Don’t be Surprised if You’re Feeling Like “#$&%*#” Right Now…

Kauilapele and Sun at Mauna LoaThis whole day has seen so much stuff come up that I can’t even describe it. Angry reactions at things I “have” to do, nothing works, too much to do, and so on. Sometimes this happens inside me to show me that I’m not the only one. Right now I feel like the entire life I’ve been living the last 11 years is now having the door closed on it, and something is trying to escort me through it. That closing door, that is.

It’s a deep un-comfort with where I feel I am right at this time. Out of place, trapped in it, can’t move, “get-the-heck-out-of-here” feeling. Don’t want anyone around, “just get out”, “what a pain all this stuff is”, no matter what it is.

All I can say is that we are approaching the 11-11-11, and that may have something to do with it. I mean, every day this month is an 11-bracketed number. 11-1-11, 11-4-11, 11-11-11, 11-30-11. That’s got to have something deep going on with it.

All I want to say is, “Get me out of here!!”

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About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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49 Responses to Don’t be Surprised if You’re Feeling Like “#$&%*#” Right Now…

  1. Trudz says:

    Hi Dear One, I feel the same as you do!! Been feeling it now for the last month, if not longer!! Everyday feels more and more painful on Earth… But I know I’m here for a reason and a lot of old stuff is being triggered to be released!! This too shall pass!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Roger Haeske says:

    Personally, I’m feeling very good. Lots of new spiritual insights and breakthroughs actually.

    Also having an 11/11/11 party here in the Puna area of the Big Island. That should be an amazing event.

    The only thing I’ve seemed to notice is that the days go by really quickly. Anyways, I’m looking forward to a planetary transformation, news of economic changes and possibly disclosure. Exciting times indeed.

    Roger Haeske
    The 44-Year Old Teenager

  3. Catherine says:

    I was waiting for this kind of post because I m really having a hard time, feeling trapped in many situations and being totally fed up with this earthly life. At the same time, my nights are strange: I feel like I’m vibrating at high speed or floating in very sweet energies. I am asking intensely to be released and I can feel the inner transformation, an incredible lightness during the night.

    • Cathy A. says:

      You seem to be doing alot of work at night. I hope you feel rested. Make sure your diet gives you good nutrition as we are changing at rapid pace. You did not come to this planet to live in darkness. Ask yourself how are you feeling trapped, your higher wisdom can help you. Maybe this the time for you to go within and meet your Inner Being. Make sure you ground yourself into Earth. We need you in the body now. I think it is important. I do not mean to preach at you, just some suggestions from my heart!

    • Wow, Catherine, I know just what you mean. Something very similar is going on with me. Misery during the day and lots of nightly “downloads” that I can barely remember when I’m awake. It’s wonderful to know I’m not alone, and I wish you all the light in passing through!

      • Cathy A. says:

        To Zemira A. Bianchi,

        You are very welcome! You can ask for the downloads to be easier so you can sleep, so you are restored. You have a right to sleep well. Do what you can for your body, to keep it healthy. It is a conscious vessel that volunteered to carry your spirit! Take Care,

  4. Cathy A. says:

    So what no longer serves you is rising for you to see, thank it for helping you, receive it’s gift, then let it go into the Light. I am feeling this too. You created this to deal with your life when you felt weak. Now you are stronger and no longer need it. You can live without this fear now. You have graduated. Blessed Be.

  5. Norskoggirl says:

    Same here, exactly…been wondering about the vibrational shielding (haarp etc) over here(Hawaii) right now due to apec..they’re pulling out all the stops…seeing the biggest banksters are actually here to suck on the current tit of 11/11/11 in Hawaii….really wish they weren’t here on such a special moment…so it occurs to me that possibly a lot of this odd energy is false around us now due to these types arriving here…and all their fears of security and being who knows what….eliminated?? I have no idea, but I do know some “special agent, not attached to any alphabet agency, possible private security army type”here for opec, shot a local guy dead in MacDonald’s last night on Kuhio, while standing in line for food, and it looks like he’s not really in much trouble for it….wisked away….for non local authorities…so I’m not sure, Maybe I’m just connecting dots that only I see….sometimes I think these islands like the show, Lost….a Biosphere that can be measured, messed around with….maybe even moved one day….like Lost…..who knows….I know there’s been weird weather modification clouds in the sky/chemtrails and the radar returns are hinky. Usually during one of these special energy shifts, the one’s in power do what ever they can to prevent the shift. So we just might be picking that pressure up…….

