August 15, 2011…Dylan Ratigan, Once Again… Disclosure, Anyone??

I see this as one of the many steps occurring right now leading to full disclosure of the Galactic presence on and around Earth.

Yesterday afternoon I was watching a bit of the Dylan Ratigan Show, on MSNBC. All of a sudden, on comes Stanton Friedman, whom Dylan interviews about the upcoming movie, Apollo 18, In addition to the movie, Stanton is given the opportunity to speak about UFOs and the “possibility” of alien life, and how these things could have been covered up by “the government”.

Dylan also mentions again the concept (fact) that we (the USA) have a “bought” government, and a ” global government that has been bought and duplicitous for centuries“. Here is a link to the last post on this site which included those remarks about government by Dylan Ratigan.

Does anyone think/feel that Dylan is on to something?

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  1. This is exactly when I thought when I saw this. I think this is supposed to help soften the blow when the major announcements commence.

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