I’m Posting a “Beverly” instead of a Monty…

[UPDATE 3-6-12 1215 HST: I’ve closed the comments for now as they’ve got way off topic.]

Usually I post a Monty (click here for that). But this time, it’s a “Beverly”.

My Kona friend Beverly sent this email text to me (last Wednesday, 2-29-12), and I asked her if it would be okay to post it. She said okay, and now’s the time. So here it is.

What I attune to with Beverly is that she tells it as she sees it, with no baloney involved. So if you want baloney, stop reading right here!

[comments open 2 days; UPDATE 3-6-12 1215 HST: I’ve closed the comments for now]


Thank you for your email. I saw something a few days ago about Jeb Bush. They said he couldn’t win if he ran but I don’t remember the reason. We will have the president we are supposed to have no matter what any of the politicians, including President Obama, do or say. There is a Spiritual Evolution/Revolution on the planet. The Age of Aquarius started in 2012. The change has already started in the financial area with 81 bank personnel from all over the world resigning and Timothy Geithner exposed for what he did with AIG and Goldman Sachs….he, Summers and Paulson will probably be some of the first to be charged as criminals. There will be 1000,s more implicated all over the world. This exposure will be a real big thing.

Channeled information has been coming through to many of the Lightworkers on this planet that get information about this whole situation so they can pass it on to some of us.

Look at all of the Senators and Representatives in Congress that have decided not to run again. They know there will be arrests of a large number of them. They don’t want to be in Washington, D. C. when all hell breaks loose! The underground bases built to save the lives of those in Congress who have dirt on their hands (which is most of them) when the shit hits the fan have all been destroyed. That is why we had what they called earthquakes in Virginia and Colorado. In the one in VA homes were built and furnished with everything needed for survival for those in the government who are the crooks involved in this terrible mess…which is most of them. These underground bases all over the world have been destroyed. 60% of the people in the Pentagon have changed over to the other side which is a big problem for the Illuminati. David told us that one media outlet finally dropped out of their clutch. That was ABC/Fox News and they are the ones that came out with the story about Timothy Geithner [KP note: Ben Fulford last week wrote that CBS broke ranks with the cabal]. You haven’t heard a peep about any of this from any of the mainstream media even though the banking shakeup is worldwide!

The one under the airport in Denver was to house a bunch more of the elite and government higher ups and there were lots more bases all over this country to save those who were going to run everything. Some kind of very advanced sound/laser type of energy was used to destroy everything in these places. The Illuminati had plans to eliminate over a billion people and their New World Order would be put in place. It was designed to have the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgans, the Windsors & most of the other Royal families run the world and those of us that were left would have been the slaves. As farfetched as this sounds it is what has been planned for years by these families who own all of the wealth in this world. Things are looking very bad for their plan at this time so gasoline will now go out of sight in price in a last ditch attempt to hold on to their control of the world.

We are getting help from the Divine Forces. They use sound and Light to do their work. Those missiles that wouldn’t fire, that ship that got sunk and many many other things have been taken care of by the Divine Forces. As crazy as this sounds to you and to 99% of the people that is what has happened and is happening. Those who think they are good Christians trying to help the wealthy keep their money are part of the anti-Christ movement and don’t even know it! They honestly think they are doing good!

There are also thousands of people who are mind controlled by the government including Navy Seals and others that they use for all kinds of awful things that will shock you until your teeth rattle when all of this is exposed. You will be shocked beyond belief when all of this comes to light and it is coming to light very, very soon. A new day is dawning. It started several years ago when the Light Forces started channeling information through and to people like David Wilcock and many others that were sent here to help awaken the rest of us. Their job is monumental and certainly not fun. Their lives have been threatened but they got the information out and are protected. Most people don’t have a clue.

I am fortunate that Spirit sent me to Hawaii where I would have the opportunity to learn from and work with some of these people. Now I get information from all over the country on what is going on with this transformation on all levels. I don’t care how crazy anyone thinks I am. I am going to keep sending out this information until they ask me not to include them anymore. It isn’t exactly fun for 80 year old me to spend so much time sitting at this computer reading and listening to all of the information sent to me and then deciding…one by one…who I should send that particular piece of information to but that is my job as one of the Lightworkers on this planet.

