Turning “Attila the Hun” into “Attila the Bun”

Attila the Hun

Steve posted a great article just today on old patterns that come up in the current timeframe, in order to be cleared. These are called “vasanas”. Here is a link to his article, “Attila the Hun: The Vasana of Self-Righteousness.”

Attila the Bun

But as I read this, it brought to mind that, what he was talking about, was turning “Attila the Hun” into “Attila the Bun”. So read on into Steve’s article, and be sure to watch the video at the end (which is my addition to Steve’s article, thanks to Monty Python).


Attila the Hun: The Vasana of Self-Righteousness
by Steve Beckow, October 5, 2011

Earlier I said I never miss an opportunity to source a vasana. A vasana is a behavior pattern formed in early-childhood, from a traumatic incident, complete with decisions and reactions, which persists through time, sleeps, and is awakened by a triggering event.

To “source” it means to flatten it, complete it, experience it through until it disappears.

In this particular situation, the owner of another blog has made allegations against me (not the ones made last week) which are unflattering and false. It doesn’t matter what the allegations are or who made them. You’re probably not the slightest bit interested in “he said, she said.”

But the upshot for me was that I felt righteous indignation. I felt self-righteous, belligerent, and justified. How many know what that feels like?

And my natural inclination was to go on the attack, destroy my credibility, but get my pound of flesh.

But the important thing is a “sleeping volcano” has gone off. A vasana has re-awakened. I’m reactivated. Whoopeee!!

You cannot flatten a vasana while it’s sleeping. It has to go off to be available. So now my vasana of self-righteousness has gone off and I can source it. Oh, how wonderful. One less vasana. If I source all my vasanas, I will become again like a child, fit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Or to ascend. (You actually don’t have to flatten all your vasanas to ascend.) (1)

Well, that’s inducement enough for me. Where do I start? I’ve already identified the feeling: self-righteousness. That’s the first step.

The next step is to ask the mind to mirror back what incident lies at the root of this vasana and take the first word, sound, image, or impression I get.

Immediately I hear a noise and I begin to cry. I know that noise. That’s the sound of my father clobbering my mother. He hit her so hard she dropped to the floor and I hear a further “clump.”

On one side of that sound I am an adorable cherub (I’m exaggerating). On the other side, I am Attila the Hun.

Fast forward through a life of triggering events and me slaying dragons, rescuing women, and vanquishing the bullying and the unjust. Toss in a time of deciding refugee claims and calling rescuing women “an interest in gender issues.” Throw in a theme of serving an archangel, if you like. Rubbish! It’s all Attila the Hun.

This is a vasana. This is me on automatic, slaying to the right, slaying to the left, and putting my foot on the chest of the vanquished.

So what to do now? Here I am crying at the recollection of that sound.

So I allow myself to cry. I cry for my mother. I cry for my lost childhood. I cry for all the women of the world who’ve been beaten, had acid thrown in their face, been raped, been killed. I cry for a young boy who felt helpless and hopeless. I cry for anything that comes to mind.

I cry and I cry. And I allow myself all the time I need. I feel the stored-up sorrow in my face, in my neck, in my shoulders. I hear myself say, “I cannot help you now, Mom, but I will help you some day.” On and on the memories flood.

And then finally the tears begin to end. The sorrow lifts. The situation begins to ebb from my mind. It has disappeared.

I may not have flattened the vasana this one time but through repeated experiences of it I will.

This is what I recommend to anyone who tells me: I hate my husband. I’m not worth Ascension. I must have done something evil because I’m so plagued with illness and debilitation.

Source the vasana. Flatten the incomplete experience. Go back in time. Stand at the bedside of that child you once were, that parent who mistrated you, that friend who deserted you. Re-experience what you were too young, helpless and afraid to experience. Free yourself from these sleeping volcanoes, when they arise. Don’t take it out on someone else, someone who wasn’t there then and has nothing to do with the real cause of your upset feelings.

So the owner of the blogsite can say what she wishes. She has her own cross to bear. I want to be free of my vasanas, not go deeper into them. I don’t want to reinforce them with my outbursts now. I don’t want to re-energize them and add fresh layers to them.

When I feel a vasana arise, I want to experience it through to completion. I want my innocence back.

(1) “You do not need to be one hundred percent healed and whole emotionally and spiritually in order to ascend. … We can work miracles with each of you. This is our intention.” (Sananada in Eric Klein, The Crystal Stair. Livermore: Oughten Hosue Publications, 1992; c1990, 34.)

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3 Responses to Turning “Attila the Hun” into “Attila the Bun”

  1. Kalukaleke says:

    Just reading this message caused a volcano to erupt inside of me and yes I know how SB is feeling. As children we learn to bury fear, guilt and horror. As we grow into young adults we get to a place where we examine the truth inside of ourselves. As adults we feel these triggers that grip our inner core and when the pain is unbearable we use a ‘band-aid’, i.e., alcohol or drugs. For myself I used a quest for truth as my guide. Just when you think all is well and your joy explodes all around you, another vasana steps in to pose a threat. Life is filled with vasanas and it’s how we ride on and off waves that strengthen us. I too cry for those who are mistreated, abandoned, handicapped and tortured. It’s compassion for others. We all have an emotional body that is built in to the physical. It has nothing to do with gender. Humanity is clearing out these buried emotions as we lift toward transformation. Facing your vasana and accepting all parts of the situation is unconditional LOVE. Aloha, Kalukaleke

  2. Laura says:

    Everything above is so right on. I went through years of therapy to work through my vasanas. Sometimes it was so painful I would come home and get into bed and sleep it off. Now when they come up I know what it is and how to work with them. The most important aspect is to give love to your little child and visualize that child as a baby or 2 year old and parent her or him as if you will never let anything bad happen to her or him again. Affirm that she or he is safe and can count on you for protection. It is so powerful when you become the protector and source of love for yourself while asking our angels for guidance to help you move through your emotions. As you clear out your emotions you start to feel that unconditional love, acceptance, and connection to all that is. So be it. Laura

  3. YvonneInTheMiddle says:

    I know we are supposed to be serious here…… but I did so enjoy the Seinfeld clips on the ‘Soup Nazi’ episode. It brought chuckles to a gloomy day.

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