4-4-12 Kauilapele Message…”Message for this Moment of Time”

This one (Kp) has recently not been in the “channeling” mode, or even in the message-receiving mode. Not sure why. But just at this moment I heard, “We are sending you something tonight. Be ready to write.” So here I am sitting here before my computer, waiting to scribe what comes.


Message for this Moment of Time

[4-3-12, 2353 HST]

We welcome all who read this message, given through this communicator that lives on the island called “Hawaii”, in Hawaii. We are not saying precisely where we are from, as that is irrelevant to this message. We will say that we are from a group of Higher Dimensional beings that has collected here around your planet to assist in the final crustal adjustment for your planet.

This communicator/transmitter [KP] here tries to understand why “final crustal adjustment” is not in the plural. That is to be expected from the analytical mind. Recall the first four letters of that word, “analytical”, and you will understand.

[4-4-12, 2125 HST, Continued…]

In the sphere of rainbow shimmering rays, filaments of light, we are saying to you that this is the essence of your new world. The next world, you might call it. But recall that any of this is available to you through your inner sense, from a place of peace within. This may be seen. And is not only seen by many, but also is teir state of being. This is their world already, right now, precisely because they are in the “right now”.

We are not here today to offer “predictions” or “future events” or “when is it all going to be over” or, laughingly, “When is my money going to be here!!!” Ha. Remember that this state you find yourself in the duality School of Higher Education was agreed to and created by all of you. That school is ending for many at this time. It has already ended for a few who have attuned to the now moment.

When one school ends, another begins. Actually, we tell you that there are many here who are currently participating in M.U. That’s the “Multiple University”. And the acronym “Mu” has significance. As many of you are aware, the land of Mu is “returning” in a sense, although much different manner than some expected say 20-30 years ago. Their vision of the Mu continent uplfting from the Pacific Ocean was indeed on their timeline, as they perceived it, without knowledge or perception of that timeline which has now supplanted it. As a result of Light influx into and throughout Gaia, through her Hue-man inhabitants, the old timeline and actual physical up-moving of continents is not necessary, and would not bring forth the proper conditions for the new Earth.

We speak of today the New Lemuria, which is on a timeline designated by a few, as the NOLTL, the New Original Lemurian Time Line. This message was received some time ago by this one, and others. It is still the operative time line now. Alterations in this time line’s development have been made, and all is ready for the final “push” as some might say, to the end.

Many of you will be flying into new lands, for you. And this is in all dimensions. This is such a “wonderful” time, as it is full of “wonders”. Your ego has released the facade, as you have released the ego. The veil is almost completely down, removed, or, you might say that the side curtains have been pulled back, the main curtain is about to be raised, so all will see, clearly, the play that has been playing, and the new play which is next to play.

We are leaving now from this one’s hands and heart, and will tell you and leave you with this. Be prepared to follow Higher Guidance. You have done so before, and will be doing so again.

That is all.

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About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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35 Responses to 4-4-12 Kauilapele Message…”Message for this Moment of Time”

  1. Jen says:

    So ready for this…..On Tuesday night this week all through the night I “dreamed” (which i feel was a “message” ) that i was being “loaded” with new info and “programming” all night …At the time i understood fully all of it …it was 2 x sections or “trees” of knowledge, thats the only way I can describe it …on wakening it “slipped away” and i hadnt a clue about what had been done…i feel it is in subconscious ready to access….Does this make sense kauilapele?? Value your thoughts on this….

  2. Dave Ashwell says:

    Dear Kauilapel

    I have been reading your posta with interest and you have replied to a few of them. However I feel that you are NOT getting the COMPLETE Picture regarding just WHO IS OUT THERE. Your COMENTS are “so” restricted that ones such as we in Australia get your messages a day after yiou release tham, and by the time we read them, the comments are CLOSED. I was able to get this one after many hours of “surfing” your many BLOGS mate.

    I need to contact you personally and inform you of the OTHER SIDE of the ET,s, ED,s, ETC, that you are NOT CONSCIOUS OF. Please contact me as you did in the beginning on info@agrilube.com.au
    I appreciate your time.

    Love and blessings

    Dave Ashwell

  3. Katarina says:

    The clouds in the sky looks different now.
    And, I am happy to say, the chemtrails that’s almost been here every clear blue-sky-day, has suddenly seased. Something is happening…

  4. Jim says:

    That was the clearest explanation I’ve ever read. Thanks KP.
    Jim Wyatt

  5. purpleskyz says:

    Awesome! I love the humor in this this one.
    Thank You Kauilapele…
    Have a beautiful day!