People need to take the blinders off and wake up. I sent the David Wilcock stuff to lots of people but many won’t bother to listen to it because they are too busy with their little mundane things and they don’t want to be inconvenienced by spending time listening to that when they can be watching sports, playing with their ipods, doing their facebook, playing cards or other games or whatever their hobby is. They will think it is just some more of that crazy stuff that Beverly sends out. How they will wish they had listened to it rather than delete it when enough stuff has happened to jar them out of their complacency! You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!


About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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81 Responses to I’m Posting a “Beverly” instead of a Monty…

  1. this is great info and thank you Beverly…. also thank you to everyone that is working hard to wake people up….. that includes me…. i want to thank me and tell myself … i am proud of you….
    i am not really glad that i am not the only one coming into this “problem” of people not taking the time to know what is really going on…. but i am glad to know it is not me…
    what i do know…. we can not stop…. we need to keep spreading the word, even if they don’t act and/or listen…. the energy/vibes still go out and they will get it!!!!


    • rozmund says:

      Beverly – how wonderful – I too am in my wisdom years…but learning every day. Thanks to KP and Lightworkers who also validate today, what the Ra Material taught many many years ago…

  2. purpleskyz says:

    Wonderful Beverly! You are a great spirit for sure. I will aspire to have your free will as my time progresses. Thank you

  3. Suzanne Rose says:

    Thank you Beverly and all of us who are spreading the word… piece by piece. What a dynamic 80 year old. I have a lady friend who is 90 and does the same thing.. All ages, all stages needed!

  4. mary keating says:

    I like you, Beverly, thanks and love from Ireland

  5. Zenbear says:

    You’re amazing KP…thank you. And, thanks to Beverly! I have spent the last 22 years enduring pretty much the same as everyone else who have been awakened and nurtured to grow! You mentioned last week that you were coming more “into yourself” as you maintained the center, so am I. Feels really good. Won’t it be nice to no longer be called crazy? It is very hard for the sleeping to get their heads around all of this…or maybe just too scary. I am very happy that we reached critical mass and we are free. I hold you and everyone in the light of LOVE each day. The new day is here and what a grand place it is!
    BE A peace
    I love you all

  6. Antonia says:

    Thank you very much, dear Beverly! Thank you for not getting tired of spreading the Light! With all my love from Bulgaria! In Love and Light, Antonia

  7. Stunned at sunset says:

    Hey, thanks Beverly! I don’t think you’re crazy. I think you’re a god-send!



  8. Joon says:

    I feel like I can relate. I do spread as much information by posting links on facebook. That’s one of the main reasons I have facebook, a means to spread information. There are times when I think that some people won’t read this or think that it’s too bat s*** crazy to even consider. But sometimes you get one curious person or a group who does read it and kinda makes you keep going. Lately too I’ve been seeing more people who are at least curious about the info so that’s a positive sign for me.
    I agree people need to wake up. But just because you need to wake up doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your hobbies and games. I’m a prime example of this and do get caught up in fun like anybody else. I’m sorry, I need to have my doses of fun. But also do devote time to keep myself informed with what I think is important and right.
    Again, I agree with the parting words. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” But those horses will eventually get thirsty! If they don’t get washed away by the flood of information. Guess all of us will do our best to help anybody we can when that time comes. Light to all. We’re almost there. My light to those on the front lines doing what’s right.

  9. Donna says:

    Thank you for a very timely post. I am a 71 year old woman questioning why I am doing the same as you and getting the same responses from family and friends. I have never been interested in science fiction, suspense, or fiction in general. I just seem to know that this is happening!!!!!

  10. Wayne Kotaski says:

    Wonderful stuff Beverly! Just one thing……Maybe I was hallucinating but I read that it was CBS that pulled away from the Cabal, not ABC/Fox…………….

  11. Sunny says:

    Does Beverly have a mailing list we can join? What a gift she is – I’ve posted this one on FB.
    Kudos for the ‘Senior Lightworkers!’

    • Wayne Kotaski says:

      Yes I agree….very good at connecting the dots and putting the puzzle together…………..From a 58 YO youngster……………………

  12. Ron Peete says:

    Thank you KP for publishing Beverly’s post on your blog. Thank you Beverly for your courage and love for Humanity. I woke up only a few years ago and I am still learning about what is going on in this old world. Right now I post writings like these on My and three other Facebook Pages. So far I have received good responses and no hate mail. I am willing to do what ever the Light has for me to do in this grand awakening of Humaity. The new day is indeed here and the people are waking up to the truth.
    Peace, love and light to all!!

