What I am Feeling Now…

This may apply to no one else besides myself, but I’ll tell you anyway.

Right now I am feeling rather lost. Almost like drifting, just staying afloat, not really going anywhere. Like in a grand ocean, treading water, but staying on the surface, not diving under, just there… on the surface. That’s it.

This feels like a phase just before getting lifted out of the water, and going up to a craft in the air, like a helicopter. And after getting up there, what a view! So completely different than being in the water down there. And a heck of a lot more fun.

You know, I also have absolutely no desire to find a standard work situation anymore. As it is, just like the “treading water” scenario, I’ve been getting occasional music jobs, and selling a CD or two here and there. Just enough to pay most of the bills.

The reason for this “treading water time” is that I feel there is another “job” awaiting many of us, very shortly. I feel that what is coming in is more of a “transition job”, perhaps assisting with the earth changes that are occurring now, but soon to take place in a much “bigger” way.

I had a dream recently, that I was in a class, as a teacher, but the young people in the classroom were talking, carrying on. I knew they were not quite ready for the “teachings” I was offering, so I walked out, knowing that before very long, they would be ready to hear what I had to share with them.

What is soon to take place, well, it will be a shock to very many here on this planet. A very “severe” wake-up call. Not everyone will awaken. But many will.

There will be other “jobs” beyond these “interim jobs”. Some types of galactic endeavors. Many of us have been carrying out these kinds of endeavors for awhile now. It will soon be much more necessary to move according to Guidance from Higher Self. “Move” may not mean anything physical, but certainly a move from within, to follow passions, desires of the Heart, capital H. And go, perhaps including physically, where Heart, capital H, requests.

Gaia is moving. That’s for sure. Right now, after the 8.6 in Indonesia, a bunch of other ones have come out. The USGS earthequake site around the Pacific looks like a Christmas tree. And just saw that the seismometers all around the world look almost all black, from the lines of vibrations going on now. (Thanks, Kerry, for posting the link.)

Gaia is ringing! Ringing, perhaps, with the excitement of a next grand adventure step. I am going to “ring” along with her!

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About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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118 Responses to What I am Feeling Now…

  1. lilium789 says:

    To many tangs and blessings !!!

  2. Cobie says:

    It resonates with me, although the feeling is different for me.
    To me it is like something wants to burst out of my heartspace but isn’t quite allowed to do so yet.
    We all have our own unique way of translating it…..
    Love Always

  3. Exo Human says:

    You’re not alone, mate. And for every one who takes the time to tell you this, there are 100s who are quietly feeling the same…

  4. Renee says:

    Yes, everything you say is very much what I am feeling ! Thank you for articulating it ! I feel less alone ! I am very much right now, wanting to know more about my Galactic origins. As my familial cords of attachment and other 3D cords fall away, I feel the need to understand more about my start seed identity. I have been told by my Guidance that I am a Pleiadian Emissary and I do hope this next phase gets underway soon ! Thank you for your helpful, and uplifting work !

  5. Marlena says:

    Dear brother I feel very much like that too. I am almost 76 yrs and I have known for over 30 yrs
    what is now happening. You see I knew Elizabeth Klarer personally and learnt about extra terrestrial beings with her. Please check her website. She died in 1994 but her son David keeps
    her website open. I believed everything she told me about ET’s. They are, not only our friends, but also our family members. I have been telling all along that at the precise propitious time they
    would rescue many of us from the impending great holocaust soon to occur.
    Elizabeth wrote a book titled: “Beyond the Light Barrier” which is an account of her liaison with
    an ET called Akon from planet Meton in our neighbour Alpha Centauri galaxy. They conceived
    a baby boy named Ayling, and I am very much looking forward to meeting them and see my
    friend Elizabeth again. She told me she would incarnate in Meton after her death. There are,
    thank heaven, many people who believe in extra terrestrials existing, others are hesitant but
    open to the possibility and some completely unaware and these are the ones who will be very
    frightened. The ET’s are going to need us to work with them to placate the fears of the
    ignorant dear ones. I have already offered myself mentally and on internet. They are
    checking the internet all the time and know whoever is aware of them or not. Soon, very soon
    we shall be freed from all the Iluminatti oppression and conspiracy!!! AMEN!!!

    • Solaria says:

      Marlena, How coincidental! I’m reading Elizabeth’s book now. I’ve just read about her first meeting with Aton and going with him in the spaceship. Quite sultry!

      • Marlena says:

        Hi Solaria & Gingerstarr, thank u 4 yr kindness. I am from South Africa so was Elizabeth.
        Its nice 2b able 2 express what I believe in without prejudice. Not that I care anymore at
        my age but we always enjoy feeling “at home” with people so 2 speak. These times we r
        living in are extremely exciting and paradoxically highly dangerous as well, specially 4
        those not spiritually aware. I am sure u have seen on Utube about all these huge mother
        ships and Ufo’s as well as enormous fleets of flying saucers that have arrived and r
        awaiting in the stratosphere 4 the right time to come to earth and introduce themselves.
        Such I have been telling some people including yahoogroups.com, that soon our skies
        shall be darkened by the presence of thousands of ufo’s who are going to rescue as
        many humans as they can, saving us from the imminent holocaust. Because u believe
        in them u shall be saved 4 sure. Now dying in my understanding is merely going from one room into another. We are pure energy which never perishes but simply changes form.

    • Magda says:

      Marlena I live in South Africa and was facinated with Elizabeth’s life story. I would LOVE to communicate with you.

      • Marlena says:

        Hi Magda, what a delight. I live now in Cape Town. I came from Johannesburg down to
        the most dangerous area, the south coastal side, can you believe it??? Where are you
        situated? My mobile is: 076-101528; my land line: 021-4371493. Please contact me
        at any time. Only when I am sleeping I hear nothing even shots or banging the door down. All my life I have slept like a log. I hope you are in CT dear one. I look forward to
        meeting you.

    • gingerstarr says:

      Marlena, thank you for offering your insight and knowledge. I thoroughly absorb anything KP has to post with great curiosity and its been so very helpful in confirming to me what I am feeling or suspecting about the world. Thank you for your post as well. I’ve not heard of Elizabeth’s book but will take a look. ☼

    • worthyart says:

      God Bless you Marlena! You have been at this ‘game’ for quite a while. Solaria: I too have just recently found the story of Elizabeth and found it fascinating.

