Kauilapele Message…”The Eye of Light, Galactic Faces, the Star of Six, and the Dove of Peace”

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[KP note about this post: this feels like it will be part “informational” and part “channel-ational”; namely, maybe a little bit of both]

So when I went to take a walk today, it was going to be one of my “standard” walks, up Napo’opo’o, and then back down Napo’opo’o. I kind of knew it was not going to be very “standard”, when as I reached the top of our private driveway, I turned around to see, through the clouds, an “eye in the sky”. I tried to run back and grab a photo with my camera, but when I came back with it, the eye was gone.

The eye was an eye of Light, but with a beam of Light coming straight down from the center of the eye (about the same proportion in width as the iris would be). Then a smaller beam formed at each edge (corner) of the eye. It was very present, and felt very intense, as if this Light were beaming directly into the Earth.

Above and to the right of this eye, developed a face, and to me was clearly an Andromedan face. Much wider horizontally than vertically, with two horizontal Light eyes.

Walking up the road, another display occurred. Behind a cloud, six distinct rays of light emerged, in what I would describe as a fat hexagon… Wider horizontally, and narrow vertically. The image at right is an approximation of what I saw, with the yellow lines representing the light rays (which actually were white). Somewhere, I believe both inside and outside of the hexagon, several faces appeared. Different shapes, I am presuming representing different Galactic species.

After turning around, I stopped at the side of the road to watch this display, or at least what was left of it. Then a gray car passed me, slowed down, turned around and came back. The driver asked, “Are you Kauilapele?” I said I was. She, J., was one of this blog’s readers, and she lives on the same road. She saw me, and wanted to see if it really was me, I guess! Thank you, J.

Just after she drove on, I looked to the sky again. There was a dove of peace, wings spread, which appeared to be flying straight down into the Earth. The Dove of Peace, flying straight into the planet. Wow!!

As I was returning, I knew (I “got”) that this was to shared with everyone who reads this blog.


So my “read” of all this, at this time, is that we are currently in a period of intense IN-Lightenment. Meaning that the influx of light, Higher Energy, if you will, into this planet, as a Being, is now at a stage where it is VERY direct, and to the point. This affects the planet Being (Gaia), and each of the individual life units (beings, of all species) that are living here right now. It cannot be avoided, or ignored. The eye to me also represents that we are in a deep process of apocalypse, or unveiling. Everything is seen. Nothing can be hidden anymore. You can try to hide from your Self, but it won’t work. The light is too strong.

And there’s more to come, baby!

The Dove of Peace heading straight into the Earth, to me, shows that planetary peace is in our reach, and will manifest very soon. It also reflects what we’re hearing from many, Drake, David Wilcock, et al., that wars and conflicts are being prevented, weapons are not firing, military computers are malfunctioning, and so on.

This also, of course, is a reflection of what is occurring in each one of us. The Light is being brought to bear directly on what needs to be cleared, individually and collectively, and the Dove of Peace is flying straight down into our individual and collective consciousness.

This also signifies to me that “extreme” earth changes are being resolved, in a more peaceful, less “destructive” way than anyone has conceived up to now. Reflective of what SaLuSa, Matthew, and others have reported, the Peace coming into the Earth, and within each one of us, is dissolving the possibilities of any “cataclysmic” scenarios.

Whether we like it or not! And there’s more to come, baby!!

Aloha, KP

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About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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60 Responses to Kauilapele Message…”The Eye of Light, Galactic Faces, the Star of Six, and the Dove of Peace”

  1. Catherine says:

    Thank you for all you do, and all you send Kauilapele! So uplifting, thanks for the reminder!

  2. Lynn says:

    I have been reading your blog for quite a few months now. All I want to say is “Thank You”.

  3. Lynn says:

    Thank you for sharing this… and your spirit, with us. That’s a visual, and a knowing, that can serve our Light. Blessings, Lynn

    • Antonia says:

      Thank you so much for this message! You had a wonderful experience – I wish I were there, too…

  4. Awesome, man! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been to Maui 2x and Kauai once — love the islands and your presence there sharing and doing what you do. Mahalo!