  6. I just said the exact same words right before I read this post!

    “Get me out of Here!”

    What are the odds?

    Nice confirmation,
    Thank you!

  7. Christine B says:

    Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and return to your centering self. Life challenges us all somedays, thats what moves us forward down the path. Love x.

  8. Hilary says:

    I’m experiencing the same thing. Especially, the last few days have felt as though Mercury has been retrograde (I checked, it isn’t but will begin on 11/24 – just in time for Thanksgiving – interesting). There have been a calamity of errors, feeling suddenly angry, irritable, frustrated. Several people I know have recently died or are in hospice. I often feel tethered to life circumstances, though I understand all is purposeful at this time and moving in perfect order. Nevertheless, there are days when I’d like to shout: “Stop the world, I want to get off.” I appreciate reading what others have to share. This is an extraordinary time for humanity.

  9. sarana dd says:

    thanks for this personal post, Kauilapele. Perfect timing as usual. I have been feeling both ways for a month or so swinging back and forth in the emotional world. I thought I was the only one! At one moment I feel EVERYTHING is painful, then like a switch, am feeling all the side shows are just that – sideshows and, ok, then, so “when is this finally going to happen???”. I am middle aged so have been “waiting” for over 40 years.
    My anger at the little things gone wrong is astounding and everything seems to be a problem. At nights I am getting sweats and strange thoughts – like going thru menopause all over again! What Cathy A suggests does help – grounding and/or breathing. Spend time outdoors in nature or at least looking out at trees from your windows, ground, hug pets, and do slow breathing. it does help.
    I am going to my drumming circle and feast on 11/11. It is a distance a way and do not really want to drive at night, (don’t actually want to leave my apartment!) but will for this. Have been concentrating on my family and closest friends, trying to constantly send prayers for their peace and well being. I am in mainland US – Upstate NY and it is tense but we feel more safe and protected than other places for some reason…

    • Cathy A. says:

      How wonderful you are going to drum. You know women make great drummers. I am flashing too at night. I know other women who are too, they are healers. Tigers eye helps to ground and protection if you feel you need it. Rose quartz is a good first aid stone if you are whacking out, turquoise, aventurine, hematite. I am using them now oh and citrine. You are not alone sister!

  10. Solar Angel says:

    it’s time for full transformation, the feeing you describe is related to let go everything..whatever is still hanging somewhere will come back until is totally released and clear. We can’t go through another and last galactic portal without being clean…so let it happen and wait for big changes…

  11. Kate says:

    I hear ya! Normally my perspective and experience is Light-filled, but this week there has been so much physical pain and stuckness, seemingly out of nowhere. And on top of that, I’m now frustrated that I’m approaching 11-11-11 feeling this sensation of “coping,” hanging on by my fingernails when it seems it should be such a beautiful, uplifting ramp-up in preparation to surf these new energies! Silly me…. I guess we’re all shaking loose more karmic baggage so we can surf the Light lightly. ;) Or maybe it’s also to help keep us grounded here (sometimes painfully) so we don’t just up and leave while we’re still needed!

    • Nat says:

      Hey, I feel the same way – disappointed that my plans to be all ready for the 11-11-11 by staying in a positive place, etc, are not panning out because of this crazy negativity that I’ve been feeling! When I have a moment of clarity, I remember that we are being assisted to let go of anything we won’t need anymore.. even though this doesn’t seem to be very productive from my perspective, I trust that my Higher Self is overseeing the process and all will be well. I hope it will be over soon, though! :)

      • Cathy A. says:

        Your Higher Self is never away from you and always available to you. It Is You!!!!!!!!! That which does not serve you wants to go to the light. See it rise into the light of it’s own evolvement. YOU have indeed graduated.