  13. Andrew says:

    Thank you Beverly for willing to tell it as you see it. I am with you 100%. I know the change is coming soon, too. It’s in the air and I can feel it. I’m here on Kauai weathering the massive tropical storm swirling around us. I’m imagining this extreme force of nature pouring through and cleansing us of the dark forces that have held sway over our lives. Their time is almost up and I look forward to gathering with all my close friends and celebrating humanity’s re-birth..

    Thank you, KP for all that you are doing, particularly making it easy for us to stay connected by providing audio files and video links of various interviews.

    I enjoyed the David Wilcock seminar in Kona last weekend and am also thankful for his Lightwork.

    Blessings on everyone who is helping hold the Light High. Keep your courage and your strong voice going. We still need everyone to lean into this until the dam breaks…

  14. I thought we would not find an older light worker. At least we haven’t ran into any. We are in our 60s. All our NEW friends are young. Younger than our kids. Maybe someday we will meet Berverly. We have lots in common. I wonder if she has the 2:22 1:11 thing going on too?

  15. Ally says:

    Thank You Beverly! (and Kauilapele, of course!) I am surrounded by much of the same, and everyone thinks I’m “weird” for reading alternative news and channellings and attempting to put the pieces together. I have been more awake than most people, for awhile now, but I have been FULLLY awake for about a year now. Thank you for saying your piece, there may not be many behind you as you would like at this moment, but that WILL change soon!

    Blessings from Florida!


  16. Nice to hear of an older light worker like ourselves. We are in our 60s & all our New friends are younger than our kids. Haven’t ran into any our age. Way to go Berverly.

  17. Sheila says:

    OMG! This is a wonderful! Thank you Kauilapele for posting Beverly. I live on the other side of the mountian from you and follow you every day. Keep up the good work and keep sending “Beverly’s” posting. You are doing a great service to so many of us!! and Thank you Beverly for your sound and refreshing work!!
    Aloha Nui loa,

  18. rick says:

    Amen on leading the horse.I quess they’ll start drinking when there wakeup call hits them in the seat of there pants,and we’ll be there just the same to show them the way. thanks beverly and kp, love and light.

  19. hihi says:

    I can most definitely feel a change in vibration lately, all of my anger at the powers that were is gone and my mind always drifts to the Utopian society iv always hoped for.

    You can always tell a true lightworker because encoded in every sentence is hope. That little flutter in your heart when you read something positive in the message that hits home. These things simply cannot be made up.

    Thanks Beverly
    and thanks again KP.

  20. Will says:

    Beautiful words sent in a vibrational frequency that just makes me so happy – and there’s been a lot of low-energy sad days recently, so I’m just delighted!

    • hihi says:

      The Syria/Iran situation is creating a negative feeding frenzy. It is a veritable buffet of fear. The US politicians are not helping either by focusing on non-important social issues that divide us.

      In spite of all that, im seeing more and more people shake the cobwebs out, and flush the cloudiness out of their eyes. Its an unstoppable train, all they can do is throw things in front of it and hope something derails it. Their hope is fake and not bound by love and good will like the hope of the people.

  21. lilwolf009 says:

    Thank you and thank Beverly. Thank you.

  22. Dee says:

    Does anyone here have doubts about this change ever coming? Are we being fed a bunch of hopeium? Are we driven to these messages because it is what we want to hear? After all we don’t have one shread of evidence that we are not all crazy, (like our friends and family think), for believing in Ben, David, salusa, Poof etc. I have stuck my neck so far out ,believing and having faith in this miraculous change. I don’t mean to create trouble here or be a kill joy, but it seems to me that it is always coming SOON, and SOON is always sometime in the future and the time never arrives. I for one am getting hammered by the corrupt system and I am so very tired!!!

    • hihi says:

      I feel that sometimes as well. In my opinion, its the cost of having ideas given to you by the MsM, as opposed to being truth seekers, searching, and drawing your own conclusions. As KP says, you must follow your own discernment.

