This was Great! Dylan Ratigan says what no one else will…

This was great… On August 9, Dylan Ratigan says what no one else will about the often paid-for Congress (not all of them are). Usually this is not something I would post, but this one really says what I believe many of us of us know and want to say. And what is currently in the process of being rectified. I know Dylan says a lot of things and expresses frustrations many of us are feeling. I see this as all a part of apocalypse (unveiling).

Watch how something shifts for him (by his facial expression) at about 1:40, and then at 4:30-4:40 his rant begins.

[Note: if you cannot see the video on the front page, just click Dylan’s photo to play it on YouTube]

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4 Responses to This was Great! Dylan Ratigan says what no one else will…

  1. Kalukaleke says:

    Everything he says is absolutely correct. However, being a mainstream media host he neglected to mention that our President cannot tell the American people the truth. Our President is following orders from the Elite who control this planet. Perhaps in this situation the media needs to understand who is signing their paychecks!!!! Are they willing to look into the camera and tell their fellow Americans that their employer has a controlling interest in our government and also works for the Elite?
    To play the blame game with our leadership is wasted energy. Every President has had to walk a fine line and deal with the corruption gingerly. They all knew they were surrounded by thieves and I’m sure never knew which members of Congress could be trusted. Therefore, they appeased all of them. To say they are a ‘bought’ Congress is an understatement. We elected through an inefficient election process a group of self-serving egotists. They approved a raise for themselves while the President froze the SS cost of living raise. They put the SS monies in their General Fund to use for free dipping. The American people said nothing!!! WE are their EMPLOYERS! It is time for us to stand up and show OUR STRENGTH through peaceful measures. Pay NO TAXES.
    Remove the raise they implemented and remove their retirement pensions. They defaulted in their performance to work FOR the American people. WE CAN DO THIS NOW. Is anyone listening????
    Aloha, Kalukaleke

  2. Paul says:

    YES, YES, YES, I am as mad as HELL and I am not going to TAKE IT ANY MORE!

    CHECK OUT these non-partisan organizations: We Should Fire and These organizations have a simple plan to do replace congress with common sense people like you and I…TO RETURN THE POWER TO “WE THE PEOPLE”…
    It is time for unity, forget political parties, they are controlled by secret societies that want to keep us in bondage. I will not be a slave to the “BANKSTERS”! Will you stand with me?

    Aloha, Paul

  3. deb c says:

    oh yes, finally someone with some fire in his pants. I still support our president, but c’mon guy, it is time to make a move….

  4. Tim says:

    Well, that was some refreshing honesty. Too bad we can’t get that sort of candidness out of the politicians in question.

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