A Short Time Off… and a Link to the Latest Nidle…

As I have finally had the dental work I needed (a double extraction), I am taking a short time off. It may be just a day, a few hours, or a few days. I am going with the flow.

There was a double tooth infection, upper and lower, and apparently the Western medicine was needed to completely correct it. Yet much more was cleared as well (internally), through this whole process. This had to be done.

So I await the release of all of the new technologies (Galactic or otherwise), in particular, the TRD (pronounced just as it it spelled) which is “Tooth Regeneration Device”. I’ve got plenty left, and since being in Peru in 2009, no more metal (amalgams, mercury, silver, etc.). But I will be happy to have all of my teeth replenished when that comes out.

PS I found that the discomfort was managed well by occasionally brushing the area with clove oil mixed with baking soda.

PPS Thank you all so very much for your suggestions for and about this. I am grateful also for all of your support and for sending Light and all that wonderful healing energy stuff my way.

PPPS Here’s the only thing I would have posted today, and that’s the latest Nidle Report.


My only comment would be that it seems to reflect many of our frustrations about this process that seems to be taking forever and ever. (yes, I have taken notice of several comments, for which I thank you for your honesty).

More after my mouth heals… Aloha… Kp

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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32 Responses to A Short Time Off… and a Link to the Latest Nidle…

  1. Dave Ashwell says:

    Dear KP

    I am not new to your site however this is the first time I have left a comment (question) as I value your time out as you do so much good work and you do not need to be bothered with my problems.

    I have a very bad ankle, it was busted 3 years ago, and because of my Diabetes, the thing will not heal. The latest from the Doc is that I will have to have it “cut off”. This is of coarse a bit concerning to me.

    Your latest post mentions a new technology, “Tooth Regeneration Device”,. I wonder will there be a device that will cure my diabetes and or replace the bones in my ankle mate.

    Cheers and keep up thr great work

    Dave Ashwell

    • ascendinlove says:

      Aloha– and g’day!– Dave, I suggest you try researching the benefits of a vegan diet. There was a documentary film in particular which followed this from a medical and scientific perspective. It’s called “Forks Over Knives,” and can be found on netflix instant play. You can pretty much turn on or off any dis-ease, depending on the fuel you’re giving it. All the best, be well, and be in-joy!



    • Cathy says:

      Dear David,
      Get a second opinion if you can, get a third too. Have you tried bone set? It is an herb. There is comfrey too and slippery elm bark. I know how concerned you are. Acupuncture and massage too. Don’t give up!

  2. V. Webster says:

    I hope everyone saw Kerry Cassidy’s 2nd interview (Q and A) with Bill Wood tonight. If not, it will probably be on Youtube. Wow! Hope you feel better soon, KP!

  3. Sylvia says:

    Letting go of the old to make way for the new. Take care KP. In Love and Light

  4. ascendinlove says:

    Reblogged this on AscendInLOVE and commented:
    youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdX_eYoXv8s&w=640&h=480%5D

    I agree with Kauilapele here…For the first time that I can recall, Sheldan’s message here seems to vent the frustrations felt by all lightworkers, towards the delay in bringing disclosure about. 

    Whereas the majority of his previous messages sang to the tune of ‘soon, soon soon’ ‘excuse, excuse excuse’ today Sheldan’s message has taken on a tone I feel many of us can relate to: GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!

    Sheldan, or the Sirians he has contact with, are sick of the excuses, which this message makes very clear lay at the cold feet of the ‘earth allies.’ As I piece together the puzzle from my own perspective, I’m starting to gather that there are indeed two separate factions working to bring about these great changes. Archangel Michael also seemed to corroborate and make this distinction when asked by Steve Beckow on his weekly radio show, An Hour With An Angel. 

    One of them is the group of 127 nations associated with what David Wilcock calls ‘The Monaco Accord.’ This I sense is a very third-dimensional and sociopolitical collaboration, comprising of the heads of government of various non-aligned nations, as well as leaders of industry working for the light. It is this group to which I believe Sheldan refers to when he says ‘earth allies,’ and it appears as if they’ve found themselves akin to a deer in headlights.

