Pre- “Article-About-Calleman-and-the-Mayan-Calendar-Cycle-We-Are-Now-In” Pictures and Information

Some of you may know all about the Mayan calendar, and some not. I’ve been puzzled by a couple things about this latest Cycle (or Underworld, or Wave), we are now in (the Ninth Wave), and I’ll be putting an article out there shortly. But this coming article I’m actually working and researching on. Usually I do not spend too much time on the posts ere. But I feel the Universe is nudging me to become “educated” about some of this, so we are doing that.

Anyway, I’ve found these jpegs around at different places, and they all have to do with the Mayan calendars, and so I’m just putting them here all in one place, everything I have. So here they all are.

Click to make them full size (in a new tab or window), and then right-click and “Save As” to save to your computer, or drag to your desktop.

I’ll post some of them again in the following article (and even though many are not made by Calleman, they all have his name in the file name, so it’s easy for searching. (watch out for the last one… it’s a long one!!).

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6 Responses to Pre- “Article-About-Calleman-and-the-Mayan-Calendar-Cycle-We-Are-Now-In” Pictures and Information

  1. Debora says:

    Hi! Don’t know if you are aware of this, but on June 18 Time Monk Radio interviewed Calleman for about 2 hours. If you haven’t already listened, I recommend it as a good primary source.

  2. Verna says:

    Wow, Kauila! You did such a great job gathering all the graphics, and then enabling us to just click to make them larger. You do such a great and complete job!

  3. Riana says:

    Exactly, Verna – I agree! It is really wonderful to experience your attention to detail, both inner and outer, Kauila, with each message you send. Thank you!

  4. Morten says:

    Haha :) And when was doomsday? ;)

  5. Myrna Ferguson says:

    I sure enjoy your blogs. This one is super cool.

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