1-17-12… Okay, So Here’s What’s Going on… in the Mouth of my Personal Space…

Although I’m in the midst of writing all these things, putting items up here on this blog, and so on, right now (written evening of 1-16-12) I am undergoing what seems like a physical challenge. AND I DON’T LIKE IT ONE BIT!!

I’ve been able to look beyond certain physical 3D in-my-body types of ordeals. Having body-surfed and boogie boarded, I’ve got a collection (a “nice selection”, as I like to call it) of various reef scrapes, rock scratches, and so on. I’ve stepped on vanas (that’s Hawaiian for sea urchins), banged things, had “severe” cuts here and there. Yet, all of it is just a minor deal. I know I am protected, cared for, and healed by Forces Great than Myself.

All except… when it’s in my mouth. Right now I’m experiencing off and on pains (more like STRONG discomforts) on the right side of (what seems like) both jaws. Is it a tooth thing? Is it a jaw thing? I have no idea. When the pain flares up, the only softening of the pain comes when I hold some water in my mouth, or chew some food, or… well, that’s it.

(now writing on 1-17-12) So last night I did some of Serge Kahili King’s Dynamind techniques. Check that out sometime.


Beverly told me about this some years ago, and I’ve used it off and on. But last night was such a pointed pain type experience, unable to sleep, unable to relax, having to get up off and on, that I gave in and tried the Dynamind. For about half hour. And, lo, I finally got to bed, and was comfortable, and slept for about 7 hours.

Now why has this come up now?

I’m looking at questions like, “Am I releasing something?” “What is it within that I need to process, or whatever?” “Are all these energies coming through now bringing this on?”

And why am I writing about this?

Well, what came through during my Dynamind adventure, was a belief that said, “None of this New Age healing techniques BS can work… for ME.” And accompanied by a deep heart sense that no matter what I did, I’d have to spend lots of $$ on dental work, or oral surgery, or other stuff like that. And all that also accompanied by a deep heart sense that I would not be cared for, taken care of, or really nurtured in any way by this so-called loving Universe.

All pretty old stuff. Years, decades, centuries, millennia old. So I felt that a lot of this had to do with that. Maybe even clearing a lot of “crap” for a lot of others as well (search this blog for the “de-crapification” article). It could happen.

All I can say now, now that I’m drinking mocha and coffee at JavaOnTheRock.com, is that I feel I DO deserve this healing energy, this “love of the whole entire Universe” healing energy, and I know it is healing all parts that are calling out to be healed, NOW. In this moment. For this being, called KP.

Is this true for you too? Of course!!!

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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38 Responses to 1-17-12… Okay, So Here’s What’s Going on… in the Mouth of my Personal Space…

  1. purpleskyz says:

    I sure hope that you feel better soon!
    Maybe you are having a reaction to the “sounds” that are being released all over the planet at this time. I listened to a couple of the videos now making their way around the sites and my brain is pulsing in pain from the experience. I broke down and took a 800mg Ibuprofin and can now blink without wincing.

  2. Aaron says:

    Bradda kp,

    For the short term, try brushing with baking soda. I use aluminum free, but any one will do in the short term.

    In the long term, there is significant research showing a combination of highly concentrated fatty fish oils and high vitamin raw butter oil can heal any dental ailment– along with a slew of other things.

    You need only look as far as David Wilcok’s research, and you’ll find he highly recommends products from a company called Green Pasture [http://greenpasture.org]

    …and I’m sure you can dig up some raw butter on da island– perhaps Kamuela side?

    All the best,



    • kauilapele says:

      Mahalo nui, Aaron. We’ll check it out.

      • laurabruno says:

        Green Pasture products and raw dairy healed my teeth in 2011 as well. Miraculously! An eight and a half year stint as a strict vegan didn’t do my teeth any favors but this reversed it. Also, teeth, jaws and spine represent structure and we know what’s happening to all of those old structures and paradigms. Lots of people are having tooth, jaw and spinal pain demanding attention right now. All the best to you!