  6. Tess says:

    Well, it’s finally here. We just have to stay centered. As I am writing this I can feel the peacefulness within. I would love to learn more about the History of Mu. I have read somewhere that it was so beautiful, harmonious, technological advance due to it’s spirituality.

    Thanks KP. That was an uplifting, out of this world message.

  7. Janina says:

    Well, when Higher human uses the collocation anal mind, it sounds a bit strange?!
    What means our language has a bad impact on our cosmic friends…

  8. Angel Solar says:

    From the land of Mu, solar angels and galactic beings…the time is now, you’re right….there is no more time….blessings to you!

  9. mike0v says:

    This message contains a phrase that I’ve seen so many times: “this state you find yourself in the duality School of Higher Education was agreed to and created by all of you.”
    I’ve been puzzling over this for many moons because I’ve read it so many times.
    We created this mess? I assume that we did, but I gotta tell ya, KP, I certainly don’t remember doing it.
    Every time I see that phrase, I feel like this world is some kind of self-punishment. Are we punishing ourselves?
    It would be very different for me if I knew about my participation in setting up such a horrid place, but I can’t remember it. So, when I read that we created this bad world, I have to trust others when they say that we did it to ourselves.
    That’s hard for me to accept.
    I’m tired of trusting unknown sources. I’d like to see some hard evidence.

    • YvonneInBetween says:

      As hard as it is to believe; Yes, we did ‘create’ this ‘mess.’ Rather than thinking this is a ‘punishment,’ think of this planet as a hands-on-school or hands-on-experiment. It is a place where we are allowed complete freedom to do anything we want (except destroy the school out of the universe). We are learning multiple things at once here: we’re learning how to be human exploring it’s best and lowest qualities and traits. We’re learning to be caretakers of species other than human. We’re learning what happens when the energy of ‘love’ is not applied in every movement and every thought we participate in (we’re looking at that in all it’s glory right now).

      We’re learning what it is like to create a ‘species’ (the human being) from the ‘outside in’ by living within the human body and experiencing our creation first-hand. This isn’t your typical classroom situation. This is a “create something and spend time being what you have created” school. Why? It is what a true creator does. Know your creation inside and out by living inside your creation. The universes are vast with millions of things to do, learn, and experment with. Being ‘human’ is only one of them, and it is an experiment you will never forget when it is over.

    • purpleskyz says:

      Yvonne gives a great explanation.
      Also as I understand this we have incarnated here many many times. I think to put it simply… we have to keep doing it until we get it right. We may have reached that stage long ago but had a little interference. Now we are being “graduated” from the school of hard knocks to the UNIVERSE- ity of what should have been.
      Hope that helps!
      Have a beautiful and light filled day!

      • mike0v says:

        Yvonne and Purple,
        Thanks so much for your replies. They’ve been helpful, but I’m still lost. I was awakened in April 2011 and since then have been trying to navigate this quagmire.
        I know about reincarnation and many other aspects of Ascension as I’ve been studying non-stop since then.
        You say we did create this mess, but how do you know? Were you contacted by your higher self and given this information or did you just read it on the web?
        The only way that I know we’re responsible for our world is through reading many sources on the web. I don’t channel any higher beings, so that method is no good.
        What if the sources on the web are lying to us? Maybe there’s a lot of blame to go around.
        I ask again because the guilt is my final hurdle to clear. MV

    • awapuhi says:

      MV – Know what you mean re your last post below. It’s not easy navigating all this information and what to believe. What has helped me is to think of my and our collective reality being like a hologram we are projecting and creating this time space story to experience (remember the Star Wars tiny hologram Princess Lea made of herself for Obi Won Kanobi?). And so while I understand that this holographic play is really an “inside job” I agreed to partake in, and cannot prove anything I have come to know to be true for me. I could only arrive at my own truths thru’ listening to my heart and gut over time.

      I agree, it is hard to believe we would have agreed to experiencing such “prison planet” massive hells (as I am currently watching on Netflix, the first season of “The Event” that clearly reveals the truth of what’s been going in plain sight), most of us have not been able to most fully see until lately.

      As for guilt, that was also part of the script for us to more or less intensely experience (and be controlled by others with) and for each of us to ultimately decide how we are going to respond to it. And when we each get to a place of knowing from within who we really are, suddenly guilt no longer holds us prisoners.

