Drake 6-20-12 Update Show, First Hour MP3… [UPDATED with Complete Show’s MP3s]

[UPDATE 120620 1954 HST: I’ve added the remaining show’s mp3s and one for the complete show]

[1:33 PM HST] I’ve been listening to the beginning of this Drake update show, and recording it. So all may receive the start of the show, and Drake’s initial message, even before the entire show is finished.

So far, he’s been discussing:

  • Reports from a few people who have called the DoD, Pentagon, lots of calls asking Qs about the arrests and the letter from Drake
  • Cobra’s information (from Lisa Harrison interview)
  • Iceland is already cleaning house (of criminals, bankers, etc.)
  • Many Asian countries are already cleaning house (of criminals, bankers, etc.)
  • First step is to cease connection to corporate entities controlling the country
  • Do not resist the military. If they come to one’s house, they’re likely the “good guys”
  • The Eric Holder and Justice Department situation.
  • Arrests, start with Eric Holder, G. W. Bush
  • “Preacher” report. Said he had heard information (from military source?) something likely occurring within 2 weeks “You’ll start seeing some crazy things happening. And we (who believe in this arrests business) are not crazy.”
  • Lady Dragon report: 1) Listened to Cobra interview. Message from him about doing mass meditation each Sunday (see this post on this blog about this).
  • 2) Mentioned her letter outlining Drake’s report of ETs helping us, etc., that was put up, then removed, by Google from their news search. BUT this letter was “picked up” and went out everywhere, White House, military, JP Morgan, and so on.
  • 3) Cobra said all things that we;re expecting to happen, will happen (Lisa Harrison interview).
  • 4) Cobra said NO “bad” ETs are left on this planet. Cobra said people need to take action (talk, flyers, etc.).
  • Drake: remember the ETs look just like us. They are everywhere. They here to help us.
  • Stopped recording at 1:20
  • In the last part (Part 5) someone asked if some of the arrests have already been going on. Drake mentioned that the ETs have indeed been taking out one or two or more, here and there, focusing on the really “nasty”, problematic ones (note: he did not name names; BUT he did say that some of those expected to be at the last Bilderberg, were not… Hmmm… “Things that make you go, ‘Hmmm’.”)


MP3s (each part, 30 min., 5 MB) (volume boosted) (and I missed a few seconds in Part 2 because of a human glitch (mine))
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Complete show (without music) (2 hr. 44 min., 28 MB)
[click this link if you wish to download the original “Complete recorded portion (without music)” (63 min., 11 MB). This is the same as the first 63 of the “Complete Show” above.]

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