Something is Leaving…

I attach this palm tree to this message. The top of the palm has to leave the ground in order to rise up. To get high.

As I left to go to coffee this morning, seeing the cats resting by my place, like they knew I was leaving, I began feeling a deep sadness. It still has not let up. That feeling has touched into something about leaving, that’s for sure.

I don’t know all the pieces involved with this, but lots of times when I get this way it’s because it’s a larger deal than just me. Which is how this seems, but also there are my own individual “pieces” that are in this as well.

I just read a note on my iPhone here, that was an older post, and it said something like, “Relax With the Changes.” So that’s what I’m doing. I still “sense” the sadness, but it’s like “sensing” it from outside of it. Like observing it from above.

There is a major “leaving” taking place, though. That paradigm thing, the old one, the one that’s not serving us anymore. Now the new paradigm is kind of like it’s reaching down here and pulling us up into it.

“But I liked that old paradigm. It felt comfortable and meant I could stay the same and not have to do anything like move to new places and be a new being. I liked that.”

Some may say that. But I know that, for my Self, that stepping out of the old familiar, and up, is a LOT more fun, a LOT more joy-filled, and a LOT Light-er than staying stuck to that old familiar.

And I’m sure those palm fronds way up there, with that view, are loving every minute of not being on the ground anymore!


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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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17 Responses to Something is Leaving…

  1. purpleskyz says:

    I have read of more then a few that are feeling a sort of depression after 11.11.11. I myself feel an elation but I have always been the square peg. Hope you feel “up” soon!
    Have a wonderful holiday!
    Love your websight btw…..

  2. kim says:

    Love the cats !!

  3. Catherine says:

    I am wondering all the time how comes I feel so much lighter since 11.11.11 and at the same time not particularly joyful. I am grieving something and I am feeling that some old relationships that I used to see as very precious are no more what I need… I can’t lie but I feel like I’m such a strange person, I really don’t know whether I’m good or bad these times…

    • J of Indy says:

      I know what you mean. I have been at extremes of my bad and good self these past several days. I would not call it happy. It takes so much energy for me to contain myself now, with things I have chosen to Love through. I feel like I’m mourning for myself. …

  4. Visionkeeper says:

    Oh change is such an engulfing emotion…I can feel it as you describe it! These are the times we must test out walking the talk, trusting that all will be well, better actually than before. These are times of expansion and growth and once out the other end of the tunnel you’ll be sitting way up high yourself like the palm fronds. Take a deep breath and hold tight to those that matter in your life. I don’t know where you are going or why but I send you best wishes for a speedy transformation into the better person you are about to become. Good luck…Hug those kitties…Visionkeeper

  5. Ron says:

    I feel the same things, yesterday 11/21 at one est I felt the death of something, Tarot’s Death/Astrology’s Scorpio, like it was something big. I feel sorrow but it is not mine. I have a couple of cats that adopted me, born in the wild. They are great comfort.

  6. Jay says:

    Just seconds before I checked your site I felt “we’ re in a holding pattern” , and seeing your post about change struck a chord. And gave the word “holding pattern” a deeper meaning still. It’s letting go of the ” holding” and of the ” pattern” . Post 11-11 so far feels kinda odd, yes we’re in a different place but cannot truly discern it. Just observing the dips, not owning them. Reading other post-11-11 reports laid bare all sorts of false beliefs or unfounded expectations people had. I hope everybody saw the profound lesson in that. Embrace the ” nothing happened ” and check your definiton of change. I feel an evergrowing need to go inside, let the prophecies be the prophecies. It reminds me of your (KP) ” everything else is a sideshow ” post. It truly is. Just walking the path, doing the dishes. To all you brave hearts, shine a light ~ Jay

  7. J of Indy says:

    I have come to your site many times and all are (where) enjoyable. Your something is leaving post struck a cord in me. I was very agitated a few days ago and the past two days I have felt “sad” like a whole is in my heart. I have felt many things over the months and years, like the night before the Japan earthquake, “ I felt abnormally ready for something to happen and happen NOW …next morning …”. I don’t know what this is that I’m feeling now, it’s frustrating to not “know”. The only thing I do know is that everything will be alright, this brings me back to my days of my youth when my faith was super strong, focused, and powerful. The context of “whom” / what my faith is in has changed.
    I’m struggling with thoughts / attitudes of wanting to see many people removed. Since we are all one apart of the collective One true Creator, it seems that there is only two choices love (raise our vibrations) or hate (don’t raise our vibrations and get removed because this whole system is being raised).
    Thanks for your post(s) and your efforts,

  8. Stunned at sunset says:

    Curious! I thought these same thoughts today. I was somewhat frustrated about the patience required and feeling like Jay had. And then, I read your curious post and realized, yes, that’s what it is and it IS an “odd” feeling just like Jay describes it.

    More than anything else, it is the strangeness associated with the sensation of “unity.” I don’t know any of you, personally, but I know that I will be a lot happier in your company than I am now trapped in this tiresome 3rd density existence; watching the same theatrics repeat themselves ad nausea.

    I am grateful that we all seem to be walking in the same direction. The “change” is just ahead.

