The 3-21-12 Mauna Loa Mission…Short Description and Videos [MP3 link added]

KP in hiking gear (slippers required)

Mauna Loa Ceremony Location

[UPDATE 3-23-12 2200 HST: Here is a link to download the mp3 used in the 3rd video below: I will keep this available for at least 1 week. The CD with this music is available here.]

Although some details are personal, I will say that the ceremony performed at the (approximately) 8-9,000 foot mark up the Mauna Loa trail, appeared to involve a lot of “pacifying” of the Pacific. The guidance was clear… that was why I was there. Connecting as well to operations in Peru, and around other parts of the world. In my own operation, something felt as if there was a pacifying of the Pacific, followed by a Light, being assisted in rising from the Pacific.

Videos are below. The last one is a montage of photos, put to some of Kauwila’s music (best viewed in HI def.).

There was a report (press release), whose link I was emailed ([removed link]) two days ago, which stated that a major seismic event would occur in the Pacific at 3-22-12, 4:58:34 UTC. I was at (and on) Mauna Loa volcano at that time, (3-21-12, 6:58:34 HST), performing the ceremony.

In any event, I cannot prove whether what I was doing was related to this, but according to the USGS World Earthquake website, no “major” seismic event was reported at that time. Or during the past 2 days.

I am not going to judge or evaluate any of this. Just reporting for now.

I have required solitude space for the past few days. But I am going to open up comments for this post, for 1 day.

Click here to view the playlist of the 3 videos from the mission.

About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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21 Responses to The 3-21-12 Mauna Loa Mission…Short Description and Videos [MP3 link added]

  1. Jen says:

    Kauilapele….That Rik clay video link posted on this site a couple of days ago was amazing and made soo much sense ! Obvious ! Could you keep that link “bumped” up to top of blog please ? Did you get your tattoo…i did ! Decided on “awaken” in Arabic ……Do you think that sounds right? Any thoughts on Bruges yet ? imminent !

  2. Wayne Kotaski says:

    I am not sure if this is related to your vision and experience however I immediately related to the nothing will be the same. My experience actually started a couple of days before. I have been feeling more and more seperate from everything. Still in one sense existing in 3rd dimension, but somehow seperating more from it. After you sent the message regarding your vision I was not able to sleep much at all for the next couple of nights and days due to being blasted, filled and surrounded by an extremely intense and almost painful flow of energy. I have had constant headaches from this and finding it difficult to communicate and a need to keep to myself and absorb whatever is taking place! Please excuse me if this is not related to your post. Somehow I felt it was related, at least for me! Have a nice day my friend!

  3. awapuhi says:

    Mahalo nui! Lots of ships!
    Yesterdays upheavals knocked me out, but all feels great today.
    Sunset in Kona tonight was clear of all the grey cover with thin horizontal ship stackings and brightly lit sky, quite stunning.
    Safe journey back home tonight.

  4. Jen says:

    Ha! just read Salusa blog below…..”AWAKEN” features so my urge for the Tattoo was correct….You said to “ask the universe” what to get as you didnt want to suggest anything to me…i did and got that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. sandi says:

    Thank you for being there and here and helping in the transformation!
    All love and cookies!

  6. Nice work KP. With you on the solitude thing.

  7. Alia Chandler says:

    Thank you KP for following your guidance. Here are the west coast of the Pacific we had another powerful wind and rain storm — winds 40 – 50 mph above what was predicted and so much rain that hillside driveways became rivers flooding the main highway. The storm lasted about 16 hours. I immediately recognized it as a “Purifier” like its predecessor 10 days before that was directly related to that huge CME that came through. Yesterday was so calm and even sunny but my husband and I felt that “crushed” feeling you spoke of in your blog. It feels to me that the mass arrests can go forward now (if they haven’t been all along) that the ground has been swept clean. I am so ready to start celebrating! Thanks so much for your video report and for including us so fully in your life/work.

  8. purpleskyz says:

    The night of 3/20/12 I had an urgency to gather supplies for emergency. I reside in Illinois near the New Madrid Fault. I was wound up pretty tight. This electric feeling lasted until 11:11 am of the 21st. At that very moment a calmness came back and I know something happened to thwart what was about to transpire.
    To all of you Shamans I say thank you.

  9. Karen Koyote says:

    Thank you for following your heart. I live in Crestone Colorado and have felt rumblings at night that have quieted now.

