Alfred Lambremont Webre and Tolec… “Andromeda Council: Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth Life”

This is another in a series of interviews ALW has carried out with Tolec, a reported Earth human representative of the Andromeda Council. This particular article looks into our transformation from 3D to 4D earth. I found it very captivating. When that happens, it usually means it has something I need to hear. He speaks of many details about disclosure and the process of ascension (some of the details, e.g., the transitioning of our molecules/cells/bodies from carbon based to crystalline, are mentioned in David Wilcock’s new book, Source Field Investigations).

I post here the video (above), plus the first part of ALW’s article. Here are links to the previous two Andromeda Council articles.

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Andromeda Council: Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth Life
By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med, September 30, 2011

This is the 3rd article in a series of articles on information of the Andromeda Council, a reported galactic governance council composed of selected star system representatives that carry out governance and development functions in a selected areas of our populated and organized galaxy and universe.

ED. NOTE: CAVEAT LECTOR – The opinions expressed in this article by interviewees are solely those of the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this reporter or Thank you.

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released Sept. 30, 2011 a self-described representative of the Andromeda Council, a reported galactic governance council whose membership consists of star systems and includes representation from the galactic governance council of our Milky Way Galaxy, discussed the purported timing and nature of a transformation via dimensional shift of our Sol solar system from a 3rd dimension to a 4th dimensional state, along with key aspects of life on a 4th dimensional Earth.

Timing of shift to 4th dimensional Earth

Addressing the reported timing of this dimensional shift, the Andromeda Council representative stated that the process of our solar system’s and Earth’s transformation via dimensional shift is scheduled to accelerate starting in mid-October 2011, and be completed by January 2014.

Key aspects of life on 4th dimensional Earth

Regarding the specific key aspects of life on 4th dimensional Earth, the Andromeda Council representative stated, “Again, the most important thing to realize is that this coming transformation, this transition, from 3D human to 4D human will be smooth, ‘seamless’, painless. Again, there is no death involved. This experience will be a simple transformation of cellular structure from the slower, denser, heavier, existing 3D vibratory rate you have today, to a higher, faster 4D vibratory rate. You will have a body that is taller, literally lighter in terms of mass, weight & density, and lighter in terms of being infused with light.

“Keep in mind, your body’s molecular cellular structure will change. Think crystal based molecules. Your 4D body, the cellular structure of your new 4D body, will be based on crystalline molecules. Your existing 3D cell walls will transmute into being crystalline based. Within the center of each cell, it will be full of light. Earth people, your 4D bodies will really be very translucent.” [Read more]


All four videos in this series.

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11 Responses to Alfred Lambremont Webre and Tolec… “Andromeda Council: Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth Life”

  1. wd40dry says:

    This person who is supposed to be representing the Andromedia Council is not a player that matches any of our channeled information given by SaLuSa on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light. He talks very negatively about the GFOL as if they were not in charge of Earth’s ascension and our own. He twists Bob Dean’s words as if the GFOL is evil itself. Neither does his information match updates given by any Archangel or Ascended Masters to date. It lacks credibility although some facts seem close enough to be passed along as fact when they are, in fact, fiction and disinformation. The Sirians, Arcturians, and the Pleidians and other members of the Galactic Federation of Light are in control of Earth’s ascension and not any representatives from Andromedia who is not involved in our ascension. Through Tolec, they speaks disrespectfully of greys and reptiles as if we were still locked in duality without an understanding of what has occurred on Earth in past days. And as if these children of our Source were an enemy to face genocide and be killed off when the very theme and requirement for Galactic Citizenship is to “Harm no being.” Not likely that true Galactics would be involved in killing off those beings in underground bases which is forbidden in Galactic Citizenship. This is duality in it’s finest stage with wars against others and needless killing when other means are certainly available to convert to the light or go off planet or go into another dimension entirely rather than offer up death and destruction during this process of Earth’s ascension. I can hum a few bars to see if you recognize duplicity and disinformation when you hear it. Clever but no cigar…

    It takes a fine ear but we all have them if we ask our own Angels and guides for this information and “knowing.” Further there is no mention of the Agathans from Inner Earth who will be the first we meet NOT four other races from deep space. Tolec says some different races will be here first. This contradicts virtually all the information know to date. Sheldan Nigle’s included. This leads me to suspect this is the “False flag ~ (Peaceful) Alien Invasion” scenario that it is said, will fool the very elect. They know that we are onto anything other than peaceful. This is no doubt coming rather from TPTW but it’s possible that many lightworkers will be fooled and some give up their lives and freedom to go into the 4th dimension with these guys which isn’t the right dimension at all and be lost for the next 10,000 years trapped on the 4th dimension under the control of other powers not of the light. While someone has gone over the information to bring salve to wounded and mistreated humans very carefully, for instance, offering youth, beauty and will-o-wisp light bodies weighing a few pounds ~ it simply doesn’t match anything we know so far and it does not find truth or resonance in my own heart. And so it is….

