Lord James of Blackheath Appears to be Quite Alive (according to the House of Lords Website)

Lord James of Blackheath

In the last post, according to Ben Fulford, Lord Blackheath had been killed. However, in another short post on his site, he wrote:

“Update on the “death” of Lord James Blackheath. The just published Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20120305 states that Lord James Blackheath was murdered by the cabal. The source for this information was a member of the Rothschild family. The Wikipedia entry on Lord Blackheath also stated that he died on February 29th. However, a spokesperson for the House of Lords in the UK said that “as far as we know he is alive and well.””

Oh, you Rothschilds… Still joking around. Problem is, we’re on to you.

I will add to this, by noting that neither the House of Lords website, nor the “Deceased Lords” page of this site, has any mention of his demise. Here are the links.

Main page: http://www.parliament.uk/business/lords/

Lord James of Blackheath’s page: http://www.parliament.uk/biographies/lords/david-james/24971

The “Deceased Lords” page: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/lords/deceased-lords/


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