  3. I so relate to what you wrote. I have been having teeth/mouth pain and the corresponding beliefs that I am not going to heal, that I am just better off dead, old painful stuff. Not sure why it is in the mouth other than “swallowing” some bs. We are releasing for sure. Thank you for writing and I will send you love and light.

  4. Teri Cole says:

    I also had a very painful ache in my jaw area yesterday afternoon – but mine was on the left side. It didn’t feel like teeth, in fact, at first I suspected an ear infection brewing. The pain felt like it was over a larger area of the left side of my head. It lasted a few hours, then it was gone. It came on out of nowhere, and today I feel absolutely fine. Very strange, indeed!

  5. YvonneInBetween says:

    I’ve been having trouble with my jaw on the right side for about 6 months. Very lightly at first; but it generated into a ‘wake-me-up-from-a-sound-sleep-pain’ a few times and nothing worked to get rid of it. I began to think there was something really bad going with me.

    The only thing I could think of was this might be coming from a broken jaw in my teens (I’m in my early 60’s now) and my body was clearing trauma so the cells could upgrade.

    In trying to solve this I discovered I had a ‘sore spot’ on the back of my skull and when I massaged it, the pain in my jaw alleviated.

    A few weeks ago Steve Rother gave a free video on his website called “Stepping Into 2012.” When I looked at it, he spoke of the body’s Vega Nerve undergoing change and showed a drawing where the nerve begins and how it branches out into the physical body. It begins where the sore spot on my skull is located, and I have come to the conclusion this is the root cause of jaw discomfort in my body.
    I also noticed it flares up a bit (nothing like it used to) whenever there is a solar flare, solar wind, or just an active spot on the Sun. My body used to react when they actually ‘hit the earth’ (24 to 48 hours after being released by the sun); but I am now so sensitive that once they show up on the sun’s surface, my body has a reaction.

    I am not one who likes being in discomfort and have always had a body that was ache and pain free until the last two+ years when the sun’s activity went on a rampage. Oh! The link to the Steve Rother video is: http://lightworker.com/EvolutionCenter/
    You will see it in the list if you scroll down just a bit.

  6. B says:

    I have aches and pains/pressure in my head, neck… mostly on my right side too. Slight fever. 5 days now… increasing in intensity each day. Sleeping lots. Low energy. Keep us posted and hope you feel good real soon… Me too! : )

  7. Barbara p says:

    Dear K,
    Here in Maine my sweetheart’s heart is moving through “concrete” as he works to establish himself in love — a terrifying place of vulnerability. I am so honored to act as the witness. I am so grateful for your blog & shadings as I believe by choice that we are in the return of the divine feminine energy which is cleansing all of us whether we realize it or not. Blessings to all

  8. Dom says:

    I can relate very well to your deep feelings related to tooth issues. It always feels like everything is lost. I can say, however, that every single time it did turn out well in the end. Sure, it did require some dental work at times, but not much fortunately.

    You might try, if it is somewhere available where you live, a Hildegard of Bingen recipe: vine ash. Google “vine ash teeth”. Has helped many with gum issues. Good luck and thanks for running this blog!

  9. Cathy says:

    Dear K.P.,
    I also have various pains in my body. I am 53 so I am in my change. I do notice when I change my knowing, my body reacts and adjusts. There alot of muscles in the face, jaw and head, and they are interconnected. Maybe a massage might be nice for a while once a week or so. You traveled far, you might be very tight in your muscles and maybe nervous system. It is always good to get checked by a healthcare physician. Then you will know what it is. I suspect that it is a reaction to your recent spiritual work. Hatha yoga is good to relieve tension. Making sure you get good vitamin and mineral intake is good. Blackstrap molasses is a good source of iron, calcium and copper. Golden seal is a good mouthwash it kills alot of bacteria and helps the gums to heal.

    I am so sorry you are hurting. I know you will figure it out. Is the pain right in the mouth at the teeth or is it perhaps in the jaw muscles along the side of the face? Do you have an infection, if you use floss this will help to let oxygen in to heal the gums.