    • Kalukaleke says:

      wd40dry, after reading your response I went back and re-read the Aug. 30th interview that ALW had with Tolec. I quote: “One of the affiliated councils is the Galactic Federation which is a federation of star systems and planets of BENEVOLENT beings. It is comprised of 140 star systems, and at present 300 planets.” Your discernment of Tolec’s explanation of the GF was false, misleading and unfair. He did not malign the GF as you indicated. I can see why it would confuse you, as trying to wrap your mind around an area comprised of 300 planets (which btw we are one of) cannot possibly describe the enormity here. The Andromeda Solar System is slowly moving toward the Milky Way Solar System and the Andromedans are quite concerned about ALL of us. You missed the point entirely. wd40dry, this is a universal combined effort to assist. The GF is on the Andromedan council also. Your criticism of Tolec, the interview, his explanation, in detail, of what has occurred, is occurring and will occur has been nothing more than a dis-information effort to once again plant a negative seed into our time of awakening. We ARE waking from this dream, whereas we were slaves to the dark cabal and their demise will grant us the opportunity to know ourselves. If, wd40dry, these interviews are difficult for you to believe or understand….there are other sites on the Internet that you can visit.

      Mahalo KP for posting the ALW interviews, they are timely and of great comfort for humanity. Aloha, Kalukaleke

  2. Hilary says:

    This is an inspiring and exciting interview; it confirms the information from sources such as David Wilcock, Sheldan Nidle, and others. They continue to resonate as truth for me. Thank you for posting. May the Force be with us all.

  3. wd40dry says:

    You need to listen and watch this video again because you missed an important part of his reference to the “Awake and Aware Conference” and remarks by John Dean. He disparages the Galactic Federation of Light right in the beginning and the one member who is from the GFOL. In his videos, this is the second time he does this negative reference to them and their important participation in Earth’s ascension. This is not a good reference towards those of the Light. As a member of the Galactic Federation of Light, I protest the negative references he makes toward the GFOL. None of what he says resonates with Salusa, Sheldan Nidle or any of the Masters. I ask that you watch it again and see for yourself. Both of these channels; Mike Quinsey for Salusa and Sheldan say it is the Agarthans who come forward first. Did you miss this part? At least be accurate when defending what cannot be defended at least in truth for your viewers and those tuning in for enlightenment to your page. His description of those four races coming forth first is right out of Hollywood Central Casting and reeks of CIA involvement or at the least TPTW. I ask that you pay attention please. Also those of the light use their real names as truth is a large part of what enlightened beings are all about. To hide your identity as he does is suspect or should at least ring some bells in discerning folks right from the start. The GFOL does not hide behind smoke screens for any reason. Please go back and watch it again and see for yourself before insulting my intent and personal knowledge of the Galactic Federation of Light. Thank you and Namaste!

  4. Conifer16 says:

    There are good points in both of your posts, however I would like to point out that they are your own personal viewpoints and therfore don’t have to be the truth for others. I just wanted to remind everyone that cooperation is more desirable for all then Conflict and that this is my own personal opinion.(so if you don’t like it then let it evaporate from your mind and let it trouble you no more) for me I haven’t heard of this Andromeda council before and only know a little about the Galactic federation of light. I know more about The Confederation Of Planets In Service To The One Infinite Creator then these other two. So could you guys/gals direct me to more info about the AC and GFOL?
    Adonai Vasu Borragus

    And calling something someone else says disinformation without knowing there personal situation is not very conducive of a healing and peaceful environment.

  5. jasonce says:

    Great Thanks!

  6. Michael says:

    The Galactic Federation of Light and the Galactic Federation are two completely different federations, the GFOL is located in the Sirian star system and is actually headed by reptilians and still has the old pyramid power structure, the Galactic Federation is headed and run by Andromedans, Pleadians, Siriens etc – it has a holographic power structure so it can’t be corrupted. Alex Collier, Peggy Kane and Jordan Maxwell have all confirmed this and they are some of the biggest names in the game these days and I encourage everyone to find their own answers as I have. Don’t be fooled by the false light, look deep within yourself and divine truth will then emerge.