  5. mary keating says:

    I really enjoy reading your accounts… makes me more aware.. thanks and love from Ai Kansha cat sanctuary in Ireland. Namaste.

  6. Sue says:

    Dear KP, Thank you for your blog – it resonates with me. I have seen some “messages” in the sky both whilst awake and in dreamtime. A couple of days ago I saw a very large eye; the same day whilst in the car with my husband we both saw a lion and lioness in the sky. I see many things in my dreams. Last night two beautiful lightships appeared to me in my dream and a few weeks ago I had several images of a dove and a cross. Currently the tension for me is unbearable. Something is coming and it’s all good…… Take care, Sue

  7. bornoutsidethebox says:

    What a wonderful post. The “clouds” are actively rearranging themselves for me a lot these days as well — often in the form of winged dragons which I sense are offering protective energies as well as assistance in “rising up” or maybe even “up-rising”.

  8. rick says:

    as always you add light to our day kp, brother i see and feel any moment this event whatever it might be a portal or cosmic event city of light could happen.I feel we just need to detach and go with it. namaste rick

  9. John says:

    Love from the Philippines my friend. Live love. Be love.

  10. Maggie says:

    KP, Wow! This post really resounds well with me. After your reference to the dove, I am pleased to see that the Mother has returned in a big way! When I get the “need for news” and go around the Lightworker circuit of web sites and end up collecting odd/depressing energies, I always come back to your site and feel more grounded. The vibrations here in NC are shaky but are stabilizing. The vibrations you are sending from Hawaii to us through your blog are MARVELOUS! Relaying my intense gratitude for the quality of information you have the courage to share here, Thank You. By the way, folks, check out KP’s great music at http://letyourjoyshine.com/ Buy some, you’ll love it! Bye Y’all and have a fabulous day!

    • kauilapele says:

      Mahalo for pointing that out. I do try to set the energy for the blog, which I why I sometimes remove comments that have a lower vibration. But that’s true for all aspects of our lives. And thanks for the mention of the music!

  11. wokbee says:

    April 27, 2012 – The White Hats Report #40

  12. Timbo says:

    THanks so much for all your inspiring insights – and your good humour! I also feel the anticipation so positively that you mentioned earlier over here on the other side of the Pacific . How blessed we all are – hang onto your hats!

  13. Wonderful post, KP! It must have been a great experience. I must share it on my blog. Peace, brother.

  14. Reblogged this on Oracles and Healers and commented:
    Kauilapele had an experience I have to share here. Enjoy.

    • kauilapele says:

      Thanks for reblogging my blog, as I have reblogged yours many times. I sense the shift is coming soon, as there’s so much reblogging going on.

  15. sara says:

    You are truly a blessing of love. Thank you for shining your light very BRIGHTLY for
    us. We await what many of us have know our whole lives is the mission. Let us now
    do what we love and bring our soul family into celebration.
    I understand there are days ahead of work and that is great it will be exciting and creative.
    Each person is special and has a destiny here and now. You are are best!!! Sara

  16. atie vande plasse says:

    Kauilapele I thank you, this post resonates very strongly, tears in my eyes, Auastar

  17. jen says:

    Once again Kauilapele so inspiring…im sure we are all gfeeling the same as you….Please could you ask about news of the Uk to your valued “posters” Just love Drake…have we got an equivalent in the UK please ? So fed up of the horrendous goveernment cuts to benefits to the needy while those “hooray henry2 boys wallow in champagne…..feel sad and sick to the heart of the unfairness in the UK at the moment…how much further can they push those who have nothign…I know from following the bloggs that the ultimate aim is to reduce the population for their gain but it is breaking my heart seeing them chipping away at those who have nothing to start with! I know all will turn around when disclosure and ascention comes but have we got any indications of the uk like you have of the usa disclosures…Those poor sould need some knowledge that better times are ahead? Speaking from North West England an area of poverty , homelessness, despair and unemplyment…Rest assurred I am poised to help when needed…!!!!!!

  18. Solar Angel says:

    Just to let you know….mission sun is completed…done in perfection, the stargates in Egypt are all open and the return is so close….you were with us all the time…

    • kauilapele says:

      Gracias for your efforts and willingness to go where you were needed. I have felt an increased “Light-ness” everywhere.

