News Article by LadyDragon… “Drake disclosed and confirmed that aliens are among us”

This article by LadyDragon, written today, posted the “Vital Update” news that was reported in today’s Drake show. She mentioned that normally all of her news articles are picked up and reported by Google (go to Google, type in “LadyDragon”, and click “News”), but this article was not. I tried this myself, and could not see this (today’s) article.

Be that as it may, here is the content of that article, for all to see (and pass around all over the place!).


Drake disclosed and confirmed that aliens are among us
By LadyDragon, Sunday June 17, 2012


Drake on his radio [show] today talked about removing Eric Holder from office, his letter to the military and most important disclose that ET’s Aliens are among us.

In his 3 hours show today, Drake disclosed that ET’s Aliens are among us and are helping now.

Drake is calling for the removal of the unconstitutional and repressive US goverment.

Drake sent an Open Letter to the Military yesterday and said the US Military better move and take positive action in removing the Dark Cabal or else they will become irrelevant.


Plus he went in details about the existence of good and bad aliens that are among us.

LadyDragon also spoke and confirmed that Pleiadians are here to help us now according to Cobra

InLight Radio Stephen Cook interview with Cobra

Drake talks also about retail and communication tracking therefore we have no privacy.

Click here to listen the entire show. [Kp note: or here at this blog post]

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