      Consider this though, if you read back about 4 months ago. You can see all the signs saying; soon there will be arrests, soon there will be changes. As i think about it, why would the powers that be want their base of power to be destroyed, which is essentially what is happening. Here we are, the resignations, the arrests, the financial tyranny information is slowly making its way into the the main stream. Soon ended up being a few months, but it did happen! Im not saying everything these people say is grounded in fact, but i cant imagine these people wanting to resign or be arrested from their plush jobs and lifestyles for no reason.

      • Dee says:

        Thanks for your reply it was very helpful. While reading your reply, I was pondering the war within (me), knowing it was draining me. I ran across this great article.
        At the end Scott States:
        “The secret is that the more you embrace the Golden Age within your heart, then the quicker you shall experience it within your own world. It is that simple.
        Remember, above all –– fear and doubt are our enemies, faith and trust are our allies.
        May the force be with you.”
        How is that for a perfect answer to my pondering!!!

        • Zenbear says:

          Beautifully said Dee. We must accept that we are part of the problem before we can become part of the solution. This is the age where science and spirituality comes together. I’m working on clearing up karma, not putting more our there. When we give up control….we get control!
          Plus, we’re running out of time….that means consequences or rewards are being created more rapidly. We are powerful creatures with a Divine mission at hand…and ongoing. I personally do not want to go back through any 3-D physicality. again. That’s why I work on strengthening my center. There will be much chaos before the order comes and I don’t want to be pulled off center.
          There is only one thing that is going to sustain any of us through this and that is the Love of God in us. Staying connected to the Source is the only thing that keeps me going. I relate to the sounds of those who can’t communicate with the sleeping: They have no “ear or eyes.”
          If we could all get that the real war is within…then we could get to the Utopia we desire for us all. Not being able to see what the Divine forces are doing has everyone in wild anticipation…I have fallen prey to “let’s get them,” a couple of times when reading some of the reports. I don’t have time to entertain those thoughts…I have old memories and generational energies to clear and some other folks I love to clear energies for. Forgiveness stops the force of karma when we are willing to cease fighting anyone or anything. The battle is not ours. God/Source has his forces out there and we will not lose! It’s a done deal. Can we wait patiently?….
          Staying out of brawls on the “lightworker” websites has become quite a chore.
          Much love to you!

      • Debbie Flork says:

        Hello hihi:

        I totally agree with you and KP also. Thank you for the upward push and positive reinforcement.

        Light and Love to all light workers. I am going to be 55 years old this year of 2012 and this is the first time I have felt really alive. Without being in a fog. Thank you to all who care about our world and freedom.


      • Dee says:

        Hihi, KP and All
        After I posted the above I ran across another synchronicity, I think the universe is trying to send me a Very Clear Message here;
        This article explains the science behind our accumulated thoughts and how we affect the Morphic field (our shared reality).

        He states:
        “When the accumulated consciousness fields are driven in common or show coherency or resonance, they create a new information field”

        This explains exactly what Beverly’s article has done here, because it resonates with all the readers and posters Beverly has had an effect on this community,creating excitement and changing the Morphic field. THANK YOU BEVERLY!! Her article and these comments have also shown me how important it is to have FAITH. It is not so important what is coming in the future, what is important is what we think and manifest NOW with our collective thoughts.
        Here are some Excellent Quotes from the article:
        “It’s entirely up to each of us what we do with this amazing energetic system. We can harm or we can heal. We can go along with the status quo or we change it.
        The beauty of this knowledge is the realization that every letter you write, every item you blog, every word you speak, every thought you think, every prayer or intention you utter, every loving or non-loving deed, every decision to do the right thing or not…EVERYTHING….is forming the world in which we live..societal, informational and the underlying morphic world which we all share.”
        “Every time you blog with good and helpful information, forward an inspiring or Truth-revealing article, post an idea or heart-warming picture or uplifting message, encourage a fellow activist in their efforts, do a kind or loving deed or reach out and shake someone up…EVERY TIME…you are changing the morphic field…for the better! All while subtracting from a negative imprint by everyone involved.”
        “Which will it be? Will we contribute to the wake up, or be part of the problem? It’s a continual choice. There’s no standing still. Either way we all affect it.
        It’s that simple. That serious. That real. And that liberating!”

        Thank you KAUILAPELE for changing the Morphic field with this incredible Blog!!!
        Thank you All for being a part of this wonderful community and changing the Morphic field towards Love and Light.