  19. Alexander says:

    Thank you, peace and love.

  20. COOLJOEBRO says:

    Hello Kauilapele!

    It is my pleasure to contact you. I’ve been enjoying your blog daily for a few months now. It’s like a cup of Joe for me in the morning. Thanks for your time and effort.

    You’ve inspired me and I hope to start my own website soon if I can get over my procrastination.

    A while back, I saw you pop into the Camelot chat room during a live stream interview. I regret not chatting with you, but at the time I had never yet chatted. I was just a watcher.

    Now, however, I can’t get enough of it.

    I am out for breakfast right now, so I’m using my phone. For now I felt an urge to make your acquaintance once I finished this article.

    Aloha :-). I have more to say about some research I did on Iceland. Its better left til I get home to my laptop. Until then, Peace my friend.

  21. Deano says:

    Kia ora to you KP from New Zealand, many thanks brother for your work & wonderful news you share with us all. I discovered your site after a week on Oahu last August, I was stoked & honoured to surf Waikiki four times, I love the energy of Hawaii. I as well sense all about to unfold, exciting times brothers & sisters. Have seen lights in sky around Orion, not aircraft, the clouds as we know look very dimensional, I saw one as an Eagle the other day. Aloha to you all :) Deano

    • kauilapele says:

      Mahalo nui for coming here. And come to the Big Island sometime. There are several good surf spots. And the energy completely different from O’ahu.

  22. COOLJOEBRO says:

    Hi again Kauilapele. I wanted to speak about Iceland. I’m sure everybody has heard the news.
    Well about a day or two after it hit the net big, I was finding conflicting reports. That just left me guessing, although on first hearing that all mortgage debt was forgiven, in Iceland, I was elated.

    On telling my boss and good friend, Bill, I realized he was quickly skeptical, and the first site he pulled up about it was a negatory. We kinda argued about a few things over a few beers.
    He caused me to look hard at my own style of research. I realized I hadn’t seen a shred of proof to verify either side of the story, and I may have been premature and irresponsible by spreading the “word”.

    So, my next thought was to contact Icelanders through a chat room and ask them first hand. I finally found one and low and behold the last chat line was asking just that question, but, the chat didn’t continue while I was waiting. I then decided to call an Icelandic citizen and hope for the best.

    I got the country code, looked up a gov’t. office # and took the first 3 digits. I didn’t want to call the office. Figured i get a recording in Icelandic. So, I randomly dialed the last 4 #s. I reached a person that I think said Hi, but didn’t speak english. Another person got on the phone that did.
    I explained to him that I was in California and basically asked about the Morgage situation. He said, “No, that’s not true.” I said, “Really? Did anything at all happen in that respect?” He said,”Yes. Some people who lost thier job were released from thier mortgage debt, and some people who made a really low wage were also. But most people still have thier mortgage, including me.” I told him I appreciated him clearing that up for me and I hope I didn’t bother him.
    He said he was happy to talk to me. I told him I wouldn’t call his # again, and while we were on the phone, did he have a question for me. After a moment he said “No. But, I went to Canada 2 years ago and it was really nice there.” I thanked him profusely again and we ended the call. I’m not trying to step on anybody’s toes. I just figured this news from one random guy in Iceland was worth getting out there.

    Thanks for your time. I have some other news that i can tell by your blogs you would be highly interested in, but, I don’t think I want to say it here now. But, if you have the time and are interested, I would be happy to correspond with you through my E-mail. I can tell you, I’m sure its you’re cup of Java. Thanks for everything you do Kauilapele and


  23. purpleskyz says:

    I like the way you roll cooljoebro! I also am searching for proof. I am now coming across much info that is contrary to the whole GFL not being what they say and for us to use discernment in the messages. I think it is really getting confusing to know who to go to. But this site is always calming to me also.
    Namaste to you all! Sorry phil if that offends.
    Aloha all and have a blessed day!

