4-5-12 “Extraordinary Year” Radio Show…”Tolec and the End of the Space War”… MP3s, Video, and Report

Well, this is the “one more [that] will come out shortly” (from the last post). I listened to this 90 minute “Extraordinary Year” radio broadcast two days ago, just after the mp3 came out (Tim Bravo is the host, and I say, “Bravo, Tim Bravo, for this interview!!”). I knew this was one that had to be posted here.

Shortly after the show, and completely independently, Tolec sent an email saying:

“…April 5th, I just gave a complete report to this effect on: Tim Bravo’s “Extraordinary Year” radio show… This was the third time in one (1) week I have given this “report” in the form of an interview… BUT, this specific report on Tim Bravo’s radio show was THE MOST COMPLETE & THE MOST EXTENSIVE. It took me 45 dedicated straight minutes… just to get through all of the extensive details…”

So that validated (for me) that this message/report was one to put out. Also I point out that many may not understand how important, how monumental, if you will, this entire operation has been, and is, for the people of this planet, and for the planet itself. These underground/undersea bases have been “tweaking” with us for millenia (that means, “a long time”), in order to get the emotional food they needed/wanted to survive (like fear, anger, hatred, and so on). Now they are almost completely gone. As I understand, the actual base structure still remains, but regarding the destruction of that structure, “the Andromeda Council are waiting on to coincide it with a very significant near future – “‘cosmic event’.” And that will be followed by an “orb” appearing near one of the coastlines. Go to http://andromedacouncil.com/page05.html to read more about those details.

Finally, I found it very interesting what Tolec said at the very, very end of the 90 minute show, in the last 5 minutes, about the transition from 3D to 4D. Question: will it occur A) instantaneously, or B) over a period of several days, or C) over a period of months? Check it out!! (hint: go to 27 minutes of Part 3)

A video was created (located at RedCrow1973 (Tim Bravo’s YouTube page)) which I will post below the mp3 links, which are also below (so the video is “below the below”). He also included a report with this email communication, which I will post below the video (so his report is “below the ‘below the below'”).

The mp3s below were created from the original and are explained below. Briefly, I removed the beginning music, and split the remaining minutes into three 30-minute portions, each about 5 MB.

Also, I separated out the portion in which Tolec describes, in detail, the operation carried out by the Andromeda Council. This is actually (from my editing hands) only 33:33 min.:sec. long (interesting; originally, it was 33:34, then I removed a bit of silence somewhere, and it became 33:33). It is about 6 MB size.


Links to MP3s
Tolec’s Mission Description only (33 min., 33 sec., 6 MB)
Complete Show (minus music) (90 min., 15 MB)
Part 1 (30 min., 5MB)
Part 2 (30 min., 5MB)
Part 3 (30 min., 5MB)

Original Show (from Extraordinary Year radio show link)




Andromeda Council Emblem

Tolec’s Briefing Report (by Tolec)

[This] is to let you know of a recently completed ‘police action’ to “clear out” – the final Draco & Hydra Reptilian Undersea base. Everything has been done to “clear out” this base. Everything but destroy it… which the people of the Andromeda Council are waiting on to coincide it with a very significant near future – “cosmic event”.
Below is only a brief. There are some extensive details for substance, but it is still a brief.
This final reptilian undersea base structure complex is composed of the following:

think “wagon wheel” in structure, hub & spokes [1 hub building, 10 stories, 100 feet tall, 50-60 feet in diameter] [ the spokes – 6 radial electronic transport tunnels/tubes]. At the end of EACH tube: 3 buildings & 2 ‘escape pods’, each pod 95 feet in diameter, 3 floors high. All pods self contained for survival can hold upwards of 100 beings.
Our people (100 people: Delta type strike force – 75 Procyon /25 special forces team members of the Andromeda Council itself)
The undersea base reptilian personnel: 10,000+ Draco & Hydra Reptilians.

The Breakdown:

2,000 reptilian warrior/soldiers, all high ranking officers.

5,000 support staff working in various operations of this extensive base.

3,000 combined ‘Cabal’ / ‘Illuminati’ top key officials, middle management, administrators, and lower-end soldiers. 2,000 of these 3,000 were genetically blended and created Reptilian/Human hybrids.

Of the many other reptilian officials we captured – 50 were top key ‘Cabal’ / ‘Illuminati’ reptilian/human hybrid Officials; and 100 were key ‘Cabal’ – ‘Illuminati’ reptilian/human hybrid administrators.

I want to be clear here: these individuals are ALL PART of the Reptilian caste system that have been living underground or in undersea bases. Even the reptilian/human hybrids. This was the last operational undersea base complex. These people, even the reptilians that look human…are not part of: Earth Human society.
2,000 combined of the above have been captured, have been transported, and are being held in high security lock-down on the Andromeda Council primary biosphere. And will all be tried by the criminal justice court system of the Andromeda Council. Again, understand, these are not Earth humans, but rather genetically created reptilian/human cross hybrids.
8,000, of these reptilian beings, mostly support workers, choose relocation to go through a star gate transported to a planet to the far edge of the Universe. From which they cannot return.

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