  23. John Dennis says:

    Thank You KP , for posting this great message by Beverly . Beverly , age is only a counting mechanism that we use here on 3d – becoming 5d earth . Spirit is forever young and eternal .

    JD .

  24. Turtle says:

    Hello KP! Check out http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/ you will find that that publications at that website hold the highest consciousness of any ascension related material on the internet. I’m certain of that. I trust that you will blog his publications. It’s time to wake Lightworkers up and Beckow has failed, and all of the channels are channeling bullshit. Thank you. I don’t know any other way to contact you so I used this comment. Thanks.

    • kauilapele says:

      Thank you, Turtle. The link to the site appears here, and that is where it will stay. I feel all can keep open to information that is presented, and evaluate in their own way.

      I am very well aware of the strong comments by Mr. Stankov about Steve Beckow and the2012scenario.com. This to me was a fine example of “Lightworker Attacking Lightworker”. I am not a part of that, and, although I have read some of Mr. Stankov’s articles, I will not post them here.

      And I completely disagree with your statement, “all of the channels are channeling bullshit”.

      We each have the responsibility to learn to ascertain for ourselves what resonates with truth and what does not.

      Thank you again for your comment.

  25. John says:

    This is joy running through my brain. What a great time for us all!

  26. Moose says:

    Thanks for sharing Beverly.


  27. Donna says:

    I understand that CBS not Fox is the station to watch!!!!

  28. Rebecca says:

    Thank you KP for everything you do to enlighten others. I read your posts everyday and feel a sense of community here. I am slowly giving information to my husband hoping he will see the truth, for now he says well it’s not on the news so who knows if it’s true. Keep up the work, I’ve heard other lightworkers say how tiring it can be. Thank you also for sharing Beverlys post. Take care, sending love and protection from Alberta Canada.

  29. Dave Ashwell says:

    Gday KP,

    Tell me mate, is it possible to get Beverly,s posts/blogs etc as we would be delighted to get her messages out to others of our “Group” if that’s possible.

    Thank you Bev for a most “frank” and “honest” post, it is refreshing to get away from the BS at times (Nor meaning KP of course) mate. Please keep up the GREAT work.

    Regards from Australia.

    • kauilapele says:

      Umm… I am currently in negotiations with this wonderful lady to see if that proposal were amenable to her.

      That’s a “way too many fancy words” for saying, “I’m hoping, yes!”

  30. Alia Chandler says:

    Aloha KP and Dear Beverly — Wow! I loved this post from word “One” and when I got to the disclosure part about Beverly’s age, my heart exploded with admiration and inspiration. She’s got 16 years on me but is even more outrageous than I am — and that’s a lot. I’ve been re-posting many of the articles from KP’s site to FB but today I stepped up and spoke reassuringly about the new economic system waiting in the wings to a couple of ladies in the lunch room at work — first time speaking such to people not known. They both looked at me surprised and asked me where I got my information. I told them I read some internet sites that other people don’t. They were so happy and relieved to hear this news. They are both struggling financially and so tired of this old game. I think many people are ready to hear these glad tidings of great joy. I’m just gonna keep talking, cuz they already know I’m nuts. Many thanks KP — you are my clearing house for the inside scoop. Alia from Oregon

  31. Collon Shandler says:

    Nothing new here. Move along people.

  32. Beverly Halling says:

    What a surprise to see so many comments on something I sent out that Kauila asked if he could put part of it on his blog! (He put all of it on) WAYNE KOTASKI & DONNA # 2. I saw it on a Fox newscast in an email sent to me (you can find that on Google) but in checking back it was Ben who said CBS was the one breaking away. BRIAN & JEAN: Yes, I see so many triple numbers that I finally start laughing! JOHN DENNIS: You are right about age being just a number. I play golf once a week & play better now than I did at 40! ANDREW: I sat in the front row (I am 4′ 10″) at David’s seminar. Wish we could have met! SUNNY: I don’t have an official mailing list. I just forward stuff I get from others like Kauila. I usually put some comments about the message I am sending to make them want to read it! I just felt moved to send this strongly worded message out. When I was writing it I never dreamed it would end up going to people all over the world! My goodness, we never know what the Universal Life Force Energy has in mind for us do we?

