A Significant Article by Gordon Duff, 1-26-12…”Tidbits: What is Being Held Back from You” (Arrests, anyone?)

This is a precursor for the next post about David Wilcock’s new section 5. Found at Kerry Cassidy’s blog, this article by Gordon Duff of VeteransToday.com had a particular section that stood out in my mind. Although the article is mostly about what’s subtitled, “Secrets are More Often Conspiracies and Shame and Seldom are National Security”, and spends much time on the actual identity of Osama bin Laden, what hit me, particularly in light of the next post about David Wilcock, was the piece on insider trading by members of Congress (a rather well accepted but little publicized fact about our Congress). This was highlighted in an earlier post here, entitled “…Videos Affirming Built-in ‘Legal’ Corruption in the U.S. Government”.

Here is the portion of the Gordon Duff article I was speaking of.


Snippet from “Tidbits: What is Being Held Back from You
by Gordon Duff, Jan. 26, 2012

The president mentioned during his State of the Union address that congress should pass laws outlawing “insider trading.” If any other American were to do it, they would go to jail. Hundreds having committed crimes that members of congress commit every day are in federal prison.

On national television, the President of the United States announced that many members of congress are criminals and asked that they rescind the laws they passed that allow them to commit criminal acts and avoid prosecution.

Insider trading would cause members of congress to act against the interests of the American people and for corporations. It would also turn members of congress into, not just millionaires, but full-fledged members of criminal organizations.

If you just watched the video, you saw the president tell congress to stop being criminals. They applauded as though they wanted to stop stealing. I nearly fell off my chair. [Kp emphasis]

First of all, I thank any person in Washington who tells the truth, which Obama did. But at the end of the broadcast, using laws on the books, 80% of the people sitting behind the desks, in the good seats, including members of the US Supreme Court, should have been arrested and jailed. [Kp emphasis]

Congress does not have the right to pass laws that legalize criminal acts on their own part.

They did it !!

Here is another way of looking at it. Only the President of the United States has authority to pardon or commute sentences for those convicted of or seeking immunity from federal prosecution.

In passing legislation that abrogates [abolishes by formal or official means] that right, legalizing violations of federal law by members of the legislative branch, the number of unconstitutional acts involved is almost countless [Kp emphasis].

Not only does this overrule separation of powers as outlined in the constitution, it is, in itself, a usurpation, it essentially turns any authority empowered with the protection of the constitution, with or without writ of mandamus, that fails to act, into a party to criminal activity.

Congress has, in protecting itself from both civil and criminal remedies other than its of “witch hunts” against carefully chosen scapegoats, put itself above the law. There is one purpose for that. Members of congress continually commit serious felonies. This means we are voting for criminals.

Read more here at this link to the full article.


Kp: The key sentence in quotes above: “Congress does not have the right to pass laws that legalize criminal acts on their own part.” But they did it. At least they proposed it, and support it, for potential passage this year. If this does pass, it appears that any of those Congressional representatives (senators) will have violated the Constitution, and could be arrested.

There’s got to be more to this. I mean, they can read the internet, too, and certainly they must have figured this out. Haven’t they?

But to me this points out that a LOT is being done behind the scenes, and this appears to be one of the steps towards cleaning out our governments and bringing all of the criminal elements to justice.

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