Suzanne Spooner, August 2, 2011…”The True Nature of the ‘Debt-Ceiling Agreement'”

This was found at And I must say this aligns with messages from several other sources. I’ll post some more on this later. (click here to view an earlier Suzanne message where Paul Thomas is referred to) Here is Steve’s comment.

“Suzanne Spooner of TAUK (The Art of Universal Knowing) has been following events relating to Disclosure and the New NESARA Economy. She shares some interesting news on the real status of debt-ceiling agreement.”

August 2, 2011, Update from Dad & God

Suzy: Hello you two!

D&G: Hi Suzy, can we tell you about the latest update?

S: Yes, that would be lovely.

D&G: We are here to share with you the news of galactic contact between your leaders and galactic council members. In your news is a story of a debt-ceiling agreement. This is only a brief understanding of what has occurred.

In private session, leaders of both parties met with a galactic emissary. (1) The emissary and Obama were releasing information about the process of announcing disclosure. The leaders involved were very excited and this was instrumental in allowing the passage of the new bill.

The process of creating the new government was the main objective of this crisis. The leaders will look as though they have utilized their cooperation to increase the debt ceiling of the U.S. The conclusion though, behind closed doors was the belief there was no logical way to fix this problem.

The tie the US has to every other nation is ingrained in debt from all sides. There is no way any nation like the US, the European Union or Russia can create the financial necessity to be in good standing with the banking system that was created by the Illuminati. Therefore, the Ascension Accord and NESARA will be put into place with the outward appearance of the debt ceiling agreement.

Universally and globally this is celebrated as the conception of public disclosure. The gift of the chaos was the chance to assist the US and other nations in restructuring their governments for the changes ahead. Put your faith in all leaders as they prepare for the announcement.

(1) The emissary is a walked-in galactic human named Paul Thomas, who represents star-nation interests to the United States government.

Suzanne Spooner,

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4 Responses to Suzanne Spooner, August 2, 2011…”The True Nature of the ‘Debt-Ceiling Agreement'”

  1. Dermot says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    I was just wondering why this Paul Thomas did not make an appearance as promised in your preceding posts? You very clearly said that the event had already happened in 5D and would soon unfold in 3D, so why the no show? Also, Pelosi and Boehner did not share a podium to my knowledge, this was also supposed to happen. This is very confusing.

    Best wishes


  2. Silent Wind says:

    Woot! Thanks for this! Namaste!

  3. sandi says:

    I used to be confused when the government would hold ‘closed door’ sessions.
    Why keep us in the dark when it is our elected officials closing the door on us?
    Nooooow I begin to understand…..
    The closed doors are probably because they are meeting with the aliens?
    At least this thought makes more sense!

  4. I wonder if Paul Thomas is in this photo..? ( I don’t know all of the members)

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