  12. Oh are you ever right!!!

  13. gcgrann says:

    Yes. What you wrote is true. There is a contraction in time resulting in the crushing sensation of everything being in awareness — the good, bad and ugly — simultaneously. I find myself thinking of people I haven’t thought of in years, remembering some of the more awful experiential moments. Interestingly it doesn’t have the sting it once carried. What’s creating the feelings of crazy chaos is the compression.

    Thanks very much for your post.


  14. Susan says:

    i’ve been feeling stuck, restless, fearful, anxious, etc., for the past month.
    One minute, I feel sure of my decision, the next minute, unsure. It’s terrible and I’m starting
    to wonder if I’m going crazy. I’ve been feeling a terrible vise-like resistance around me..can’t
    move forward, want to move forward, but c-a-n-t. Then, ‘it’ hit me: the resistance I’ve been
    feeling, perhaps, is the person that I used to be–my past self. (if that makes any sense!) My past
    self has come back to help me release it, so that I can move Forward. I still feel the Resistance, but it feels like it’s falling off, bit by bit. And then, this morning, I remembered a snippet from my dream. Here’s the snippet: a female member of this wealthy patrician family owed a debt to her
    father-in-law. (the female family member was me). To pay off the debt, I handed over my expensive gold watch to my father-in-law. That settled it. All debts were cleared.
    — so. Obviously, I’ve been giving my time to my family…because I felt I owed them something.
    –and, this is also part of the Resistance, I’ve been feeling. Hmm… karmic debts..? Karmic debts now paid in full?

  15. Verna says:

    I think I’ve recently communicated the same type of feelings. Knowing I’m where I’m supposed to be – my outrigger being thrown around by incoming waves interspersed with short periods of smooth sailing – but not understanding my purpose at the moment in my situation. I keep feeling that understanding will come. Hold on – the sun is ready to come out……………. isn’t it??!!!

  16. Kalukaleke says:

    Kauilapele, if it’s any consolation…you are not alone. It’s a slow creeping feeling that continues to magnify itself. This morning I awakened and my left eye felt like it was punched. When I attempted to walk across the room I realized my vision was impaired. Upon retiring last night my body was in tip top shape. Here I sit with a blurry left eye and giving thanks that another part of me is being rewired. It effects us in different ways and times. All we can do is go forward and Know the best is yet to come. We are ALL LOVE manifesting a joyful outcome. Aloha, Kalukaleke

  17. Albina says:

    Thank you for this timely communication. I’ve been up since 4 AM and have been feeling progressively worse…dizzy, unfocused vision (thank you Kalukaleke for sharing about your eye) almost seems like there’s light smoke in my apartment; like a veil I think. I even looked in the hallway to see if it looks different but it looks the same. And yes, it feels as if EVERYTHING has been piled up on my plate and I have to take care of it all.

    What a relief to know I’m not dangling out here all alone. I feel much better now.

    Love to all and Victory to the Light!

  18. Mai-Li says:

    On Oct 28, 2011 at my job—I had a 6 years old girl (first grader), who I did not know, walk up and tell me that she was “seeing” things that were not from this reality. She was very concern and confused—I did not want to pry and ask her what she was seeing, but I did ask her if it was “good”. She said yes. I told her what she was seeing is normal and this was all okay.
    I felt a bit strange that she had chosen me to tell me this info—I knew this was a positive message.
    I was told (from my girlfriend) that blowing up the underground facilities released some negative energies on to the surface. We are now being influenced by some of the mixing of leftover old energy with the “new light” frequencies. This may be why some of us are feeling out of sorts and/or temporarily going back to old patterns. For example: last month I had a craving for chicken—I have not eaten any meat for over a year or so—I ate chicken almost every day—now, I have stopped. My cravings are finished. Minor set back:) I am very happy with the “new” changes!
    Blessings & Joy!

  19. David says:

    Boy I feel a lot better after reading this. I just got back to from a 2 week visit to Oregon. At the beginning of my trip, my intuition kept telling me I was going to die at some point along the way. Of course it turned out that it wasn’t a physical death, but the old me did die. I fell in love with where I was at and met an amazing girl unlike anyone I’d met before. Now that I’m back “home,” I feel out of place and I’m dying to get out of CA. I can see my awesome new life in front of me and I want to get to it as soon as possible!

