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Alfred Lambremont Webre and Tolec… “Andromeda Council: Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth Life”

. This is another in a series of interviews ALW has carried out with Tolec, a reported Earth human representative of the Andromeda Council. This particular article looks into our transformation from 3D to 4D earth. I found it very … Continue reading

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SaLuSa, 30-September-2011…”This year will close with a resounding victory for the Light…It is time for the Light to become the controlling influence in deciding how the future works out”

In my mind, this is one of the most “major” SaLuSa messages I have read. There are so many highlights that it seemed the entire message was a highlight. SaLuSa indicates how close we really are, in consciousness, and in … Continue reading

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There’s not much to say right now…

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As I was looking at a few articles here, and there, and the ideas came that maybe I post this, maybe I post that, well, nothing has hit anywhere inside me. So nothing will yet go up. For general “all … Continue reading

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New York Sun Article, 9-26-11…”Plan To Return America To the Gold Standard Set To Be Offered at Washington”

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Okay, I’m not an “intensely into” money and finance person, but this article from the New York Sun (pointed out by Mike, thank you, Mike!) about someone (Lewis Lehrman, One-Time Member of Reagan-Era Gold Commission) proposing steps to return to … Continue reading

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“Video Message from Lisa Renee to the Starseeds & Indigos”

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I watched this video from Lisa Renee that was posted on Denise Le Fay’s blog. It conveyed many things about Starseeds & Indigos (which includes many of us) that may resonate with and assist many of you (us). Here are … Continue reading

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Update by Sheldan Nidle and the Galactic Federation, 9-27-11…”The time for our arrival on your shores is close at hand!”

“The final steps in this last act of mass defiance by the dark are now underway. As their alternative courses of action shrink by the minute, the time comes for their leadership to bow to the inevitable. Surrender can prevent … Continue reading

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SaLuSa 28-September-2011…”Events Important to the Necessary Changes Are… Reaching a Climax”

Yay, he’s back. Mike Quinsey and SaLuSa. With a message that reflects, aligns with, harmonizes with the last few posts. We are “watching” the events of the final “confrontation” of the dark and the Light. The cleaning of the house … Continue reading

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Wanderer of the Skies, 9-27-11…”Disclosure…we must… move forward to accomplish this task”

This Wanderer message presents more information about the process of Disclosure and how it is moving forward, in spite of some world leaders dragging their feet on the issue. So the bottom line here is that the Galactics are just … Continue reading

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And now it’s Back Up again…Hooray…

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If you go to Steve’s site now, it is now “there” again.

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2012 Scenario temporarily down…

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Steve Beckow’s site appears to be temporarily down. If you see this image, that is what’s going on. [BUT NOW IT’S BACK (at 20:19 UTC)]

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Two New Videos Added to the 9-11 Collection

Posted links to two additional videos about 9-11, all of which you may view at this link. (“Pentagon Cruise Missile Footage” and “Catholic Bishop on 911“)

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Blossom Goodchild, 9-25-11…”When you TRULY KNOW YOU ARE CHILDREN OF GOD … EVERYTHING falls into place”

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This Blossom showed up at Steve’s Place, and when I read it, I saw that it is aligning with all of the IL-Information (Inner Light Information) that many of us have been “getting”, and, some of us, reporting. In particular … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford, 9-27-11…”Cabal resorting to desperate tactics as they try to prevent reboot of financial system…THEY WILL BE STOPPED”

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In this message from Ben, as mentioned in a similar (but not as highly and deliciously detailed) way by several reports from others, the progression toward the end of the tracks for dark-oriented cabal train is continuing. Especially heart-lifting (from … Continue reading

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A REPOOF…(the FULL Poof, with Highlights)…Poofness, 9-25-11…”Victory is at hand despite appearances”… “The worse it looks, the better it is for the world”

Here is the full Poof message, with music, with lyrics, with a link (Thanks Suzy and Verna for emailing, and Lakehouse for posting on her blog). What is clear from this Poof-Post, is that again, despite “dark” appearances, all is … Continue reading

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Denise Le Fay, 9-25-11…”What Is Unity Consciousness?”

