. The video was great! Great! Great! ***Big Mahalos***! I still can’t remember, but something deep inside knows. Dove helped me remember more of my past life. Indian girl named White Bird Dove. This is the second time Pele came to me after something from you. This time she said I am one of her children. Big tears of JOY!!! Thank you KP and when I finally wake up and recall whatever it is I can’t quite understand, I will let you know. Molto grazie and merci.

  11. Mélanie April says:

    Mahalo brother..
    Just wanna say thank you… to share all this with us..
    It definitely helped me a lot to connect to this lu-mi-nous blog… ;-)))
    So much Love… to you and all brothers & sisters that comes together here…

  12. Thank you so much for your work. Thank you for your Light.
    Lots of Love and Light .

  13. Deano says:

    Mahalo Kauia for all you do to unite us all through the great vibes on your blog. Love the peace dove, we have malay doves in Auckland. I have 6-10 that hang out for seeds/fruit. Hawai’i does have a great energy man, only ever had a week on Ohau but loved it, just “being” there was a joy. I see you mention Peru, was there 2yrs ago & currently have a strong vibe to return as I can, great energy in South America :)
    Take care everyone freedom draws close yeeah!
    Deano :))

  14. Claudia says:

    I so enjoy reading your blogs as you always share from your heart and your love light speaks volumes here. With love and gratitude. Many blessings KP <3

  15. Sharon says:

    I like your honesty and `realness’ in the comments you provide with some of the posts…… are a very special person……..and thank you for being you!

  16. Schnarr says:

    Barclays Bank was fined $453MM by US & British bank regulators for manipulating the LIBOR rate. This rate is used to set loan rates. So, that means price fixing. Big fine. The CEO was forced to resign quickly.

    About 20 top international banks determine this rate, including the top 4 US banks (JP Morgan, Bank America, JP Morgan Chase) and top UK banks (Royal Bank Scotland). So, that means anti-trust conspiracy to fix prices. Criminal liability. So, that means the investigation and scandal should spread to the US banks.

    Other European bank stock prices dropped; USA banks did not. US investors and US media don’t see the connection yet. But US regulators are involved already in the fines.

  17. miketofdal says:

    Thanks for a wonderful mixture of wisdom, grace, humor and love. Aloha and Peace.

  18. Santa Fe Roger says:

    Congratulations again on reaching a new milestone with your wonderful blog, KP.

    When I first saw your “Dove of Peace,” it brought a smile to my face, as I was reminded of another old comedy bit from about 40 years ago from either Firesign Theater or Cheech & Chong: “Hi there groovy guys, groovy gals! Peace, Love, Dove!” (done in a rapid speaking manner)

    It also reminded me of the white “Nun Pigeons” I had in my care as a kid for my “Pigeon Raising” merit badge in Boy Scouts. They were beautiful birds that had a little black tuft of feathers on the back of their head & a black tail, thus the moniker of “Nun Pigeons.” ;^) In my attempt to see if they had “homing” instincts like “Homing Pigeons,” by taking them a little way from my home & releasing them, it worked evey time until I took them 2 blocks away & they flew off & never came back. Freedom for them & a temporary sadness for me. Perhaps they maintained a little colony somewhere around northern Indiana???

    On the synchronicity front, as we pondered a few days ago, I had to laugh as I watched CNN over breakfast, when they said the average gasoline price in the U.S. is: $3.33! There was that 333 again.

    All the best.


    Santa Fe Roger

  19. anon says:

    KP: I didn’t know how else to contact you but I wanted to mention something regarding the “white ash” from the Colorado fires. When I first heard about it, I immediately thought of Lisa Harrison’s interview with Brett Stilling. I recall him talking about his strange childhood and one particular incident where he witnessed a goat being shot by some kind of ET laser gun which essentially made it disappear, leaving only white ash behind. Anyway, just thought I’d refresh your memory on that.

  20. AMA says:

    Enjoyes your post of the Matthew Message 7-4-12 very much!

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