    Yes of course you deserve healing energy, but sometimes we need alittle outside help. I do not think taking on another’s stuff is good thing, we are all responsible for ourselves. Once you know what is going on, you can choose how to go about resolving your pain. I know you will figure it out.

    Cathy A.

  10. Lewis says:

    Dear Kauilapele:

    Let me take this occasion to thank you deeply, from the diamond center of my heart, for the work you are doing. I spent the morning of 11/11/11 at the top of Haleakele in Maui and it was shortly thereafter that I discovered your valuable blog. Although I had to leave Maui to return to Michigan, your blog maintains the connection to those magical islands so it is as if I never left. I ordered two of your CDs which i thoroughly enjoy — again, another connection to those magical islands. I read your blog carefully and with gratitude. It transports me to the middle of the Pacific Ocean so I may remember what it is like to hear Nature speak so clearly, beautifully and authoritatively.

    Helena Roerich wrote about “the sacred pains” in the early part of the 20th century. These “pains” are similar to those that a caterpillar experiences as s/he is transformed into a butterfly. That which no longer serves is dissolved and excreted and that which is required takes shape and form. I find that medical marijuana is a great help with the sacred pains.

    Shalom = Salaam = Shanti,

  11. dw says:

    We are all shifting on every level.
    This includes our ‘body’.
    Try just feeling the pain and transmute it as you go, much like a natural childbirth.(disclaimer: deep down you would know if a doctor/dentist should be consulted).
    Know that new beginnings are near.

    Love to All!
    dw in the tnf

  12. Ginger says:

    Can really relate to the old 3D-BS assumption remains, as I still have to constantly stalk mine. In your case, seems extreme Pain was the messenger in rooting out some remains. Nice work!

    This obstacle around our programming, in not believing that we really are our own healers, was huge . . . as “self-healing” is just one step away from instantly manifesting what we need physically in the moment (food? rent?).

    So stalking anymore blocks around the fact that inner-self-healing IS possible & that I Deserve it , as well as . . . that I also Deserve to manifest what I need, Now, in learning how to shift my entire being into an energetic alignment that will instantly manifest, is of the most interest to me.

    And note – in July 2011 – I bought a $1500 light therapy device (Mellon Thomas’ “Dream Spa”), because no matter how much work I had been doing on myself, my life force energies were extremely weak and unstable. So I would get physically exhausted way too easily (and depressed about it).

    Happily, this device worked! – as in only 3 weeks, my life force foundation not only was rebuilt (!), but my energy levels increased dramatically.

    But after 3 weeks use, I go and kept getting to stop using it, as it would interfere with my vehicle’s ascension processes! . . . so that was my message to keep using high vibrational healing protocols towards assisting my vehicle to heal and process it’s current ascension . . .
    . . . as I fully Deserve it!

    “I am a sovereign being of light here,
    all self-healing & manifesting what I need,
    IS my Birth Right!”

  13. Sylvia says:

    Hi KP, my first thoughts after reading your blog was the I Ching hexagram 21 – Biting Through. I suggest you google it for a full meaning. Very interesting. Sending you Love and Light.

  14. Kalina says:

    Hi KP~
    MMS can prevent a root canal. I would recommend swishing with it and also putting drops into empty capsules and taking it. i would start with 2 drops and increase from there. go to http://www.JimHumble.biz for more information on how many drops! You can find it online, Google for it in liquid form. you will also need citric acid powder and most health food stores should have that as well as empty capsules. Dr Hulda Clark said that all pain is from bacterias (pathogens). MMS has worked well for my dental hassles and even colds and flus, etc..I always have it around as it’s a good prevention just swishing it after you brush teeth daily, which is what I do now that I know how great it is. It’s basically an oxygen therapy and most pathogen are anaerobic!! It’s really a cheap therapy too!! Good luck & hope you are feeling better soon!!
    Divine Aloha,

    • kauilapele says:

      Thank you Kalina. I’ve been taking MMS for that past week, and built up to 12 drops once or twice a day. It’s the only medicine I ever use.

