Benjamin Fulford, 9-21-11…Questions and Answers about his last Article…

Just found this on Ben’s Typepad blog. I looked at this and it appeared to be something that might help some who may have had similar questions (as did I) about the last article by Ben. Like the question, “Japanese troops on U.S. soil? What?” Likely Ben has written this to allay some of the fears that brought up in people. To myself, it is just another concrete demonstration that plans are being carried out to uplift this planet and it’s inhabitants.


Q &A

Subject: Questions and concerns
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 16:58:58 -0500


Thank you for your information and quest along with the hope that it brings with it. I only have a few concerns and a questions for you.

The placement of Japanese soldiers on American soil which Obama approved, on which you recently reported, is somewhat alarming to me. Please excuse my naivety and paranoia, but I wish to know what his motives and intentions are for doing this. Your report seemed to me to be a bit too brief and, since you offered little explanation in this small article, I have been left to assume that it should not be seen as overly alarming. On the contrary, whenever he does or says anything, I have been conditioned through experience that it is a step in the wrong direction. I am hoping that this movement, even though it is unconstitutionally sound, is a part of the movement towards a correction of the economy and military standing of the U.S. through the execution of the WDS plan. If, as you stated, that “US and Russian military and law enforcement apparati have agreed to support the new financial system”, should this move, consequently, be considered a building of forces against the U.S. military and/or U.S. citizens or have I missed something? Please expound upon this if you can.

Also, I have been under the impression that the purpose of these banks, politicians, and their respective “elite” rulers was to create a One World Order and single currency. While I do understand that this secret society which is committed to undermine these plans and bring about peace and a higher standard of living for every real human being on earth it, nevertheless, appears that these actions and plans are striving for the similar, if not the same, outcome. Additionally, the “cooperation” of a Rothschild (exemplified by his wanting to name the new currency the Hong Kong dollar as stated in one of your earlier reports), if you will excuse my language, scares the hell out of me. If you can, please help relieve my fears that we are not being duped and betrayed. I, personally, would not want to underestimate their deviousness and resolve in their ability to adapt their plan to accomodate their own, and already-proven, wicked ideals. With the bad influences which are still present on the planet, would it be completely out of the question that the sovereignty of the individual nations could still be recognized once the corruption has been, at least substantially so, removed? Again, if you could explain in more detail the purpose and itended outcome of the WDS plan, I would really appreciate it.

I can see the implementation of a large internationally mutual project being an effective bridging of foreign relations, such as that of NAWAPA (proposed by Lyndon LaRouche). The LaRouche PAC team and I do not quite see eye to eye on everything (they do not endorse my support of Ron Paul, stating that they think his views on the correction of the monetary system as being “unconstitutional”, citing instead a Hamiltonian credit-based system as their one and only solution, as opposed to a gold backed monetary system. I believe this is because this credit system would be the only way they could see the NAWAPA Project being expediantly fundable. Just my suspicion, mind you, and I am not completely unresponsive to their Hamiltonian credit system, I merely choose to direct my efforts, at this time, towards a more viable and immediate solution, with that being the possibility of Ron Paul becoming President in the next election) but I only wish to pursue workable solutions for the benefit of mankind, and thus, I do promote NAWAPA. If you are not aware of it already, please check it out. It is a very interesting and promising mega-infrastructural project designed to provide water, power, transportation and fertile land to areas of the world which are currently lacking it.

Please provide this poor soul with a morsel of hope.

Again, I thank you for the hope which you have provided already.

Sincerely, Chris


Dear Chris,

The plan to place Japanese soldiers on US soil was aimed at appeasing the Japanese government by offering to trade some of their vast Treasury holdings for something tangible, a military base. It certainly [is] unconstitutional from a US standpoint but at least I can assure you there is no possible scenario in which I could envision these troops being used to put Americans into prison camps. They are there to prevent Japanese factories from being looted.

The White Dragon Society does not have a detailed plan at present. Instead we are trying first of all to prevent a genocide of 4-5 billion people planned by the elite. After that we wish the world’s savings to be spent on things like ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction instead of on endless, pointless wars. Then humanity can enter a new era by peacefully and responsibly developing all the suppressed technology.

