[Updated with PDF version] NEW UPDATE! David Wilcock “Financial Tyranny” Section 5 is Here!!… “THE MASS ARRESTS HAVE ALREADY STARTED”

[UPDATED 1-29-12: I have added a PDF version of the complete (all pages) web article; go to the links below]

This is a most important update (well, which one of David’s articles is not important). Full of information, new photos, etc. Wow, is all I can say.

David writes this update statement.

“[UPDATE SATURDAY 1/28: Section Five has now been released. It is massive — and highly fascinating, with a great deal of extremely sensitive information that may be very surprising to a lot of people.

“I hope that Section Six will follow very soon afterwards, but I wanted to get this out now — because we’ve had so many people eagerly awaiting it, and the mass arrests have already started.

“And yes… in response to many concerns, I have been working way, way too many hours per day on this and have not had enough sleep — but I will soon.]”

Section 5 is entitled, “Bretton Woods and the BIS“. The current Section 6 is where David has put all of the comments. I have saved the entire article, as it is currently [was], on 1-28-12, at 2125 HST, for download:

Complete article (all pages), with all links, images, and comments (zip folder):
120128_2125_1023-financial-tyranny_all_pages_complete.zip (34.9 MB)

HTML only version (formatted, working links, no images):
120128_2125_1023-financial-tyranny_all_pages.htm (1.9 MB)

Text only version (no images or formatting):
120128_2125_1023-financial-tyranny_all_pages.txt (1.1 MB)

PDF version (note: in different font than David’s) (use to download to iPhones, iPads, etc.):
120128_2125_1023-financial-tyranny_all_pages_complete.pdf (24 MB)

Below are the pieces of this Section that struck me (these are mostly from the latter parts of the article).



It appears that we will soon see mass arrests of many key conspirators in this problem — by a majority faction within the Pentagon.

The majority Pentagon faction is, in turn, backed and supported by an alliance of 122 nations. Many more will undoubtedly join once action begins to take place.

According to Fulford, over 60 percent of the US military in the Pentagon now supports the overthrow of this cabal. Recently, a new military witness has gone public — with even more corroborating detail about all of this.

Much of what he and I discussed must remain off the record. None of us have been given enough detail to cause any damage to the plans if we were interrogated.

However, I do believe these plans are very real, and will succeed. The timing of when this will be done is unknown — but it does appear that it all depends on how quickly things come to a head.

Given what has just happened — right as we were about to publish the final investigation — it seems the arrests have already started.

At the very least, we are seeing the first phase of the arrests.


The full event will create an unprecedented housecleaning of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the US government.

It will also sweep through large corporations, the finance industry, the military and the mainstream media complex — which is largely dominated by a handful of corporations.

The logistics of actually accomplishing this feat are staggering to comprehend.

I fully understand how terrifying this will be to most people — and there will be incredibly powerful disinformation suggesting it will be a “New World Order takeover” once it happens.

However, it appears to have already started as of Saturday, January 28, 2011 — and no one seems to be going into a panic. [Kp emphasis]

Remember — the first line of the Oath of Enlistment [of an Oathkeeper or soldier] tells the soldier his responsibility is to the Constitution of the United States of America — regardless of what foreign or domestic enemies may do to threaten it.

That responsibility can include going against direct orders from the highest levels of the unelected and / or occult government.

While I agree with Bill’s statement about the petition, I have also heard there is a much deeper and more compelling initiative at work. Therefore I would like to speak directly to the people who are continuing to perpetrate Financial Tyranny.

Guys… This is it. Game Over. You can rape us, beat us, kill us, detain us and silence us, but you cannot stop The Avalanche.

It’s here. It’s real. It’s much bigger than you could ever possibly imagine.

A paper-thin layer of fear is the only thing holding back The Avalanche right now. You know that. I know that. We’re not stupid. We’re adults. We know what happens in history when this occurs. It’s called a coup.

It’s going to happen no matter what. I have nothing to do with it. I believe the plan is so comprehensive and brilliant that there is no possible way for you to stop it.

I know you’re scared — but the best thing you can do is STOP LYING.

You still have a chance to give humanity the greatest gift of all time — an end to secrecy — and the most mind-blowing awakening in the planet’s history.


Here are links to all the sections of David’s article.

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