Is Any of that “Stuff” that’s Supposed to Happen Really Happening Out There? Look at these Bank Resignations…

[UPDATED 2-18-12 2000 HST] I found this on an “unrelated” site (seemingly unrelated, but thanks to that person who uncovered this in-the-public-domain news). I did verify the links. Now, I absolutely spend extremely NO time watching banks. And the most I’ve ever read about the “banking system”, is with David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny articles (article 1, article 2). But this series of articles, none of which I fully read, but the titles give the gist, indicates to me that there really is a lot happening along the lines that David (and others) have talked about. Whether it’s arrests or resignations, it appears to be a pulling apart at the seams of the old (cabal) system.

So I am just going to list these articles. No particular order. Date of publication, then the title (with link). So here goes. (I’m leaving comments open 2 days on this one; feel free to add your own links and comments)

2-15-12: World Bank President Zoellick Resigns

2-16-12: CFO of ANZ Bank Resigns Amid Turmoil

2-14-12: Nicaragua Central Bank Head Quits Amid Row

2-17-12: Credit Suisse’s Private Bank Chief Asian Economist Tan Resigns

2-18-12: Embarrassment for Merkel as German president resigns in disgrace after trying to bag the press (okay, not a bank president, but a president, noetheless)

2-16-12: Andrew Chick to lead Royal Bank of Scotland’s Australian arm

2-13-12: Kuwait central bank chief resigns amid political tensions

2-15-12: Slovenia’s Two Biggest Banks’ CEOs Step Down as Woes Mount

2-06-12: Dhanlaxmi Bank CEO Amitabh Chaturvedi quits

2-10-12: Tamilnad Mercantile Bank MD resigns

2-17-12: Blankfein out as Goldman Sachs CEO by summer? (not an actual resignation, but a possible pending one)

[UPDATE 2000 HST Just found this… thanks to Greg Giles]
2-16-12: Arrests in Olympus Scandal Point to Widening Inquiry Into a Cover-Up

[comments open 2 days]

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43 Responses to Is Any of that “Stuff” that’s Supposed to Happen Really Happening Out There? Look at these Bank Resignations…

  1. cadesertvoice says:

    Thank you so much for this compilation of banking events. I’ve been noticing other signs too like Berlusconi possibly doing jail time, Ruppert Murdock under fire, the Vatican losing its nonexempt status and having to pay taxes of their vast properties and holdings possibly going back to 2005. In the US, the right wing is under fire and may lose power as the people wake up to the fraud. However, the banking system is the major focus. Once it goes down, everything else will fall in place. I am very encouraged and seeing the signs almost daily now.

  2. Jim says:

    As I understand what Tara Green and Rama Berkowitz said after a caller told them that 16
    Bankers resigned, “they will all be arrested and be taken to the Hague for trial!”
    Jim Wyatt
    Avid follower of “A” Team “news” stuff.

  3. Henri says:

    Kauilapele… Excellent find. Here’s some more to add to your list…

    Swiss National Bank chairman’s resignation—A pointer to all regulators in India

    UPDATE: SNB Council President To Leave Central Bank

    World Bank President Robert Zoellick announces resignation

  4. Harra says:

    I to have seen these things as signs to some sort of change happening. There was also the US bonds in Italy I think yesterday. Very interesting indeed

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    Those are completely important news items…
    thanks for being the first to inform me!
    PS- I think this relates to David’s investigation…
    it might finally be showtime.
    Peace, brother!

  6. zuvrick says:

    The financial system is falling apart and like a sinking ship, the rats who have been enjoying a free ride are having to swim free, or will drown.

    In the John Kettler interview on Project Camelot, he said this:

    “The only thing I can tell you about the economic situation—and this is coming from the off-planet side—is that with the departure of at least some of the international banksters, and there’s a lot of mopping up and whatnot going on, and you’ve got a lot of clones and whatnot floating around in this equation, that the opinion of the Universities of Evolution varies between they think the economic system is salvageable to they think it isn’t. It is a real, ah, Gordian Knot, but you’d have to project the Gordian Knot into several hyperdimensions, it’s that bad, it’s that complicated, and it’s got booby traps galore through it.”

    Who knows if it can be rebooted or fixed. A Humpty Dumpty proble, for sure.

    BTW, Many thanks for quickly posting the MP3 files. I’m not the only one who has bandwidth problems with Livestream and there are several recent ones from Pro. Camelot I’d like to hear (e.g. Timewave). I hope you can do next week’s John Kettler one as well.

    Mahalo from Java island, Zuvrick

  7. Ginger says:

    Thanks for all this great research!