Any new financial system has to be firmly linked to physical reality. That means no currency can be created until somebody harvests a crop or carves a sculpture or creates something real to back it with. Freedom of the press is also essential to prevent corruption.

Finally, my own view is the system of government we need is meritocracy. Democracy has degenerated into mob rule. In meritocracy anybody can climb to the top of the pyramid if they are determined to do so and are competent enough.

The military government that is coming in the US is not going to put people into Fema camps, it is merely going to preside over a clean up of the corruption in Washington and Wall St. before returning to civilian rule.

Benjamin Fulford

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4 Responses to Benjamin Fulford, 9-21-11…Questions and Answers about his last Article…

  1. Annie says:

    Chris, I do not understand the credibility you place in LaRouche. In the course of chasing errands earlier this summer, I spotted a political table in front of the post office. I was some distance from it in the parking lot, but saw clearly a large poster of Obama with the “Hitler moustache” painted on his face. Alongside that was another poster, large lettering proclaiming, “Bring Back Glass-Steagall.” The two posters seemed, together, a contradiction: Lettering a message is very different from desecrating a photo of ANY human face.

    I had never seen a political table like this, so I approached to dialog in order to learn the who, what, etc. of the messages. It took several attempts on my part to assure the young man behind the table that I was not there to argue, but to understand their point of view. At one point he said, “Okay, you’ve passed the test,” at which point it seemed to me he articulated that he believed I was sincere in wanting to understand. However, the long and short of it is, he would not inform me of any stance he held; rather, trying to hand me any number of papers to read and referring to a website of La Rouche. When I persisted in wanting to “hear from him,” he began to articulate koans. ( n in Zen Buddhism – a problem or riddle that admits no logical solution)

    Other women had arrived at the table, a couple of them immediately critical of the Obama Hitler moustache. He said it wasn’t HItler’s moustache, but that of Charlie Chaplin…to which I replied, “you know very well a first reaction to this moustache would not be Charlie Chaplin…many people do not even know who Charlie Chaplin was.” When he continued responding with koans, the women simply became more frustrated with him. I explained to them what a koan was, and then the other person behind the table, a young woman who’d been talking on her cell phone the whole time, said, laughing, “You’ll never get anywhere with him, he’s a philosopher.” She, though, also did not acknowledge the questions any of us “seekers” were asking. One of the questions I had was “Who do you support, then, for President?” No answer.

    I finally left, astonished that someone who had set up a political table had no interest in conversing informatively with those who showed up for information. And it troubles me that young minds are not able to function person-to-person. Truth is like pollen–carried by all of us anywhere in many forms. I, for one, am not looking for a gospel or a charismatic figure to follow. One of the things I value about the Kauilapele’s Blog is that you seem to dip and sift as I do.

    Thank you.

    • Chris says:

      Just to help you understand, the “credibility” I place with LaRouce in more detail, as I touched on in my letter to Ben, is basically with my agreement of these three things:

      1) The removal of Obama from office as being both justifiable and apparently necessary to be able to move forward in a positive direction.

      2) The reinstatement of Glass-Steagall as being the primary and first important step in healing our economic situation.

      3) The implementation of NAWAPA as being the most workable, even if perhaps a bit overly ambitious, solution to providing the things in the future of mankind, especially concerning the whole world’s population, WITHOUT (some) group’s certain ideas of depopulation. If one were to research their pholosphy of energy flux density he/she would find it quite plausible.

      You certainly do have a right to question LaRouche PAC’s outward disgust with Obama, especially relating to the conversation you had with this person representing(?) them. For that person to indicate that the moustache was supposed to imitate Chaplain and not Obama was an obvious ploy to appeal to your good nature. Lyndon LaRouche himself, as well as the other candidates in his party certainly leave very little to one’s imagination as to their feelings of Obama. They have stated many times, and will not deny at all, in fact, that the comparison to Hitler is exactly their intention. There is, on this note however, quite a lot of evidence which supports this fear. This Super Congress which was set up (through arguably unconstitutional means incidentally) is very reminiscent of the Enabling Act Hitler used to creat his dictatorship. Also, the Obamacare bill introduced is, also, very, very similar to a document adopted by Germany around the same time, complete with “death panels”, one of its most dangerous elements which led to, in no small way, a way of thinking which led to the eugenicist approach resulting in the Holocaust.

