Grand Event(s) Unfold(s)… What is Obama Up To?????

7-31-11. This originally started coming out on 7-28, But something decided to wait to finish it. And as all of the U.S. debt ceiling business and holdups and things came around, the message stopped. It appears, as of this moment, that it wants to continue. So, here it is…


7-28-11. This is a message through… Me. I like to believe it is the “Me”, and not the “me”. And you may draw, or feel, or intuit, or “get”, your own conclusions. I provide, basically, no references, or proof, or evidence, or anything. But I sense this is something for this one (Me) to write. And thank you all who wrote something about this kind of “channely” thing, pointing out that it is always wise to use your own discretion when reading the “Channelings of ____________ (fill in the blank) by____________ (fill in this next blank)”. In my own case, I just don’t say anything anymore about “what” or “who” it is, unless it comes through clearly “what” or “who” it is. But, hey, if it is just coming through, and it does not really feel like it is from the 3D-only body, and it flows, I do not care what its name is. Only that it is attuned to Light. Capital “L”. For sure I can tell you that this is not going to be a political message, only what resonates with the Light will come through.

So what is all this message all about? Not completely sure yet. But there is so much that seems to revolve around this one called “Obama”, that seems to want to come out. So let’s see what that is. (Coffee is sipped here).


Message… July 28, 2011…

Why do we say “Grand Event(s)”? Well, it is all part of a Grand scheme. And it is composed of many events. So we could say it is a Grand Event composed of Grand Events. No matter. We are schemers of the Grandest kind. We have been scheming for years to undo and dissolve years and years of ego-based power mongers. We tell it like it is. So the original schemers are now being crossed by the Grand Schemers. And we know what we are doing.

Of all the Schemers, we have to say that the one you call the “Obama”, “O”, “Barack Hussein Obama”, is indeed one of the Grandest. [7-31-11] Some would say he is one of the Grandest “Devils” ever to walk this planet. Yet that is so far from the truth that we will mention no more of such things. What you have here is a master of this planet, who has returned in this particular moment, to guide this planet through the final phase of release of the old, and assist the planet to transition to the completely new form of government required for this planet to ascend into Galactic citizenship.

You have seen here several articles about this time, in particular, the “8” month. The August, 2011. There are many key dates in this month, but you are looking at this to be one-day-at-a-time process for each. Those ground assisters are looking only to the moment by moment “callings” to service, that will bring them to places they are needed.

The Obama is needed now, more than ever. The Obama has succeeded at several stages of what is an almost impossible task, from the experience and standard eyes of most humans on this planet. Only a Master could walk this path successfully, and the Obama is doing just that. One moment at a time, with the continual eyes on the Higher Vision, of reunion with the Star Beings and members of the Galactic Federation. He now knows who he is, in full.

You may notice he continues to walk tall, and continues to express joy and support for the “common” person. He knows that is where his strength and base lies, for him to accomplish all that the planet needs at this time. He will always walk tall, he will always have his heart with the common person, for he recognizes he is one of them, although often stands above them, regarding his Earth abilities.

He walks almost daily through the refuse and garbage that those from all walks of life, including media, right wing, left wing, darksters, “Dark workers appearing as Light workers”, throw all around him every day, every moment. He does not react to this, he only stands tall among it. In this way, the trash throwers become exposed for what they have been doing for sometimes, many years, many lifetimes. They are given the opportunity, thus, to change course.

He is expected by many to strike out, in some way. Because he does not, the ones who strike out at him are seen plainly for what they are. Thus they have the opportunity to change course.

In politically corrupt and garbage strewn and out-of-trash-constructed governmental agencies, he is the master because he does not strike out. The ones who attempt to continue in their standard, old school, corruption filled ways, doom themselves. They have all brought this upon themselves, and in the current high energies input from cosmic sources, illumination of their activities is full. They cannot escape retribution, as they have exposed themselves.

The Obama is the ultimate “allower” of exposure. He initiates contacts on a daily basis with those who are continually given the opportunity to rise up, and to choose an ultimate higher way. This may happen hundreds of times per individual. As they refuse these opportunities, the final pressure builds up within, and they explode, in some way. Sometimes it is visible to media and eyes (the Ensign, the Weiner, the Rahm, etc.), sometimes it is all behind the scenes. Many have been removed to isolation, although replaced by cloners.

The final piece we say here, is that the Obama has come here to guide all of humanity through this apocalyptic time.* He is here to allow each and every dark caballer or Illuminati or any working with darkness of any kind, to come to the Light. That is perhaps his greatest service. This is on a world wide scale.