      • Kalina says:

        That’s great to hear!! So now do the SWISHING and longer is better because it makes more bubbles and it’s the OXYGEN that gets pushed way inside!! What I recommend is to take a swig and swish it till you need to spit it out, then take another swig and swish and swish and keep doing it UNTIL the PAIN is GONE, or at least much less….DON’T STOP SWISHING. People have done that and the pain never came back!!! They have prevented root canals!! But even if it goes away, swish everyday after you brush for PREVENTION
        because it can be so DEEP, by the time you get the pain, it’s spread all over, so it’s wise to do prevention with the mouth!!
        Take care and good luck!

      • Kalina says:

        Kalina again! I hope I can reply twice! I forgot to mention using CLAY PACKS!
        I use Living Clay which is calcium bentonite clay, or any good clean drinkable clay and mix it with water kinda like cement and pack it over and around the tooth and also on the outside of your mouth where the pain is and cover the outside one with saran wrap kind of plastic so it doesn’t dry out too fast because when it dries, it can irritate and you have to wash it off quicker. With the wrap covering it ~ it will dry slowly and you can feel it sucking stuffs out. This has relieved tooth pain for me also. It has NO real taste in your mouth and since it’s good to drink, I just swallowed whatever with my saliva and kept it in my mouth for as long as I can stand it, then rinse and do it again till you can feel a difference or NO PAIN!!
        Divine Aloha,

  15. ElRon XChile says:

    I am sending you healing energy right now. There is stress and unresolved issues coming back and forth. You WILL feel better soon. The fact that you are having such pain in a sensitive area of your body is very telling. I’ll work on it some more, but I think you know where this is coming from…

  16. Jot says:

    Dear KP, if the pain persists see a doctor or dentist. If it has to be dealt with on the physical level that is no big deal. Just get relief and go on from there. Wishing you great comfort and happiness. JOT

  17. Avian says:

    I was having some of the same issues today of not being taken care of and all is crap and it came to me why yesterday a honey bee crawled around my feet in the grass and i just watched it and after a bit it just up and died, then i felt something crawl around in my bosom and reached my hand in and there is a ladybug crawling. The Bee i heard was to say “Be Still”(“Be Still and Know that “I am God”) and the Ladybug was to say i will be taken care of just like ones always feel the need to take care of a ladybug!

    As i started to read about your teeth/jaw i heard the word “silence” so there is something to be said or not said, which? My mom told us which was told to be a joke when we were kids that when one is told to hold water in mouth it is to avoid arguments.

    Thought this from Aisling Dream Dictionary might be of help since it all is said to be a dream anyway .”Teeth can also indicate that you need to be more assertive or less assertive. If a dentist is repairing your teeth, it means that you need to be more assertive and stand up for yourself. To dream of an animal with a lot of teeth, such as a crocodile, means the same thing. This type of dream can be triggered through being in a situation where you feel you cannot stand up for yourself or have lost your grip. For example, a relationship with an over powering partner or a work situation where you feel you would get fired if you speak up. The dream is healing with the intention of giving you renewed vigor to get a grip on the situation.”

    Don’t forget Too that as we clear we gain more WISDOM! =Teeth/wisdom Teeth!

    Love and Peace

  18. James says:

    I have been suffering from degenerative nerve neuropathy for 5 years now. It is slowly
    taking me out of this physical body. I can tell you that there is nothing like unrelenting pain to
    show you what you are truly about. NOTHING.
    I hold all of you who have pain in my healing vision. Know that I love you and pray for your liberation as I pray for mine.
    Aloha my friends.

    • frank says:

      James I greet you with the love of a fellow human. I commend you on your courage as you have taken on this challenge on a soul level to plunge into the darkness to find a glorious light within you. You are a very spiritual man or you would not have found your way through this nor would you have been willing on a soul level to take this on in this lifetime. I congratulate you. Hang in there James…Home is not far off.Many spirits and guides will see you through this. Your courage brings love and light to all who behold your love even in the pain.

