David Wilcock, 9-5-11…”New York Times Bestseller: Source Field Debuts at #18!”

David has written this summary article about his book, which I believe gives a nice synopsis of what it is about. The bulleted points below gives you an idea what he has written.

Although it is occurring in many different ways, I sense this is one of the more important means by which Disclosure will “occur” for “the masses”. Especially for some of those who are on the edge of believing anything else is “out there”.

If you’d rather go straight to David’s article at his website, please click here.


New York Times Bestseller: Source Field Debuts at #18!

Download a great new hour-long commercial-free radio show [note: “new” means “recorded on 8-22-11”] and read the official announcement: Thanks to your support, we debuted halfway up the New York Times Bestseller List at #18!


I speak on behalf of everyone here at Divine Cosmos in personally thanking you for supporting our work — by ordering your copy of The Source Field Investigations!

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ve undoubtedly gotten your copy by now… and have learned for yourself that I was not “blowing smoke” when I told you this is the finest, most groundbreaking and invigorating written work I’ve ever created.

More importantly, this represents a tremendous milestone for Disclosure — in ways I can now speak more publicly about. Finally.

One of Hoagland’s top black-ops guys, who I’ve met personally, told him the Powers that Were “would rather lose an entire American city to a nuclear attack” than allow the science of what we call the Source Field to ever become publicly known.

This scientific Disclosure goes way beyond a simple “government” acknowledgement that UFOs are real. That’s barely even the kindergarten class — and is something most people have known to be true for a long time, deep down inside.


This knowledge has been kept classified, at the very highest levels, by both the former Soviet Union and the United States for over sixty years.

It is a science that can greatly reduce or eliminate all disease. Massively increase longevity and health. Eliminate the need to pay for energy. Release gravity-shielding and teleportation technology. Allow time travel to become commonly available. And so much more.

The sinister agenda of certain occult groups, secretly wielding the levers of power, has been to greatly reduce the Earth’s population before these technologies ever become commonly available — in the hopes of being able to control those who are still here afterwards.

This science also gives remarkable validation of ancient prophecies of a coming Golden Age — where the use of these technologies becomes commonplace.

The elite’s concept of a “New World Order” is a heavily distorted, funhouse-mirror, telephone-game version of the original prophecies, which were not negative or controlling at all — and are forecasted in dozens of religious and spiritual traditions.


Now, from this vantage point, it becomes much easier to explore certain premises without thinking you are “crazy”:

  • DNA is a product of a quantum energy wave, and is written into the basic laws of the Universe;
  • The laws that govern the formation of life on Earth also govern the behavior of matter and energy in the Cosmos;
  • The human design is intrinsic to this galaxy, and probably a good bit of the entire Universe;
  • Other humans have progressed much, much farther, spiritually and technologically, than we have;
  • Those humans colonized Earth in the times of Atlantis, and their skulls reveal brain capacities significantly larger than ours;
  • These people were largely wiped out by a self-inflicted cataclysm caused by nuclear war between rival colonies;
  • The survivors built pyramids to heal and stabilize the Earth on its axis in the aftermath of this catastrophe;
  • They had direct knowledge of a natural cycle that propels each inhabited planet through quantum evolutionary leaps;
  • They knew this galaxy-driven cycle had an exact end-point, measurable by a 25,920-year wobble on any inhabited planet;
  • They extensively encoded prophecies of this cycle, and its ultimate effects, in dozens of ancient myths worldwide;
  • They honor the Law of Free Will through most of a planet’s evolution, but are allowed to re-appear at the end of a cycle;
  • The completion of the cycle creates an energetic springboard that gives humans remarkable “Ascended” abilities;
  • World governments are utterly incapable of interfering with this process, regardless of what they may try to do.

I do honestly believe this book was allowed to be written at this time in our history — and has enjoyed protection from very high-level ETs whose job is to insure this process completes itself without interference.


I couldn’t get a clear intuitive ‘hit’ on whether we would actually debut on the New York Times Bestseller list or not. Strong emotions and personal investment can easily distract you from getting reliable data, as I discuss in Access Your Higher Self.

I had already completely dealt with the fact that even as prodigiously as you stepped up and showed your support, with cumulatively well over a week on the top of the charts at Amazon, peaking at #17 two different times, we still might not have made it.

Had that been the case, I would have stayed positive — of course! — knowing that we have an incredible TV series in the works and a wonderful Hollywood film screenplay with the writer of CONTACT that have been built off of this book — and will certainly increase awareness.

[In fact, we’re going through our final-final revisions of the CONVERGENCE screenplay right now. I’m going to be making a few final tweaks to some of the scientific language in the dialogue right after I finish writing this.]


We also have an open invitation to write more articles for Huffington Post — and given the power and intrigue of this material, there’s a very good chance of it hitting the front page — with 22 million unique views a day.

I also knew that once the book was actually released, it could not be suppressed. Time would be the ultimate winner of the battle. Even if copies could somehow be pulled from the shelves, any one person with their own version could have ended the secrecy.

[However, please be advised that since this did not happen, piracy hurts this work and its ultimate goals — and is being aggressively pursued by Penguin wherever it appears. The prices are still being held artificially low for a few more weeks to stimulate interest.]


