Some Quite Impressive Solar Observations… “SOHO What’s Going on Here??!!”

Found this at 2012 Scenario. These craft are quite impressive. See what your discernment says.

I will add that John Kettler and others have pointed out that the sun is actually a stargate. So we might well expect to find such craft around the sun.


[Notes on above video] Something strange and unexplained, with an exceptional form and gigantic, was spotted by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) of NASA.
The Unidentified Flying Object has no resemblance to anything that has never been spotted near the Sun. Certainly, the subject is able to withstand the intense heat projected by the eruptive activity of the chromosphere and high temperatures from nuclear fusion produced on the surface of the star.
The 12 instruments on board SOHO communicate with large radio antennas around the world that form the network Deep Space Network for NASA, which are used for data recovery. So far, no comment from NASA.

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[Notes on above video] Huge object captured next to the sun April 27th 2012 EIT304
This thing is huge. And in very close proximity to the sun.

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