  8. Karen Christine says:

    Thanks for the initiative of compiling this evidence. Here’s a few more to add to your list. .

    Bank feud: Chairman Giles quits VNB with other directors

    A feud over corporate governance compounded an already painful December for a major Central Virginia financial institution. Virginia National Bank has experienced a leadership shake-up that has seen nearly one third of the board of trustees quit including the chairman, Mark Giles.

    William Kemble resigns as Treasurer of the Osage Nation

    Kemble also took issue with the mandate that Congress must approve policies and procedures in his letter. “From another perspective, if the Treasurer were to develop (policies and procedures) that were inappropriate or insufficient but were approved by the legislature; any policy and procedure hearings upon the Treasurer by the legislature would seem like a ‘conflict of interest’ since the legislature should ultimately be held responsible for the (policies and procedures).”

    Several Congress members have publicly stated the Legislative Branch has responsibilities to provide oversight to enhance government accountability since the July 2011 investigation started and publicly raised questions regarding the Treasury operations.

    Iran denies central bank resignation rumor. Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Mahmoud Bahmani speaks with journalists during a news conference in Tehran

    BELGIUM: Resignations,9171,882880,00.html

    R. David Land Submits Resignation from the Boards of Directors of Peoples Bancorporation, Inc. and Seneca National Bank

    Company, National Association, a national banking association organized and existing under the laws of the. United States of America (the “Resigning Trustee”)…fileid...

  9. Karen Christine says:

    P.S. Since all these bank resignations have to do with the old banking system of fiat currency being disassembled for a new one based on transparency and prosperity. I think it’s relevant to post the new currency now in print. This video will reveal how this $100 bill secretly introduces the new gold standard.

  10. Jim says:

    Any and all FED money is still fiat money backed by nothing.

    US Treasury Bills are going to be backed by Gold and they are now called Rainbow Bills.
    Your Fed $100 post was about a $100. Dollar fiat bill. Rainbow Bills are already in bank
    vaults around the country. Hooray!

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  12. Excellent news.. the begining of thins to come

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  14. Bob Mitchell says:

    What is ethic’s / Where is ethic’s in any of all this. There is no sablizing factor involved, all so contrived…It all playing somebody elses game / game play, mulipulation. It doesn’t, isn’t makeing any real sence anymore. its all chaos…….

  15. Karen Christine says:

    Hi Jim! You are only half right on this. This is a transitional bill! Everything on the left side of this new $100 bill relates to the continuance of fiat money. The right side of the Blue Stripe
    with all that gold on it stands for Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice. Besides the explanation in the video, following is an excerpt of Bix Wiers take on all the Gold symbolism:

    – The US has long prepared to return to a Gold Standard and the time has come.

    – The Gold Ink Well symbolizes the power of Congress to pass laws that
    can dismantle the Fiat Money System with the stoke of a pen.

    – The Gold Liberty Bell within the ink well symbolizes Congresses
    ability to write laws that destroy the banking cabal’s strangle hold
    on the Liberty of citizens in the United States.

    PRIVATE” has also been moved from the left to the right side (or the
    gold standard side!)

    – Notice how the color of the “100” on the bottom front changes from
    GREEN to GOLD…still not convinced?

    – And now my favorite… look at the wording right above the “100” on
    the far right.

    Do you see it?

    “…the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new…”

    That, my friends, comes directly from our Declaration of Independence
    and says the following:

    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these
    ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to
    institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and
    organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely
    to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    Has there ever been a time in the last 100 years that the people were
    more ready to “alter or abolish” our government?!

    Can “They” make it more obvious…GET READY FOR A GOLD STANDARD!

    The odd fact that the US Treasury chose to “anti-counterfeit” the $100
    bill last is very telling. The US $100 is the MOST counterfeited bill
    in the world by far. So much so that the fake bills even have their
    own name…the “SUPERDOLLAR” or “SUPERNOTE”.

    • Elece says:

      So what are we to do if we have a substansial amount of money in the bank now at this point in time? Do we leave out money in the banks or do we invest? and if so invest in what? Gold? Real estate? I even heard to invest in Iraqui money? What to do?????

      • kauilapele says:

        Elece, sorry, I’m not going to touch that. Too volatile anyway. But you’ve sent out the question to this loving Universe, and your answer is on its way. Stay attuned to your heart, and you will recognie it when it comes. Release any fear. Stay at Peace. Your answer is coming.

        I do know that all of us humans will be cared for.

      • Elece says:

        Well Thank you for your honest insight! I am open to the universe and what it has to tell me. I will continue to ask and listen for my answers!