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  11. Ron Peete says:

    Kauilapele, Thank you for what you do! We are in very important times and changes are happening very fast on and in this world. My best wishes for you and those you perform the ceremony’s with. Today I have awakened with a feeling of peace and great hope for the earth and the people.

    Love Peace and Light
    Ron peeete

  12. Chrystie says:

    “You may have just surpassed the most optimistic estimates of your power of consciousness. It is still early in the day, but it would appear that you have averted a major and world-wide earthquake phenomenon.”

    “I am currently on vacation going to Tikal in Guatemala…
    Last night I had massive feet energy happening that tells me there’s going to be an EQ I even told that to the person I’m traveling with….”

  13. appreciation11 says:

    I loved the Manu music on the background of your photo show! It put me straight into a peaceful trance of Theta brain waves. But I’m waiting for you to have MP3s available, since getting a CD delivered by mail to Mexico is pretty much impossible. Two days ago was on the beach in Melaque when the earthquake struck Oaxaca… didn’t feel a thing. Also I was in Guadalajara last week when the narcos did their bus burning and road block thing. I was led to spend the night in town at a lovely hotel and have dinner at a tranquil former convent; didn’t know anything about the chaos until I got home the next day. The angels and higher beings are truly guiding and protecting us…. just keep that light shining!

  14. bellarina says:

    I live in Prague and for the last couple of weeks, the sky has been so blue and crystal clear. This is unusual for March. I live between the river and a 300 hectares natural preserve….Meditating today above the river, then looking at the sun, half squinting, I saw massive light shows, in colors of crimson, crystal, gold and blue just beaming in all directions….It was a massive inundation of light and still happening today….no clouds, no ships but the rays are coming down…I am mesmerized

  15. Annie says:

    As always,much appreciation for you & what you do for all of us!!!
    Yesterday, energy-wise, was like the calm after 2 days of storm. A friend of a friend swore that we were going to have an earthquake – that something was up. Today, also, is very calm & peaceful feeling here in Tucson. It lets me know that what you & your friends did certainly changed things or was a definite part of the calming down of the energies. I related personally to Wayne’s post. So thank you to one & all & thank you Kau’ila for sharing! Gratitude & appreciation overflowing.

  16. Me says:

    KP…Your work is so important…the importance of your consolidation of info is on par with the importance of the work of the sources you present… make no mistake..

    Eternal gratitude

    I must say the period from 28.feb to now has for me been amazing.. I never thought I’d be at the point I am currently at in my life at this time… with hard work and lots of spiritual help to be somewhere close around july aug…well that was a optimistic hope…but time moves more quickly now.. I see that… and I see people come in to my life, with the just the right stuff, with regards to the path I feel I must follow at this time… its so cool…
    For the fist time in 1 year+ I really se a great future ahead of me! And alot of the fact that I have made it this far…well it is because of what I have found here and throuhg DW and BF/P. Camelot…

    Your postings of SaLuSa,GFOL etc + your own KP postings have helped me make it…one step, one mile, one week, month, quarter at a time…

    For me, you have been of great assitance. Just want you to know what your work kan do.
    Yep.. you’re not normal… thank GOD for that…couse I aint either ;-)

    Looking forward to keep travelling with you on this blog until the journey is at its glorious end!

    “Some wierd spirit in the far northern hemisphere”

    PS: I sence the Warburgs/Windsors may be working hard in prep for 31.March deadline and all that may follow… Witnessed it first hand this week I think….. what a show to see…and the MSM disinfo cloak trotting on as usual as it’s nothing but same ol same ol royal activities…smiles and little children with flowers… Oh the Irony of our Great Creator :-D

  17. With the rise of the Spirit for the good in this space a lot of light emanating from God, serenity, peace.
    Kauilapele, firm your thinking positively and crying out for spiritual mentors hear him bringing beings spread across this vast universe peace and love so badly need.
    Big Hug,
    Marilda Oliveira

  18. Matt says:

    I don’t know what it is about that picture of you holding a bag, but I feel like I’m on acid when I look at it. I’m not sure if it’s the things in the background or just the energy that was there. I think maybe it’s both.

  19. Diane says:

    Mahalo, Kau’ila for being the One to answer the Call that was felt by so many. So joyful to see the Company of Friends present (and apparently listening). Aloha nui loa.

  20. Moose says:

    March 21st, I believe we jump a new timeline… A positive one.


  21. J S says:

    Aloha KP !
    Ever Conscious, Ever Existing, Infinite, Eternal, Ever New Bliss..!
    You are A Spark of that Spirit, Ever One with…
    J S

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