      I, myself, have not chosen to support LaRouche PAC, and I think that they know that this is clear. He is a stubborn man who has been fighting against these evil entities for about 50 years now, and I believe that this has molded him into the person he is today: a man who is sick and tired of compromises leading to nothing but more of the same oligarhical tendencies. The three items which I listed above are what I support, not necessarily buying into their program completely. Unfortunately, he will not accept a “one foot in” approach and it is simply “his way or the highway”.

      While I am concentrating my efforts on getting Ron Paul elected into office, I do hold out hope that in the future ideas such as NAWAPA could be integrated, especially considering that there have been people working on the project and much progress has already been made on it. Lyndon does have international contacts and actually did originally propose the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) and, all in all, I hope that he will again have some input in the future.

      I hope this clears up my intentions and also helps you to see the good and the bad concerning LaRouche PAC. I am sure that if you look into each of the six LaRouche candidates, you will find many great alternative ideas and workable solutions to the multitudes of problems which America now faces. Overall, they are basically just working for the good of all and are really trying to avoid the coming demise being orchestrated by the unsavory elements in our society, although their approach is…well…rather drastic and very much “in-your-face”. Again, if we had experienced what Lyndon has, for as long as he has, we might have a different outlook also. The experience which you encountered at this “rally” or whatever, I think goes a long way in showing why they have not made the progress that hey had hoped for in their movement, which is a shame because of the importance of the issues that their stance on represents.

  2. The NAWAPA plan, or something like it, is definitely in the works.

    We explain this at the Water War Crimes web site.

    The key agreements were signed under cover of the 2010 Olympics, in Vancouver, when Governors frrom US Western States travelled to Canada and signed what were called “:green energy agreements” which is “code” for water agreements. Immediately afterwards, the British Columbia government announced it would proceed to construct a huge reservoir that has been delayed for over 30 years and, about the same time, the Premiers of Canada’s western [provinces announced that, henceforth, they would be stewards for water for all of North America.

    Queen Elizabeth then came to her Canadian colony, in the summer of 2010, for ten days and had high level meetings with Canada’s federal government in Ottawa. She departed and travelled to New York City where, in our opinion, she delivered key rights of way documents and other concessions that would legally permit the project to proceed on a sound legal footing. It was her first visit to New York in 35 years.

    This year, 2011, Prince William came to his mothers Canadian colony, for 10 days, left, and travelled to California where he had private meetings with Governor Gerry Brown which, assuredly, included discussions about water.

    Water exports from Canada is a very sensitive subject so to everything is being done secretly.

    The process is underway and it will be a huge public works project that will see rivers of clean fresh water diverted to south western USA and northern Mexico.

    The Water War Crimes web site is devoted to exposing and explaining these issues and paints a true but sad story of high level legal, political and judicial corruption in Canada by insiders who tried to corner the monopoly.

    There are now 26 sudden deaths linked to the Water War Crimes. These are discussed on the web page entitled the Graveyard of the Guilty.—twenty-six-insider-witnesses–defendants-suddenly-die.html

    The most disturbing death is that of Michel Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. This appears to have been a ritual murder for reasons that are discussed on the web site.

  3. George Washington says:

    I left a comment on Ben’s typepad blog, but it’s moderated and not shown. All I’m saying is 2,500 elite force is not much for any 24/7 supported ops. Most people who enjoy a good read on errr alternative news, would probably be more inclined to think these special forces are here to protect Japanese elites, sensitive assets, or VIPs abroad, because there have been full meltdowns x3. Obviously the Americans would prefer them to be here instead of else where. :D

    It’s just a comment.

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