    No, action will not come from this heretofore brave, yet now stagnant front. Any action, it seems, lies in the hands of the second group, or what Sheldan refers to as the ‘secret sacred societies.’ As I understand it, this includes the Dragon Families referred to as of late by both Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock. David’s research also revealed a core group of ancient protectors who simply refer to themselves as ‘The Elders.’

    Yes, it now seems that any distinguishable events–at least planet-side– will arise from the actions and decisions of this small-yet-extremely powerful group of ancient protectors.

    As always, this is merely my speculation based on the puzzle pieces I’ve been given. What will happen remains to be seen…

  5. B says:

    Hi Kauilapele,
    ‘Stand in the light’ :-) yes I learned it from you, thanks!

  6. ramto1 says:

    Dear KP, this comes from South Africa – but we are Germans. – Well, last year was a tough one for me too since I had also teeth extracted and there are no mor on lower left side. –
    Now listen: http://www.petrovfond.de/english.html If you connect to this webadress you will get to some russian doctor, Arkadij Petrov who wrote the the book “the Light of Eternity ” – with the help of a clearvojant person Grigori Grabovoi he managed to regrow organs. One elderly Lady had he teeth coming back after reading the book. We have the video for proof. He surges the stemcells microscoply and enhances and stimulates mentally with the help of others these cell structures and one can actually feel the grows like some sewing needles start to work in the body.
    One lady had the ovary taken out in the hospital and years later he made it regrow in better shape the the “old one” an the other side. They managed to do really amazing things. They have the first office now in Germany open and give lections on a regular basis.
    The russians never denied the spiritual side of reality as the west has been doing that.

    It is a bit like the medicin free hospitals in far east where they chant away cancer while you watch it on the screen. Grigory Grabovoi is really an amazing guy too. Check it out!

    Keep well


  7. Jose says:

    Hi Kuailapele, even though I don’t usually post, I follow you on a regular basis and I really appreciate your work. Thanks a LOT !!!

    Hi ascendinlove: regarding your explanation about the different factions, thanks, very informative.

    Hi Dave Ashwell: regarding your diabetes and health issues, there is a German doctor called Dr. Hamer who has found the cause and cure for most diseases, including cancer, but the corrupt elite is suppressing his discoveries. I really think Dr. Hamer’s findings could help you with the diabetes and other things.

    You may want to research it with google, these are a few key links:

    Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer


    One of the best videos about Dr. Hamer and his discoveries:

    Die 5 Biologischen Naturgesetze – Die Dokumentation
    The 5 biological laws of nature. Dr. Hamer German New Medicine
    (English subtitles. Duration: 4 hours)

    Jose (from Spain)

  8. Martina says:

    Dear KP,
    an intense tranformative process – get well soon

  9. Dave Klausler says:

    Delay after delay after delay… for whatever reason, causes more doubt than belief.

  10. B says:

    Holding you in a space of Light and Healing… feel good soon. And yes, even though western medicine and a physical symptom… much more was in process. Namaste!

  11. Duane says:

    A lesson from Dr. Seuss
    It seems like forever, I agree. I have had this “bogged down” feeling too. I’m reminded of the Dr. Seuss story, “Oh the Places You’ll Go” where he talks about “The Waiting Place…for people just waiting.” That is how I feel!
    ….and here’s the good news, the story goes on to say, “Somehow you’ll escape all that waiting and staying, You’ll find the bright places where Boom Bands are playing. With banner flip-flapping, once more you’ll ride high! Ready for anything under the sky. Ready because you’re that kind of a guy! Oh, the places you’ll go!”
    Another thing I wanted to add is that a few weeks ago while in meditation I started receiving “messaging and guidance” through subtle yes or no response to questions I posed. That communication has ceased for a week now. It’s like other things are up and I’m off line for the moment.
    I want to pass this on to you. In those “communications” the first three days of March are to be significant (whatever that means).
    Sending you Light,

  12. Mornig KP! Good to hear you’re getting better. I still use the salt water once in awhile. (Maybe I’m addicted? LOL)

    Thank You Duane— I’m so with you on your post. Same coming to me. March 1… also, have a “communication breakdown”. I have to do a walking meditation now. If I’m still and listen the “buzzing” goes of the charts and drives me nuts. PEACE

  13. Ginger says:

    Maybe it could be said that the infection needing rooted out is that which Mother Earth is rooting out? As I sense for many of us, our experienced pain is Hers.