I was never 100-percent sure the book would actually be released. And I certainly wasn’t sure whether it would be “permitted” to appear on the New York Times bestseller list, even if we had won our slot fair and square.

You can laugh and say I’m paranoid, but believe me — the more you know, the more you realize how strenuous the opposition has really been all these years. There are many stories in the book about Source Field investigators being threatened, bought out or killed.

I was very, very relieved when people started getting their audio books in the mail, and even more relieved when the hardcovers and ebooks shipped. Now I knew it could not be held back.

However, there was no way of knowing what would happen with the New York Times. By the time I got the announcement on Wednesday, I had completely let go of it and accepted that it did not happen, and I was OK with it.

I immediately decided not to say a word about it until I knew it was publicly available. Until everyone can see it, and it actually happened, it still potentially is not “real” yet — and could still be thwarted.

I got a PDF file of the final listing from my agent later that day — and that was helpful. The date was also remarkable — ten years to the day after September 11, 2001. Specifically, 9/11/11… [click here to read more at David’s website]


To download the mp3 of his 8-22-11 radio show click here (note: I leveled the volume a bit and edited out most of the music and station/commercial breaks)

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5 Responses to David Wilcock, 9-5-11…”New York Times Bestseller: Source Field Debuts at #18!”

  1. Louise says:

    Did anyone out there read David’s book? If so, what did you think? I read the reviews on Amazon, but I must say that all 50+ comments are positive and everyone gave the book 5 stars. Also, all the comments are beautifully written… no typos or grammar mistakes, like we usually find on the Web. I think this was ‘staged’ a little bit. Anyway, I’d like some honest opinions about the book, if possible. Thank you.

  2. Kalukaleke says:

    Mahalo David for your love of humanity and gaia to ‘harness’ universal knowledge through creative writing, and offering mankind the benefits from this truth. There is no doubt in my mind that he is fulfilling his soul’s mission on this timeline. David is giving to all of us ‘tools’ to awaken from induced slumber. I envision discussion groups forming to allow confirmation of ideas to flow. Many have already shown signs of expressing their desire for freedom and this book will be the Ah-ha moment for bring them to fruition. Collectively the dots will be connected without nary a word spoken! In quiet and confidence this silent strength will be unstoppable . Aloha, Kalukaleke

  3. season341 says:

    Had “backordered” David’s book months ago, so was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and am devoting at least 2 hours a day to reading it…would spend my entire day reading it if I could! In response to Louise’ question and her being struck by the good grammar used by readers currently evaluating the book, YES, it truly deserves 5 stars, or more! David’s 30 years of research is wonderfully, and logically put into language that even I, a musican, can understand, which is quite an accomplishment. To fully grasp all the information that he is sharing, one will want to re-read certain passages, however. As for the good grammar and spelling by those writing opinions, what do you expect from thoughtful, intelligent and articulate people who take the time to read a book of this magnitude? David’s book is deserving of the highest respect and we can only hope that its content will open not only minds, but many doors to humanity’s ability to realize it’s full potential.

  4. PIF says:

    I don’t think it’s backstaged, really smart people reads it, and you have to admitt, you doesn’t need to like it, just imagine it and it’s the whole new game. Just read it as anything else and you will see for yourself. Maybe it’s the game changer for many lives, I have to admitt, it’s compilation, but one what makes sense and you still doesn’t get lost. So basically I agree with some previous comments :) (I’m reading it and from Czech republic) Namaste

  5. Santa Fe Roger says:

    Hello All! Louise, I have David’s book right here & am on page 249 so far. I pre-ordered 2 copies back in late March when it was announced & then ordered 3 more as gifts for friends (including my former wife). None in my little group of 5 readers has been disappointed at all. We all find it mind expanding & interesting enough that it is, indeed, hard to put down.

    I was turned on to David’s website over 5 years ago after an old friend heard him back then on Coast to Coast. I have been reading his blog & watching videos & listening to radio interviews ever since. His work has held my interest for all these years. I like the way that he connects a lot of cosmic dots, so to speak. I also like his long term optimism that has shined throughout the bulk of material of his I ever reviewed.

    Regarding the Amazon ratings all being 5’s; I’m pretty sure they are all legitimate. The comments below his recent blogs have a lot of similar comments from folks reading the book around the world and most of them are positive, but once in awhile someone disputes parts of the book, or his research in general.

    I was the first person to comment on his Huffington Post slide show about his new book on their site about 2 weeks ago & I can assure you that there were negative comments about David & his book that appeared in that venue after my comments went up. One guy complained that David always uses “junk science” to explain things, so his research is no good. I commented last night on David’s new blog that I was on a page just then that cited research from my alma mater, Purdue University, which does not typically deal in “junk science.” (At least not when I was there between 1969 & 1974! ;^)

    I would at the very least recommend that you check with your local library to see if they have a loanable copy for you to peruse. I think you would enjoy it, most likely. I think the book & the publicity surrounding it will open a lot of closed & semi-closed minds and stimulate a lot of lively discussions all over the planet, as we work our way through these frequency shifts & the dying of the planetary patriarchy & the gradual loosening of the grip by the “powers that were,” while a growing unity consciousness envelopes the planet & all of creation! (How’s that for optimism? ;^)


    Santa Fe Roger

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