A Few Grand UFO Appearances…Over Major Cities…

Thanks to Steve’s site for these. Use discretion when viewing. Please share comments, too. I’ve included the video remarks and occasional comment.

Incredible Ufo Sighting: Two Military Jets Convoy An Ufo!! (ITALY)
Uploaded by oondyla on Aug 14, 2011
That’s an incredible real shot of an ufo and two military jets attend it. I was taking some shot for a test, when I heard a strong sound…they know!!!that is the truth!!!!

17 U.F.O. sightings KANSAS CITY on a weekend! MUFON investigates
Uploaded by luckymauro on Aug 3, 2011
Area UFO watchers report making several sightings in the Kansas City area last weekend!!
and one comment: I grew up in the area and reporter Alan Shope is a great guy. @luckymauro, this weekend’s sightings aren’t out of the norm for KC. The past few months have seen many days with multiple sightings reported to MUFON. I’m just glad the local media is spreading the word.

UFO fleet crosses SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA and makes headlines
Uploaded by Allnewsweb on Aug 18, 2011
A large scale UFO event has taken place in Seoul, South Korea

Ufo…Mass Sighting SACRAMENTO CA
Uploaded by njorgensen1154 on Aug 13, 2011
Mass Sight over Carmichael CA near Sacramento CA. This took place over my home around 7pm. I watched this for about 15 minutes. After the first 8 I couldn’t see them with my eyes only could get them on film.

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7 Responses to A Few Grand UFO Appearances…Over Major Cities…

  1. Surge says:

    On the last one I think you can see some strings hanging down as if they were ballons when he zooms in at 1:05.

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  3. David Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations — Full Video!

  4. Conifer16 says:

    The first one is too good to be true. And if it is it would have to be governmental craft not extraterrestrial because I have never heard of an E.T craft fly so calmly in front of jets. They usually jump around and do things so fantastic that it makes you wonder what else is out there in this vast universe. What wonders are yet to be discovered. What things are we wrong about in our science. That kind of thing. And I just can’t shake the feeling that it is CGI. The only way I can see it as being real and extraterrestrial is if it were a E.T craft flying to some military base to meet with some leader to continue negotiations for disclosure and so was purposely not hiding so that anyone nearby could see them and see them flying with the military not flying away from the military. Thanks, conifer16, Adonai Vasu Borragus

  5. Conifer16 says:

    And if it was CGI it is very well done because it looks real. I just watched it again and when he turns the corner and the camera adjusts to the new light it looks very real. But that is the problem I have trouble believing that this cameraman would actually be able to film this. Seeing as the odds that he would actually be somewhere that would have E.T and military craft flying in formation is very low. But who knows right now I just can’t bring myself to believe it was real. And until I see that video analysts look at it and pronounce it real I can’t believe it.

  6. Selby Anderson says:

    “These are the days of miracle and wonder.” – Paul Simon

  7. Jo says:

    Doing just as they have said they would do – more mass flyovers. Just read the Sheldan Nidle or Mike Quinsey updates: They are getting us used to their presence and they come with much needed help for our planet and the human race.
    I doubt that anyone has ever seen a bunch of balloons in the hundreds behaving like that!

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