  20. Erika Quong says:

    Dearest Kauilapele,
    I have never posted on a blog before but felt you needed to know how much you are appreciated. I have been reading your postings every day. You bring light and love to a lot of people. Please know that everything will be okay. Sometimes if things are not working for you, it could mean that you need to relax and take a break, read a book, take a walk, love an animal, plant flowers or watch a movie. Try not to fight against the tide, go with the flow.
    I also want to take this moment to say thank you so very much for the information you provide and the positive messages that you share. The messages you share when you are not feeling so good are very welcomed as well so we can send you love, light, and healing. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are loved my brother.


  21. YvonneInBetween says:

    Having spent the first 52 years of my life fearful to express anger, my Higher Self arranged for me to be in deep relationship with someone who pulled that fear up and out of me. I “let it rip” with gusto and joy! All those years and lifetimes of being afraid to express because of repercussion. Now I am faced with learning to ‘reign’ it back in and not be so ‘reactive’ to the trigger placed in my life to ‘let it all come out.’

    Symbolically my physical body is letting me know now is the time to concentrate my energies ‘pronto’ in making this necessary re-adjustment. I’ve had my “hissy fit” for eight years or so, and now is the time to move forward clean and free…. It felt good to not be afraid to vent and express whenever I’ve felt the need to do so. A healing of many “me’s” took place.

    The collective “We” are very grateful and now feel whole, not splintered and weakened as we used to be.

  22. HundredPeaks says:

    Wow I have been feeling exactly the same lately. Especially yesterday, 11/5/11. Although I constantly feel amazing and tuned in more then I ever have these days, I’m still going through some very intense “rut” moments. Especially in dealing with “societal chores” and things I’m “supposed” to be doing! I keep reassuring myself that I am responsible and not reckless in taking care of my needs and staying focused on pampering myself in these last days! <333

  23. kelly says:

    I was just talking to my Dad about this. Can’t understand why I’m so angry and out of whack. I felt rundown during July but since have felt pretty good until the last week or so. I have taken a nap almost every day (which I NEVER do), I have had trouble meditating, not sleeping well at night, not very hungry (though I’m eating healthy) and just kinda out of step from usual. I’m glad to know others are feeling the same.

    • kelly says:

      I forgot to mention my most prevalent issue, I’m very anxious. I’m not normally an anxious person, but I have been very much so the last week or more.

  24. miguel says:

    that’s the idea of the dark, you think that this era is the apocalypse deep inside you, in 4 D is the spiritual vibration, is not cerebral vibration , always tried to get you out of the body , Any reaction serves to confuse you, for a some time , how much time u spend to back to u center , how much time cost you back to you body in calm in peace ,in the infinite …regards of chile

    a month ago i follow this blog every day , have found much help to me calm

  25. Mary O'Grady says:

    Ditto…all week long. Neck, ankle, back pain and the sleepy blahs.
    Keeping positive… and your site helps!!

  26. Dee says:

    I too have had trouble meditating, my mind is all over the place.
    I have felt over the past week like I have actually gone backwards, I find it hard to be in the light and be happy. My life is a mess. I feel trapped. I have been clearing, clearing, clearing and more clearing and asking for guidance. I find it dificult to keep the faith, that has been keeping me sane in the past. I have been wondering what the $#@& is going on. Where did my life go? After years of working on myself. Why am I not in a better place?
    I don’t like this game anymore, I don’t agree with what is going on in this game, I want this game to end. Enough is Enough!
    I want to start playing a new game, one where Love, truth, compassion and peace prevail.

  27. ASIA says:



    I believe in the great discovery.
    I believe in the man who will make the discovery.
    I believe in the fear of the man
    who will make the discovery.

    I believe in his face going white,
    His queasiness, his upper lip drenched in cold sweat.

    I believe in the burning of his notes,
    burning them into ashes,
    burning them to the last scrap.

