Tolec Interview of Tanaath of Silver Legion 5-26-12… “Draco Reptilian Cube Destroyed”… Video and MP3s

In this video, Tolec interviews Tanaath of the Silver Legion who describes operations to remove a Draco Reptilian Cube and several ships. I am posting this video in the hopes that some will see there is a much larger effort going on at this time than just what is happening on this planet. Here is what Tolec wrote in the video description. MP3s are below the video.

“Andromeda Council, Silver Legion, May 26, 2012

“Combined special ‘ops – Cube Stomp & Sweater – were organized from the beginning as stealth operations. Over 250 Silver Legion special forces soldiers, as well as a small number of Galactic Federation – NOT – Galactic Federation of Light – but 5th dimensional Galactic Federation strike team members – attacked & destroyed a massive Draco Reptilian cube ship in deep space.

“This ship functioned as an automated, artificial intelligence, negative frequency beaming, information transmitter… pointed from deep space to numerous Earth human ‘channelers’.

“It also functioned as a prison ship, torturing & draining the life force of 5,000+ captured human souls. These human souls were freed and are now aboard Andromeda Council biosphere ‘hospital ships’ undergoing extensive decontamination & energetic healing.

“The cube ship was obliterated, 70 dreadnaught ships were destroyed, 19 fled, and 1 was captured by these Silver Legion lead special forces.”


MP3s (each part, ~22 min., 4 MB) (1:58 of music removed at start of Part 1 and Complete version)
Part 1
Part 2
Complete show (43 min., 30 MB)

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