  9. smileyd says:

    Hey K.P.,

    Just wanted to comment that this post reminds me of a quote I ‘got’ a long time ago (around the year 2000) which was “Shall we stay stuck in the dead past or keep moving forward through the eternal now?”. I’ve also wanted to share another quote from the same internet source despite the fact that everytime I go back to find it, I run into the above quote instead. Furthermore, it doesn’t relate so much specifically to This Post, so I apologize and say edit / delete away in joy if so moved. But, I do want to share as it relates to that word that seems to pop up here pretty often, “prosperity”. Basically, a question was asked way back when in the dead past along the lines of “how do I achieve prosperity?” and the answer (slightly paraphrased) was: “Focus your attention on living your life in Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service to others and prosperity WILL come. Focus your attention on prosperity and disappointment WILL come.”

    Also just wanted to personally say thanks for the site and good luck on your journey forward/upward/sideways or wherever it may lead.

  10. Mai-Li says:

    Just a thought…whenever I had the feeling of wanting to leave…as I did back in 2009–I was feeling restless and bored with my life. One day I sat quietly and thought to myself, why was I feeling this way? Possibly I was not at peace with myself and the life I had created.
    I decided to stay put and am SO HAPPY I did. Now, I see so much loveliness around me.
    I changed up my every day routine and ventured out meeting “new” people —getting out of my rut! —I changed myself:) Hummm… I hope this makes sense. I did not wait for “the change” to come to me—I made the changes “in” myself.
    Blessings & Joy

  11. Mai-Li says:

    P.S. I blended the two energies together ‘the old way” with “the new way of life”—

  12. Waypoint says:

    Wow, I am amazed at the beauty and perfection of finding your post today – after waking up feeling so completely disconnected from my life for reasons I cannot explain. I have struggled all day to notice and embrace the many blessings in my life – there are so many things that are working – yet I feel something so troubling inside me, tugging deeply. I can’t seem to shake the feeling and the sense is that its not “mine”. It feels as though I have no control over it – like it is happening THROUGH me (rather than TO me) and I can’t stop it.

    I read recently about boughts of anxiety, depression, grief being very symptomatic of Kundalini activation and that explanation aligns with the increasingly frequent involuntary jerking sensations in my body recently that I couldn’t explain. The only thing that gives me peace in these moments of sadness and despair is the idea that it is simply evidence of the energetic releasing of what is no longer serving me and the collective.

    Your posts very often give me cause to envision living in a new paradigm – that this will all fall away soon. Thank you for the peace and serenity you share. I have come to treasure your blog posts and look forward to them daily!


    • kauilapele says:

      Thank you so very much. Hopefully it continues to assist your Spirit.

      • Waypoint says:

        Kauilapele, are you by chance a fellow “dinarian”? I saw a thank you with your name posted on a board recently and then saw that you’re a fan of Phoenix 3333 who is one of my favs to check in with (in fact I think I found your site through him a few months back!). Anyway, I was just curious – because I’m feeling like there’s some connection between what I read of what’s happening in the spiritual realm and how the RV of the Dinar (and other currencies) may play out.

        I apologize if I’m being too forward in asking about this (I tried to find a private messaging option but couldn’t find one for you). It’s just so amazing how you and the information on your site have combined with my research and understanding of the whole dinar world to frame a totally new reality that I’m now waiting to unfold. So many missing puzzle pieces that keep me baffled but I’m also totally riveted!

        Hope this doesn’t sound crazy! If it does, feel free to ignore and delete!

  13. Susan says:

    I am resonating with many posts and particularly WayPoint. Going into 11/11/11, I had no specific expectations and simply allowed an unfolding of ‘whatever’. To my surprise, however, the unfolding, at least for me, encompassed feelings of disconnection, depression (which I rarely feel and which have now diminished somewhat, yet still linger), sadness, grief along with a letting go of what appear to be the final remains of personal events, experiences and emotions, both during my waking and dreaming hours. Although unexpected and not always pleasant, I consider what’s happening as positive. I also believe, especially for many of us who have been on this journey for a very, very, VERY long time and may be particularly empathic, we are most certainly experiencing the emotions and feelings of the collective. Journeying with little respite has made many of us extremely weary and more than ready for what is to come. As WayPoint, I view this time as an opportunity to release old energies which do not serve me or the collective and a purposefully-driven time to continue shining light and love even more than ever.

    I most gratefully thank you, Kauilapele, for the time and thought you put into all your posts. Reading them has become a part of my daily routine and they frequently resonate with what I am living thru in the moment and bring a sense of peace. For me, they inform, they provide hope and love, and, they offer, in some sense, a validation that my personal feelings and experiences are not unique and that others are experiencing much of the same….particularly, since many of us, although regularly ‘out and about’ in this crazy and chaotic 3D world, infrequently connect with others who are traveling the same path, who are members of our ‘tribe’.

    For many of us, it certainly is a strange time, but I do not despair because I have an overwhelming sense that the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is near.

  14. James says:

    Well….I am feeling what you are feeling bro.
    Nothing as moving and painful as the “leaving” emotion…it is like a huge Hapuna wave.
    I have no idea what is coming but it feels like the status quo “it’s over”..
    I have no concrete proof of what is happening to me other than I want to be here for “something”.
    To all reading this with a similar mindset….I extend my respects and aloha.

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