    • COOLJOEBRO says:

      Thanks alot purpleskyz. I’m knew at this but realize how much enjoyment I would get out of it.I felt really good when I got off the phone with Iceland. Theres as bunch more people just like us on the projectcamelot.tv chat room. Check it out if you haven’t yet. I might let you in on some things that until now my wife wanted kept semi secret. I appreciate you acklowdging me. Cool Joe Bro! P.S. I like the moves you make. lol

      • purpleskyz says:

        My daughter has friends from Iceland. I just asked her to have them ask their family there to email them any articles that has anything to do with this debt forgiveness. I can put them through a translator and then get them out there if there is any info. You got me thinking there cooljoebro! Mahalo
        I am a member at projectcamelot….have not spent alot of time there but now I think I will. :)

  24. Deb says:

    Today after reading your message, I felt something pulling to shift within me. It is a pulling, a calling, an opening… It is… an invitation to step up into a higher frequency, which feels that I need to break out of some of my old shape to do so. Let go of some of my comfortable, convenient, old self definitions. Just shake them off – I realize, to my surprise, it is no big deal. Move forward, onward, into the now, a bit lighter, newer, and freer. So, thank you, KP, for facilitating this shift within me by once again sharing yourself, and your wonderfully cosmic experience. You are a joy. Blessings to all!

  25. COOLJOEBRO says:

    Kaui!. our friend is getting hold of drake to confirm the 24 hr notice for mass arrests. So far no confirmation, only an article at rumourmill. We dont want to go viral without drakes confirmation. If you guys know what I’m talking about please go to rumourmill and study the article Peace All

  26. COOLJOEBRO says:

    Its been revealed that the rumour mills article is a hoax, written by who the rumour mills blogger claimed was his friend and had got the green light from Drake. It is confirmed that this is a lie through channels to Drake, and its unfortunate that someone would go thru so much effort to get something like that to go viral. This type of sh*t, I no like. If the word from Drake does come, I’ll be sure to spread the word here. If anyone hears this “rumour” from the ‘rumour” mills, please do everyone a favor and Quash it. Peace Kauilapele. Just got your new article. Gonna commence to reading it. Thanks and Aloha

  27. kauilapele says:

    This was simply a post of what I saw. The Light is the Light. And the era of “alien abductions” is over.

    And I’ve stopped this line of comments.

    • Phil says:

      Gotta love how the rest of my posts have been censored rest anyone find out the truth and really wake up. What are you afraid of…are you happy to lead people into ignornace

      • kauilapele says:

        I am responsible, and I set, the energy for this blog. I am also happy to set boundaries on what I allow through here. Anyone who wants to post their own ideas is more than welcome to set up their own blog, or join one of the many group sites out there.

  28. Shelly McMillan says:

    Very Lovely Post KP!!!! Thank You!!!

  29. Chad Burlin says:

    Hi Kauilapele! Love the updates! Without exaggeration I must look up your blog several times a day for updates. It’s almost a full-time job keeping abreast of the updates. Thank you for all your hard work……now if only you could update your site every hour on the hour you could satisfy my addiction to accession. Much thanks from Lucerne Valley!

  30. macmarts says:

    fantastic thanks! I’m having a very difficult, extremely stressful month of april, and this morning I went out for a long walk, I ended up in the park, but I broke down under my immense stress, and litterally cried out loud for
    pleading for HELP! to the Mineral Kingdom! pleading for HELP! to the Plant Kingdom! pleading for HELP! to the Animal Kingdom! pleading for HELP! to the Human Kingdom! and pleading for HELP! to the ET/Spiritual Kingdom! :o(!

    …then i went in, and read this extraordinary post. thank you very much KP.

    Later on today, while driving home I noticed a lone, weird, small white cloud in the perfect blue sky; it looked strange… upon further examination, it was shaped in the form of an eye, with the “white” of the eye being made out of cloud material, and right in the middle there was a round empty hole in this cloud. the more I looked at it, the more it looked like an Eye in the Sky.

    I continued driving home, and when I turned on my street, this Eye Cloud was literally aligned directly with my own street, right in front of me! I parked and headed inside, still looking at the Eye Cloud: I noticed there was no wind at all, it was very calm outside. I also noticed that there was another, normal cloud, alone in an another part of the pristine blue sky. I then entered to unload my groceries, and immediately headed outside again to look at the Eye Cloud:

    it was gone now.

    it only took me seconds to go in and then back out again, but it had vanished without a trace, although there was not a trace of wind. the other, normal-looking cloud was still exactly in the same place.

    this is my manifestation of the same phenomena. manysuperthanks KP!
    maybe I owe you one? :o) !! ttyl

    • chickadeemom2003 says:


      I understand you and what a wonderful experience :)) Hang in there brothers and sisters….!