  33. NancyzSirius says:

    Thank you very much KP and Beverly….I am on the other side of the mountain as well and have been ‘alternative’ for the last 30 plus years. My Sisters name is Beverly. Guess I have two now. How blessed am I????

  34. Mary S says:

    Thank you for mentioning the sound and light Beverly. Whenever I tune in to the inner sounds and light, I feel more a part of the divine plan. My trust is renewed that all is in order and I can be an instrument of divine love just by offering and surrendering to Its will. We are all channels, not necessarily of words, (which do help awaken) but of the divine essence itself, love. When the mind grows weary, we can rest in the heart!

    • Zenbear says:

      Thanks so much for the reminder…we can get wrapped up in the “doing,” and totally ignore the “being.”

  35. Shannon says:

    Aloha, Beveryly!!! Thank you for such a great post! I put the link on my FB page, and added excerpts in the comments space provided. You are so right about this, and put the highlights in an easy-to-absorb way. I sent the link to about 4 people, covering the spectrum of scoffer to open-but-not-there-yet. And got the expected responses. I also will send them selected updates till they tell me to stop. I imagine it will be awful to have had one’s head in the sand up to the last minute. xoxoxoxo

  36. thank you so much for this very truthful message, that`s like it is with people, many, many are still
    sleeping. I love the last sentence: You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!

  37. I totally resonated and also LOVED The writing of Beverly. I am in Australia and have also posted it on my facebook therefore keeping everyone in the loop. Beverly, yes you are an inspiration and a wonderful Way shower…Bless you honey for all of those 80 years x0x

  38. nickd says:

    I have been following the news with great interest. It has become an information cloud.

    On the one hand we can celebrate our entry into the knowledge of our galactic heritage and reclaim our power to create the world as we want it. What frightens me is the information from David and Ben that waiting in the wings are a Gnostic illuminati and a group of Chinese who are working to put the good guys into CONTROL. We will have a new monetry system and there will be plenty for all. your possesions will be safe and the world will rebuild. well the BIS said the same.

    If we aknowledge the law of one and ascribe consciousness to the earth and sun as aspects of the other self then how do we reconcile our sense of ownership of the planet. How can we own a piece of the planet?

    Any system that is based on making a profit and keeping control is open to exploitation.

    If we are to ascend then our consciousness and motivations have to be based on love and understanding and if we can manifest our reality ever more potently then let us be leaders and not minions. I urge all to to keep a clear head.

    The arrest may provide the necessary catharsis for our planet but when the truth comes out it is my hope that we learn the lessons of co-operation and service rather than control.

  39. ramto1 says:

    Oh Beverly – you are sooo right ! We are close to 70 and it is just the same ! Who can you tell what is really going on out there ? without seeing shaking heads? Not even our children take us for serious if we would tell them – if I do….no reaction ! It is sad, but it will change soon. So hang in there – you are not alone. Here in South Africa it seems even worse. Tough one heart after another that has been send to you :0) many need a kick in the butt, but Love heals in time.

  40. Jane says:

    BEVERLY power to your elbow, and you are very sane, its the ones who are asleep who are insane, to be asleep when so much is in their face, but they will awaken soon……..its so exciting now at last things are happening, amazing that the mainstream are holding off still telling us anything, boy are they going to look even worse than they do now, when the masses know that they have lied right up until they had no choice left…. Isn’t it wonderful that we can all meet up in Cyber-space to help save the world……………. Beverly and all lightworkers ROCK …..:)

  41. Beverley says:

    BEVERLY So great to know there is another getting the message out in spite of the rolling eyes and apathy. You describe my own efforts and responses I get exactly. I am also Beverley, spelled differently, count 84 years and also spend much of my day trying to get the word out.. Perhaps when the messages have been repeated enough they will say “Yeah, it may be true; I think I heard about that from someone else before .”Dick Cheney’s “useless eaters” indeed!!!

  42. shifro says:

    Keep it coming! Better than TV until of coure it actually gets on TV.

  43. Tess says:

    Hi Beverly,
    Just read your blog yesterday, it is amazing to see a lot of comments, it’s been this way at KP’s blog lately. This is wonderful.
    I feel the same way about not getting much reaction when I send David’s or KP’s blog. Maybe one out of ten will say thank you. Even my own twin sister or my best friend doesn’t comment on anything I sent.
    Well I did my part. Hope that they do check it out eventually. It’s sad that people don’t have the time. Sometimes I feel like I have no one to talk about what’s happening.
    Anyway, THANKS Beverly for your input. God Bless.

