“Video Message from Lisa Renee to the Starseeds & Indigos”

I watched this video from Lisa Renee that was posted on Denise Le Fay’s blog. It conveyed many things about Starseeds & Indigos (which includes many of us) that may resonate with and assist many of you (us). Here are Denise’ comments.

Gratitude to Ann H. for emailing me this September 25, 2011 video message by Lisa Renee. Thanks Ann as I would most likely have missed it. ♥ And gratitude to Lisa Renee for sitting before her wonderful picture showing the ancient Heart Chakra entrance into the Sphinx in Egypt as she talked to us in this video message. ♥

Lisa’s message is an important clarification and overall reminder for us Starseeds and Indigos about why we and our bodies do and go through what they do in these incarnations. I get many emails and Comments here at TRANSITIONS from people asking me what they can “do” to help humanity, their loved ones, friends, mates etc. with the Ascension Process. Please hold that question in mind as you listen to Lisa’s message. There isn’t really anything external or “doing” that we Starseeds and Indigos need to do to accomplish what we have been and still are in these lives and bodies. We “DO” it by “BEING” it. This Process happens through us embodying it and it always has. We embody/”prototype” it and by doing this we literally are creating another timeline, or branched-off probable reality, or the Separation of Worlds.


Denise Le Fay, September 28, 2011



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2 Responses to “Video Message from Lisa Renee to the Starseeds & Indigos”

  1. YvonneInTheMiddle says:

    I loved it! Though a few others have informed us in the past, here is yet another way to look at “why” we are here. We need all the reminders and encouragement we can get these days…..

  2. lunagardener says:

    I have been reading Lisa’s material for a few years now. In this video, I love her message…she looks like Michelle Bachmann’s twin.

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