    Given patience is hardly my middle name, not only has it been challenging to continue living within the old global mobster game crap that never seems to go away, but my inner sense around how things will be in 5D reality. Where experiencing an infection is no longer part and parcel of the holographic play. Where the challenge is learning how to work with telepathy (again), instantly manifesting (again), directly experiencing all that is (again), being in a physical vehicle of any age we choose to be, free of all 3D physical ailments (again) – all we forgot after so many multiple amnesias here in 3D.

    So hope you have more patience that I, as you heal within this still slow boat of 3D stuff.

  14. K, I hope you are healing fast and in less pain. In case you haven’t heard about this, it might be something to watch while you are resting. It is really encouraging and surprising if you can get to the end, and will cheer you up. I promise.

  15. ickytwerp39 says:

    I got frustrated with that “earth allies” dragging their feet excuse. Ok, so set the phasers on “whoop ass” and plug them along with the cabal.

  16. MeherBaba22 says:

    To KP – great choice on the clove oil & baking soda (0:

    @ Dave Ashwell – Dave, recommend not letting them chop you up, unnecessary.
    not sure if this can be posted here but will offer info anyway – 1st, every diabetic would do well to keep themselves “ultra-hydrated” with good pure water ( works miracles in & of itself ) and Stevia ( the real natural stuff, not the hybrid junk mixed with dextrose or worse ) is rather phenomenal at helping your body keep blood sugar in balance, i use it daily – tastes great, liquid or powder.
    also, just like KP, i use a variety of natural medicinal oils for various things, whole family does. my favorite company is called Native American Nutritionals, super quality & great pricing too. Recommend calling them & speak with the owner, Paul Dean. He hasn’t ever once steered me wrong when wasn’t sure what might help best.

    @ V. Webster & KP – spent the morning watching the interview with Bill Wood, David Wilcock & Bill Ryan – PHENOMENAL!!!!! OMG WOW!!!! (0:
    someone at David’s blog asked if anyone had an audio of it & was wondering if KP might be able to work his “MP3 Magic” on it???
    my parents have dial up and many things they wouldn’t be able to get at all if it weren’t for Kauilapele’s transferring so much of the really important stuff into those type files where their computer can download it without timing out & losing it all. It’s made all the difference in the world to them, and so to me too!

    • kauilapele says:

      Thank you MeherBaba22, I’m watching the video now, and converting to an mp3 for audio only download. I’ll split it into smaller pieces for faster downloading.

      • MeherBaba22 says:

        THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
        talk about “ask & ye shall receive instant gratification” !!! (0;
        have already sent it over to them & also out to everyone else in my email group ( everyone’s got a few folks with limited download issues & i dealt with it myself, until last week, for the past 10 years so understand the frustrations of just aching to “learn right now but the ‘puter won’t bring it in.” )
        Big fluffy bear hugs of gratitude & appreciation Kauilapele (0:
        i also just submitted it for posting over at David’s so they’ll have it soon as the mods plug in the next batch of comments.

        Thanks too for letting us know the converter you use! i have tried many times to convert things in various ways & all too often with no luck ( just still have lots to learn in that realm ) so really glad to get the tip on a good tool that works.

        Hope you’re mouth heals up super fast, mouth pain can be one of the worst as its just nearly impossible to “ignore” for even a short time.
        one good way to speed healing up real fast is nano-particle micro silver, insane expensive to buy in bottles but dirt cheap to make at home with a machine. it too is one of those good tools a friend tipped me off to & has made a vast difference for me in being able to beat a particularly nasty chronic case of systemic candidiasis – almost took me out of the whole game about a year ago. which would’ve sucked, i’m here to experience everything that’s happening first hand & sure wouldn’t want to miss a moment of it all!
        anyway, i found the stuff that that the machine makes way superior to ANY i ever bought in bottles from a store. so my whole family got jars of colloidal silver for Christmas this year, was best i could do (0: i got my machine at “The Silvers Edge” online – they were really helpful & lots of excellent
        free info there

  17. Doug says:

    I don’t understand how certain individuals or groups can represent us, citizens of Earth. Who gave them that right? Because we elected some (ie. government)? Or, because they are aware of our Galactic visitors and their intentions all along (ie. secret societies)?