  44. Twyla says:

    I have looked for confirmation that Geithner was arrested, alas to no avail… has anyone actually seen this, or is it still unconfirmed. ABC has nothing on their site, and when you go to their news site, it is incredibly sketchy on anything to do with the Cabal types….. Benjamin suggested to watch CBS, and when I go to their site, wow what a difference…. lots of info on what is going on, but still nothing on Geithner ~~~ at least yet
    Blessings all….. our day has come, wait for the dawn

    • Wayne Kotaski says:

      Shepard Smith and Judge Napolitano talked about it on Fox…………………Yes it is true!

      • Stunned at sunset says:

        That’s right, Twyla! Here’s the link to the Newspot:


        Good hunting!


      • Andrea says:


        This news clip of Shepard Smith is from 2010. Its just being reuploaded lately….why is up to the imagination. Be careful.

        • Wayne Kotaski says:

          Andrea……I’m not sure what your looking at….But the show with Shepard smith and the Judge was broadcast February 29, 2012…………………..

      • Andrea says:

        As a follow up – here it is posted Jan 7th 2010

        • Wayne Kotaski says:

          You know Andrea……What you see there is almost exactly the same as the original. However there are several critical areas of the video removed, plus there are several different dates and versions now of this video. The government has altered the video!
          Here is another interesting video on the same subject.

      • Andrea says:

        Napolitano was axed by Fox early last month FYI. And in case it gets ripped down from YT its current location is watch?v=l27AzEUw3sE

      • Andrea says:

        Wayne also look at the description text for that video you posted. He says himself he was duped. I don’t know why its popping up again and being flooded right now, but its concerning to me, which is why I said something. It makes me question every single source that posted it blindly without dong an ounce of diligence. This is exactly what mass media relies on to keep everyone blind drones. Even the scrolling ticker of current news is obviously not from last month.

        The 5 minute speech that got Napolitano fired is worth watching as well. 5 minutes of truth.

        Sorry to interrupt the Beverly love everyone!

        I thank you too, Beverly.

  45. captkeys says:

    Beverly, Thank you so much for your inspiring words! It seems the most difficult task at the moment (for me anyway) is trying to WAKE UP friends and family to the ordeal we’re all under with the cabal and the ascension process we’re all about to go through. On my Facebook page I have over 850 friends and every time I post something about this subject nothing happens, nothing!! Oh, I might get one or two people to hit the like button but no one says anything. Even friends that I talk to personally seem to think Im a bit crazy or wasting my time delving into this subject. I cant seem to shake anybody. Now, if I post something funny or silly I get tons of replies (pictures of CATS seem to work best). I just pray that when the s**t really starts hitting the fan, I wont have to tell them “I told ya so” but right now, no one is listening.

    My own awakening started about 4 years ago. I started seeing 11’s everywhere I went. I still see at least anywhere from 5 – 10 a day and every time I do, I know it is my spirit guides confirming my path. It’s like Ive been going to school, learning things gradually and slowly coming into my awakening one stage at a time. I really enjoy Kauilapele’s posts and I feel I was led to them as well by my Divine Forces. I guess I have come to realize that my path is my path “only” and no one else can go down my path but me. So too, my friends have their own paths, as do we all, and we must honor everyones own journey and not try and force our own views on each other. This blogging thing works well but only for those who “want” to subscribe. I guess all I can do is (as we used to say in the 70’s) KEEP ON TRUCKIN” and not to be too discouraged by peoples lack of interest. All will know the truth soon enough. Keep on posting and getting the word out to those who will listen. I guess if they don’t wanna listen, then they weren’t suppose too.

    Blessing to you and Kauilapele and to your families!

  46. wanderer1111 says:

    I REFUSE!!!

  47. I can recommend a private “social” site for those who would like to hang out & discuss with like-minded souls. http://www.ANewGaia.ning.com
    When you join, mention Kauilapele’s Blog, Galactic Federation, or my “handle” FloatingOnSmiles, and the admin people will know you are genuine.
    Very encouraged reading KP’s blog and others who share the Light!