      As for the public at large, when all of this information is released, well, those of us who have been doing our own personal work, and are aware, will have our work cut out for us! Personally, I am looking forward to it. I am looking forward to finally having heaven on earth – I have known since I was a child that life was not meant to be so difficult here. I am looking forward to the change and to my role in assisting those who are first hearing about what has been transpiring to keep us enslaved all these years, as well as meeting my Star Family! Thanks Marlena for your words.

      K, a note of thanks to you too for all you do. By posting your feelings and impressions it helps so many of us to see that we are not alone. Blessings!

      • Marlena says:

        God Bless you too Worthyart. I believe I was very lucky to have met Elizabeth Klarer in
        1976. She was an adorable lady much older than me at the time. Obviously I also was
        lucky being born with a strong belief system. I used to daydream for hours about other
        places and people while looking into the sky above and since I was 7 yrs I believed I
        didn’t have to really die or be sick as in my ignorance I trusted a God to be kind and
        generous to me. Now at almost 76 I know that who I believed in was Myself. Via
        Quantum Physics I learnt mind blowing truths that many people are yet not aware of.
        Everything we are is the result of how we think and feel. If we feel and think sad we
        shall be given events to keep us sad and vice versa if we feel joy and think happy we
        shall be attracting events to keep us in that vibration. The Universal Energy Field is the
        fabric of Creation and the Creator Itself. That energy is us all, everything to the smallest
        bit of dust. Pure energy is eternal never dies only changes form as I already wrote.
        We have nothing to fear us all with an open mind. Enjoy the transformations taking
        place. I have waited 30 yrs and have only a few months more to see what I have
        believed all that time. Peace be with you. Namaste.

  6. Hihi says:

    there is a lot of strange things happening right now. the earth and society itself seem to be in a jumble and it seems to be making a negative vibe. Stay strong KP, as I like to say “take it back to formula” and focus on repairing your own vibe!

  7. joshuablue says:

    I will chime in along with Exo Human. I agree, KP. I have given up traditional work as of lately, doing whatever I felt would be enriching to my soul, however seemingly mundane (i.e. auto work, carpentry, web design, mowing lawns, doctoral statistical work, etc.). I used to have a corporate Sales & Marketing job. In retrospect, I do much of this recent work practically for free to benefit those around me and from a position of learning, service and kind of waiting for something (but don’t know what – not another fancy titled job mind you. :) ). Peace.

  8. Solaria says:

    KP, I’m in a disorienting state of jobless limbo right now, too. Though fully planning to return to the workforce after my layoff over a year ago, as the intensity of the 2012 energies increase and my understanding and vision of our grand future continues to focus, it is becoming steadily apparent that a return to traditional work is not my path. I look forward to doing the REAL work that will return our Earth and her people to their true, beautiful, and fully conscious essence. Thank you for letting me know my feelings are shared.

  9. Emil R says:

    I´m feeling lost! I have been following your blog for some months now. They are all talking about imminent action. It´s all gonna happen soon, soon, very soon… Massive arrests, disclosure… I wanna believe it is true… months pas, still very soon… but I see not a single word in M.S.M.
    What is going on? are we delusional?
    Please let the messages fro SaLuSa be true!!!
    KP, thank you so much for your great work!!!

  10. Samantha says:

    Thank you thank you thank you

  11. Ruth says:

    “Not everyone will awaken”? I WANT to awaken… what if I don’t?

    • Julie says:

      Ruth~ All who choose to awaken WILL…you have nothing to fear {{{hugs}}}

  12. oonamc says:

    Thank you, its good to know we are together though its uncomfortable

  13. Claudia says:

    I feel the same way KP! At loose ends.

    I had a dream a little over a year ago from which I awoke saying, “I am working with the Federation doing healing on a global basis.” Now I know that the “Federation” is the Galactic Federation of Light. And I sense in my Heart (with the big “H!”) that I WILL be working with the Federation soon, doing something I have always wanted to do: healing!

    I recently got the inner prompting to retire (I’m 63). I’m working a part-time job I have had for almost ten years. Well, we just hired my replacement two days ago and I will be training her for the next two weeks then I’m free. I hope that, soon after, I will be able to start what Solaria so aptly called “the REAL work that will return our Earth and her people to their true, beautiful, and fully conscious essence!”

  14. tristan says:

    I think that there are quiet a few of us who have, at least in some ways, steped out of mainstream society and are waiting to play our role more fully in this new age that is on the horizon. All of us are waiting eagerly for the first tangible signs. We are almost there. Hang tight. Thanks for the great blog.

  15. purpleskyz says:

    Disconnected and unsure of what is next is what I am feeling KP. I am also worried about my children and grandsons getting through all that is coming.Thank you for your words.

    And to Marlena….. I wish I had known you and this, what is happening, for 30 years. You are so blessed. You have had time to prepare. So many of our guides in this feel off right now. I think we are all waiting for the shoe to drop. Thank you so much for your words also!

    Love to all!

    • Marlena says:

      Dear One, don’t b frightened! We are moving in to the 4th dimension soon, soon.
      Rejoice and b happy. Your family shall be saved along with you. They are part of you
      and u r the catalyst and via you they will change radically. I shall pray for you my darling.

      • purpleskyz says:

        Thank you for your kindness Marlena. I am so happy to share here with all of you. I know in my heart you are correct. I have been helping them along to awake. I am happy to be alive for this as I have felt since I was a child that things were not as they seemed. Thanks also for words of encouragement. You are awesome!!!!!
        Much LOVE to you!

      • Pam Baggatti says:

        Marlena, I admire you so much. Thanks for all you posted. I am going to check out the website you mentioned…it is a new one to me.

        I want to wear the T-Shirt that sez: “I Made It Through the Merge”.

        I also have felt the mainstream joblessness vibe…I had to get out years ago or suffer huge mental consequences…I’ve felt humongous changes in my being especially recently and this year.

        Beam Me Up Baby

    • Marlena says:

      To Pam Baggatti, I cannot see your reply link so I am using “purpleskyz”. I am honoured
      by your feelings towards me, but I only became slowly a nice person in my 60’s. Before I was proud arrogant, selfish,snobbish and obnoxious. Thank heaven I realized that and
      started to reverse those bad habits into good habits.
      To purple: I love you too and all in this blog. Blessed be. Namaste

  16. Dianne Kennedy says:

    Hi KP, I too had a dream that I was teaching and trying to get the attention of thousands of people looking straight ahead. I was doing Monty Python routines, talking and singing in many languages in and around them, up and down the aisles, but to no avail. However I was laughing , so hard at my MP routines in the dream time unfortunately couldn’t pull them into this dimension when I awoke. I feel something is close now, so I won’t give up trying to awaken my brothers from the dream. It aint over till its over. Blessings to you, Dianne from Maine, holding the wings of the Dove so not too much rock and roll on the coast.

