MP3s of Today’s (2-4-12) Bill Wood Interview by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot…

Here are links to the mp3s of Bill Wood’s interview today. These first ones are the raw recordings, no editing done. I may edit and level volumes later.

[KP Note: much of this at beginning was whistleblower info about Las Vegas police, Hollywood sexual deviances (putting it mildly), etc. General Q&A started at around 1:30-2:00 (somewhere in there, I believe)
For myself, the more interesting parts were after about 1:25, namely:
1:27 – One of his trainers at Area 51 was a 4-foot tall grey
1:49 – Most aliens put on a human suit when they come here
1:55 – Discussion of converging timelines
2:13 – Discusses his role with “timelines work”
2:26 – Q: Where does he see himself in 2025? A: No way to see because life for everyone is going to change so much in the next 6 months
2:33 – Very soon the illusion of a “lack of resources” in the world will be removed (dissolved)
2:39 – He says that by this time next year we won’t be using gas for our cars or electricity for power
2:54 – Final statement by Bill]

Links to the MP3s (Parts 1-6, 30 min., 5 MB; Complete version, 2 hr. 57 min. (177 min.), 30 MB)

Part 1 (0-30 minutes)
Part 2 (30-60 minutes)
Part 3 (60-90 minutes)
Part 4 (90-120 minutes)
Part 5 (120-150 minutes)
Part 6 (150-177 minutes)
Complete interview

[KP Note 2: Sometimes I wonder, “Why am I doing this?” That’s how I felt during most of this recording process. And that may mean that there are points here that I (and perhaps others) needed to be made aware of. (PS if you ever watch one of these, suggest moving the window over so you cannot see the multitude of chat comments (unreal the vitriol in some of them))]

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