Don’t Believe in “Prosperity Packages”? Then Perhaps You Should Listen to This…

Saint Germaine

First of all, thanks so much to Ginger for emailing this information to me, which I received just a few hours ago.

This is a very short piece from a Dinar (Iraqi Dinar) conference call in which one of the participants shares part of a conversation he had with his banker. What I know about this guy (Blaino) who is speaking, is that he does not appear to be a part of any “galactic” or other group, and really has no connection at all with concepts like Ascension, Prosperity Programs, packages, or whatever. (of course, perhaps some day in the future I’ll be proven wrong!)

Honestly, when I heard this short clip, my mind was “blown open” into a new understanding about this (and even after listening to this, my “blown open” brain, still appears to be working!). And that an actual banker would utter the words, “Prosperity Package,” is pretty astounding.

All right… prepare now for “mind blowing open” lift off…

The Clip (2.5 min.): (or use player below; clip begins at 22:30 of full audio)

Full 70 minute audio:

[KP note: when he says “out the wa-frikking-zoo”, this refers to the not too often used word, “wazoo“, and phrase, “up the wazoo“, which means (in slang terms), “…to an extreme degree or in great abundance: They’ve got problems up the wazoo.”


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