    Why can’t *I* (or we) represent the people on Earth? What’s the fundamental difference?

    Could the answer be as simple as enough of us have to request their help? They could be bound by some ‘law’ that doesn’t allow assistance until we request it, and can’t even hint to this fact.

    So, if we got together and formally requested help from our Galactic friends, things may move forward. That may be our final test. Don’t sit by and wait for others to make decisions for us, but step forward as individuals or groups, and humbly request their guidance.

    Friends, copy/paste the following as your signature on your various social sites, and we’ll see what happens! (I’m kind of kidding, but really, why not?!)

    “To our Galactic friends, I humbly and respectfully request your assistance and guidance to move humanity forward to a new era of peace, love, and spiritual transformation.”

  18. Dave Ashwell says:

    THANK YOU ALL, you WONDERFUL people who have left information and ideas as well as all the emails for my Diabetes and my ankle matter. I love you all VERY MUCH.

    I did not understand that there was this level of help out there. Bless you all.

    Dave Ashwell

    • James says:

      Be sure to look at the ML830 cold laser light home unit.
      It is the latest in light healing technology.
      Be well my friend.

  19. James says:

    It will be a great day when we do not have to rely on channeled messages for the information we seek regarding Disclosure and the Shift. I for one have been uncomfortable with this arrangement and am certainly ready for another avenue of info to rely on.

  20. ElRon XChile says:

    So here it is…

    The only people who can now manifest the solution are us.

    As I have told the people from out of town, and now all are getting frustrated with them for not doing anything, until such time as we can managed to sequester and contain these bad little actors chewing up the scenery, there will be no world order…

    Let us rock

    …from 1993 – We have known this for a long time so don’t blame the star elders for what we still refuse to take responsibility for.

    I am glad to hear that you took care of your problem using such primitive 3D methods – any minute now it will all be much better.


  21. Katie says:

    KP, have you heard of Adamu? I just listened to him for the first time, and, wow, does he resonate with me! He says governmts will never disclose. Disclosure happens on a personal level. And as we know the truth, and we begin to live the truth we know, then it just becomes so.
    Perhaps you’ve already heard this message, but here’s the link anyway: http://the2012scenario.com/2012/01/adamu-on-the-disclosure-issue/#more-91962


  22. Waypoint says:

    Thank you again for your posts. I find them comforting for the most part although I too have felt a lot of frustration lately that we are not seeing more definitive signs of the global awakening and defeat of the dark ones. On top of that, I am feeling overwhelmed lately with the idea of misinformation being put out to confuse us and not knowing what to trust anymore.

    I watched the interviews with Bill Wood and that gave me a renewed sense of hope for the future but one question continues to confound me as I look around at what I clearly understand is the illusionary world we have co-created. Here is my question:

    If we are destined to evolve beyond this dimension, what is the point of continuing to participate in this illusionary world that’s essentially been one big con job?

    It’s like we’ve all been dutifully playing this game of life and now have learned that not only are some of the biggest players cheating, they’ve actually set up the game so we can’t win! My reaction to this is that I don’t want to play the game anymore. I’m looking at my life and especially my job and I just want to abandon it all because there is a sense that it does not represent me anymore and worse, I don’t know what does! It’s like I’ve been fooled into believing my life has been about something that doesn’t really exist.

    It’s a very disempowering and disconnected feeling and I don’t know what to do with it! I’m looking out today at an eternally gray sky with the dormancy of winter all around me. That’s the way I feel inside and I can feel a depression creeping in. In desperation, I look for something to feel good about but I don’t know what to trust anymore.



  23. william sol says:

    Namaste KP,

    I saw a article in mainstream media today saying researchers have developed a way to cloak 3d objects, combining that with the media starting to report a bit on the habitablity of other planets/moons, is starting to look a bit like pre disclosure :)

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