  17. Lauren says:

    Thanks KP. I too feel I’m in some holding pattern waiting for my next phase. I have a deep knowing that I will be called to use the time that I freed up six months ago. Not at all sure what that may be but my heart is open to the light. I still work two days in a role that fills me with joy.

  18. clithridiate says:

    As for the soon, soon, just around the corner….we are nealry there scenario: I am in agreeance with James Gilliland on this. Talk of new financial systems & mass arrests has been going on for 30 years now & as much as i wish it to happen i will belive it when i can see some beady eyes staring back at me from behind the prison bars.
    I will also start to give the talk of an impending victory to the light some serious credence when i can look up into my sky & NOT see it dripping with those obscene Chemtrails

  19. Phileas says:

    I feel just… exactly the same right now!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this feeling!

  20. Lee Ellis says:

    Thank You brother! For I do feel a kinship with you… I appreciate the opportunity to leave a comment and THANK YOU for your marvelous blog, for your humanity and soaring spirit. Truly, I feel you are the brother in Hawaii that I have not yet met :)

    I too am a musician ~ a humble singer/songwriter from the angelic realm… And I relate totally to “waiting” for the next step, not relishing the thought of any more mundane jobs and finally being allowed to “fly” again… the teaching, and uplifting of humanity, and concretely supporting charities for the children and animals… It will come… it IS coming :)

    Many blessings to you dear KP. And Thanks again…

    Keep the Faith! :)

    Love & Light,

  21. Dawnb says:

    I left a banking job after 10 years there, as I felt I was just pushing people into debt slavery.I was told-‘get them as soon as they are 18’.It became impossible to do.It was always about the profit , not the needs of the person-didn’t really figure it out until I awakend in 2009.Then I just did shop jobs until I was made redundant..Something is coming..we are all prepared, just waiting.My Mother would tell me that patience was a virtue, I never did have much of it.Still- we have no option other than to wait.Lovely blog KP, you lay it all out for us..so glad I found you.

    • Andrea says:

      I too left the banking world on the first business day of the year a couple years ago for the same reasons.

      And KP, Im with you on the lack of desire to pursue a major career right now. Ive been biding my time, went through all my savings and just doing odd jobs here and there to make ends meet.

  22. 2012, a year for optimism, regardless of what actually happens

  23. Wow, talk about mirroring my feelings exactly too. I have been suffering in my traditional “work” as a result. It sorta feels like taking those last tests before graduating highschool – you’re already old enough to be “over it” but you still have to take that final test.

  24. Karen says:

    I feel the same way , KP… so much so I decided to put the house up for sale 2 weeks ago. Needless to say, all I have been doing is house cleaning. Divine order… dont know where I would go if I did sell it. Business has also dropped off the face of the earth the last 2 weeks. And… BOA just took away my credit line that took me 40 years to build up … all little things to allow me to ‘let go of my attachments’ .
    The excitement of what is to come is overwhelming…. but yet…. we have waited so long… is it really coming??? What a chance to clean up… clear out…. and just trust that all will be ok. Hard to do when you feel totally alone.

    • gingerstarr says:

      Hang in there Karen. You are taking necessary steps to deal with the circumstances you’ve been faced with just as I and many others have had to do but what I discovered after leaving my job several years ago and selling my larger home for a much smaller more affordable home is that I now have a passion to do what I’ve always wanted to do and my creativity is flowing again. So please consider what you love to do, what is effortless for you and perhaps what you feel the urge to do. In my case my ideas stemmed from how to help people to help themselves…..No idea is too big if its what you enjoy as staying true to ‘who you truly are’ is what you are to be doing at this time. This blog post truly resonated with me as well….I am in between as I have everything in place and I’m ready to go but I’m waiting on others who also have a part to play in my work. I have been told ‘soon, it will be your turn.’ So I am ready. Karen, I wish you all the best. Things tend to fall into place when you are living harmoniously and doing what you naturally do best.

  25. keoki says:

    dear kauilapele, today i had dream, sky was full of various not-from-earth crafts and in usa those mass arrest were happening at that moment, i remember that i was extremely calm with very sharp thinking and explaining to my family what is happening right now. That dream was very very vivid, i then woke up and i had very strange feeling that one celestial being is invisible watching me, it was maybe only a feeling. It is strange, i feel today all time from morning that something is different,something that i cant say with words,and those things from my dream may be real very soon.

  26. Kizz says:

    I believe that events have started. Did Tolec not say that a cosmic event such as a earth quake will initiate the events of this time? I think most of us are all feeling the same way..as we anticipate the greaestt changes to our times to unfold. I aso think that our galactic family are well aware of our inpatience.The only thing that is required, in my opinion is the moral support that we are not alone feeling this way, but that we are together. I love you all.

  27. susan says:

    Aloha kauilapele. The tanka I wrote April 10:

    *or perhaps Philosopher Queen?*

    what I’ve been feeling:
    the world in me upside down
    just who am I now?
    am I a mediator?
    writer? artist? poet? what?

  28. I can completly relate to what you wrote Kaulipele. I too feel like “why bother with finding another job.” It seems so pointless now…tired of all the “fakeness” of this illusionary 3D world and am want to Get Down To The Real Business stuff…the real reason why so many of us are here at this time.
    Gaia is shifting & I do feel that Huge changes are about to happen that will shock so many people who are asleep.
    Thank you for your honesty and feelings at this time Kaulipele.

  29. Jen says:

    YEAY !! AWAKEN mentioned again…..The universe was right and you were right Kauilapele to tell me to ask them for tattoo inspiration YEAY !!! couldnt have been more right eh? and it came to me from “nowhere” but actually from the greatest “somewhere” !!!

  30. mike0v says:

    For everyone who has been awakened for many years, my hat is off to you and I bow in deep respect. How have all of you survived for so long? One year has been bad enough for me.

    I, too, have seen myself as a teacher in my meditations. Once, giving a speech of some type and in another, speaking to a group of people in a grassy meadow.

    The feeling I’m having is like the moment right before a person jumps out of an airplane with a parachute strapped on. A little dizzy, a coldness running down my arms into my fingers and a sensation of complete emptiness.

    And as much as I don’t want to admit it, I’ve grown impatient. I know that I shouldn’t be, but I am. I’ve been on the receiving end of some family anger over this whole mess and I’m ready to make it right.

