From 2012 Scenario…”Archangel Michael on ‘NESARA’ and Disclosure”

Steve and company posted these AA Michael readings by Linda Dillon at 2012 Scenario, and you may click here to read the full post. The part that was most interesting to me, in the first mp3, was the part about “NESARA”, starting at about 11:15. (I have not yet listened to the second mp3).

Some time ago, I realized that what has, for many years, been called, “NESARA”, had been changed. And that the word “NESARA”, was not really applicable anymore. Something had changed, somewhere, somehow. AA Michael confirms this.

Just click on the NESARA segment if you wish to learn about that (snipped from the first mp3). These mp3s, I can assure you, will be helpful to and assist many of you. Very uplifting. Enjoy.

I have reconfigured the mp3s and posted in my storage area, in a smaller format (1/3 the original size), so downloads will be faster.


Click the link to listen in a new window, or right click and “Save As” to download. Or you may use the mini players below each link.


– “NESARA” only segment of Part 1

– Part 1, complete (NESARA, NESARA bridge programs, Disclosure)

– Part 2, complete (Extensive discussion of Disclosure)

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