No one else could do this. No one. Of course, we all have backup plans. But the Obama was the most suitable for this task, volunteered for it, and has performed masterfully with it.


* a·poc·a·lypse [uh-pok-uh-lips]
1125–75; ME < LL apocalypsis < Gk apokálypsis revelation, equiv. to apokalýp ( tein ) to uncover, reveal (apo- apo- + kalýptein to cover, conceal) + -sis -sis [from]

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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19 Responses to Grand Event(s) Unfold(s)… What is Obama Up To?????

  1. sandi says:

    So nice to read something positive about the President!
    I have stuck by him regardless of the media, etc.

  2. Surge says:

    Obama’s speech after Egypt’s transition was beautiful :)

    • lee says:

      Too bad he didn’t write it and he probably didn’t feel it either. Words don’t always make the man especially when they aren’t really thought or emotion provoked, which his aren’t because his is more robotic provoked. So, if it was such a nice speech why don’t you tell the writer who wrote those words for Obama!

  3. Dottye says:

    thank you for confirming in your expression, what I truly also believe, and have all along.
    I have never seen someone who may possibly be a bit frustrated, yet love just drips from this man,, don’t know that I have ever in my life come across anyone like that.
    I am proud to call him President Obama, I admire his ways of always praising, respecting and loving each moment.. Peace on Earth is the goal, and great awakenings of humanity.
    It is up to us to grasp hold, and send the LIght to all humanity and Mother Earth. We have so much to look forward to. So glad to be here at this time of celebration.
    thank you Kman, I appreciate you so very much.and love your input on all the messages
    In light&love always

  4. atie vande plasse says:

    happy someonestandsup for the President of the USA, Atie

  5. Obama knows how to play the Game. He is the perfect person to represent our country at this time of great change.

  6. Yes I have told people that Obama was sent here by agreement with the councils to be here at this time. It may look like he is not of the light to many PEOPLE BUT i HAVE STOOD BY HIM SINCE DAY ONE. i HAVE BEEN CRITICIZED FOR THIS HOWEVER, IT DOESN’T MATTER. Obama just doesn’t have a Sirian connection he originates from another place called Planet Mushaba. He came then to Sirius for a time. His mission is far beyond what many may know but the old world is coming down. I have written many articles about Obama and they are all over the web. (Anakhanda Mushaba speaks on Obama). I have been in charge of his protection detail on the inner planes since the onset of his election. I hesitate to share this with people because so much negativity comes back however, it is what it is. So many people think I am delusional because I support him fully. The light and truth will always prevail.
    Loving Blessings!

    Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

  7. YvonneInTheMiddle says:

    I have always stood by him. I understood his role in this special time and I think he has done a remarkable job with what he had to work with and undo upon his arrival in the Oval Office. I have watched him spiritually and his energetic signature always passes my “higher” evaluation.

  8. Obama is a good salesman. He has no real vision for America or the world. He is like a pinata filled with golden words that falls on the ground when whacked. No strength of character of knowledge of real humanity. He had Martin Luther King’s GOLD DREAM in his hand and has sold out to the corrupt for aluminum. When I witnessed him letting the torturers and the war mongers go I knew we were done, finished. I supported and have followed him all the way down the tube. We need to clean out Washington, DC. Maggots on the corpse of the American citizen is what I see. He has played us all like a violin, making NO MUSIC AT ALL.

  9. Helen Messerly says:

    I don’t believe Obama has sold out. I don’t agree with everything he has done by any means, but I also know, if he is here on a mission as Kauilapele says, that he has to stay alive to accomplish it. I have no doubt that when he was elected, he was warned by the dark side that if he stepped too far out of line (their line, that is), that his life and his family’s lives would be in danger. So he is playing a dangerous game, doing what he can without challenging the cabal so openly that they take him out. That would be a real disaster, not only because we would lose him, but because of the riots that would follow. And who would take his place? Someone you would like even less. Realize that there has been total resistance in Washington to anything good he has wanted to do. Most Republicans and even some Democrats would rather see this country collapse than see Obama succeed in anything. Those are the ones who call themselves Patriots. I agree we need to clean out Washington – there are a few honest folks there: Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich come to mind, and Ron Paul, although I don’t agree with him on most things. Most of the rest need to go, certainly. But getting them out isn’t going to be easy. I think Obama is now playing for time, waiting for the collective vibration to come up to critical mass perhaps, or for the ETs to step in, or both. We can help him, and all the leaders of the world, light or dark, by sending them love and light. Anger and hatred aren’t going to help anything.