    It will be a pleasure to meet everyone when we make it to the other side.

    Be at peace.


    • Marlena says:

      Dear Mikeov, I was blessed to have met my beloved friend Elizabeth, a most loving, humble lady in spite of her fame. I believed her instantly and never stopped. I have
      witnessed corruption grow since the late 70’s and only my faith in the change, I knew
      it would take place, kept me going. When one takes the path of Truth one has to be
      cleansed, and processes of cleansing are very unpleasant for the human body
      and mind, but without it, we remain at cross roads and don’t evolve. I myself have had
      a very bad time mentally, physically and financially, but I survived. Sometimes I even
      wanted to die and was considering driving my car over a cliff!
      Be patient and rejoice with the thought that the change is very imminent because it is.
      Blessed be. Namaste

      • mike0v says:


        If I was in charge of giving out rewards after all this is over, you would receive the
        biggest, most magnificent medal to hang around your neck.

        I am stupified that a human being could live so long in “knowing” about our world. I completely understand that you would consider driving over a cliff. There is no way I could survive so long after being awakened. The agony and heartache would crush me.

        To all of you “old timers” who have lived in awakening for many years, the guest of honor table at the front of the Ascension celebration should be reserved for you.

        For your patience, fortitude and love, to all the “old timers”, my heart lives in gratitude.


    • Renan says:

      You have PINPOINTED my exact emotions right now! Dizzy, feeling empty, coldness. I have also been having the chills today.

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  32. Chris Crowe says:

    I have felt lost myself but to pay the bills had to take on jobs that weren’t to be temporary but certainly became temporary. It was like something was pushing me out. I felt I didn’t belong anywhere and the bills kept piling up. I started work at a restaurant, then a hardware store where I am training to do everything from cutting glass to regular customer service. Did that for three days until I got an ear infection in both ears. The slightest noise makes me cringe right now.
    So now I am off from work today and that means less money in the check. IF there is such a things as Divine Interviention, and a prosperity package, what exactly should I be doing. I have to make ends meet while I am here but it seems when I do, things do not feel exactly right. Like I do not fit in the puzzle of life. But I have to force myself into the puzzle because I have costs here, bills.

    Now I have to decide, OK do I take a job in an automotive assembly plant, a temp agency job, and leave what I am doing at the hardware store, a place I like, but right now may only offer 20 hours a week. The hardware store is more solid, and I like it better than a auto plant. All this and I have to learn to be a positive being!

  33. carmilla5 says:

    Hi KP, so love your blog totally resonate with kindred spirit. I left 9-5 a year & half ago, the whole matrix world just left me feeling empty & sad on the work level. Like many have echoed here have always felt I’m here for a reason maybe that’s why I’m a home nurturer now looking after me, my darling & kitty & living life on my terms. I long to fill the shoes I knew I would & connect more with soul family. I go up & down but having an amazing partner, fab friends who understand my ‘weird’ ways, wonderful health et al I have much to be grateful for. Am impatient though for the shift to have a greater impact ‘out there’. Tired of groundhog day with the physical world. Looking forward to the difference. See you there xxx

  34. Ryan says:

    Me 2! Have been feeling like giving up my regular gig for a long time in favor of some “job” (not just over broke) that will help in us with ascension. And I have good work helping others as a hypnoanalyst and neurotherapist, yet it seems more meaningful work is on the way. We shall see :)


  35. Hi – i feel exacly like you between everything for a while now – for a long time now i knew i didnt want a job on earth – i was waiting for something – l ike you – but the only thing is my feeling come now for about around 5 years. I did spiritual courses alot of them – i am also a spiriual artist and couldnt really paint anymore – did Reiki 1,2,3 then i stopped – i couldnt go on with anything – i couldnt even work on clients cause i felt there is something missing – luckily i have a husband that is/was working – so for 5 years i was basically floating around waiting – for people of earth doesnt understand this floating syndrome waiting for something and this person (me) that didnt look like i have any direction – well i am glad i am not the only one feeling like i am waiting and waiting – feeling like i am also floating somewhere waiting to be picked up….<3

  36. Kwai Chang says:

    …wisdom is not a flower to be plucked…
    but rather, a mountain to be climbed…
    (to the top, Kauilapele)

  37. Josh says:

    I’m so glad you posted your feelings on this….I’ve been experiencing the very, very same thing over the past few months. Feeling like AMAZING things are so very close, but for now it’s a holding pattern. Up until 2011, my biggest fear was always losing my job. Then it happened, and now I look back on it as a true blessing…a necessary experience to aid me in stepping out of the matrix. I’d like to not need another “3D” job, but it will depend on how swiftly these changes unfold. I’m ready for galactic duty!
    Thanks again, not just for this post, but for all of them.

  38. sara says:

    You are such a sweet soul. I look forward to your inspirational posts. Truly we are treading.
    I am done with my old way of doing life and just trusting the Divine until the new appears
    more fully. Great post, beautiful heart brother. Blessings Sara

  39. Dottye says:

    thank you KP for your message, It resonated deeply with me, seems many are feeling that, I enjoyed reading the comments of others, but I have to wonder why it is that so many feel they need to be teaching others> we are all going to be in awareness of what is happening, and others will know inwardly whether they desire this or not, If not, then yes , we are there to assist in helping them to understand, but I don’t think we go a looking for them, Many messages have indicated this, that we realize they all have their path, and we are not to push or interfere with that path or contract, I for one, desire to assist in any way I can, but I do feel too, that once we have our galactic assistant with us, we will have the help we need to know what all the options are for us, and that,I am looking forward to.
    IT does seem like so many years for some, thank you for holding true and staying grounded for all of us, It has been going on 9 years for me, I have loved my educational journey, and sought it for long time before, seems timing is a big thing there……..
    I thank all of you for your comments, very uplifting, Now lets call it forth in grandeur

    • gingerstarr says:

      Hello Dottye :) I feel that my role will involve ‘calming’ people as some of the changes which take place may be startling. Disclosure by our extended family within other universes will surely be startling as well as the cleanse of mother earth and the cleanse of the corrupt financial system. Unfortunately since mainstream media is also corrupt and only reporting to us a limited amount of the truth concerning ETs, suppressed technology and the realities of the health care industry, it is up to those who are awakened and calm to calm them as these events take place to alleviate Fear….which leads to a lower vibration. I would like to see people become as excited about these changes as I am, which leads to a higher vibration. So that is what I feel the role of the awakened will be. ☼

  40. gingerstarr says:

    KP, thank you for deciding to share this post. I think its been more valuable to all of us than you know. I too am in between jobs but I know what my life’s work is and will be but I struggle between focusing on that and earning a dollar to pay for my cost of living. So I feel like I’m in limbo ‘waiting’…..waiting for the next step or rather someone that I am envisioning who will move me forward with my work. I know who it is and which company so I’ve been busy sending him a protection prayer each day, along with others that I send it to. I pray he will make the best decision for mankind and which will also be hugely beneficial for his worldwide company. So what other decision is there? So I’ve been practicing the power of the mind and preparing for the time I am called upon. Again….thank you for your post. Blessings to you. ☼

  41. Ukdena says:

    Kauilaplele, I cannot express how much I thoroughly enjoy your personal comments and all the other info you post daily. The first thing I generally read in the morning is a daily meditation and then your “newsletter” e-mail that arrives daily (sometimes more than once). The channelings are not my cup of tea but you, and your perspectives are!! Thank you so much for being a lifeline for me.

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  43. Josh says:

    Thank you SO much for posting this…it mirrors my recent experiences almost exactly. The same adrift feeling, of being SO close to go-time, of not wanting to hold down a 3D job any longer…
    And I’ve been having consistent lucid dreams for a couple months now, involving academies/higher learning. Nearly every night! I’m usually with a small group of people I don’t know, but it’s always fun, positive, and high-energy. The other consistent theme I keep getting is one of moving, of being nearly ready to ship out on an amazing journey.

  44. Munapua says:

    Mahalo!!! :)

  45. chickadeemom2003 says:

    I’m so resonating the same way….and so many others KP….thanks for putting this into words….

    :)))) love and light and blessings!!

  46. Darsi says:

    I am feeling the same way. The other night, my dream, I was with a few other people, all different ages, we got tired at the same time, fell asleep, then woke up in our higher dimension world. I was flying around this beautiful world, was told we got to name all the new things we find in our new dimension. I wondered how everyone would know the name, then remembered we were all connected and would just know the different names that everyone chose.

  47. LP says:

    It’s so difficult to not be impatient, but in the times when I can disconnect myself from the computer and the day to day nonsense (paying bills, etc), I’m finding that it almost feels like I’m slipping along in a fast river, running into new information “coincidentally”, and learning a lot about myself and my place in things. Blessings to all, especially those who feel stuck right now–don’t worry, things will begin to “move” for you again. :-)

    • Monika says:

      I’ve been feeling the same way…I keep thinking “am i doing enough?” I am talking to people about the shift, I guess planting seeds here and there. Maybe thats all some of us are supposed to be doing until more starts happening. You are doing alot KP by having this blog and sharing your feelings and your “knowing”. That is exactly what we should be doing right now. “Jobs” are so over-rated. My friends and I were talking yesterday..she has met the love of her life and he wants to move to Hawaii with her and her kids and start a little farm so they can be totally self-sufficient but shes worried about how to support her kids. I suggested she follow her heart..her inner GPS and everything will work out the way it was meant to be. So she said that GPS stands for “Greater Pulminary System”. So I suggest to all that we start using our Inner GPS to guide us through this period of our journey. Love and light to all!

  48. Lionya says:

    Dear Kauwila / Dear Kau’ila

    I’ve been following your blog for around half a year since I’ve found your outlined and detailed repostings of Ben Fulford’s messages. All this time I really enjoyed your modus and how you’d manage to transmit not only his but every bit of info with utmost caution (Kaution, maybe? :) and discernment.
    Not ever once I felt a distinct urge to strictly voice some opinion or to comment any post (as naturally I’m not a very talkative person), but this time — is really it. The thing is I’m probably not quite a “typical” lightworker to be found on the Net — as I am only 25 years old and for whole my life I’ve been living in Russia, in Moscow’s suburbs.
    You may probably now that the Russians, given the unease history of the country for past century and especially the last 22 years, are very distrustful and often aggressive people. Add the harsh weather conditions (it is below 0° C or 32° F for 5-6 months a year) and you may imagine how difficult it is not only to stay honest and open but to keep surviving at all. Actually, that is why I somehow envy you (in a good sense, of course) and your warm and wonderful Hawaii life :)

    Nevertheless, what I’m here for is to say that you aren’t not alone at all in this feeling of yours.
    I have too stepped out of my duly job few months ago and even lost every interest in present social life.
    Right now I don’t have ANY sources of income at all, but it don’t bothers me really. Of course, it bothers my relatives and – lol – government through bills and taxation, but I’ve made my decision for this time.
    You, probably, like me, don’t have A LOT of awakened and aware persons nearby but it is not the point. The point is WE ARE all already connected and you latest feeling only prove that to me as I’m too experiencing it. Also, I really liked how you’ve described that feeling — it is really like staying on the surface, staying in-between. Just going down further with the flow.

    And yeah, more oftenly than not these year I’m feeling kinda lost too. When it gets too tough, I go to prostopleer.com site, type over “biosphere kobresia” in a string, hit enter, play and then listen to this wonderful ambient waves dressed in a speech of a Soviet telepath Karl Nikolaiev (which also undoubtebly proves that we’re all connected). I know, you’re a very good listener, so maybe you should try sometime too ;)

    Cheers, Love and Light from Mother Russia
    Sincerely yours, Lionya

    • mike0v says:

      It is wonderful to hear that other people around the world are feeling the same way.
      Good luck in helping your fellow Russians.
      Be at peace,

  49. Maria says:

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts. My experience is like being in the last part of labor where I am almost at 10cm and ready to push. Women who have experienced unmedicated childbirth know this is the point where you become very weary and almost feel like you can’t go on, but very soon to come is the phase where you can start pushing. At this late stage in labor, you become hyper-focused and internalized in order to handle the pain. This is how I feel in my life, so internalized and weary, it is difficult to continue with “normal” life. I am so thankful for my connection to divinity, without which I would be wondering what this crazy 3D world is good for.

    • mike0v says:

      Your last two sentences are some of the best stuff I’ve read about our journey.
      Thanks so much,

      • Maria says:

        Thank you, MV. It’s so comforting to be here among friends I don’t even know. Love to you!

