David Wilcock New Article and MP3 of Interview with Ben Fulford on 9-14-11

Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed

I am listening to this mp3 right now. Many will find it revealing and enlightening, and I am sure it is an important piece of the apocalypse (unveiling) and eventual disclosure. Feel very strongly this must be distributed widely and quickly. Download from either link below.

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2 Responses to David Wilcock New Article and MP3 of Interview with Ben Fulford on 9-14-11

  1. Jan Steyn says:

    Everything you say sounds eminently plausible yet BF convinced me that HAARP was used in the earlier earthquakes around a Japanese nuke station and one in China. He even had footage of a plasma ball in the sky above China. Why would the G5 resort to Nukes if they have HAARP? Most of all why the references in this interview to Babylon,P2 and Rome without any reference to the RCC and their bankers, the Rothschild whom after all control the banksters?

  2. Conifer16 says:

    I just finished watching the most recent(at the time of this post) Doctor Who episode :The God Complex: and would like to point out that from the filter of David and Ben’s Pov it was chock full of references. Such as the American government having secret cities in the Norwegian mountains, or a big and “Dark” entity(read secret cabal) feeding on our faith and if you cut off this source of energy the entity dies, Or what about the main bad guy Being part of an alien race that goes down to planets and sets it self up as a god to be worshiped who then later is put in prison. My descriptions can’t truly paint the picture of what was in the episode or how the context was used so I would recommend that you go and watch it to see fully what I am talking about. Now I don’t yet have a solid opinion on whether the BBC has inside knowledge that they have encoded into this show(because I am still not willing to 100% commit myself to the reality that david and Ben describe probably because I am still not certain whether or not to believe in Their story 100% or not) but it is interesting what watching the episode with certain perception filters(lol get it :Dlol) on will do to your perception of hidden materials that may or may not be there. Anyway just wanted to point this out. Thanks for reading,
    Adonai Vasu Borragus

    Also if there is hidden information encoded into this episode it could very well be on the opposite side of the spectrum and be disinformation rather then disclosure. Just to point tha part out too.

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