  19. Ouch… I just had 5k in dental work done and I feel for you brother. You’d think the body could heal teeth better. I mean it replaces them once, why not 2 or 3 times?

  20. frank says:

    my galactic friend you are not alone as all our bodies are undergoing changes and adjustments in these shifting times. I could not sleep last night even though I was tired and had meditated and was clear. Something was calling me that is all I can assume as there was nothing pressing on my mind nor was I conscious of anything that could explain why I couldn’t go to sleep. I was as if I was waiting for something. Then my dream state left me not wanting to wake up, very odd lately as I lay in bed I want to continue in the 4 density state. My guides and the galactics have been working with me in the dream state Also it felt like I can feel the energy in the air as something glorious is taking shape as we create this new reality. My body seems to be fighting it for some reason.

  21. Trinity says:

    Salusa says that we are releasing a lot of old stuff. If you are awake (which obviously you are) then stuff has to be released now as it has no further purpose and it is coming to the surface to be released. The ‘Jerhoam’ entity says that often when we have an illness/niggly pains then it is associated with a symbolism, for example, I had a rash suddenly appear under my arm, he told me that it was associated with ‘perfection’. I am a terrible perfectionist and if something isn’t perfect then it irritates me, seriously LOL. As soon as I was aware of this it dissappeared. Hope this helps and that your ailment is remedied soon.

  22. Martina says:

    Sunshine Greetings from Europe…
    experiencing my body transforming for so long (decades)
    ..here is something soothing ,)

  23. Martina says:


  24. Stefan says:

    Sending you the healing energy now that flows through me.
    Also, I’ve been getting messages of late to “floss” continually.
    Lot’s of connections between what’s going on in our mouths and our bodies.
    More energy to you and you will be better shortly.

    On another note. Had dream/vision this morning and I feel that more open contact has begun although we may not hear about it just yet.

    Bless you and all.

  25. homeopathy might help says:

    Hello Kauilapele,

    I looked up the description of your jaw pain in my (classical) homeopathic repertory (RADAR10) and that is what I found:
    Jaw pain that is ameliorated by holding cold water in the mouth: Clematis.

    Then I searched the Internet and my books and found in this website (http://hpathy.com/e-books/lectures-on-homeopathic-materia-medica/clematis-erecta/)

    “Teeth: The pains in connection with the teeth are aggravated from the warmth of the bed, which is general; they come at night, are aggravated from warm things held in the mouth and ameliorated from holding cold water in the mouth.

    Stitching and drawing pains in the teeth; worse at night; better for a short time from holding cold water in the mouth; better from drawing in cold air; worse from the warmth of the bed. The toothache is tolerable during the day, but as soon as he lies down in bed and assumes a horizontal position it increases to an intolerable degree. Pain in hollow tooth, better by cold water or drawing in cold air.”

    Since every homeopathic remedy has an idea behind it I looked this up too. Imagine your feelings have a volume knob. It can be completely turned down (you feel nothing) and the volume can be too high (you feel too much, it overwhelms you). The plant family of Clematis helps to adjust to your individual right volume Maybe this information can help you. I would suggest to get Clematis C30 and try it out.

    Homeopathy is an individual energetic medicin. The remedy has to fit the person and the pain. So maybe I didn’t get the description of your pain right, then the remediy will not work.

    And thank you very much for your blog. You really bring lots of information together.

  26. Kate says:

    This may sound crazy, but especially due to the synchronicity I’m going to mention it anyway. :) Just a few minutes ago I read a post by a girl who just recently healed herself instead of spending $1000 on a root canal. She did it with a 7-day juice feast. My body doesn’t do well with fasting, but even I was able to do seven days on a juice feast. Maybe that would work for you? It definitely helps any cleansing the body is doing, and rushes healing aid to what needs healing.