  50. Razel Levine says:

    Can you feel the ‘calm’ of our ascension as it is settling among us even while we continue to wait and watch for 3D proof that the dark ones and their dark times have truly been corralled and contained? When I’m experiencing this light, calm, higher-frequency state, 3D activities can certainly be challenging to focus on. My being is somewhere else….a more gentle place. Intuitively I know that soon that gentleness will enfold us all in its warm, loving embrace. We are melding into our new home. For those who find this new gentleness is incompatible at first, they will learn that the doorway is always open when they’re ready to enter. But those of us now experiencing this wonderful ‘retreat’, as it comes gently in ever increasing waves, we are so grateful for the respite, and the time we spend ‘there’. That wonderful wave of ascension is light, loving… it’s a readying time. Personally, I love when it happens, and take the opportunity when it comes to share my experience with others so that they will understand what it is, when it begins for them too.

  51. Kira says:

    I am so grateful to you for posting this! I too, have been feeling the same way, adrift, and it is validating to hear everything that you have described! It is hard for me to keep focused on anything right now, same as in the past few days…regarding the 6.9 in Baja, California, the 5.9 in Oregon and the 7.0 in Mexico; they seem to line up on the same fault. Thanks for all you do!

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  54. Paula says:

    Namaste. Everyone is ‘waiting’ in a sense, to see how events are going to pan out over the coming months. For a very long time I knew that my old life was over and a new one would begin, but it’s the beginning which is sometimes the trickiest part, not the ending of the old, because everything has to come together in such a way that we can become part of the (future) bigger picture in a way that befits both ourselves and the picture itself. I believe the roles we will play will arise organically, according to the situations we find ourselves in as much as what lies in our hearts to direct us. It has to be an organic evolution, so if we keep on chilling out and aren’t unduly concerned about the future or about our personal ‘impact’, or whether we are ‘doing enough’, it’s just fine..! Trust in the process. Just ‘being’ really is sometimes enough.

  55. sandi says:

    How funny!
    Been sitting here with the Grandkids and feeling kind of ‘lost’ this morning?
    Then to come here and find you in the same boat, how ‘wonderful’?
    Just a feeling of now what? where? how? Already know the why!

  56. Reblogged this on One Collective Peace and commented:
    it’s nice to share this common feeling! thanks for this!

  57. Doug Whorton says:

    I relayed a startling similar message to my father yesterday over the phone. Today I awoke to your message KP… synchro heard.

    • Doug Whorton says:

      I relayed a startlingly similar message to my father yesterday over the phone. Today I awoke to your message KP… synchro heard.

  58. Yana says:

    I completely agree with this. Although I have a full time job, I am sleep walking through it with my thoughts constantly on non-3D concepts. I also feel very strongly that my real job is not this and although it started somewhat already (with me constantly trying to wake people up), it will be in full swing in the near future. My first thought every morning is for changes to be sped up because existing in a 3rd reality matrix is beyond intolerable.

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  60. Nancy says:

    I too feel in a ‘hold’ time. Like waiting for something big to happen. My sleep patterns are different, and just feel I am waiting for something.

  61. I understand, KP. There’s no reason you should have to worry about the bills with all the contacts you have. There is a way out. Blessings!


  62. Rhadiante says:

    Dear KP,
    I have been following your blog for several months now and today’s post resonated so deeply with me that i was excited to see the comments were open. I just want to share that I feel the same way. It is an inner knowing that i will play my part in teaching the new paradigm. Yes, i am doing the work i have been doing for the last 20 something years in the world but it is different. My values are different and I have seen myself let go of all my old attachments as my values change. I feel like i just getting by now and waiting…..waiting so patiently for what David Wilcock, Drake and Benjamin have been talking about….. I just pray it is soon, but know there is divine timnig in everything. Your analogy of treading water is a good one, and I too look forward for that helicoptor to lift me above the seas to a new perspective. I feel it coming soon……

    Also, my sincere thank you for creating this site! I also feel so at home here!

  63. Andrakon says:

    This morning I started feeling a lot differently for a wile. For a moment I felt slightly dizzy, and then very calm, more focused, and I had a great tingly feeling. I spent about 45 minutes just looking out my window at the clouds and trees, and sometimes the condensation on my window. I felt like it was easier to pay attention to what I was seeing, and looked at everything more intensely than usual. Almost like I had come out of a haze and could see the world better.

    Throughout the day I keep getting a nice tingly feeling, sometimes in a bodypart or in my entire body at once. It feels a lot like getting a good tender hug from a loved one, or when you hear a really great song and feel tingly, or maybe like a full body buzz. I feel very good today.

  64. Amazing post today, KP. I have followed your blog for quite some time and always find it enlightening. It’s the same with me what you and everyone has said here. It feels like a holding pattern. The storm before the calm, if you will. So many weird things happening and yet we so many of us are sending out love and light that I believe we helped to mitigate the damage from the earthquakes. I also think we had some galactic help but hey, I’m willing to cooperate with them, too :-) Thanks for all you do and for sharing your light with all of us. Namaste’

  65. susan says:

    Tanka from today:
    *how to answer the question “where do I go from here?”*

    sit with potentials
    they are real living beings
    balls of spinning light
    feel attracted: feel the love
    which one holds the highest good?

  66. observer says:

    KP, you feel lost because you bought into disinfo from so many new age fronts.
    The harsh reality is that we are approaching very difficult times that will force us to grow up.
    Pressure is a natural force that creates perfect diamonds. Therefore at the end of our difficult approaching process we can expect positive results or as they say a light at the end of the tunnel. Internal strength is going to be necessary to survive the process. Pretty soon we will meet the enemy face to face and will have to battle it out from within and without.

  67. Pete says:

    You’re right on KP. I wrote about this exact same thing a few days ago in my personal journal. I feel a bit alone, on an island where very few people are. . . The answer I received form my Guides/Galactics/whatever . . . In so many words, they said “all you need to do is love right now. Your gifts to humanity will not go to waste”. I think this simple message applies to everyone here. More will come later, so in the mean time, I’m just going be a beacon of love and I think humanity will appreciate that.

  68. spiritdancing says:

    i always love it when you open one of your posts for comments… as so many times i want to let you know how much what you say resonnates with me… this last week has been a weaving in and out of many feelings/emotions/wanderings within and out….

    i would love to say that they all felt good, but i do have to admit, that some of them made me wonder what was going on… after reading your post, i now realize it is the beautiful adjusting of Mother Earth and this exciting transition that we are all going thru….