    I believe in the scattering of numbers,
    scattering them without regret.

    I believe in the man’s haste,
    in the precision of his movements,
    in his free will.

    I believe in the shattering of tablets,
    the pouring out of liquids,
    the extinguishing of rays.

    I am convinced this will end well,
    that it will not be too late,
    that it will take place without witnesses.

    I’m sure no one will find out what happened,
    not the wife, not the wall,
    not even the bird that might squeal in its song.

    I believe in the refusal to take part.
    I believe in the ruined career.
    I believe in the wasted years of work.
    I believe in the secret taken to the grave.

    These words soar for me beyond all rules
    without seeking support from actual examples.
    My faith is strong, blind, and without foundation.


  28. Norskoggirl says:

    Haarp possibly…???? I’m just saying, if millions of birds can fall out of the sky, billions of fish wash up on shore dead, and the bees die and leave the building so to speak, when they increased the levels and connected the towers at the beginning of the year??remember all the animal deaths…well….imagine how is might be for us, depending where you are and how close to a tower configuration you are, and even then, “haarp don’t need no tower”….the rule is if your not getting cell phone reception, you’re in the right place, stay there!!! Anyway, I don’t want to spread negative info, it’s just I’ve been trying to figure this out like Sherlock, this should be an uplifting time, along with letting go of old energies as we transit., I mean that’s a given and known by everyone here. The balance of that just isn’t right…I recommend Orgonite to wear and place around your house….there are many sites building items…Don and Carol Croft are the Godmother and Father of all this movement and started this back in the 80’s.
    Google it…I use it, wear it…and I have a good friend who make exceptional items, Orgonite 23. But I also have all Don and Carol’s creations too. It’s just a small way to correct the energy around your home….it may help…(*~*)

  29. sandi says:

    Pretty much all of the above!
    And my 3 kitties are showing some signs of …..something?
    Today PJ and Micheal had a tiff and one of them howied ? and sounded like a child yelling? Definitely not a cat sound!
    Very weird!
    They have been out of sorts for a few weeks.

  30. Alexander says:

    I AM ready. The Game is almost over (IS already over for this Aspect of Oneness actually). We are ALL at the threshold of the New Dawn — whether it is recognized as such or not by our individual personalities. Release everything that is not FULLY aligned with your greatest dreams of what life should be like. Start today to live the New Trinity: Love, Truth, Joy. Nothing else is Real. Nothing else matters. The choice, as always, is yours to make. NOW.
    Simply BE What you truly Are — and you will not be able to do anything other than . . . . Be Well

  31. Henri says:

    Kauilapele, I so much enjoy all the great information you share! I thought I’d share this with you from Steve @ Beacons of Light that might help explain how many of us are feeling in case it resonates with you. The article is too long to post here so I’ll just post the link below. Again, thank you for sharing the light with so many of us!

    ~ Play A New Game ~ Re-directing the Light

    Rest of Beacons of Light articles found here.

  32. John Peron says:

    I am curious. What if 11-11-11 comes and goes simply and uneventfully — just like any other perfectly ordinary day?

    • Kate says:

      Perhaps it will seem so for some, but i know with the energies I’ve been feeling at other “lesser” portal times, even the June 21st solstice, there will be those who feel it. But most of all, these energies flooding into the grid at different specific times are creating a new blueprint to which humanity is now mapping. So whether anyone feels a difference that day or not, changes will be flowing due to the energies. Woot! :)

  33. miguel says:

    ordinary day ,but all people its like a living cells , people more faster , more people in the streets ,more actual thinking waves in the present .

  34. Ahhh I know how you feel. It definitely is all the different energies at the moment!

  35. Cynthia Rose says:

    Thank you, thank you and thank you. Now I understand what has been happening the last couple of days. I have gotten irrated over stupid little things which is very unusual for me. I felt I was releasing. This morning I looked into the mirror and saw a 60 yr old woman, over weight and graying hair and said this is not me. Then I saw a younger, healthier, vibrant woman glowing and happy looking back at me.

    I am very gratiful for your post – Much love and joy – Cynthia Rose

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