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This Denise is a potent message for those who are in the process of ascending into what she calls, “The new Unity, High Heart consciousness.” Many times I have mentioned here the “necessity” of stepping beyond the “intellectual need to … Continue reading

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Montague Keen, 25-September, 2011…”The destruction of the control system is well under way”

“…there is a cry going out all over your world for truth and justice. Unfortunately, people do not always want to accept the real truth as it does not fit with what they believe to be true. Firstly, it must … Continue reading

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Poofness, 9-25-11…”The worse it looks, the better it is for the world”

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Not much I’ll say here. I’m out at coffee near the ocean. Staying separate from the mundane silliness many love. No sideshow “involvement”. And if any feel overwhelmed by any of their own sideshows, imagine yourself taking a dunk in … Continue reading

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John Smallman, 9-25-11…”The Sense of Excitement Mounts”

Folks, I just posted the last one, and as I did, I found this one, by John Smallman. A quite perfect companion to what was just posted. Highlights Humanity is on course and on schedule for its great awakening. They … Continue reading

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It was made very clear to me yesterday, that many of the “things” I am “doing” this month are simply “sideshows”. Playing music at a church, playing music at the Kona coffee festival, dealing with an attorney’s office invoice situation, … Continue reading

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Please Remain Conscious, and In the Light, and, Fear Free…

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Something just prompted me, in these last moments of the September 23 day, to remind each and every one (especially, me), to stand at each moment, in the Light. Not complicated. Stand… In… The… Light. There are many, many, many, … Continue reading

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One More for Today…Lauren Gorgo, 9-20-11…”Leaders of a New Humanity: the emergence”

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This post by Lauren was something that seemed right for this day, which is the end of the 1st day of the 6th night of the 9th wave of the Calleman written Mayan calendar. Which ends, of course, on October … Continue reading

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Living WITH the Planet…A Neat House…”Welshman builds hobbit home for £3,000 – and this is news?”

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This was just a fun post I ran into yesterday. Absolutely gorgeous and precious. I’ve seen cob homes, yurts, thatched roof homes, and of course, over here, we have structures made from bamboo, and various Hawaiian/Polynesian structures. So, as I … Continue reading

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Denise Le Fay, 9-18-11…”Light Is Flowing Through Our Veins” or “What’s Going on with my Testosterone?”

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This post by Denise came to my attention last week sometime, and the first thing I saw was, “Testosterone levels are being reduced in males and females.” Having a male body myself, and having never, ever felt any urge to … Continue reading

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Denise Le Fay…”2011 Fall Equinox & Night Six” & “Participate in the Cosmic Convergence, September 23-26, 2011”

What a “perfect” time to re-visit Denise article on the equinox. “Re-” is not the actual truth here, since I have not posted this one. But this felt like it wanted posting now, about 6 hours before the equinox, at … Continue reading

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“We the People” Whitehouse ‘Disclosure’ Petition…

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Some of you may wish to view and sign this. Check it out below, and follow the Guidance. [Update 4 PM HST. It seems there are more than one of these. So I post both. (thanks Becky for the newer … Continue reading

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After the rather long “science guy” type post about David’s update yesterday, it felt like this brain had been (not “drained”, but what’s the word here…) strained. Maybe just because it was not something I’ve done for awhile, namely, research, … Continue reading

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Suzanne Spooner, 9-19-11…”Message from God”… “Ascension Accord of Universal Oneness”

Suzanne received a message from God this past weekend, and I am finally getting that it is time to post this. At the bottom of this is another part of her message which some may wish to explore. Here is … Continue reading

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David Wilcock Update, Wednesday, September 21, 2011… (among other significant things) “It Was Not a Nuclear Attack” (and a free Science 101 Lesson)

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One of this blog’s reader pointed out that David wrote another update to his last article, and I found it quite enlightening (Mahalo, Santa Fe Roger). Recall yesterday’s ALW-Tolec post, where Tolec stated that the August 23 quakes in VA … Continue reading

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The Calm of the Palm…

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There’s a set of large umbrellas here now at Java on the Rock. They were put up to protect night time customers at the outdoor Huggos bar area from the rain so that they would not all run away (and … Continue reading

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Update from David on his Recent Article…”Monday 9/19: Fulford Sets The Record Straight”

This one caught my eye tonight (from David’s article), and as it evoked quite a feeling of compassion and love for this beautiful planet and its inhabitants, I felt it should be posted first thing today (9-21). Well worth the … Continue reading

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Major Paradigm Shift?… Happened 40 Years Ago in Bhutan…”The Economics of Happiness”

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This came out on Steve’s site, and it hit strongly, so I post here. I loved this article. How great a concept (which individually I know many are living, now), the GNH, “Gross National Happiness”. But to see this in … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford, 9-21-11…Questions and Answers about his last Article…

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Just found this on Ben’s Typepad blog. I looked at this and it appeared to be something that might help some who may have had similar questions (as did I) about the last article by Ben. Like the question, “Japanese … Continue reading

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David Wilcock’s Annotations 5…”Karma’s a bitch” (but it’s a great teacher, if you accept it)

This is the final installment (of five) of “David Wilcock’s Annotations” on his “interview with Ben Fulford” article. As mentioned in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4, I’m presenting here, in several bits, what really stood out … Continue reading

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