    Ssssoooo… i am going to just grab my being and enjoy this marvelous ride we are on and i can’t wait to get my next assignment….

    much love and more

  69. Annie says:

    WOW! As always great appreciation for your sharings, Kau’ila! Our words of description might be different but the feelings are pretty darn close. Losing my job on the day our President was inaugurated was the best thing that happened to me. It took 2 ½ years but I “got it” about abundance. I have enough to pay bills for year or two but not be extravagant – abundance from the universe I had not expected. Stopped looking for a job; however, to assist in getting me out of my own way, I volunteer for a group that provides transportation for people over 60 to go to the doctor, shopping, etc. Two of the women I have driven for have both said how uplifted I made them feel. Was surprised as I just throw in a lot of humor, ask if they would mind if I send them healing & what do they need to accomplish this day. For the few hours when I do this, I completely forget about my own weariness & the physical side effects of this process we are experiencing.

    This sure leads to great conversations. Found out one 78 year old taught belly dancing for over 15 years in her “younger” days & is open to what is going on – wants to know more. Another one stated she was not as psychic as her sister but she felt something big was happening so was open to some explanations that I could share. They don’t wallow in their physical deteriorations – even though they speak about them & express how much more weary they feel lately – & their minds are sharp as tacks. (I am wondering if this isn’t a whole group of folks we don’t think much about in this process.) Some do not have family or children and if they do, the children have demanding jobs where they cannot take off work for every doctor’s appointment.

    I really feel on the absolute periphery of all groups or discussions (except for when you speak personally) – even the one in which I participate that is all about ascension & led by an ascended master already here in a physical body. Not one to remember dreams but today I did – haven’t put it all together yet but the one take away was the absolute knowing/realization of becoming so very much closer in love to the “main” member of my crew – if that’s possible. Ahhh, to walk in this love & feel it all around you 24/7. (It will not be too soon.)

    The last thing I will mention is that I find at the oddest times/moments I get this physical, spacey feeling – whether standing up, walking or sitting down. It happened again last night just after putting my body in bed. It is not quite like being light headed but somewhat close. Maybe it is a sensation of vibrating at a much higher rate than normal and/or straddling two dimensions at once, albeit briefly. Either way, it is an interesting sensation.

    So much gratitude & love for you Dear!


  70. John Thorne says:

    Same here KP, feeling my life on hold now for many moons. All can do is focus on watching and directing my mind to stay positive, supplant doubts with faith, the spiritual knowing all is in Divine order despite appearances. Very much appreciate Your work/blog as i look for your messages whenever on line Also appreciate your humility/openess as you are honest re your feelings at this time. This trumps all the naysayers.
    Be Well,

  71. atie vande plasse says:

    Dear Kauila, thank you for this, I reallyfeel lost, nothingsseems asit was, even my grandkids do not respobd the waythey used to, I asked myself if I did something wrong when dealing with them,
    I feelquiteupset too, do not know why as I do not feel like my usual self, yet all is in divineorder,
    light and love, atie

  72. YvonneInBetween says:

    I’ve never read so many comments to a Posting on this Blog before…..

    We’re all getting restless. It’s as if we are all midwives standing in ready-ness waiting for the baby to reach the end of the birth canal so we can care for and nurture it.
    It is a good thing I have a lot of patience. In reading this Post I recalled a dream I had about 12 years ago. In it I was walking on a city street when suddenly a huge ship slowly moved above me and a ladder started to descend. I knew I was supposed to grab the ladder and climb. Everyone around me was scared but I ran and grabbed the ladder and suddenly I was onboard. Inside I saw a lot of my spiritual friends sitting in a large auditorium-style setting waiting for me. When I took my seat we were instructed how to teach others on land. I was returned to land and I woke up.

    I say it is a good thing I have lots of patience because I have known for a good 3 decades that I came to teach and help; but was also told that I could not do so until conditions changed in humanity where they would begin to question and seek out what I had to tell them. In other words, they just weren’t “ready” yet. Life was too comfortable and too good. There was no need for them to look outside the box. To try to do so before ‘it is time’ is like trying to make a toddler eat vegetables it can’t stand. They will keep their lips closed so tight you can’t get water between them…

  73. Mary S says:

    Hi Kauilapele:
    I recently had a dream that Tsunamis were sending big waves in all around me from every direction–only they were energetic tidal waves (just as powerful as real water waves, but not physically destructive. Hope Gaia can do that). I lost my last full time job in 2008, so I’ve been juggling 3 part-times to stay afloat, figuring that if one of those went away, I would still have something else. One by one, these are all going away too, now that I found another way to bring in money. Seems like the path is being cleared for us for what’s coming, Drop me an e-mail if you would like info. about it.

    • gingerstarr says:

      Mary, I think many of us would be curious to know how and what you’re doing. I am in the same position but not three jobs, just living with less. I cut back all expenses and changed my way of life completely…out with the material objects and needs and in with the basics and essentials thus focusing on what is truly important. So this is what’s lead me to wonder if you have any tips to share? Sending you blessings ☼

  74. Paula says:

    Another dream..
    Sharing the theme of ships and the sea/waves, I just wanted to add that in addition to the two respondents above, that I also had a dream of being on board a ship a few nights ago, travelling to a new but unknown destination.
    The next night I dreamed I was swimming in the sea at night with friends, surrounded by hard rocks where we had jumped off, instead of a shoreline. It was just something we felt the urge to do, in the spirit of trust and innocence. Passers by were worried about us but we as a small group weren’t worried at all and just laughed. Even though it was dark and strange, and potentially dangerous, we seemed to be enjoying the experience and knew that because we trusted our instincts and each other, everything would be okay. Perhaps the ‘passers by’ weren’t ready to trust their instincts, or each other in the same way. Broadly speaking I feel the dream was telling me that some of us (ones already awake) are able to navigate the waters and ride with the changes, much of them going on in the collective unconscious (the sea at night) and even enjoying them, wheras others who just looked on as if we were nuts and were worried about us (the rest of humanity) are not ready to ‘take the plunge’. There seems to be a similar theme going on here. ..:-)

  75. Oliver Troll says:

    Your message resonates with me, I’m a rather patient person but now I really feel the urge of taking action. I’ve started with meditation and I’m learning to astral project. Yesterday and the day before I had a really strange feeling in my body. I feelt both very energic and boosted as well as tired at the same time??? I had hard times to sleep also (never happens to me). When going asleep it’s like a hammer hits me I don’t even slide into the nice dream state as used to?
    So things are really moving but I also feel frustrated especially now when it feels like so many things are about to happen.
    Try to not think of some kind of performance to be done try to relax things are happening exactly like they should.
    Love and light <3

  76. Rob says:

    Thanks KP and everyone for commenting. There are many things happening and it helps to read how people are coping with the changes. In my case, for a week or so I was overwhelmed — anxiety, depression and new feelings that were uncomfortable in a MAJOR way. That, on top of “treading water,” like waiting for the other shoe to drop so we can get this show on the road. I am pleased that most people (I read all the comments in front of this comment) are coping and relate well to the limbo-times we’re in. Yet I am thinking there are many others that are not doing as well, like I wasn’t for awhile when I was overwhelmed. Earlier in my life I struggled with Depression for nearly two decades — it was off and on…I’d get tired of taking the meds, go off for a couple years then after a panic attack or two I’d go back for treatment…the last time I stopped treatment was about three years ago. What I just came through was as bad and maybe a bit worse than the previous relapses. Except this time I was able to deal with it the “new” way. I am back to near-center again, still treading water, tho. BTW, I think most of my depression was about “coping” with a (3d) life-system that did not make sense, thus I don’t need the meds…I just proved it. It was rough for awhile, though, but now that I know how to deal with it, it’s actually simple (that’s from hindsight, of course).