      Hope this helps

    • purpleskyz says:

      Its ok Mike. I do not channel that I am aware of. Just have learned to be able to smell the truth from the BS. You just keep on researching and studying.
      By saying that “WE” did this to ourselves I think if you look at the word WE and apply it to all of humanity instead of you personally it might be easier to grasp. WE are humanity of course but this has been happening for so long that WE are ultimately the ones that are in place to make this change and help to put things back the way that God, Source, Spirit, or Whomever meant it to be.
      WE, humanity, have lost.. well…. our humanity. That is what has to change is how I am reading this.
      The fact that we are all seeking each other out at this time to me is proof that this is correct. I hope that helps a little more. I know understanding all of this is a mind blower and that is why we are here to help each other Mike. :)

    • susan says:

      Mikeov — the explanation I’ve heard that I like best goes something like this: we are actually unlimited creator beings who can think something and there it is. After a while of playing around creating anything we wanted, and you know, limitlessness gets boring after a while, we thought of a cool New Game: WHAT IF…we could fool ourselves, create a new game where we’re TOTALLY limited, and play there? What does limitation look like? How does that feel? What’s the difference between being totally limitless and expansive and being totally limited and in a box? Wouldn’t it be SO cool to be able to play THAT game?! So we created a place to play that out. We are the “masters of limitation.” This isn’t a place to go to for punishment, not at all; this is a place to play in the really cool Limitation Game. Of course to be TRULY limited, we had to forget that we knew we were ever Limitless Creator Beings. That’s part of the game.

      And we play the game with great glee, until we see that we’ve had enough of that, thanks, and we’re done with that game — which I think on a grand scale some of us are done with that game. We’ve experimented in many ways, we’ve experienced many kinds of exciting limitations, and we’re done with that now. But others aren’t, so they’ll keep playing that game with others who still want to explore limitations in exciting new ways. That’s all right. That’s a choice they’re making and it’s fine.

      Why did we come here and create this “mess”? To experience more of who we are. It’s like, we *could* stay home and sit on a log and drink tea and read a book and “know ourselves” that way….or, we could go to Disney World, ride all the rides, ride our favorite one 27 times, eat all the food, see the shows, play the games, buy the souvenirs, wear ourselves completely out, go home exhausted. That would be fun, too!

      Eventually you see that yeah, Disney World is great…and I’ve tried everything out now, so hmmm…what else is there? How else could I get to know more of who I am?

      The way I see it, we’re at the end of the game now, and a lot of the players are agreeing that we’ve pretty well tried everything, experienced limitation in its every variety and form, and now it’s time for another game. Time for some new experiences.

      • mike0v says:

        Awapuhi, Purple, Susan,
        For those of us who live in industrialized countries and have relatively secure lives, I can understand how a game analogy describes this experience.
        But what about the billions of people that are living in squalor, poverty and illiteracy. I have often wondered what kind of response I would get if I told such a person “hey, it’s just a game, lighten up!” For those who suffer like that, I can imagine that a game analogy wouldn’t seem quite right. Wars, violence, hatred, pedophilia, murder, abuse, deceit, racism; we created all that? Wow. I don’t like this game. I wanna go home.

    • purpleskyz says:

      Very valid point Mike. I can’t speak to that as it is not of my experience. I would imagine that is taken into consideration by the powers that be though. My guess is that soon a channel will address that very thing. I have noticed this trend lately. Things that are talked about on these boards show up in channels. Interesting.

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  11. susan says:

    the still center point
    within the core of us all
    is the aloha
    emanate the aloha
    out into the illusion

  12. Kwai Chang says:

    You are a warrior that continues to impress me in the natural possitive energy you make available on a daily basis. That alone is worth admiring. Thank you…

  13. Clare Templeton says:

    Thanks for uncloaking. Message aptly titled for Now has both information and inspiration, what a combo. Scuse the coinage: splendoriferous. You (java) rock!!!

  14. ALLEN says:


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  16. awapuhi says:

    Mahalo nui Kauila, for putting a name or context to what I have been seeing and holding space for manifesting without knowing for certain, due to the contradictory messages. Many blessings of NOLTL!

  17. china says:

    it’s Awesome! …for years i have been calling my daughter “nickname” MuMu…people would ask me – for god’s sake, where did you came up with this name? – and i had no answer other than “it’s sounds so…So beautiful…Ach! Now i Know! in Love! in Light! Thank You KP…dancing in Joy! c~hinka! Kiss!

  18. Dawn says:

    Thank you for participating in the Blessed events before us, and in the NOW. Your words ring true in my ears and I felt your sincerity. This is not always the case. I hope we are able to meet in the near future…please be sure to introduce yourselves to me when and if possible…I’d love to meet you. With much Love and Light to ALL of You. Dawn
    Thank you and thank you again!

  19. Andrea says:

    Jen, I had the EXACT same experience on Monday or Tuesday night. I woke up with someone saying to me: Okay you are ready. After this, nothing will ever be the same. It was clear as day in my head the last words of my dream I held onto. I woke into a clear headed content – no foggy mind. Like on your mark, get set, go. You are ready. And I felt ready. But for what I have no idea.