  10. Lee says:

    Light-worker or not, he has still sanctioned the killing of innocent people, INCLUDING CHILDREN, on this planet and has lied, cheated, stolen and is still trying to take away the American’s freedoms from all angles. I for one, once this is all done, will not let Mr. Obama get off scott-free, just like Bush, Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Clintons and All Their Minions Who Have Helped In All Of This. The atrocities that these politicians and the elite have done to us, the planet, the animals and especially the children will not go unnoticed nor unpaid. They will pay and dearly.

    You who have this belief that Obama is this wonderful light being here to do magic are only fooling themselves, he is not a SAINT no matter who says so. You are getting the wool pulled over your eyes and you don’t even know it. So, Wake-up as you keep telling others, channellers sometimes let their belief system get in the way and I do not for one moment believe this man is here too save us, he has been groomed for this position through the Illuminati! And he works for the ILLUMINATI! FACE THE FACTS!

  11. Salzie says:

    Magnificent Posting Kauila!!

  12. bob says:

    I am writing to thank you for shedding some light on the basic reasons for supporting Obama. I’ve always personally liked the man (senses, discerning instinct guiding me) but have to admit I have had my doubts. But then how could he be more open about his position(s)?…he is trying to clean up a mess that is thousands of years while being right in the thick of it, and part of that mess means staying mindful of things like false flag operations, the killing of presidents and the worst things imaginable happening to those that dare take them on in the usual ways — that he has to be very, very careful, clever and wise about it. And your point that he is directing the transition in such a way many of the souls that lost their way are being given a chance to see the light. That is how a true light-warrior would do things and I overlooked that bit, and others you pointed out. So thank you!…a very good and helpful piece.

    • kauilapele says:

      Thanks for your comment, bob. You may also like to check out, who also often has explanatory articles about Obama, and the l”overs and non-lovers” that “follow him around.”

  13. Can't trust people that don't think says:

    Radical ideas proved attractive to some in desperate times, and this exactly why Hitler rose to the power he did. History always repeats itself. =)

  14. Avian says:

    My i was just discussing this very thing with my daughter on Sunday and here you have it in writing.. Bravo! for putting this down in writing here.. I have known all along since 2004 when he spoke at the Democratic National Convention who he was.. People expected him to jump through hoops so to speak to do their bidding for change and have no idea what his mission is at all..

  15. says:

    I am so surprised that on a site that I mostly agree with to find such blind admiration for a man that has told more lies and broken more promises than any other politician in recent memory, even including Bush. I do not think a “master” would lie the way Pres. Obama does. If you would leave your biases behind for a moment and look at how many promises he has made and broken, I do not think you could honestly say that he is one whit more enlightened than either of the Bush presidents or Bill Clinton. I believe that the last truly constitutional president we have had is Kennedy, even with all of his flaws, I do not recall him making promise after promise that he did not keep. I was so hopeful of Pres. Obama and so wanted him to be a man that would live up to the expectations that many have had for him. Wake up! He is an elitist that spends our money lavishly while telling us that we must “sacrifice”. His buddies at Goldman Sachs are the ones who
    have stolen our money and gambled away our futures. How can this possibly be heroic in any way? I don’t hate him, but we must be honest in our observations of WHAT HE DOES, not what he says he will do.

    • Gael says:

      Anne, I agree with your sentiments. Kennedy was killed because he went against the FED and was going to take back the banking rights that Congress is supposed to be in charge of. He was about to have Congress print up about 5 Billion dollars (at no interest to the FED of course). The FED is why we have been paying interest on our own money since 1913. It is also the reason that we have gotten into this financial mess and yet nobody seems to be listening to Ron Paul when he says we need to shut down the FED. Many people do not even realize that the FED is NOT a GOVERNMENT AGENCY!!! They are a banking Cartel who has fleeced the American Public for almost a century!!! They have created the wars of the world so that they could profit from the financing of all of the countries at war, and they need to be stopped NOW!
      If Obama is the man that he said he was he would have shut down the FED by now. Is he in fear for his life if he makes this happen? Probably, but we need to find some leaders with some gumption to take our country back and to assure that we do not fall under the UN that we have not selected as our “Leader” The UN needs to be abolished as well as the FED. Both are not of the People and therefore they have no power over us.

  16. Surge says:

    What’s that saying again? If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck then don’t judge a book by its cover? Oh wait, I think I got mixed up :-P

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