    Going by what I just went through, I cannot help but think there are many, many others going through some very difficult times these days. These new energies are POWERFUL! Within the last month something major has been going on in terms of new energies landing around us, inside of us and LITERALLY changing “all-things” almost overnight.

    John Smallman just addressed one part of the recent DRAMATIC shift that has been going on for a month or so (as I see it) in his most recent Saul update, which I got from Steve Beckow’s site: http://the2012scenario.com/2012/04/saul-before-the-illusion-dissolves-completely-moments-of-doubt-and-anxiety-may-occur/

    Denise LeFey has a new (recent) posting on her site in which she summarizes the key points she “got” from Lisa Renee’s current newsletter. http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/ The article is down a bit on the page that comes up and is entitled: “Transitioning from Consumptive to Self-Contained Source Connected” (Lisa’s full newsletter is included following Denise’s bit)

    I include the two urls in case anyone may be interested in more about what is going on inside of us as these new life-energies continue to change us and our world REALLY FAST compared to what we’ve experienced to this point For me, it helps to read about some of the nuts and bolts even if I don’t get them all yet. Like it helps to read how others are coping these days. It REALLY helps! Thanks again EVERYONE!

  77. Ivan Tulafitov says:

    AS FOR THE oops as for the not working bit, In am nolt feeling ya there my virtual friend.
    might I suggest? write up some “Acension for Dummies” ebooks to sort of gea used to the idea of your new vocation….. yer aleady basically doing it anyway, and then start selling ebooks to the cajillions of people checking out this blog!!!


    i would buy it for a dollar :) do the math K

    I still just have a vague idea what this is all about…. I only found this blog after searching more info for Ben Fulford.

    solly for n e typso i am driving 72mph (working my normal 11 hour day)

  78. Victoria says:

    Wow, so many comments!

    I feel exactly the same.

    I go to work but I’m really disinterested in what I’m doing.

    I’ve lost interest in almost everything. Like I’m waiting for something very important to happen and I’ll have to drop everything then so why start something now?

  79. allabouttc says:

    Your blog hits home KP…I just told someone the other day I feel as if I have been treading water for about two years now. I look out and occasionally a bird flies by and I say “wow look a that! Hey come back!” and its gone. A piece of driftwood goes by, a fish….still I tread. If i could see the shore I’d swim for it, or if a boat came by I’d hope aboard. Still only the treading, treading.

    I just try to get through each day, stay aware and move on. Routine is helpful. I have felt in limbo for a long long time. I miss being happy and looking forward to the future! I guess ignorance can be bliss as they say

  80. Renan says:

    Today I have been feeling similar, and it makes me feel relieved a lot of you are feeling it too. For me, it’s almost like an emptiness. I feel it in my chest. Also sort of like anxiety and nervousness but the thing is, I have NO reason to be anxious at all! I’m on spring break! Haha. I guess the best thing to do is just ride it out and let it be. Much love!

  81. susan says:

    North Korea rocket launch failed. http://gizmodo.com/5901325/

  82. mike0v says:

    I gotta leave just one more.

    This goes out to our stelan family, the ascended masters, the Agarthans, the secret sacred
    societies, the visiting civilizations, the Galactic Federation, the Andromeda Council and anyone else here for this great big show:

    Look at these posts! Read them! KP opened his heart and out came a flood of love and life, not only from him, but from all the weary lightworkers stationed down here!

    To the whole gang, to the entire army, to all who reside in the higher dimensions:

    We lightworkers are ready! Copy that? Over?


    • purpleskyz says:

      mikeov…. you are just adorable! LOL :)
      I also wanted to leave one more message to KP to thank you for opening this blog up! Reading of Marlena / Elizabeth was just wonderful.
      I look in hope for when you open your comments as so many awesome folks can connect with each other. So a GIANT MAHALO to you KP!
      btw… loved the cloud/ships pics that you newly put up. I so miss Hawaii and thank you for those photos!
      Love IS Light

  83. Riana says:

    Good afternoon, KP! Please continue to post your experiences as they so often validate (and put words to) what I have been feeling. I honor you and your Heart for the courage they express – thank you!

  84. Mathew says:

    I totally feel the same KP, I lost my job last year in October and I believe that alot had to do with knowing there is soo much more to this life. Luckily I recieved a financial blessing that has allowed me to not be forced back into the same old auto mechanic job I hated. The company only cared about money and how they can get more from our poor customers, selling them things they did not need. I am really looking forward to the arrests and our reuniting with our space family, everything else seems so unimportant and trivial now. Peace and love to everyone!!!!!!

  85. Rose says:

    We are all part of this process, we are here to help ascension, be part of it and get involved, being just an observer does not help..

  86. Juia says:

    “This may apply to no one else besides myself, but I’ll tell you anyway.”

    KP- Thank you so much for sharing. It’s true, for each one of us who responds, there are many more who feel the same way. These times feel very strange & unsetteled.

    For a few weeks I heve felt out of sorts, and unenchanted with my job and all the stuff. It’s good to know it’s not just me. We are waiting for wonderful events to come. (never soon enough!)

    Thank you, all of my friends, for reminging me to stay in my heart & send out the love.

    I send it out to all of you in this community.

  87. Charmaine says:

    The Sun sings, and Gaia rings! Beautiful <3

  88. Puakai says:

    Amazing… I was led to this website and post, and it resonates with everything I’ve been going through. My mind can only point towards the light. In all cases my heart is my silent refuge.

  89. Jen says:

    watch this …scroll down to March 31st !!!! http://projectcamelotproductions.com/blog-hp.html

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