    • jen says:

      wow…many thanks for that…i told kauilapele a couple of weeks ago that I felt the need to get a tattoo and asked him what he could suggest….he said he had felf that way too and for me to ask the universe for my answer as it was not up to him to advise on that….and i did and I got “awaken” i got it done and ever since then all i read about is about awakening!!!!!

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  21. the dave says:

    The ET’s called people who are analytical – anal….They made fun of anyone hoping to overcome the criminal lack of finances, by expecting money to be passed around as they themselves have told us many times would happen.

    Who are these guys or gals? They don’t seem to have much of a clue about humanity and/or Earth. Maybe they should get some of us to star in a dumb comedy show for them where they can tout their superiority a little more………

    Recall the first four letters of that word, “analytical”, and you will understand…..

    We are not here today to offer …………., laughingly, “When is my money going to be here!!!”

  22. Richard Beery says:

    Tale a look at this on first contact!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDGiOC9PLSc
    This passed my heart meter test!

  23. Eileen says:

    i’m not sure of anything. There seems to be no sense to any information.
    A myriad of strands each slightly off kilter to throw off the scent. The quickening is like the awaited birth of a child – no one knows when the waters will break and the contractions will start. it happens when nature says and sthe divine will manifests the birth. (even with induction drugs no one knows the exact moment).

    All will be well keeps coming to me.

    With Pure Love, Compassion, Wisdom, eileen.

    • jen says:

      I too have likened this particular time as in childbirth….the worse it gets the nearer to the glorious moment we are !!!!!

  24. The Mule says:

    I just can’t trust anything that makes reference to Lemuria, or the continent of Mu. Lemuria was ‘invented’ by Philip Sclater as a way to scientifically explain why similar fossils – lemur fossils, hence, Lemuria – were found both in Madagascar as well as in India. Many other ‘lost continent’ theories existed to explain similar findings around the world. Lemuria wasn’t unique. This all took place before the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift. The only way scientists could explain the presence of similar fossils on different land masses was if they accepted that there had to be a connecting land mass that had sunk beneath the ocean. We know, now, that that isn’t required.

    There was no mention, anywhere, ever, of Lemuria (barring the very different Roman festival of the same name) before Sclater thought it up. No occultists wrote about it. No historians, no storytellers, no channelers. Alarms go off in my head whenever I hear channelers bringing it up because why are these advanced spiritual beings discussing a debunked scientific theory? Again, alarm bells.

    Here’s why I can’t trust people who act like Mu was a real place: the word “Mu,” in reference to the supposed lost continent, is actually a MISTRANSLATION which occurred when a French ethnographer was trying to read a Mayan codex. The codex in question is called the “Troano Codex,” and it’s part of a larger codex known as the “Madrid Codex.” The reason for the mistranslation is that the ethnographer, Charles de Bourbourg, was using a Mayan script known as the De Landa alphabet. Some parts of the Madrid Codex could be deciphered using the script, but other parts couldn’t. The mistranslation happened because Bourbourg was attempting to use the De Landa alphabet on the Troano section of the Codex, while Troano wasn’t decipherable using the script. A British occultist named James Churchward, and a French writer named Augustus Le Plongeon, popularized the idea of Mu as some Atlantis-type civilization located in the Pacific, much the way Blavatsky popularized (and bastardized) the name Lemuria.

    Why should aliens, or ascended spirits, or whatever they are, use the name “Mu” when it’s obviously not accurate? Even if the continent had existed, why wouldn’t they call it by its proper name rather than by the mistranslated name?

    My stance is that Mu and Lemuria never existed, and they’re not going to rise up out of the ocean. Not really. Perhaps places like Atlantis and Kumari Kandam were real – that’s an actual possibility, but I urge anyone who believes in Lemuria or Mu specifically to actually read about the history of these lost continents. Don’t take my word for it. Don’t take anyone’s ‘word’ for it. This information is easily accessible on the web across a variety of sources.

    You can’t demand the truth and then turn a blind eye when New Age fan favorites like Lemuria or Mu are proven to not have been real proto-civilizations. Ignoring findings like this doesn’t help anyone on the path to the truth about our world. I don’t know whether this comment will actually be posted or not, but I urge the blog owner (the esteemed Kauilapele) to post it in the name of discourse.

    Thanks, and once again, please do your homework, even if it tells a different story than what you hear via channels or occult writers.

    • kauilapele says:

      Thank you ‘The Mule’. You have helped open my mind. Thanks for sharing this. I’m sure many will check out this information. As will I.

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