  7. Michael, you are saying that all the messages we see each week from SaLuSa and others are from dark reptiles who are not of the light. No one who is of the light can lie about it. It’s not permitted by universal law. Perhaps, you need to read their messages again. They are being posted regularly on this site where you are making such a rash statement and hundreds of others sites in many languages. These messages are of the light. Who are you representing again and why don’t they have “light” as a part of who they are? If asked, those not of the light cannot lie about it so this may be why the “light” part is missing. Something to seriously consider before condemning others. My comments about the Galactic Federation of Light come from working with them and they are of light and love. Since I have worked with them, I consdier myself a member. I know this and speak from personal experience. While we are all children of One Source, we are not all working towards love and light. I can speak for the Galactic Federation of Light. Who again can you speak for and how do you know this information? To believe what you are saying, most of the loving updates each of us here has been receiving would have to be tossed in the dustbin. Thanks but apparently you haven’t been following the “light” part very closely. Namaste!

  8. Observer says:

    It is amusing reading your arguments over these so called Galactic Federations. Regardless I am with Michael on this one even though both GFOL and GF are all part of lower consciousness levels than what we as humanity should be striving for. In my experience I can tell you that GFOL are unevolved beings representing more so the dark side. Darla, the dark side easily lies and misrepresents themselves to suit their own agenda so you will need to establish a greater level of discernment.

    If you really feel you must follow external channelings of ET origin for the time being, I would say the best is Andromedan philosophies per Alex Collier (from years ago) that emphasize personal responsibility. Be aware however that you should strive eventually on reaching true higher beings to reach any communications of much greater wisdom and understanding and the only way to do that is by going within. You will need to learn to discern on that level as well. As you evolve in your consciousness it will get easier and easier.

  9. Etoile says:

    One reader, one prior reader noticed the distinct difference. The Galactic Federation is and has been a senior member of the Andromeda Council for a very, very long time. It is based in the Tau Ceti star system. I know this to be true. The members of the Galactic Federation, and the Andromeda Council both, are made up of many worlds of highly evolved, higher dimensional, benevolent beings.

    Conversely, I have read many, many articles by the Galactic Federation of Light, with all of THEIR PLANS for Earth, THEIR PLANS, whereby they only mention the “of Light” part of their name three quarters to seven eights of the way through their articles. Why is this?

    Why does the Galactic Federation of Light, based out of the Sirius star system, many times seemingly attempt to pass itself off as – the Galactic Federation? Why does it attempt to co-opt the Galactic Federation’s name? What does this tell you at minimum of the Galactic Federation of Light’s – code of ethics? Ethics. Of Light?

    The earlier commentor had it right. Please do your own research, and research thoroughly anything you read regardless of who says what. I do not agree with everything this person Tolec says, who says he is in communication with the Andromeda Council. Though over the years, all I have ever heard or researched about beings associated with the Andromeda Council, whether from Tolec or Alex Collier, is that they are highly evolved beings who care deeply about the people of Earth, who want to see us evolve and take responsibility for our lives. They want to see us evolve. They only want to see us grow, evolve, be more loving to each other, to be free sovereign people, but to take complete responsibility for our lives. And to take far better care of our planet, our home called Earth. I call this loving mind set from beings from Andromeda – of the light.

  10. Etoile says:

    To “wd40dry”: if you would please, listen to that most recent Tolec and Alfred Webre video again. In the very beginning, he Tolec does not at all disbarage or bad name the Galactic Federation of Light. For that matter, he does not even mention – the Galactic Federation of Light.

    What Tolec does do, if you listen closely, is speak with awe and amazement that Bob Dean mentioned out loud to his listening audience the name of the Galactic Federation as being one of the groups of friends in very high places that cares very deeply for the people of Earth. Bob Dean said they are friends in very high places as he says with conviction that they care about us very much.

    The other thing Tolec points out is that Bob Dean also makes reference, twice, two times, to knowing of “11 or 12 of them”, as a reference to the Andromeda Council, as he pointed up to the heavens. Twice.

    I have heard Bob Dean speak over the years, many times. He is a good kind man who truly loves humanity. “wd40dry” – I would ask you to listen closely to what Tolec said. Tolec said he was amazed at the “synchronicities” between the specific words Bob Dean spoke, and what he Tolec has learned.

    In the future, please pay closer attention to people who were giving of their time, their hearts, their minds, and their spirits – like those people who spoke, attended, closely watched and listened to the “Awake & Aware” conference. Like Bob Dean and Tolec, before you criticize them. These people were loving and kind, and certainly supportive of the grand transformation that is happening to all of us on Earth in these times of change. Whether people call this transformation, or “upliftment” like Alex Collier has said, we are all going to become new higher dimensional life forms. All of us on this planet will evolve. All of us.


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