  27. Quietwolf says:

    I Had tremedous pain in my left jaw yesterday, and I put a clove on it and it felt better. I think we are going through some major alignments. I can’t sleep and when I do, I wake up like every 2 hours exactly at 2:22 and 3:33, and then I sleep for 2 more hours and when I woke this time, my jaw wasn’t hurting and I heard myself speak this language I never heard before. Sending you Reiki energy now that I feel much better today. Tina

  28. Santa Fe Roger says:

    Hey Kauilapele, I have another suggestion for you to try regarding your jaw pains. I would recommend a partial spoonful of organic extra virgin coconut oil to swish around in your mouth for at least 20 minutes, twice a day. It is called “oil pulling.” You “push & pull” the coconut oil between your teeth. You then spit it out at the end. I have found that it has analgesic, as well as amti-microbial action, especially when used in the mouth as mentioned above.

    Coconut oil is very high in MCT’s, capryllic acid, lauric acid and all kinds of other elements that have anti-viral, anti-fungal, ant-yeast and various other anti-microbial properties. It also has several of the important immune boosting and protective elements found in human mother’s milk, which is so important for the health of the newborn infant.

    I put a couple tablespoons of coconut oil on my oatmeal in the morning & some on my brown rice or cook my tempeh with it, to also get those benefits mentioned above.

    At any rate, rather than me attempting to sound coherent at 4:33 AM MST ;^), I will direct you to a website for further information of the healing benefits of pretty much most parts of the amazing coconut! it is: http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org & Dr. Bruce Fife has all kinds of great information about the wonders & blessings provided by the coconut, from scientific studies to the benefits of traditional uses of coconut in many indigenous cultures, from whom we can learn a lot!

    Heal well.


    Santa Fe Roger

    P.S. Oh yes, off the subject, but very timely nonetheless. The last 2 nights, I saw a remarkable ad during a break of the Keith Olbermann Show on Current TV. It is a 20 point “99 % Declaration” document that is recommending massive reforms & paradigm shifting for the better type information from a true grassroots movement, a few similar examples of which we saw today in the apparent defeat of SOPA & PIPA internet proposals & the President Obama decision to refuse to allow the Keystone Pipeline to be built! (He was mandated to give a decision within 60 days of one of those deadline-beating negotiations a few months back). And the massive public upswell of objections to these issues surely carried the day! The 99 % Declaration proposes the end of constant wars. a moratorium on foreclosures, establishing that corporations are not people, etc. All good stuff that I can tell at this point in the morning. ;^) Speaking of which, I’d better get some sleep. Be well.

    • kauilapele says:

      Thank you so much Roger. I’ve found salt water helpful, for a few seconds, but I’ve not tried the coconut oil. I’ll get some and try it. And mahalo for the website.

      Hope all is well there, and know that I will be back, because, for one thing, I never made it to Kakawa chocolates!

  29. Santa Fe Roger says:

    Oops! Brain Fade Alert! LOL I forgot to post the link to the document I was just talking about. It is: http://www.the-99-declaration.org/ . So check it out, & I think you will see how nicely it promotes unity & fairness & respect for Mother Earth. Ok, I shall now retire for the night.

  30. Kathy says:

    Snap! I too have been having ‘tooth issues’ – and have had 3 teeth extracted in the last 6 months…all had abscesses – which I have never had before – all required antibiotics – which I never take – I tried all the other natural stuff – MMS etc. to no avail. When I asked what this was all about
    the answer I got was that it was a detox of deeply held pain, fear and darkness – akin to earth cleansing – and it is what I have been doing for a long time – this is my service – to be a transmuter of energy – a lot of times the ‘pain’ has been transitory…mostly it is ‘not mine’. This last lot was extra fierce – but I accepted the help of Western medicine this time – it was the right thing for me on this occasion…
    I am feeling much better – lots of ‘poison’ has been cleared. Hope the same for all of you…I keep being told to ‘hang in there’ – and it’s great to know that we are making progress towards better things!
    Blessings to everyone,

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