  48. mike0v says:

    I gotta say that when we’re no longer considered nutjobs or wackos, I’m gonna breathe a huge sigh of relief.
    Being awake, knowing the truth and trying to share it is the loneliest job I can imagine.
    Beverly and KP, many thanks for keeping lightworkers upbeat and hopeful.
    Am I allowed to say “I told you so” when this is all over?

  49. Eduardo says:

    And has reaching a place like Mexico City, congratulations for your special and easy way for viewing the outcome. I`m delighted, and send you a great and warm hug.

  50. Debbie Flork says:

    What a gem you are Beverly. You just keep posting and keep on keeping on. I love your style and your up front direct way of putting things. Thank you and thank you to Kauilapele for posting this.


  51. Danielle Hunter says:

    You are right on, Beverly. I too, transfer information to many people in the hopes that they will read and understand. Lightworkers are on call all over the planet…I truly believe that We know that this isn’t just an exercise in futility but ar positioned to do what we came here for. I , for one, am ecstatic that I am tuned in in this lifetime. WE are in this together…as we have been communicated to for over 35 years in a variety of ways and are trusting in our guidance. Sometimes I just want to be with everybody and hug them….then I realize I do that each day in my heart. Thank you.. Stretch once in awhile and sit o the sand….good for the body and soul.

  52. dentsnider says:

    Thank you Beverly. I have been “awake” for many years and have “known” things that I was not able to talk about because of redicule and being thought of as weird. But recently I have found myself talking about this stuff at almost every opportunity. This is the most important information since the revelation of Jesus and the UB. And this will be seen and felt by all whether they want too or not. The most important for me has been the direct intervention of devine beings and human ETs in stoping the attempts to kick off WW3. The recent destruction of these underground hiding places is huge. Would love to hear about the underground, so called, UFO bases like under Archuleta masa being rendered non operational. But I’m happy and relieved by what has been happening.

  53. Brian says:

    Dear Beverley, YOU are an absolute Angel.

    if anything can wake up MORE people on this Planet, it is YOUR letter spoken with intelligence, wisdom, calm and a True concern for humanity.

    Do not be surprised at how effective and how wide your message travels, I really believe that YOUR message at this time, will achieve more than any religion or leader ever could.

    Blessings Beverley. I hope your teeth stop rattling very soon!

  54. observer says:

    Most of you fail to realize that this is all part of the greater script of the occult forces running this planet on the road to even more controls. Channeling can be induced by technologies that many do not understand. Basing your beliefs on this channeling is foolish. Sure we may some arrests of the lower agents serving the cabal but what follows in their script is very dangerous for humanity. You need to wake up from mind control of the flowery kind and a false sense of security that someone out there will save you and stay very very alert. Learn to discern NOW like never before.

    Remember that the only true voice is the one that will come from within you but not the one that was served by your ego, desires and love of irresponsibility. If you don’t know what I am talking about you will in the near future. I certainly hope that most of you wake up ASAP and learn all about the enemy and its devices as we will all have to face it in the very near future.

    • Wayne Kotaski says:

      What your calling the voice within, I would call my higher Self……Apples and oranges I guess…..
      What your saying is very similar to what I read in The Matrix series of books by Val Valerian……For this area we are discussing is in the book Matrix V………………….Excellent and by my perception very High Level. Quickly what everyone is perceiving as a saving White Light loving fleet of aliens to save us is actually the return of the Osirian Queen returning to rule this planet. From what I see it seems like Obama and the Cabal or world government is doing a pretty good job preparing the way for her return!! If anyone is able to find themselves a copy of Matrix V by Val Valerian, I strongly suggest to read and assimilate what it says…………………..Very, Very Eye Opening……

      • Stunned at sunset says:


        Did you pick up on the subliminal comments in the video? LOL! That was not only informative–it was priceless!


        • Wayne Kotaski says:

          I’m not sure which ones you mean…..However in the original……Shep Smith says that the Bankers own and run the country then they cut away from him and you can hear him say in the background….Just kidding……….Someone must have quickly told him to shut up and take it back fast!!!

      • Stunned at sunset says:

        It’s this one:

        “BackToConstitution” reports the news in a regular voice then makes his commentary in a subdued and subliminal voice. It’s really funny but he’s telling the truth and he’s making sense!


        • Wayne Kotaski says:

          OHHHH…..Sorry ….You meant the other video………Yes I did notice it thanks………….Unusual……

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