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  18. chicago dreamer says:

    I found some arrests, which I think are even more indicative of the sweeping changes going through the Banksters’ domain:

    “Senior bankers caught up in film investment tax probe
    Three senior investment bankers have emerged as being among the 16 individuals arrested last week as part of an investigation into allegations of tax evasion involving film financing schemes. HMRC officials last week searched RBS’s London offices as part of the investigation, though the allegations of criminal behaviour are not linked in any way to the men’s work for the taxpayer-backed bank.” (This is at the infamous Royal Bank of Scotland that got bailed out by the Fed)

    “RBS and Jefferies staff held as tax evasion investigation widens
    Several Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) employees and up to three staff of Jefferies, the investment group, are among City workers who have been arrested as part of a criminal tax fraud investigation. ” (Royal Bank of Scotland Investigation widens to the City of London)

    “A former contemporary of David Cameron’s at Oxford University and once considered one of Britain’s richest financiers, Mr Chester’s hedge fund was on Monday evening found guilty of market abuse in the US and ordered to pay a $76.8m (£48.9m) penalty. ”

    “Tory hedge fund donor fined $80m in the US
    A UK hedge fund run by a close ally of David Cameron and a donor to the Conservative Party has been ordered to pay $76.8m (£48.9m) after being found guilty of market abuse in the US. ”

    And last, but not least, this: (It’s not about Banksters, but criminals:)

    It’s Time We Recognized the Blair Government’s Criminality

    Thanks for all you do.

  19. Stephen Howard says:

    There is always someone to replace them. It’s not the people it’s the system of usury. It needs to end.

  20. zuvrick says:

    In the Interviews section (8) of Wilcock’s expose, Keenan and especially Keith Scott explain that a gold standard just will not work. Scott’s view is that you must use a Fiat system, but it has to be properly and responsibly managed, which the present system hasn’t been for a long time. I recommend reading that again and contemplating it. Gold is an arbitrary item to use for the basis of wealth and a currency, whereas other assets, properly registered, are a better representation of wealth that back up a currency. Wars were fought over gold. Gold can be captured and taken to another country. That is dangerous. In a sense oil has become a new replacement for gold, and we see wars again being waged over the capture of oil resources. Once the need for oil is reduced by the availability of free energy. and a fiat money system can be responsibly controlled, i.e, get rid of the Illuminati control freaks, we may indeed see a better future.

    • kauilapele says:

      Very perceptive. This also struck me when I read the Keenan Scott interviews.

    • Kwai Chang says:

      Ever play Monopoly?
      Did you see any gold in the box?
      The lesson of the game is that anything can be money…all that is needed is transparent banking that takes place above the table. If the wind was to blow every piece of money from the box…could we no longer play the game? Would we need to hoard vast quantities of anything to back the ‘notebook paper’ bills that we could make. Or, would we need to have the bully down the street print ‘official’ Monopoly money and loan it to us at interest? Or, could we just all agree on what money is and resume the game?

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  23. e atkin says:

    gold mining is one of the most environmentally destructive types of mining. The waste to gold ratio is 1,000,000:1. Nobody wants a gold mine in their back yard. You can’t eat gold, as the native saying goes.

  24. Bob Mitchell says:

    UNSUBSCIBE ME ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  29. EarthSpirit7 says:

    This comment is Brett Stillings:
    Here is more of him:
    Mz. Mugzzi Show with William Stillings {part 1} {Part 2} {part 3}

    Very, very intersting interviews !! Mz Mugzzi is as interesting and
    knowledgeable as Stillings. Enjoy :-}

  30. Pat says:

    And here’s another from the South Florida Business Journal, Feb. 16, 2012:
    Former Wachovia Assistant VP Charged with Fraud
    A former assistant vice president of Wachovia Bank was charged Wednesday in Palm Beach County with four other defendants in an alleged $8 million mortgage fraud ring.

    Thanks Kau’ila and everyone for keeping it real.

  31. abed/Chung Tzu U says:

    Mahalo Brother:

    Look at what they did with Greece! From:

    The ECB, on its own and without judicial or parliamentary review, has swapped their Greek debt for new Greek debt that is not subject to any “collective action clause.” They did this unilaterally and without the consent of any other sovereign debt bond owners of Greek debt. They did this without objection of any nation in Europe. They have retroactively changed the indenture, the contract made by Greece with all of the buyers of their bonds, when the debt was issued. There is no speculation involved in these statements, there is no longer any guesswork on what might be; the ECB swapped their bonds for new Greek bonds with the assent of the Greek government and it is now a done deal.

    All I have to say is this is amazingly fun to watch after all this LIGHTWORK. Nameste to All the Sisters and Brothers of the ever lasting LIGHT!

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