      • macmarts says:

        thanks chickeemom! for me this is the latest of several physical manifestations since November (fastwalker sighting, iphone mystery data download, bird formations vanishing in plain sight). most of those occured in January for me. love&ligh!

    • kauilapele says:

      We are all being looked after. That’s also what the “eye” means to me. We are not alone. We are loved.

  31. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Most interesting! I like it a whole lot!

  32. gingerstarr says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all that you feel and all that you know with us each day. You are an amazing teacher who has truly opened up my eyes. I think I’ve looked up and out at the sky more this year than I have in my lifetime thanks to you and its been wonderful. I have had felt the new energies and I’m adjusting alright to them but much like yourself my world has been flipped upside down, changed…but your blog has helped me feel, see, visualize and understand all of this and I am truly grateful to you.
    I noticed a bright and wide beam of light emanating straight up from the sunset following my Gram’s funeral four years ago. Everyone coming out of the church gasped and I knew she was sending a message and something magnificent to ‘wake us all up’ and have us ‘look up’ on occasion and see the beauty around us. I looked for that same sunset every day then one day I came out of the grocery store and there it was…even bigger, staring me right in the face and it was huge. I can’t even describe what a bright white beam of light with golden streaks, the full width of the sun, looks like but it isn’t common and you have reminded me today of it. The day I walked out of the grocery store to see it again, was one year after my Gram’s passing but she was waking me up again and it worked well. ☼

    • macmarts says:

      my father’s best friend (and my ex boss when I was young) was a dedicated Lightworker all his life, a real Master Teacher of all things related to Vibrations & Energies; he passed away last summer at 80. at the EXACT time of his passing, a HUGE Solar Flare event occured, 2 hours long, very well documented. look out! photons on the way… low & behold: on the day of his funeral, right on cue (according to the news on TV), my good lifelong friend Maurice busted my microwave oven!! ahahah! :0)!! I can hear laughing right now! ps: he’s probably hard at work manning his station on some Lightship right now.

  33. Julia says:

    Hi KP,
    It was fun to meet you on Napo’opo’o Road yesterday, in person!
    Not sure if you saw this, which was posted on Market Watch (Wall Street Journal) – headlines from Apr. 23:

    press release
    April 23, 2012, 12:01 a.m. EDT
    Home Owners Across the Nation Sue All Bank Servicers and Their Offshore Havens; Spire Law Officially Announces Filing of Landmark Lawsuit
    Largest International Money Laundering Network in History Formed During Obama Administration; U.S. Banks’ Theft of Home Owners’ Money Laundered Through Cayman Islands, Isle of Man and Numerous Offshore-Based Affiliates

    and here’s the link to it: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/home-owners-across-the-nation-sue-all-bank-servicers-and-their-offshore-havens-spire-law-officially-announces-filing-of-landmark-lawsuit-2012-04-23

    Sure feels like we’re getting close!

  34. Chad Burlin says:

    Thanks Kauilapele! I think what I enjoy most about your posts is your sly since of humor. Your “decrapification” line about the criminal cabal gave me a big laugh. I’m glad I’m in good company. Once our food constructors and teleporters arrive on our doorsteps in 5-10 business days (If it’s good enough for UPS it’s good enough for the Galactic Federation, right?) then we can have a party in Hawaii or Lucerne Valley. Your choice of sandy soil. Thanks again!

  35. thank you, light brother K! i posted the following on my blog on the 04/24… http://theocgproject.com/2012/04/24/beyond-the-shadows-living-life-in-the-light-via-the-adameh-guides/#comment-2173 … and your receivings and sharing serves as beautiful acknowledgment to what i too received. not that i had any doubts. it’s just nice when i receive confirmation from other outside connected Source expressions. thank you indeed. Namaste, Pheonyx Roldan

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